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Barrett tied to faith group ex-members say subjugates women

Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, has close ties to a charismatic Christian group that holds men are divinely ordained as the 'head” of the family. @MBieseck @MRSmithAP

9/29/2020 3:10:00 AM

Amy Coney Barrett , President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, has close ties to a charismatic Christian group that holds men are divinely ordained as the 'head” of the family. MBieseck MRSmithAP

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump ’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court has close ties to a charismatic Christian religious group that holds men are divinely ordained as the 'head” of the...

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court has close ties to a charismatic Christian religious group that holds men are divinely ordained as the “head” of the family and faith. Former members of the group, called People of Praise, say it teaches that wives must submit to the will of their husbands.

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Federal appeals judge Amy Coney Barrett has not commented publicly about her own or her family’s involvement, and a People of Praise spokesman declined to say whether she and her husband are current members.But Barrett, 48, grew up in New Orleans in a family deeply connected to the organization and as recently as 2017 she served as a trustee at the People of Praise-affiliated Trinity Schools Inc., according to the nonprofit organization’s tax records and other documents reviewed by The Associated Press. Only members of the group serve on the schools’ board, according to the system’s president.

ADVERTISEMENTAP also reviewed 15 years of back issues of the organization’s internal magazine, “Vine and Branches,” which has published birth announcements, photos and other mentions of Barrett and her husband, Jesse, whose family has been active in the group for four decades. On Friday, all editions of the magazine were removed from the group’s website.

People of Praise is an intentional religious community based in charismatic Catholicism, a movement that grew out of the influence of Pentecostalism, which emphasizes a personal relationship with Jesus and can include baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. The group organizes and meets outside the purview of a church and includes people from several Christian denominations, but its members are mostly Roman Catholic.

Barrett’s affiliation with a conservative religious group that elevates the role of men has drawn particular scrutiny given that she would be filling the high court seat held by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a feminist icon who spent her legal career fighting for women to have full equality. Barrett, by contrast, is being hailed by religious conservatives as an ideological heir to the late Justice Antonin Scalia, a staunch abortion-rights opponent for whom she clerked as a young lawyer.

In accepting Trump’s nomination Saturday, the Catholic mother of seven said she shares Scalia’s judicial philosophy.“A judge must apply the law as written,” Barrett said. “Judges are not policy makers, and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold.”

ADVERTISEMENTBarrett’s advocates are trying to frame questions about her involvement in People of Praise as anti-Catholic bigotry ahead of her upcoming Senate nomination hearings.Asked about People of Praise in a televised interview last week, Vice President Mike Pence responded: “The intolerance expressed during her last confirmation about her Catholic faith I really think was a disservice to the process and a disappointment to millions of Americans.”

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But some people familiar with the group and charismatic religious groups like it say Barrett’s involvement should be examined before she receives a lifelong appointment to the highest court in the nation.“It’s not about the faith,” said Massimo Faggioli, a theology professor at Villanova University, who has studied similar groups. He says a typical feature of charismatic groups is the dynamic of a strong hierarchical leadership, and a strict view of the relationship between women and men.

Several people familiar with People of Praise, including some current members, told the AP that the group has been misunderstood. They call it a Christian fellowship, focused on building community. One member described it as a “family of families,” who commit themselves to each other in mutual support to live together “through thick and thin.”

But the group has also been portrayed by some former members, and in books, blogs and news reports as hierarchical, authoritarian and controlling, where men dominate their wives, leaders dictate members’ life choices and those who leave are shunned.AP interviewed seven current and former members of People of Praise, reviewed its tax records, websites, missionary blogs and back issues of its magazine to try to paint a fuller picture of an organization that Barrett has been deeply involved in since childhood.

----People of Praise was founded in South Bend, Indiana, in 1971 as part of the Catholic Pentecostal movement, a devout reaction to the free love, secular permissiveness and counterculture movements of the 1960s and early ’70s. Many of the group’s early members were drawn from the campus of nearby Notre Dame, a Catholic university.

The group has roughly 1,800 adult members nationwide, with branches and schools in 22 cities across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. All members are encouraged to continue to attend church at their own parishes.After a period of religious study and instruction that lasts from three to six years, people involved in People of Praise can choose to make a lifelong covenant pledging love and service to fellow community members and to God, which includes tithing at least 5% of their gross income to support the group’s activities and charitable initiatives, according to a statement on the group’s website.

