Baseless Trump Retweet Reflects New Campaign Low - Cnnpolitics

Baseless Trump Retweet Reflects New Campaign Low - Cnnpolitics

Baseless Trump retweet reflects new campaign low

Less than two months before Election Day, President Trump took his campaign tactics against Joe Biden to a new low, retweeting an image that baselessly accused the former vice president of being a pedophile

9/15/2020 11:13:00 PM

Less than two months before Election Day, President Trump took his campaign tactics against Joe Biden to a new low, retweeting an image that baselessly accused the former vice president of being a pedophile

Less than two months before Election Day, President Donald Trump took his campaign tactics against Joe Biden to a new low, retweeting an image on Tuesday that baselessly accused the former vice president of being a pedophile.

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Because he is 'baselessly' Baseless?! Haha Yes CNN...some of us see exactly what you do. Brainwashed no more. Some people just don't get it...they r not on this level. They r somewhere else brainwashed by the mainstream you. Asleep! But we are waking up quickly and it shows in numbers!!! Down w CNN!!

You need to prepare US military special force to take him out off office on Jan 22, 2021 after he loses his election, but he will fight in the court, like he did fight for his 6 bankruptcy. Trump just wants to be the president, he is fake of supporting our conversation agenda How is this baseless? It’s on video!

realdonaldtrump is DESPERATE. Barron will have PTSD from the past 3 years. Maybe not an actual pedophile, but definitely inappropriately touchy. Biden is a creep, there's pics. And he went low 1st. Running with a complete lie from a conservative hating rag, citing fake sources, saying Trump called fallen soldiers suckers, is dirty shit! There are several people who were there that openly state the Trump story is a lie!

One word for trump , Epstein TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Something very important happened on September 15. Grown men and women sat too close together on the Whitehouse lawn. Journalism is officially dead Yes indeed! it is true that pedophilia in its higher term on Biden and should not be a president? This is messed up😡

Uh yea! If I were in JoeBiden campaign, I would reply with a web ad with all the women realdonaldtrump has casually been with. You know, all those Epstein videos. Trump should be kicked out of office Trump is nothing more than a disgusting and revolting human being. Not enough to have stupid nick names - yes he’s taken us back to when we were 5 year olds - but he has slandered a decent man. If those types of things he has to stoop to he needs to go - NOW

Herd mentality HerdMentality Trumpy come on you know Joe is not pedophile. You know he is a good man. Trumpy everyone is laughing at you for lying all the time.I think they are laughing at you harder than at that press Corp dinner when Obama was ragging on you and you for break mad. That was funny. Maybe Biden should sue Trump for libel? Time to turn the tables on the man known for suing everyone.

Really And people really believe he is capable of leading?!? Wtf!!anyonebutTrump. trumpisanidiot trumpisdivisive americagetagrip You are evil. Kind of like you do EVERY SINGLE DAY Was Joe Biden a friend of convicted pedophile Jeff Epstein and hung out with him or Trump. Hmmmmmmmm Speaking of pedos. I reckon that’s your arena mate. Weren’t you bosum buddies with that horrible bloke with the underaged girls and a woman pimp to keep you all supplied. I’m sure you were involved. You look and sound the part. Probably shouldn’t bring it up again.

Facebook flagged a post I put up of the buffoon and his daughter/wife as too sexual. Go figure. CNNBIGOTSNEWSSOURCE EVERYONE HAS SEEN THESE PHOTOS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! OLD MEAN JOE KEEPS DOING IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR NOSES AND YOU'RE TRYING TO BLAME TRUMP PER USUAL!! LoL....4moreyears..4moreyears.does this make biden jack nicholson in this coocoos nest?

Creepy joe Biden. You wouldnt leave him with a child Anyone noticed that Trump as a tendency of accusing others of what HE is? didn't Ivana accuse him of rape? Oh let him put his hands on your shoulders and kiss your head in nuzzle. CNN equals fake news The Republican party was once a party of dignity, honor and responsible behavior. Not that the Trump cult has taken it over it has become a vulgar personality cult that know no lower limits.

Pedophile child molester sex offender sex with minors your resemblance of your acts mr. Donald .(€\\=+**)can't help --you have committed Mass killing denying the truth to America of a plague. He’s desperate. Does CNN even know what baseless means at this point? cnn’s hard hitting journalists should investigate. Oh hang on, you don’t do journalism.

