Becoming a Mom Helped Me Accept My Body — Raising My Daughter Has Helped Me Love It

'She doesn't see my flaws. She sees her mom.'


'She doesn't see my flaws. She sees her mom.'

When my 4-year-old shimmies into her blue-and-white ruffled bathing suit, she only has one thing on her mind: how quickly she can splash her way into the

She doesn't care what size is on the tag of the dress I put on for a date night with her dad. She doesn't notice that I'm self-conscious about how tightly the fabric falls across my midsection or clings to my backside. She thinks I look like a princess, and if

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The Albert savings app changed my views on money and helped me save $1,500 — here's howI saved over $1,500 in the first six months of using the paid version of the Albert savings app on my phone.

How Love, Antosha Helped Me Find Closure in the Loss of My First Love'Anton Yelchin is known to most as Chekov from Star Trek and Charlie from Charlie Bartlett, but to me, he was my first love.' An incredibly beautiful read, may he rest in peace.

My Divorce Helped Me Become a More Present Father, Because I Had to Learn BalanceIn his book, Now What? A Divorced Dad's Guide to Parenting Excellence — available for purchase on Amazon now — Steve Adams explores how fathers can

Huawei Technicians Helped African Governments Spy on Political OpponentsEmployees embedded with cybersecurity forces in Uganda and Zambia intercepted encrypted communications and used cell data to track opponents, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation. Huawei said it “rejects completely the unfounded and inaccurate allegations.” cc NCSC Huawei should be banned globally. I want the koch bros to offer me a political job, fame, fortune beyond my wildest dreams and a get outta jail free card. All I gotta do is their bidding's. No Thanks, Shove that shit where the sun don't shine.

FBI special agent reunites with man he helped rescue 22 years ago: 'It stirred up a lot of happiness and privilege'An FBI agent saved a newborn baby who was kidnapped from his mother's hospital room 22 years ago. They were reunited for the first time at the agent's retirement ceremony.

This VC helped jump start the app economy by launching the iFund. Now he thinks an overlooked part of the enterprise software market is about to explode.The Menlo Ventures' partner led investments in DocuSign and AppDynamics. Now he sees a new opportunity in a specific area of the enterprise market.

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