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Bayern begin Champions League defence in closed doors encounters

Bayern Munich begin their defence of the trophy as Champions League group stage gets underway behind closed doors

10/18/2020 5:30:00 AM

Bayern Munich begin their defence of the trophy as Champions League group stage gets underway behind closed doors

Approaching Champions League games will go ahead behind closed doors, as UEFA is allowing clubs to open stadiums up to 30 percent of capacity.

Objective IstanbulLast season's competition finished nearly three months behind schedule with a series of one-off knockout ties behind closed doors in Lisbon from the quarter-finals onwards.UEFA does not envisage repeating that format, insisting this season "will be played out in its entirety, in its existing format with the final in Istanbul".

Obama: Fox News would have called me ‘Beijing Barry’ if I had a secret Chinese bank account Campaigning is like ‘riding a bike’ for Obama, Errin Haines claims Rep. Schiff: DNI Director should not be trusted ‘without proof on the table’

The Turkish city was supposed to host last season's final before the pandemic forced a change of plan.It remains to be seen if fans will be able to flock from abroad to the banks of the Bosphorus on May 29 next year.That is still a long way off, but UEFA has adapted its rules and regulations to try to limit the potential disruption caused by the pandemic, including insisting games go ahead as long as each team has at least 13 fit players including one goalkeeper.

Using neutral venues is a possibility in the face of potential travel restrictions, while European football's governing body has decreed that, even if there are postponements, the group stage will not go on beyond January 28. Read more: TRT World »

Former top special operations commander who oversaw bin Laden raid says he voted for Biden

Retired Navy Adm. William McRaven, the former head of US Special Operations Command who oversaw the successful raid that killed Osama bin Laden, said he is voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

New Zealand's Ardern appears headed for big win and 2nd termAUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) — Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern appeared headed for a landslide win and a second term in office Saturday during early vote counting in New Zealand’s election. With... nickgbperry horrible nickgbperry Tell me she’s not carrying food she cooked at home.....😩 nickgbperry While it's not over, jacindaardern and the LabourParty are dominating the night even more than expected. At this rate, they may team up with the GreenParty and hold 75+ seats in parliament. Some might call this one a landslide.

Black man is killed during encounter with sheriff's deputies in WillowbrookL.A. County sheriff’s detectives are investigating a fatal shooting by a deputy of a Black man Friday in unincorporated Willowbrook. Riot page alert but nothing on this...right Ganja was shelled by Armenian military forces again despite the ceasefire agreement.Ganja is the second largest city in Azerbaijan and it is at least 100 km away from war zone!Firing at civilians is a war crime StopArmenianTerror StopArmenianAggression PrayForGanja

Phillip Schofield was blindsided by Jimmy Savile as he recalls their encountersThe 58-year-old presenter has released an explosive new memoir, Life's What You Make It, that gives readers an insight into his family life throughout the years Wow he really is desperate using his name for story

Opinion | WeChat Threatens Free SpeechFrom WSJopinion: WeChat’s defenders get it backward. The Chinese social-media app is a threat to free speech, writes JasonLoftus. opinion JasonLoftus Yeah right, ask Twitter and Facebook about free speech. opinion JasonLoftus Don't use it then. Simple. opinion JasonLoftus Should check the threat they have on Canadians, restaurant owners, students and the list goes on. People need to start seeing the real threat is coming to their country.

How drone swarms will defend BritainThe melding of drones and AI to do dull, dirty and dangerous work fits well with Britain's plans to reshape the armed forces

Opinion | An Ex-Liberal Reluctantly Supports TrumpFrom WSJopinion: How historian Fred Siegel came to appreciate the president’s defense of 'bourgeois values' against the 'clerisy' opinion How ironic.... a learned man who doesn’t want other learned people in charge. Sounds like some self hate and need to justify prejudice to me. opinion There's not a *single* thing in the world Trump defends except his own pocket and ass opinion “Wokeness is a force that undermines the middle class,” he says, “and you couldn’t have had wokeness without an elite contempt for the values of the middle class.” - Well said! 👍