Racist Trump you are a disgrace to the human roll!!! Just when you think Trump can’t get any worse CNN is sided with democrats very obviously. I don’t see reports of condemning Joe Biden groping those girls and smelling in their hair. Not surprised he is a low life that will do anything to win. He knows when he loses the SDONY will have him charged with bank fraud, tax evasion . He will be behind bars with his other 8 employees . WhiteHouse realDonaldTrump

His desperation is showing. Biden's an idiot. APPALLING!!! Trash Despicable and desperate. He is though Trump and his daughter. This isn’t a new thing you accused Ben Carson of the same thing. He mocked the disabled reporter. He called Hillary Clinton and nasty woman. He can’t go any lower unless he murders somebody. He gave out Lindsey Graham’s personal cell phone number I could go on and on

Every time trump accuses someone of something it something he has done or is about to do. If you look back at the headlines the proof is in the headlines. So ya know what that means.... It’s definitely low but with all the lowdown things he does it is very hard to rank them and say that this is a new low. Classless embarrassment to the White House

It’s hard to argue against this because whenever he’s around children, he can’t keep his hands off them. Trump raped a 13year old and he calls Biden that he is insane Media trying hard to stop Trump. Criticizing Trump, overly praising Biden is the media tactic. Media didn't learn from 2016. People see through this play. That's how Trump got elected the first time. Re-electing him will be the biggest FU to the media.

He needs to be removed from office immediately, he’s a liar and a menace to society. Trump needs to go. Blah blah blah. Orange man bad. Blah blah blah. What else do you have? Here we go again, CNN has a real problem reporting the entire news, they leave out critical points where President Trump is involved. If the gloves came off, Biden did a 'nasty' commercial ad involving Trump and dead military personnel. LIE, half truths, exaggerations, etc.

Has blind lying CNN not seen the videos? That’s as low as China News Network running on a democrat story that Russian prostitutes peed in Trumps bed or the unsubstantiated stories of Brett Kavanaughs college party days He is a Pedophile. He’s projecting again We know that Trump was friends with Epstein (known pedophile) and Biden certainly wasn't. So who's the pedophile? I'd bet Donnie is just trying to divert attention from himself.

Baseless? Classic dodge the question with some BS answers! Not baseless assholes The ever lying commander of reallity TV. Let us FIRE him! I am not surprised about that he goes that low because his two brain cells don't allow for anything else 🙄. Get him out of the White House and in jail and America is Great Again

Still not low...... but wonder if JoeBiden likes it! CNN accuses the president daily of lies..... now you dont like your own medicine And Trumpy still says Joe is a pedophile! TrumpVirusDeathToll193K TrumpIsALoser TrumpLied200KDied He is Democrat’s been covering for him for yrs his favorites show is the one on Netflix everyone is talking about he’s sick

Q So projection as always with this asswipe realDonaldTrump....what your visit to THE ACT in Vegas during pageant ? Watching a enlarged Little man and a obese woman stimulate sex on were filled with glee? Read all about Trump’s disgusting actions in DISLOYAL. I can't wait to see this moron out of the white house. He and his family are the worst nightmare in the US history of all time.

Being low it's his talent and he is proud of it. Every day you accuse Trump of all sins, mostly unfounded and unfounded. And I tell you - you bet on the wrong candidate! Biden already lost! Joe should tweet a picture of Trump grabbing women’s private parts! Biden is a pedo dig deeper DON the CON has been Accused of 25 women he has sexually assaulted. He also has been connected to a Journalists death. He has killed over 190,000 Americans . He has spent Millions of Taxpayers $$ on his useless golf. Knowing Vlad was killing American soldiers.