People of Praise’s more than 1,500 word covenant, a copy of which was reviewed by AP, includes a passage where members promise to follow the teachings and instructions of the group’s pastors, teachers and evangelists.“We agree to obey the direction of the Holy Spirit manifested in and through these ministries in full harmony with the church,” the covenant says.

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It’s unclear whether Barrett took the covenant. But members of the organization and descriptions of its hierarchy show that members almost invariably join the covenant after three to six years of religious study or they leave, so it would be very unusual for Barrett to continue to be involved for so many years without having done so.

A 2006 article in the group’s magazine includes a photo of her attending a People of Praise Leaders’ Conference for Women. The magazine also includes regular notices when members are “released from the covenant” and leave the group. AP’s review found no such notice of Barrett’s or her husband’s departure.

A request to interview Barrett made through the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, where she currently serves as a judge, was declined. Jesse Barrett did not respond to voicemail or email sent through his law firm in South Bend.People of Praise spokesman Sean Connolly declined to discuss the Barretts or their affiliation with the group.

“Like most religious communities, the People of Praise leaves it up to its members to decide whether to publicly disclose their involvement in our community,” Connolly said by email. “And like most religious communities, we do not publish a membership list.”

Several people familiar with the group told the AP that, unlike some other charismatic movements, People of Praise has a strong commitment to intellectualism, evidenced in part by the schools they have established, which have a reputation for intellectual rigor.

Barrett’s father, Michael Coney Sr., has served as the principal leader of People of Praise’s New Orleans branch and was on the group’s all-male Board of Governor’s as recently as 2017. Her mother, Linda Coney, has served in the branch as a “handmaid,” a female leader assigned to help guide other women, according to documents reviewed by AP.

“One of the key principles of People of Praise is freedom, the exercise of our own freedom in following the Lord and in following our own – what we believe, what we think is right,” Michael Coney, 75, said Friday in an interview with AP.Joannah Clark, 47, grew up in People of Praise and became a member as an adult. She acknowledged that the board of governors consists of all men, but said that is not a reflection on the “worth or ability of women,” but rather the approach the group has chosen for that level of leadership.

“In a marriage, we look at the husband as the head of the family. And that’s consistent with New Testament teaching,” said Clark, who is the head of Trinity Academy in Portland, Oregon. “This role of the husband as the head of the family is not a position of power or domination. It’s really quite the opposite. It’s a position of care and service and responsibility. Men are looking out for the good and well-being of their families.”

Clark said she had previously served as a “handmaid.” The term was a reference to Jesus’ mother Mary, who called herself ‘the handmaid of the Lord.’ The organization recently changed the terminology to “woman leader” because it had newly negative connotations after Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel “A Handmaid’s Tale” was turned into a popular television show.

Clark said the woman leaders in People of Praise do things like provide pastoral care and organize help for community members, such as when people are sick or need other help.“They’re also in a role of advising, so the men will ask the women leaders advice on issues that affect the patterns of life within the community, certainly issues that affect women and families,” Clark said.

Barrett, in accepting Trump’s nomination at the White House on Saturday, put particular emphasis on the equality of her own marriage, saying she expected from the start the she and her husband would run their household as partners.“As it has turned out, Jesse does far more than his share of the work,” she said. “To my chagrin, I learned at dinner recently that my children consider him to be the better cook.”

Though People of Praise opposes abortion, those familiar with the group said it would be a mistake to pigeonhole their politics as either left or right. While socially conservative in their understanding of family and gender, some members are deeply committed to social justice in matters of race and economics, they said. Barrett’s parents are both registered Democrats, according to Louisiana voter registration records.

___Tax records and other documents show that as recently as 2017 Barrett sat on the board of Trinity Schools, a campus of which was recently designated by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as a National Blue Ribbon School. The schools are coed, but most classes are segregated by gender.

The school’s website says the group sees men and women “created by God equal in dignity but distinct from one another.”“We seek to uphold both that equality and appropriate distinction in our culture,” it goes on.Similarly, People of Praise meetings are often segregated by gender. And as they become adults, members frequently live together in same-gender communal houses sometimes owned by the group, or they are invited to live with a family within the community. Articles in the People of Praise magazine frequently note when young single members get married to each other. Multiple birth announcements often follow.

