Barton Gellman warns that Trump has ‘radicalized tens of millions of people’

Staff writer at the Atlantic Barton Gellman discusses his new piece where he warns that Trump’s next coup is underway

12/9/2021 3:33:00 AM

'Hardly anyone is treating this like an emergency,' Barton Gellman says, warning that former President Trump's next coup is underway. 'Protecting the lifeblood of our democracy is a fundamental interest that's being neglected.'

Staff writer at the Atlantic Barton Gellman discusses his new piece where he warns that Trump’s next coup is underway

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This is the same way I am feeling. Thank you for. Putting this in correct form and speaking out. You people are insane with TDS. Calm down, enjoy something and get on with life. 😂😂😂 Don't the Democrats love fake 'emergencies', when they brand themselves as 'saviors of democracy' to try to get the clueless to vote for them.

LetsGoBrandon Probably believes that Jussie is innocent too. It sure is fun being Republican right now. Looking good for 2022. Fear mongering give it a rest You left the Coen Brothers out of this, right? So cheating in a presidential election is good for our democracy? Really? Sir you are out of touch with democracy you have no idea what a coup is. Was the Boston tea party a coup?

Trump's 'propaganda ecosystem' priming supporters for violence: GellmanBarton Gellman, staff writer for the Atlantic magazine, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump and his supporting media have so thoroughly imbued Trump supporters with contempt for their political opposition that they've made violence an obvious and permissible conclusion. law is not law any more. GOP just play games with it. that's how they can gain power

NoOneUnscripted first warned about this on November 11, 2020. And every single day since. Calm down dude. The last one was a complete joke SOME people are treating it like an emergency, some journalists, some scholars and some tweeterers. But not many in Congress or at the DOJ it seems. MSNBC is one of the biggest reasons there was even a path from trump to become president: the obvious duplicity in service of the dnc and all the plain-as-day lies. It’s pathetic

When is Biden going to wake up to the urgency of all this? Or is he? Very scary The trump hysteria keeps on selling Let it fall If our Democracy is hanging by a thread you would think that the mainstream media would be supporting the Biden Administration as much as possible. (Allowing for objective journalism) Because, in a Trump Autocracy, THEY stand to lose everything.

Trump & cohorts needs to be charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison; in addition to being “fined.” Sorry, 'Muricans can't defend democracy AND have a cordial Chrustmas dinner. So, of course, they chose the food.

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The Lunatic Fringe is still active. Look for their red hats & tattoos. We're seeing the 'take over' in TX, FL, MO, where state govt is silencing & suppressing health depts., businesses, schools, etc.; not allowing them to make decisions needed for public good and safety. I thought they were apposed to govt interference? Yet, here they are.

The coup happened when Biden was inserted as president by tens of millions of fraudulent mail in ballots in November of 2020 donwinslow RiseUpAmerica 45MustBeProsecuted 😡✊🇺🇸 There is plenty of evidence of Donald Trump organizing and directing a multi phase effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election. There is no evidence of a criminal investigation of these efforts?

Yup Being huge crowds of people are unmasked and everywhere and want to destroy masks and mandates I would say that DEMOPHARMATICS IS IN TROUBLE. I really find tons of people against to one that religiously loves pharma and mandates. I aint bothered 👇👇👇👇 rolandsmartin The next insurrection will see more blood on both sides if this is not stopped. Arrest and jail the leaders NOW!

Trump radicalized no one. They were already 'radicalized' then they voted for him. I wish you all would get the story straight otherwise we're not getting out if this anytime soon.

Republicans Are Still Floating an Insane Scenario in Which They Make Trump House Speaker in 2023Last month, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told Steve Bannon, “I would love to see the gavel go from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump.” Why would he want a job that requires actual work? Unqualified and unwilling to work Dream on punk.

My question is how long will our country last as an autocracy? Will it survive at all? Come and check me American Taliban on the move Another coup being perpertrated against trump donwinslow It is an emergency, but the GOP base has been radicalized. They have guns and next time they will bring them. I’m trying to resign myself to the inevitable. Trump 2024 signs are already appearing. He should be arrested already.. but?

DUH!?! From 2017...The Trump Premise, What 'Drain The Swamp' And 'Make America Great Again' Mean To Trump, And Why Trump Envies Putin Excerpt: If Garland's inaction continues, in a few months decent Americans will once again see how the rule of law does not apply to Donald Trump. As the statute of limitations will pass and he won't ever be charged for firing Comey, or the other 9 obstructions of American ⚖️


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Call the White House. Let them hear your concern. Democracy is over in this Country we just wish not to admit to it. More fake A$$ FKNG news. This dude looks like a paranoid schizophrenic trying to convince me that there's something wrong with my fellow man... Nobodys trying to live their life in accord with crazy people's irrational fears...

Hopefully, the state of New York will incarcerate him before he starts another coup. 👍🏿👍🏿 Why do so many Americans believe we live in a democracy? If the USA was a democracy, Hillary would have been 45. 😭😄😅😄😄'tens of millions people' Fake news.

CDC zeroes in on anime convention to understand omicron variantThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reached out to tens of thousands of people who attended a recent anime convention in Manhattan as it works

President Trump is the GREATEST President in American History. Barton Gellman Ha,ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. A coup.


CDC zeroes in on anime convention to understand omicron variantThe CDC has reached out to tens of thousands of people who attended a recent anime convention in Manhattan as it works to understand the risks of the Covid-19 omicron variant.