Why is that a problem? After defeating the Israeli military elite in Cyprus, Israel is flexing its muscles on the Gaza Strip. He has nothing. No money, no plan, no idea how to fix anything. He is not magical, Russia isn't giving him any more money. It is all smoke and mirrors mixed with desperation to stay out of prison. A sick, drug addicted man who is losing his following. A fad that is over. VOTE

'What is this thing? There's something hiding under there.' Humpty Trumpty & his daughter & his favorite PIMP, PEDOPHILE &PROCURER Quoting MichelleObama ,'When they go low, we go high'. President Trump lives in the gutter a victim of his own delusional behavior whom attacks when his back is to the wall. He's losing... VoteBidenHarris2020

DISGUSTING and DISGRACEFUL. Wake up America. DT will destroy the USA! No he is a pedophile. But so is Trump MrJonCryer 'those on Glass houses should not throw stones...' He practices the “I won’t answer the question, I’ll just brag and maybe they won’t notice” tactic his father-in-law has perfected. What an ass.

But if Biden is a pedophile, why was he not friends with Geoffrey Epstein As we all know, pedophiles like to spread it around. It’s to justify their perversion. “So what if I do it? X does it too!” Classic projection. Projector-in-Chief strikes again He is a sexual predator Are the recordings still on YouTube when 45 was on the Howard Stern show joking about the perks of being head honcho of the teen pageant? He admitted he would walk in the teen's dressing room, and the way he was talking about how beautiful Paris Hilton was as a teen was creepy.

Keep in mind, all Trump does is project his flaws onto other people. PROJECTION - realDonaldTrump’s only real tool. Accuse others of what he is guilty. Trump thinks everyone is like him, so he assumes everyone does what he does. Look at how many of his associates have been charged for pedophilia. It is allowed in the game

Fake News! DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER. Pay Joe!!!! AHHHHHH! ORANGELLO MAN SCARE ME!!!! There is no limit to the depth to which Don the Con will sink - he is a despicable, evil man. He probably MEANT to retweet about himself being a pedophile .. yep Well president spoke the truth Biden sniff little kids he likes it when they rub his legs down

Bu... But he is Why isn’t anyone in media asking Joe Biden if he will do the joerogan debate with realDonaldTrump? Americans would love to see a real debate without all the bias of the mainstream media... I guess that’s why Joe won’t do it. He needs his media cheerleaders to hold him up!!! He should be re-admitted in a Junior School to teach him ethics.

TRUMPS DAD ALLEGEDLY PAID OFF 8 FAMILIES OF YOUNG GIRLS. TRUMP WAS ACCUSED WITH EPSTEIN OF SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A 13 YEAR OLD. DOES HE NOT REMEMBER THESE FACTS. SAYS HI TO A CHILD SEX TRAFFICKER TOO. MAN IS A DISGRACE TO THE OFFICE cnn you're trash. you didn't even cover the peace deal. people have searched the president up and down. theres no dirt. youd have found it by now I promise. that's why we make things up about him right.

Baselessly? There’s a basis!!! Who the fuck do you think you’re trying to kid? There’s plenty of photos and videos of sniffer joe. slow Joe has been acting like pedo since 20 years ago.. People can see he’s a Predator with their own eyes!! CNN Loves hiden!! Say a lot about you 🤢🤢🤢 He said he was going to turn vicious, that’s the thug in the Oval Office

How can his advisers allow 45 to make such allegations? Being a pedophile is a serious accusation. Stop it Mr. President! Trump is so frightened of losing; he gets desperate each day that we more close to election. I am not surprised by his tactics. Desperate people do desperate things. Despicable, he is one on record hanging out with Epstein and maxwell.

But he is a pedophile. What's the issue on telling the world the type of person Biden is? Says the man that would date his daughter. And yet he was Jeffrey’s friend ..... Nobody can go lower than fake news CNN propaganda machine for the radical left. Ah yes, CNN...the bastion of journalistic integrity, judging someone else for making baseless claims.

Because Trump is a pedophile I don't doubt it Is he not....? MAGA The pot calling the kettle black baseless, check out the footage of him groping little girls And Beijing Biden is most definitely a pervert, he fondles women and little girls. Totally gross! There are multiple photos and videos of him doing this. Vote RED, save our country CNN is fake news.

You should know Lmao they are both probably pedophiles! And you prop them up! It is amazing that CNN can say negative things about PRESIDENT TRUMP and NOT SAY ONE WORD ABOUT the fact that POTUS just presided over an HISTORIC PEACE AGREEMENT between Arabic Nations and ISRAEL, with many more Middle East nations to soon join in!!