The group’s magazine also offers insights into the group’s views on marriage, community and members’ finances. A 2007 issue discusses how the 17 single women who live together in a household, called the Sisterhood, had their paychecks direct deposited into a single bank account. One member said she had “no idea” what the amount of her paycheck was.

The pooled money was managed by one woman, who budgeted for everyone’s clothing and other expenses, including $36 weekly per person for food and basics like toilet paper. All women were expected to give 10% of their pay to People of Praise, another 1% to the South Bend branch and additional tithes to their churches.

Married couples and their children also often share multi-family homes or cluster in neighborhoods designated for “city building” by the group’s leaders, where they can easily socialize and walk to each other’s houses.As part of spiritual meetings, members often relay divine prophecies and are encouraged to pray in tongues, where participants make vocal utterances thought to carry direct teachings and instructions from God. Those utterances are then “interpreted” by senior male leaders and relayed back to the wider group.

A 1969 book by Kevin Ranaghan, a co-founder of People of Praise, dedicates a chapter to praying in tongues, which he describes as a gift from God.“The gift of tongues is one of the word-gifts, an utterance of the Spirit through man,” Ranaghan wrote in “Catholic Pentecostals.” “Alone, the gift of tongues is used for prayer and praise. Coupled with the gift of interpretation it can edify the unbeliever and strengthen, console, enlighten or move the community of faith.”

In a blog entry on the group’s website from March of this year, a mother described taking her children to pray in tongues as the coronavirus pandemic took hold.___While People of Praise portrays itself as a tightknit family of families, former members paint a darker picture of that closeness.

Coral Anika Theill joined People of Praise’s branch in Corvallis, Oregon, in 1979, when she was a 24-year-old mother of 6-month-old twins.“My husband at the time was very drawn to it because of the structure of the submission of women,” recounted Theill, who is now 65.

Theill, who converted to Catholicism after getting married, said in her People of Praise community women were expected to live in “total submission” not only to their husbands, but also the other male “heads” within the group.In abookshe wrote about her experience, Theill recounts that in People of Praise every consequential personal decision – whether to take a new job, buy a particular model car or choose where to live – went through the hierarchy of male leadership. Members of the group who worked outside the community had to turn over their paystubs to church leaders to confirm they were tithing correctly, she said.

Theill says her “handmaid,” to whom she was supposed to confide her innermost thoughts and emotions, then repeated what she said to the male heads, who would consult her husband on the proper correction.“There’d be open meetings where you just have to stand for the group and they’d tell you all that was wrong with you,” Theill recounted to AP last week. “And I would ask questions. I was a critical thinker.”

When she told her husband she wanted to wait to have more children, Theill said, he accompanied her to gynecological appointments to ensure she couldn’t get birth control.“I was basically treated like a brood mare,” she said, using the term for a female horse used for breeding. During her 20-year marriage, Theill had eight children from 11 pregnancies.

Theill, who says she declined to take the covenant, described being dominated and eventually shunned because of the doubts she expressed about the group.Clark, a current member in Oregon, said she had never heard of members being shunned.“At any point, a community member can decide to leave and is free to do so,” Clark said. She said she has friends who have left the community. “These are people I’ve maintained a good friendship with and people who’ve maintained friendships with other people in community.”

But Theill isn’t the only former member to describe forced subjugation of women within People of Praise or shunning of former members.Among People of Praise’s very first members in South Bend were Adrian Reimers and his wife, Marie. The couple was active for more than a dozen years before he said he became disillusioned and was “dismissed” from the group in the mid-1980s.

Reimers, who teaches philosophy at Notre Dame, went on to write detailed academic examinations of the group’s inner workings and theological underpinnings. In a 1997bookabout People of Praise and other covenant communities, Reimers wrote that fundamental principle of the group was St. Paul’s stipulation from the Bible that the husband is the “head” of his wife and that the wife is to “submit in all things.”

“A married woman is expected always to reflect the fact that she is under her husband’s authority,” Reimers wrote. “This goes beyond an acknowledgment that the husband is ‘head of the home’ or head of the family; he is, in fact, her personal pastoral head. Whatever she does requires at least his tacit approval. He is responsible for her formation and growth in the Christian life.”

