Vol 48 Issue 21

Vol 48 Issue 21

Bed Bug Feels Bad For Area Man, But A Bug's Got To Eat

Bed Bug Feels Bad For Area Man, But A Bug's Got To Eat


Bed Bug Feels Bad For Area Man, But A Bug's Got To Eat

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we really do ;| ew! ksleezy That’s why I have all the spiders... to catch all the bed bugs. Its efficient. Says he has family at Mar a Lago willing to relocate. Is This Bed Bug residence still down in Florida Doral Resort? billy_moritz Landlords basically Stunning photo of Bret Stephens in the wild Bedbug feels bad for area man’s man-area

Bryce_Henley TimbaTuesday 😐

Hillary Clinton puts lesbian rumors to bed: ‘Never even been tempted’“Contrary to what you may hear, I actually like men,” the former presidential candidate told shock jock Howard Stern on his Sirius XM show Wednesday. Howard Stern has completely sold out for the last few years. He has gone soft. That's bs, you've tried it

Sethfrederick2 Bret Stephens biography. bretstephensnyt Bed bug feels nothing for rich resort owner and calls all his relatives to move in. Area mofo announces plans to chill Bed Bug Clearly Sociopathic That's very presidential of him. First casualty of the SNAP cutbacks...

Cheryl says she's horrified by Nadine Coyle's messy bed on Girls Aloud tour busCheryl was seen giving a tour of the Girls Aloud living quarters and making sassy comments about her bandmates I’m actually wondering what the point of this article was/is?😂😂😂 This so actually so funny your writing about something from 11 years ago get a fucking life and write about something relevant SHE'S IN THE JUNGLE CHERYL!!!

Trapped in a Cycle of Late Nights? Here's How Sleep Doctors Say You Can Get to Bed SoonerIf you've tried and failed to drift off to sleep earlier, these tips can help.

What Happens If Stress Is Left Untreated? | HealthyWomenStress doesn't just make us feel bad emotionally. It can make us physically sick.

I'm so excited that I will be seeing that actual tree in the next few days. Can't wait to fly there!

Tyler Perry Gets Huge Thank You From Sick Man Held 'Hostage' in MexicoTyler Perry gets a huge thank you from the sick man he helped bring home from Mexican hospital. Mercy peace and love. Good for Tyler. Can't say I appreciate his stuff, but paying it forward. Ok I will watch Madea in a film just one more time . Only once mind you .

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