This man is strange and repulsive. He is an annoying Maggot supportersofTrumparebrainwashed Here it is ignoring if anybody can recognize him 🤡 asswipe DonaldTrump Baselessly? JoeBiden has kids rub his legs while he sniffs them and touches their chests. staff prob enjoyed netflix cuties movie too Twitter banned Creepy Joe compilation due to pedophilia...hahaha

it seems like every day Trump hits a new low. he is positively underground at this point. if he sees pedophilia he is seeing an image of himself & his BFF Epstein. Trump blow your trumpet, you're a man of your words,your trumpet sounds you never ceases to keep quiet on the oppressed, go sit on that throne, you're the one the sit fits,realDonaldTrump .You're our President.

Well he is, so.... A new low even for trump It's a peace deal when the Palestinians can live in peace. There was the Jewish exodus from egypt, then Jews exiled from Russian, the Spanish inquisition lastly the holocaust. Palestians took them in. Talk about biting the hand that fed you. He likes to Project! If he claims someone else is going something wrong, bad, illegal or disgusting it’s because he’s doing it!! TrumpHidTheTruth TrumpTheRapist TrumpVirusDeathToll193K

😡🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 VOTE THIS IDIOT OUT Considering the source, realDonaldTrump is simply referring to himself. The truth will come out in the Maxwell trial. Trump knows his goose is cooked, and his bottom -feeding rhetoric is not gonna do anything but chase good people away from him. Trump is a pitiful in defeat.

He is a pedophile? Accused him, CNN showed as many videos of Biden groping kids as anybody else. CNN even gets their lies confused. Said by the man who says gross things about his daughter Takes one to know one If you’re okay with the videos of JoeBiden molesting children, you may be part of the problem.

Baselessly?!?! Jesus have you been under a rock watch the videos out there. Random kids rubbing hairy legs and smelling every child in sight isn’t exactly normal behavior so my fact checker says Trumps claim is actually true. ok lets get out all of trumps comemts and perverted quotes, the video entering in the dressing room of young ladies at the miss universe and see who really is a pedophile/pervert...

America is at a state of barreling off a cliff into insanity under Trump, but this goes far beyond Trump. How did we get here? I look into just that in the premiere episode of my new podcast here! Trumps done more for US in 47 months than biden did in 47 years, but thats facts so must be false by liberal standards. Lol

It’s always a good thing to remind yourself that conservatives in general, and Trump in particular, ALWAYS accuse their opponents of the very thing they are guilty of. ALWAYS. MrJonCryer Yep, the one that tells of possible election fraud is usually the perpetrator. Trump's lack of knowledge with science has proven embarrassing, so he responds with trash, like the TV show he comes from. But this isn't his TV show🤣

The more adjectives in a headline, the more bullshit in the article. That’s rich coming from a documented PUSSY GRABBER! And friend and co-conspirator to Jeffrey Epstein 🤮 If somebody is a degenerated in this race it's you, Donald, You are the one who brags about taking advantage of women and you are the one who has several rape cases pending against you.

SpiroAgnewGhost Sigmund Freud would have a thing or two to say about MAGA's preoccupation with pedophilia. Damn that Nazi in the White House Projects constantly! This is why Trump had Epstein terminated. realDonaldTrump is transparent as a pedophile! U continue to speak crazy. U r the one who is rapist etc. One who does not respect women. U R SICK. U WILL LIE LIE LIE JUST TO BE RE-ELECTED.

Because TRUMP is known to DEFLECT onto others, the very things HE DOES HIMSELF...after all, isn't Trump an alleged RAPIST/Pedophile himself? Trying to make others look as Bad and NASTY as he is, DESPICABLE! MrJonCryer Whatever he accuses others of doing, he’s the guilty one. 😂 That’s a Nazi tactic- accuse them of what you are guilty of

The IMO RapistTrump shouldn’t be throwing rocks. He need to give ejeancarroll attorneys his DNA sample. You've never heard of me & most likely never will! I'm poor & can be rude & inconsiderate at times do to the stresses of life. I'm not perfect by any use of the word. But the 1 thing I'm not is hateful. Please take time to educate yourself on racism & the dirty world it creates.