Though women are allowed to serve in some administrative roles within the community, Reimers wrote that no woman is allowed to hold a pastoral position of leadership in which she would oversee or instruct men.“People who leave these communities are often shunned by other members and are spoken of as no longer brothers and sisters in Christ or even no longer Christian,” he wrote.

Reimers declined to expand on his experience with People of Praise, saying he doesn’t know Amy Barrett and didn’t want to get drawn into a political fight. But he said he stands by his prior account.“To quote Pontius Pilate, ‘What I have written, I have written,’” he said last week, referring to the Roman official in the Bible who signed the order condemning Jesus to be crucified.

Lisa Williams said her parents joined the Minnesota branch of People of Praise in the late 1970s, when she was a fourth grader. She chronicled her experience in ablogcalled “Exorcism and Pound Cake,” a reference to how she knew as a child that it was a meeting night because of the smell of baked goods coming from the kitchen.

“I remember my mother saying a wife could never deny sex to her husband, because it was his right and her duty,” said Williams, 56. “Sex is not for pleasure. It’s for as many babies as God chooses to give you. ... Women had to be obedient. They had to be subservient.”

Corporal punishment of children was common, Williams told AP. When she was insufficiently obedient to her father, she was beaten with a belt and then required to kneel and ask forgiveness from both him and God, she said.She recalled People of Praise meetings held in her parent’s living room where members prayed in tongues to cast out demons from a person writhing on the floor, rituals she described as exorcisms.

When her parents, from whom she is now estranged, decided to leave People of Praise when she was a junior in high school, she remembers the leaders said her family would be doomed to hell and they were shunned. “Nobody would talk to you,” she recalled.

Steven Hassan, a psychologist who counsels people who have left fundamentalist authoritarian religious groups, said the culture within People of Praise as described by Theill and Williams, including the practice of shunning former members, creates fear so that people are dependent an obedient.

“A person who is in one of these groups has to suppress their own thoughts, feelings, desires that doesn’t align with the dogma,” Hassan said.He cautioned, however, that Theill’s and Williams’ experiences were from decades ago and not necessarily illustrative of how the group now operates. And current members of People of Praise interviewed by AP strongly disputed those characterizations.

“There’s a high value on personal freedom,” said Clark, the Trinity School director in Oregon.She said she had never heard of some of the practices the former members detailed to AP, such as micromanaging finances or handing over paychecks. She grew emotional when she recounted the sacrifices people in the group make for each other as part of their covenant, like the case of a man known for helping his fellow members move, who was in turn cared for by group members as he died.

“I’ve never been asked to do anything against my own free will,” said Clark, a member of the group for 25 years. “I have never been dominated or controlled by a man.”Thomas Csordas, an anthropology professor at University of California San Diego, has studied the religious movement that includes People of Praise. He said such communities are conservative, authoritarian, hierarchical and patriarchal.

But, he said in his view, the group’s leaders are unlikely to exert influence over Barrett’s judicial decisions.Coney, Barrett’s father, said the culture of female submission described by some former members was based on misunderstandings of the group’s teachings.

“I can’t comment on why they believe that. But it is certainly not a correct interpretation of our life,” he said. “We’re people who love each other and support each other in their Christian life, trying to follow the Lord.”And, as a lawyer himself, he rejected the notion that his daughter’s religious beliefs will unduly influence her opinions if she is confirmed to the high court.

“I think she’s a super lawyer and she will apply the law as opposed to any of her beliefs,” he said. “She will follow the law.”___Smith reported from Providence, Rhode Island. Associated Press reporters Mitch Weiss in Greenville, South Carolina, and Juliet Linderman in Baltimore, Maryland, contributed.

___Follow Investigative Reporter Michael Biesecker at http://twitter.com/mbieseck and Smith at http://twitter.com/MRSmithAP___Contact AP’s global investigative team at Investigative@ap.org Read more: The Associated Press »

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mbieseck MRSmithAP News flash most Christian faiths believe men are ordained the head of the family mbieseck MRSmithAP As do most religions. That’s not new. Nor is it news. Please tell us how her religion effected any decision she has made as a sitting judge. mbieseck MRSmithAP Originalist, which means interpreting US Constitution as authors intended, not moving with the times. No, it means Really, Really Really STUPID.

