National Fraternal Order Of Police, Rickia Young

National Fraternal Order Of Police, Rickia Young

Beaten and Maligned by Police, a Philadelphia Mom Seeks Justice Over a Thin Blue Lie

Rickia Young won a $2 million settlement from Philadelphia after she was “terrorized” by riot cops. Now she’s suing the top national police group for depicting her as an “un…

9/17/2021 4:41:00 AM

Rickia Young won a $2 million settlement from Philadelphia after she was “terrorized” by riot cops. Now she’s suing the top national police group for depicting her as an “unfit mother”

Rickia Young won a $2 million settlement from Philadelphia after she was “terrorized” by riot cops. Now she’s suing the top national police group for depicting her as an “un…

” by cops who “violated the mission of the Philadelphia Police Department.” The city’s mayor, Jim Kenney, denounced the police violence against Young as “absolutely appalling.” Two officers involved in the incident have reportedly been fired, and many others are facing disciplinary proceedings.

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Now, Young is suing the National Fraternal Order of Police — which bills itself as “the number one voice of America’s law enforcement” — in Philadelphia County Court, for its conduct on social media in the aftermath of that incident.Philadelphia County Court

The NFOP is not strictly a union, as its 350,000 members includes non-union officers. But it wields clout not unlike the NRA: It lobbies Congress on behalf of cops, and gave Donald Trump its “proud” and “enthusiastic” endorsement in 2020, praising his commitment to “law and order.”

When Young’s child was photographed in the arms of a female police officer, NFOP attempted to turn the image into a PR win for police. As presented in an exhibit appended to the suit, NFOP posted the image to Facebook with the following caption, the particulars of which are fiction:

This child was lost during the violent riots in Philadelphia, wandering around barefoot in an area that was experiencing complete lawlessness. The only thing this Philadelphia Police Officer cared about in that moment was protecting this child. We are not your enemy. We are the Thin Blue Line. And WE ARE the only thing standing between Order and Anarchy.  

Similar posts were allegedly put out on the NFOP’s Twitter and Instagram.The suit alleges NFOP “intentionally and with malice portrayed Ms. Young’s son as a neglected and abandoned child in order to promote its own political propaganda.” It further contends that NFOP portrayed Young in a “false light” by implying that she was “an unfit mother” who was “unaware of the location of her child,” when in reality “the child was taken from Ms. Young’s vehicle while she was being beaten by the police after they smashed all the windows of her vehicle and violently yanked her from her car.” NFOP did not respond to a request seeking the group’s perspective on the substance of the lawsuit.

In apress conferencewith her attorneys on Tuesday, Young said she hoped to hold NFOP “accountable for what they did to us.” She added: “For them to portray me as this type of mom who wouldn’t know or care where her child was while chaos was happening all around was very hurtful.” Young also blasted NFOP for what she called its efforts “to promote a political message of fear of black people and civil protesters.”

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Kevin Mincey, one of Young’s lawyers, called out NFOP for pushing the claim that police offer society protection from anarchy, calling it “disgusting when you consider that it was the NFOP’s rank-and-file members who caused the chaos that night, and essentially kidnapped Ms. Young’s son, and created the conditions that they characterize as a riot.”

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I hope Rickia wins because that propaganda is unacceptable. I only hope they take the money directly from the police department’s budget this time. They need to feel the pain of their actions.

Philadelphia Reaches $2 Million Settlement With Rickia Young Over Violent 2020 IncidentAfter officers ripped Young from her car, the National Fraternal Order of Police used her toddler for propaganda, her lawyers say. That’s not nearly enough money. Plus why should tax payers be on the hook for the mistakes of their misdeeds? I say take lawsuits and settlements from pension funds and the fraternal order. They will self govern better if it stings to screw up. Oh and End qualified immunity.

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Philadelphia pays $2 million to woman beaten by police, separated from her sonThe city of Philadelphia has agreed to pay $2 million to Rickia Young , who was pulled from her vehicle, beaten by police and separated from her 2-year-old son in October 2020, according to the mayor's office. Deep rooted attacks by a white skinned world How about cops personally paying for their brutality? Why should taxpayers pay for the cops' thuggery Cool, cool, cool Now triple it and go sit in the corner, mofos

Police: Man killed in brawl outside Philly cheesesteak spotPHILADELPHIA (AP) — A man was killed Thursday after he was beaten with a trash can lid and pummeled during a brawl outside a famous Philadelphia cheesesteak restaurant, police said. The violence at Pat’s King of Steaks may involve spectators who earlier attended a soccer game, police said. Sounds like Philly. Hey listen ahh, shit happens! After all, South Philly was the birthplace of ECW.

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