Batgirl, Haley Lu Richardson, Isabela Merced, Leslie Grace, Zoey Deutch

Batgirl, Haley Lu Richardson

‘Batgirl’: Talent Lines Up To Test For Barbra Gordon Role

EXCLUSIVE: Sources tell Deadline execs are expecting to test a group of actresses starting this week for the highly coveted role of Batgirl (#Batgirl)

7/19/2021 8:03:00 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Sources tell Deadline execs are expecting to test a group of actresses starting this week for the highly coveted role of Batgirl ( Batgirl )

EXCLUSIVE: Even though audiences won’t see Robert Pattinson in The Batman for another eight months, Warner Bros. and DC Films are putting the wheels in motion on its next big superhero. Sourc…

The studio had no comment on the testing process.The film will bow on HBO Max, marking one of the first major DC properties to bow exclusively on the streamer. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will direct the pic from a script by Christina Hodson. Kristin Burr is producing.

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While plot details are under wraps, it is known that Barbra Gordon, the daughter to Commissioner Gordon will be the character behind the cape in this version. Gordon is the most established version of the Batgirl character and was first introduced in 1961 as Betty Kane.

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Zoey is almost too perfect for the role, so it's guaranteed they won't pick her. Obviously. The character is a redhead so we already know where this is going.... *sigh* Um DCComics WBHomeEnt should be Jennifer Garner! Batgirl dccomics Definitely zoeydeutch for sure. Batgirl I would very much like to see Zoe Dutch do this role. She’s done good work and her comedic work would be perfect for someone like Babs. Also she’s pretty killer as a redhead.

These girls all look qwhite the same.... Hollywood needs to put me in charge of casting because I would make better casting choices. zoey deutch YES YES YES 'Yer such a jagoff, Joker.' I know i'm old cause i thought for a second this was 4 pics of the same person Wow all of them 🙌 Anya Taylor Joy is perfect for the role wbpictures hbomax

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Whoever it is, please don't give them 1200 hours of martial arts and weapons training - but when they run, it looks like they're in jeans that are two sizes too big, without a belt, and each pocket has $10 in loose quarters. lesliegrace all the way!!!!! I'd rather have a Kate Kane Batwoman movie. And they will probably end up casting some Woke POS excuse for an actress to play Batgirl.

qu4trocoisas Pablo_Peixoto Where's anya Taylor Joy goddamnit! ZOEY DEUTCH Zoey Deutch! She’s the best! ❤️ zoeydeutch ZOEY, PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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ZOEY DEUTCH FOR THE WIN This won't be a prerequisite to me enjoying the film, but PERSONALLY, I'm gunning for Merced. She can make decent dialogue sound great, she's arguably the biggest name among these women, and she can do a wide range of things. Can she pull off convincing stunts, though? supermangeek101 Give it to Isabella

ZOEY DEUTCH. All the way. Such a disrespect to Batgirl..if they release it on streaming. I’m rooting for either Isabella Merced or Hayley Lu Richardson to get the role of Batgirl! I hope that Warner Bros change their minds & realizes that Batgirl isn’t a risky movie at all & puts it in theaters instead of just on HBO Max! They deserve respect! PutBatgirlInTheaters

Zoey Deutch! I think the character is redhead, could be wrong though... isabella merced or zoe deutch or i wont watch it LESLIE GRACE

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