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mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no! A Christian who has Christian values!!! The horror realADRobles mbieseck MRSmithAP Isn't this an example of the headline refuting itself? Presumably, if the group subjugates women as claimed, they would revoke her membership for holding a position of national prominence (as a current judge)... Her continued membership means they don't subjugate women as claimed

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mbieseck MRSmithAP Isn't it great that the writers at the AP don't have a clue what the Bible says? Eph. 5:22 'Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.' Eph. 5:25 'Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.' Sounds pretty straightforward to me. mbieseck MRSmithAP As they should be. The man was created to rule the house. The woman was created to serve the man!! Read the Bible & stop trying to change it to fit your lifestyle! God never changes his mind.

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mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m sure that you and your 10 cats are much happier than Mrs.Barrett 🙄 That same group probably says that the husband should honor his wife and not covet any other. Like the husband being head of the home, this is other stuff the Bible says. Nowhere does the Bible say that the husband is 'divine.'

mbieseck MRSmithAP It's so shocking that a Christian believes Christian things.... So dumb. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh my god this is pitiful mbieseck MRSmithAP This is shameful bullshittery. mbieseck MRSmithAP I hold my husband as head of my household, that doesn't mean we're not equal. We do for each other fairly for household 'chores' We both work so...it works for us

mbieseck MRSmithAP Good!! mbieseck MRSmithAP By the fact that I make the money, have a graduate degree, and can physically dominate her, yes, I am the head of the household....Just don’t tell her I said that. mbieseck MRSmithAP Wha A Christian believes in Biblical teachings? mbieseck MRSmithAP And yet she’s being nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. So submissive. 😱

mbieseck MRSmithAP do you hear yourselves? mbieseck MRSmithAP Here's a crazy thing, a lot of us strong women need an even stronger man. My husband is the head of this house but I still do what makes me happy. I am safe in the knowledge that if something makes mama unhappy, things are going to get real from my man. But I honor my man.

mbieseck MRSmithAP DesperateMuch mbieseck MRSmithAP MSM is going to do what they are going to do best...not do actual and factual journalism smearcampaign mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh, no! A Christian who believes the foundational beliefs found in the Bible? clutches pearls mbieseck MRSmithAP So what

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what ?!?!?! mbieseck MRSmithAP As do some members of my family. Some with healthy marriages over 40 years. Perhaps you need to understand their meaning of “head” of the family before stirring the pot. mbieseck MRSmithAP Hmm. The Bible states that men are the head of the family. Nothing new thete. Amy didn't make that up, Jehovah God ordered it. That said, how would you have it, in your obvious infinite wisdom.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Such bull mbieseck MRSmithAP Argue with the book. mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Who cares. People have the right to have different opinions and perspectives. How is this even news mbieseck MRSmithAP Bigots mbieseck MRSmithAP And?... mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s because the husband is the head of the household as Christ is the head of every man.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ass mbieseck MRSmithAP Good for her. Wait until the AP finds out how women are treated under Islam. mbieseck MRSmithAP It is ordained. However, that doesn’t mean she will rule on her religious beliefs. I believe she has stated she would rule by the Constitution. mbieseck MRSmithAP What goes on in her marriage is nobody’s business except her and her husband

mbieseck MRSmithAP For those of is that actually read the Bible, yes thats true. 🤷🏻‍♀️ mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh shut up. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh wow! That’s so bad not! Too bad you are against a solid family unit. Can’t have a successful NWO with strong family units mbieseck MRSmithAP And so it starts. As the swamp gets drained all of that sludge eeks it’s way out through the press.

mbieseck MRSmithAP How can you be so dishonest?!?! mbieseck MRSmithAP 😂🤣 so mbieseck MRSmithAP So what. Considering what we're in right now maybe it's a good theory. mbieseck MRSmithAP DILLIGAF mbieseck MRSmithAP Are you saying she shouldn't have religious beliefs? mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah!!!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP She doesn't seem to subjugated. mbieseck MRSmithAP What does this have to do with her judicial rulings? Can you show examples? mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s about to be a Supreme Court Justice. Her husband is the worst subjugator ever. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Do better AP. I know if you dig deep, pull your head out of your ass, you can do better

