BBC License Fee to be Frozen For Two Years

BBC License Fee to be Frozen For Two Years


1/16/2022 1:27:00 PM

BBC License Fee to be Frozen For Two Years

The annual BBC license fee of £159 is to be frozen for two years, U.K. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries is expected to reveal this week. While there has been no official government announcement yet…

The £3.75 billion ($5.1 billion) license fee is the BBC’s primary source of income. The corporation is advertising free. With the U.K. inflation rate at 5.1% the BBC will have to find a hefty chunk of savings — estimated at £2 billion over six years — to meet the funding gap created by the frozen fee income.

Varietyunderstands that certain sections of government are in favor of scrapping the licence fee model altogether but that is not likely to happen before the BBC’s next governing charter review in December 2027.Negotiations over the license fee have been going on between the BBC and the U.K. government since 2020.

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BBC haha It isn’t a BBC licence, it’s a TV licence. The annual fee allows you to watch all live tv (plus BBC iPlayer/catch up) Not the best decision to quote Nadine Dorries. The headline is a distraction to keep the incompetent PM from the front pages. Just why is the BBC subtly denoting the initials to the Ominous Name at the End of The Book? Will this mystery ever be solved?

Also, BBC is 223 or 322 or Days that remain after Lupercalia N (14) x W (23) = 322 W (Twenty-Three) + Z (Twenty-Six) = 322 This is not a concern whatsoever after Non-Binding Irrefutable Consensuses and HyperCapSoc. This will most likely come out of UK's SWF and there will be no Fee.

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