Have you seen the lies the Biden campaign is putting out about President Trump. They are as low as you can go. There is no they go low and we go high in the Democrat party anymore. the sad part is his minions will belive him Well after the Atlantic story about Trump saying horrible thing about our fallen military, Biden still talks about it like it’s a fact. Just remember this caring god fearing man who is going to heal the countries soul took “GOD” out of our pledge at the DNC. Hypocrite.

Twitter get rid of his account Baseless? Are you fucking kidding me? We have him on video! This is hilariulous! 'baselessly accused' coming from CNN and their sheep is funny, they must have forget Kavanaugh hearing. Rapist! tRump Had to rape his own wife she couldn’t stand him so much! That’s what she said! I’m sure he paid her off bigly so she’d retract the allegation!!

Trumps beyond desperate How can any rational objective citizen vote for him Oh really? I haven't even heard about this crap, why are you amplifying this, CNN? WHY? Well the pics and video of Biden are pretty bad. So yeah creepy factor is sure there. No normal person can look at those and not say something. I’m sorry. They are gross. If I was in that office I would say something to him. For sure. Those parents were stupid.

There is absolutely no proof that Joe Barton has done anything to little children. On the other hand we know that Trump has been disrespectful towards women and he was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. He shouldn’t talk! Wasn’t Trump associated with Epstein?! Coming from the man accused of ACTUAL RAPE! ejeancarroll ...not to mention sexual assault by countless women....oh and let’s now forget how he spoke about his own daughter IvankaTrump, MichaelCohen212 daughter, etc.....

Baseless? I’ve seen MANY photos of old Joe groping young girls.and women. Speaking of LOW, how about the CONSTANT ONSLAUGHT of nastiness lies and extreme partisan hate joe and his party have unleashed on Trump and his family Read the article. Trump always projects remember that. Wala lang...desperate n kasi...kung maniniwala k p s dumb idot k n nga....

Says a man who hung out with Jeffrey Epstein and called his daughter voluptuous since she was10 yrs old. I don't want this man to be president anymore. butthurt much cnn? how does it feel? Congress has worked 19 days in 6 months! Wake the hell up! There's no way in hell you can vote for a democrat in this day and age.

Some people should learn not to throw stones in glass houses especially when the glass house is his own Baseless? I trust my eyes over your words...We have all seen the clips, thus the term CREEPYUNCLEJOE. I don’t recall seeing pictures of Joe Biden with Mr. Epstein however there are a number of pictures of trump and Epstein together with young girls that couldn’t be more than 15 or 16 if somebody is a pedophile

Trump ALWAYS accuses others of what is about to be revealed about him. TrumpIsAPedo CohenTalks MichaelParker (age 10) KellyFeuer ( 12) CharlesBacon (11) RebeccaConway (13) MariaOlivier (12) KevinNoll (11) Trump settled a $30 Million Dollar Lawsuit with their families. Hair sniffing pedophile?

He has no conscious,no soul an insecure lonely person with no friends JoeBiden please sue realDonaldTrump for libel and defamation of character. trumpsapedophile FakePresident FailedLeadership FailedPresident CNN has always been about being LOW. Ayiyiyi. You see what you are looking for. Kind of like when Biden baselessly accused Trump of calling veterans suckers and losers because 4 anonymous sources said he did Pictures speak a thousand words

If Trump called someone a pedophile, it means he's remembering that he himself is a pedophile. Don’t we have video of him touching girls and young women you show clear signs they don’t feel comfortable? To say you haven’t means you haven’t watched tv or anything online That’s hilarious coming from CNN which constantly puts our baseless articles about Trump.

This comes from a man who wants to date his own daughter! Hahahaaa! Not buying your bull shit donald! After the QAnon vote I see. 🤮 Cartoon Network News !! TrumpLandslideVictory2020 VoteTrump2020ToSaveAmerica Well, if the shoe fits..... New Campaign LOW Boy you guys can dish it out but you can’t take it. None of you or any of us would still be standing if we were treated like Trump has been every single day! Our last straw —-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and ...crickets! Anyone would fold! Not Trump

How ironic considering he partied with Epstein, a convicted pedophile ! Trump even grabs his own daughters’ ass so what does that tell you? Yeah, realDonaldTrump is self projecting! trump is the pedophile Coming from a guy who has said “grab her by the pussy” I guess it takes one to know one. Well I betcha if Biden knew how to click on Netflix he’d sure be watching cuties over and over and over again.... just saying:

Your the out ripping uterus out of women just because of their Hispanic ethnicity where is your stance on abortion now when you're purposely preventing life your the one with Epstein at maralogo partying with underage sex rings Sidney Powell on Weiner laptop: Hillsdale College March 2020 You are a hateful human being and you are disgusting you are lower than a snake, your own mother didn't love you

The orange buffoon knows no boundaries Weird since he’s the one accused of rape. We know who he really means Their both unfit. Reject joe and trump we need a 3rd option Fact Check : Whether crazy or not there have been many allegations surrounding people associated with the DNC and liberal elites in regard to pedophilia rings for many years. Most people have been a little cynical but when CNN comes out anti any investigation I start to wonder.

well, Trump has racist and fascist all buttoned up for himself and his platform. Trump needs something else. trump2020 No lying fscist CNN! We’ve all seen Alzheimer Joe making inappropriate touching on women and children! Biden even admitted it! He’s a sexual predator! Tara Ried this guy sniffs everyone joe has dementia VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020

He should have put his picture in that spot, foolishness. EldeesMyth There have been so many new lows. It’s hard to tell if this was really a new low. Can we agree on “maintained the low brow character” of his campaign? He’s the one touching his daughter TrumpIsARapist Just saying is is on camera more then once smelling kids hair and grouping them. So I could see why someone would think that

Everyone knows too many accusations and real videos circulate of biden inappropriately touching and talking to children. Kind of many of you have 54 friends that committed suicide?🤔 Hillary does! Coincidence?🤣😂🤣🤦‍♂️ Donald Trump a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true. A great Con-Man but terrible president Vote2020 BlackWave BrownWave WhiteWave BlueWave

AmberD1116 POS Fairly sure this might qualify as slander in a court of law. Look whose talking! Who would think? The man fighting a sexual misconduct case in court. Well...Have you not seen the countless videos? Hurt your feelings? Keep the BS up CNN . Have you seen him little girls hair wow fake news at its best

realDonaldTrump needs to look in the mirror when he thinks about calling snyone a Pedophile and remember the 13 year old girl he and Epstein drugged snd took to Epsteins Island for a weekend of rape. Wait realDonaldTrump you were friends with EpsteinDidntKillHimself and wished his enabler GhislaineMaxwell well. Stop projecting.

Umm didn't trump say he wanted to date his own daughter That's creepy! And isn't trump standing trial for rape Compare records. TrumpResignNow trump That's cause 'He Knows He Is Losing, bad'. He is a sinking turd... I love how every negative thing aimed at Biden is automatically accepted as 'baseless' or 'without evidence' and every negative thing aimed at Trump is automatically accepted as fact without and rigorous debate ir verification. You guys are terrible 😂

You can see the pattern of the sick narcissistic pig that’s getting scared Daly with all the new evidence of his crimes. The post office crisis will find out who really hired Dejoy they are trying to impeach, hopefully soon. Anything he accuses Biden of is what he he has done. Baselessly? Clearing my throat over that whopper!

Can’t top this... Biden is saying bs lies about trump and that’s fine and a retweet is going to get cnn upset? Please dementia joe is in no way one I would allow around my children There are so many images and videos of Biden acting inappropriately with children and women. Two can play the same game: 'fine people hoax'

Trump is 😡 over trumpisapedofile Pedophile Joe touches young girl's chest. And while CNN may not admit it is wrong you can tell by her moving away that the little girl sure did. How low can you go? Trump answers that question every day. Biden’s can’t even help nor want to know their own grandchild... Nice people eh?

You guys take it to the new low . How much the senile Biden paid you ? Sorry, He doesn’t remember. 😂 Trump vomits baseless LIEs . Trump regurgitates heinous lies . 45 is a Pathetic frightened small man Jajajajajaja Jajajajajaja jajajajajaja The contest is really fierce.😿😿 CNN - LMAO How low can he go. President Joe Biden should sue him

So it’s true. It’s real Hasn’t joe blow Biden grabbed women kissing even little kids that don’t want to be touched! Stop the bs lies & coverups of Joe blow Biden! Trump has over 30 cases from women for sexual assault and rape! Trump and his Trumpers have NOTHING on Biden so they take innocent pictures and say horrific things. For a “President“ to pass these false statements on is proof Trump is just White Trash!!!

