Bebe Rexha Doesn't Need Awards to Validate Song Popularity

Here's why awards don't translate to demand in music.

11/28/2021 11:23:00 AM

Here's why awards don't translate to demand in music.

Here's why awards don't translate to demand in music.

might not be your regular Grammy darling -- but she doesn't need any of the trophies to confirm the most important thing in this biz ... namely, people love her music.Here's the deal ... BR has three songs that have now broken a billion streams each -- including her hit with

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G-Eazy,"Me, Myself & I" -- which clearly means fans dig the content and then some -- but as Bebe herself noted, she doesn't have the hardware to prove it.That's what we talked to her about this week at LAX ... where we asked why she thought the numbers don't necessarily translate to awards, even when the consensus among listeners is overwhelming.

Watch what she had to say ... in Bebe's eyes, there's a lot more at play behind the scenes when it comes to collecting accolades -- including politics and money, and it sounds like she thinks her music, for whatever reason, doesn't sway the powers that be.

No matter, though ... 'cause Bebe tells us she's got everything she needs to be happy -- including enough dough to take care of her family, and the love and support of her label/team ... not to mention her adoring fans, which is all that matters to her.

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