Watch the video and draw your own conclusions More Trump projection. CNN why do you fall for it? That is nothing but projection on the Presidents part. He only has his base to cater to so he continues..they love this crap but with the way he's handled 2020 surely educated people are repulsed by these tactics.

Trump is projecting as usual. Unbelievable. This guy does not have a rock bottom. Truth is always harsh to the left. He IS a pedophile. A predator. AWESOMENESS How low can he go. He is seriously deranged. That picture there want to make me put Vlad's cock in his lips! If it quacks like duck and walks like a duck...

Haven't you all seen the videos- hell the little girls being touched by Biden seem very uncomfortable- go watch the videos. And Biden commercials of losers at a grave is ok with you If anyone is a pedophile, it would be Trump. Absolutely disgusting. Campaigns should be punished for things like this Trump is projecting. He's the accused pedophile.

You really want to go there Thank you Biden campaign PR department Can’t be lower than CNN Should have said child fondler & sniffer. Then could point to videos & photos of him fondling & sniffing children. To paraphrase a famous sexual predator & accused rapist: It depends on what your definition of pedophilia is.

If it was any uncle running around pawing my daughter and sniffing her hair - that’s exactly how I would refer to him. No matter how low Trump goes, the Democrats with the help of the fakenews will go absolutely lower. Trump2020Landslide And what can we say about Trump!? Total projection The worrying factor is that half of America cant see through him and his antics...he is no better than Putin and his chinese friends...

Unfortunately his supporters will believe anything that comes out of his mouth, and they will even sacrifice their lives for him. This is the American that we live in today. He sniffs girls After Joe's dishonest add. The gloves have come off. Not good when that happens. Trumps never ending pounding will be Joe's downfall. I fucking love it when people willingly screw thems.

Baselessly, they keep saying... ReadeAlexandra doesn't get much coverage on CNN about MeToo CreepyJoe Trump is a pedophile photos and testimonies prove it 🙀 Well he does paw and sniff little girls... That's an awesome photo 👌 The epitome of scumbag. President Scumbag. Try that out loud. President scumbag, worse than Nixon, Reagan, Bush. It’s sad the shape we’re in.

When in fact he himself is one. Clear Cut sign of Mentality issues with the guy at the WH (in my opinion) Donny is desperate. He has to find this stuff to keep his narrow minded, low life supporters amused. Someone needs to write a script for Briben to respond. Projection is 9/10's of the election new low...yawn...just ask BrettKavanaugh you guys take yourselves seriously WTF thevoos

Over 30 women have accused him of sexual assault, was best friends with a child trafficker for rich people, AND he is using the DOJ (America resources) with the power of the government to fight a civil suite against a woman who has accused him of sexual assault which is unethical It's almost time. I am very excited...aren't you cnn for the turth for finally be revealed to we the people!?! I bet there will be a massive party after that.......

PUSSSY GRABBING, STRIPPER BOY tweeted what!!!!! Stop throwing stones Pretty far from baseless Cause he is a pedophile. Have you not seen the pictures of him sniffing young girls Have you seen the clips of Biden 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is why we need an Oswald right now!!! He has been a pervert forever CNN Such an ass. I hope he gets a proper welcome here in Philly this evening.

The only pedophile in this race is trump, he’s said it a million times, he likes them young. Well. Pictures speak louder than words I saw & others must have seen this coming. QANON folks have been saying this, a really weird form of pre-emptive projection, so it was just a matter of time Trump would do this. It fits his pattern of behavior when he’s in a panic. Q must soothe him. Weird.

TrumpisaPedo Accused of raping a 13 yo girl , 60 plus women accused him of sexual assault or harassment , watched porn video of girl he’s known since she was 12, walked in on nude teen contestants, bragged abt grabbing women by the 🐈 So who is the real pedo ain’t Biden 👊 Pedófilo, comunista, viejo chatarra, perdedor en las elecciones, y a dormir, que es su profesión: DORMILÓN!!!

realDonaldTrump projecting again! What a sick fuck Comes at no surprise it’s clear that everything and anybody he accuses of improprieties are the very same things he is or has been involved in doing himself! He’s a dead giveaway and only expressing his own Guilt! Cocaine Hunter! Biden can't deny what's true , look at how he grabs kids and they pull away. He has been apart of the administration that hid all this pedophilia

When the phony cabal of Christian preachers, ministers, and leaders condone and support you as they do, then Trump knows he can say and do anything and the only response he will get is 'a laying on of the hands' and prayers. They think he came down from the cross. What is the problem ? Every day you have baseless new lows against Trump, but think about it, have you seen all those Biden’s videos with little girls ?

Biden touches a lot of young girls inappropriately. Just look at the kids reactions. Not normal behavior. Innocent or not. As Trump becomes more and more despicable, where are the GOPChristians? Absolute slander. TrumpKnew DumpTrump Perfectly timed AGAIN. Look here, don't you be watching the peace deal that just happened

TRUMP2020 Biden clearly is very pedo-ish. We've all seen the creepy videos. TRUmp? He has how many law suits Hello pot met kettle? CNN Calls trump going low but you don't call joe out for lying that trump will cancel medicaid and social security. CNN IS TRASH. Disgusting no integrity no morals and no soul.

everything with trump is projecting what we already know what he is. he doesn't project good things about others It's always his skeletons onto others He is a small sick person SERIOUSLY BIDEN is SEXUAL predator!!release the DELAWARE DOCUMENTS! PROVE OTHER wise? Thanks, CNN, I’ll file this with your other bullshit.

I think only one candidate partied with a known pedophile and it wasn’t Biden TrumpIsALiar TrumpIsARapist TrumpKnew TrumpIsANationalDisgrace A pedophile republican accuses another man of being a pedophile. He ought not play that game. Anything he can say about Biden could be said about him and worse. he should ask himself who between them has been publicly accused and sued over raping a child.

He does like to project after all What if he is right? Doesn't Biden brag about kids rubbing his legs? realDonaldTrump you are the pedophile! Holy projection oh bro of Epstein! PedoTrump Appealing to his QAnon base. And these same QAnons choose to ignore Trump's Epstein connections. Trump works too hard to get his political scores. But there is a problem: he's very stupid

Joe is still floating the debunked story from the Atlantic. Days without being an international embarrassment: 0 SO BASELESS ACCUSATIONS ARE ALL OF A SUDDEN A PROBLEM . . HUMMMMMMMMMM. The Biden Campaign is a joke. Wow it’s bad

Trump trailing Biden in 6 swing states with less than 50 days before electionAt the same point in 2016, Trump trailed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in four of the states but was able to pull out a victory on election night. Pffff silent majority bout to drop a big old deuce on these polls on Election Day We will win. Trump2020

Trump less trusted internationally than Putin and Xi after Covid-19 responseAmerica's image around the world has plummeted in the wake of its coronavirus response, according to a new Pew survey, which found that a number of countries view President Trump as less trustworthy than Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Totally agree with them...if he's breathing he is lying... 😔 CNN is less trust worthy than Fox News! Wow!

Woodward interviews could damage Trump less than controversy suggestsPresident Donald Trump has been criticized for saying he downplayed the coronavirus crisis earlier this year. Big Nothing burger from Woodward. Trump care about America, that's my take anyway

What polls say about Trump vs. Biden with 50 days until the electionRight-wing Rasmussen Reports and Fox News both show Joe Biden as the favored candidate, and all recent national polls show President Donald Trump trailing his opponent. What polls say about Trump vs. Biden with 50 days until the election. TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! TRUMP IS WINNING ! Fake mess. Bloomberg's finally gonna fullfil his promises?

Trump 'red mirage' election night victory is unlikely, political scientists sayLeading political scientists have dismissed the idea of an illusory Trump landslide victory on 3 November. he is unfit has disparaged our military over and over and he is responsible for thousands of unnecessary American deaths because he was too scared to deal with it. Its no mirage hillary! POTUS will win again. Dems have NOTHING to offer us but HATE, TAXES, & violence towards American citizens. dems fail liars corruption openborders terrorism This was unlikely as well. 2016

Trump Says He’ll “Negotiate” Third Term, Claims Democrats Will Rig ElectionThe president spoke to a packed, largely mask-less crowd in Nevada that seemed to care little about social distancing. white privilege and narcissism will do that to you. of course being a sociopath doesn't hurt. He was impeached.