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ahh love it...this is all the AP/Liberian dem biased media can scrounge up....pathetic of you AP. mbieseck MRSmithAP and tea is served at noon. your point? mbieseck MRSmithAP So Christians then. Read the Book! mbieseck MRSmithAP This Woman is a Christian; news at 11pm mbieseck MRSmithAP Amen. She is correct!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP And yet her husband is good with her being a Federal Judge mbieseck MRSmithAP This is how I see you fake news media people mbieseck MRSmithAP So FakeNewsMediaClowns it's okay to be a pedophile but not okay to be a Christian? In your perverted upside down world this is how you roll, good is evil, evil is good. This won't fly with us normal humans.

mbieseck MRSmithAP If she is a Muslim, will AP questions the same issue? mbieseck MRSmithAP So? That's all you have Don't be a Bigot by criticizing someone's religion. mbieseck MRSmithAP Family, faith, intellect...I think we just uncovered Wonder Woman. mbieseck MRSmithAP Um... Genesis 3:16 1 Peter 3:1-6 Ephesians 5:22-23 Colossians 3:18 I Corinthians 11:3 & 11:7-12 I Timothy 2:11-14 Literally not hard to find... you can seriously google it.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Im shocked that atheists don’t understand Christianity. HA! mbieseck MRSmithAP Well I see a strong woman- living her life including a career- and her husband helps with the family/kids- So I'm thinking this is a Communist 'hit piece'... mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s kind of like telling your kids to call him father.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Hey when did you abandon all ethics and scruples? Just curious, do you employ anybody that graduated with a degree in journalism? Real journalism? mbieseck MRSmithAP So that’s a bigoted opinion piece pushed by an organization that used to be reliable for straight news. mbieseck MRSmithAP A Supreme Court nominee believes men are the head of the family. Look at the places you can go if you believe the same lol

mbieseck MRSmithAP Bigoted democrats mbieseck MRSmithAP What do current members say... seems like any “ex” member will have issues with any org., whereas current members would have the most relevant and current info. mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP has close ties to the Communist government of China

mbieseck MRSmithAP Nice of her husband to allow her to become a supreme court justice. No one is listening to you anymore mbieseck MRSmithAP Ephesians 5:23 - read the Bible much? mbieseck MRSmithAP So honor your value system you just won’t honor hers 👌🏻👍🏻 mbieseck MRSmithAP They are digging deep to try and find something on this lovely lady. Disgusting!

mbieseck MRSmithAP And your point of this article? Husbands should be head of household! mbieseck MRSmithAP That is what the Bible says. Is that really news to AP? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Racist much? mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP I adamantly support ACB...Men should be the head of the family...we need good men to lead by example, protectors of the family, strong, hardworking, honest and humble.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? mbieseck MRSmithAP Is the AP really trying to sensationalize the Bible now? Dear Lord. mbieseck MRSmithAP Okaaaaay 🤷🏾‍♂️ mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s not true according to this group. It certainly doesn’t sound like Barrett and her husband’s marriage works that way. mbieseck MRSmithAP I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Do you mean she believe in the biblical way families are supposed to be set up? mbieseck MRSmithAP Are all at AP Atheists? mbieseck MRSmithAP Such a bullshit Fakenews story. Hunter Biden got money from RUssia...yet AP needs to try and take down a good woman for TheDemocrats political gain. Thank God realDonaldTrump showed America how crooked the media is.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Can we please get a real story? This is just crap! mbieseck MRSmithAP And that's why we can claim Head of household on our taxes. What's your point! Why don't you try some real news instead of pushing this crap The world's on fire and you want to pick on a Christian. There's a special place in hell for people like you I remember when you had morals

mbieseck MRSmithAP And your point is what? mbieseck MRSmithAP If she really believes that, she can't be a Justice. To be a Supreme Court Justice is to take authority over others in guardianship of the Constitution. When a man comes accused before the Court, will she recuse herself? How can she pass judgement on a man?

mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP Don't care about her religious views. mbieseck MRSmithAP Why isn't her husband the nominee? What went wrong? (Ed. note: Followup article idea...Why is ACB smarter than her husband when he is the 'head of the family,' per their crazy, conservative ideas? 38 days! GO!)

mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s funny when soulless atheists comment on shit they have no earthly clue about. mbieseck MRSmithAP Christian women know what this means. And no, it is not oppressive lol. mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG what’s this world coming to😂😂😂😂u guys are bull of crap mbieseck MRSmithAP So what is your point.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Nice try. 😂 That all ya got? mbieseck MRSmithAP You don't get it. mbieseck MRSmithAP As Christ is the head of the Church... He will give His life. mbieseck MRSmithAP If she were Jewish or Muslim the media would not be attacking her beliefs. It is not okay to do it to a Christian!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP And in ur opinion that disqualifies her to be a champion of the Country n Constitution? mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah so what. A lot of women prefer men to be the freaking MEN they were designed to be. Not the over soyed bitches y’all have produced in the last generation or 2. Get over it.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Christian woman holds a Christian belief... wow what news mbieseck MRSmithAP Do they mean the Catholics here? mbieseck MRSmithAP Had to come up with something, right? What do you think Christians believe? mbieseck MRSmithAP So? It’s scripture. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no! This should automatically disqualify her! She respects her husband and his decisions? How utterly awful.

mbieseck MRSmithAP That's nice mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? mbieseck MRSmithAP Of course you will find the haters. Look deeper into each one and you will find the root of their hate. mbieseck MRSmithAP Imagine being this dumb in 2020 mbieseck MRSmithAP Sounds fine mbieseck MRSmithAP Here come the religious attack!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Does she seem “subjugated” to you? You people in the media are absolutely ridiculous. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP What group are you disparaging and defaming now! Don't be shy. mbieseck MRSmithAP What group is that? Seems like fake news to me if you won’t identify! mbieseck MRSmithAP

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s fantastic, man as the head of the family that idolizes his wife and both love their children. I can see how this upsets the leftists as they are all about grabbing power and money, and the family ideal does NOT fall in line. mbieseck MRSmithAP So effing what....ilhan follows a religion where the men 'own' their woman and can kill them for staring at a man.....

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh please can we stop the BS this woman was investigated in 2017 when she was confirmed mbieseck MRSmithAP Damn. The AP tagline used to indicate news reporting. Now it’s an Op/Ed tagline. mbieseck MRSmithAP Good! mbieseck MRSmithAP And yet Amy Coney Barrett is about to be confirmed for the Supreme Court after a long, stellar career as an attorney and jurist.

mbieseck MRSmithAP What does “has close ties to” even mean?Either she’s a member of something or she’s not. Such a vague accusation. I guess you could say I have close ties to the Cincinnati Reds because I’m a 50 year fan, but I’m not in the lineup for tomorrow’s game. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP 🤮

mbieseck MRSmithAP Great reporting, AP. Zero fuc&s given by anyone! mbieseck MRSmithAP True. Yes, men are. mbieseck MRSmithAP The accomplished, grateful, dutiful, and beautiful woman every man wanted to marry and have family with. Now look at all the ones complaining, enough said. mbieseck MRSmithAP And your point is?

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP This is not a fringe belief...Read Ephesians 23...'close ties', as if they're a terrorist group. Why don't you look into your pal IlhanMN marrying her brother, funneling campaign money to her lover and ballot harvesting! mbieseck MRSmithAP That's wonderful! Many many women in the world love this idea too! I think women should be a helpmeet to her husband, as he follows God. And if you follow God, you serve and are kind... especially to your own family. Good for them! Respect is earned by those who love one another

mbieseck MRSmithAP What? She believes in God's order of things? Horrors!! 🙄🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP The man always was the head of family until women had to work. She isn't in some cult. mbieseck MRSmithAP It's in the Bible mbieseck MRSmithAP Toxic masculinity mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP She seems to be living proof of that doesn’t she? 😂 whatever she’s doing it seems to be working!

mbieseck MRSmithAP So ACB is a Federal Judge and 'the head' of her household is...? mbieseck MRSmithAP This female member is literally about to become a Supreme Court Justice realADRobles mbieseck MRSmithAP The truth shall set you free. It’s what the Bible teaches. Absolute truth. That means it’s true and it never changes

mbieseck MRSmithAP Put a bow on this nomination - the job is hers. The 'her religion has some wacky beliefs' is hopeless and a dark road to go down, where nobody's religion is free from the accusation. That includes adherents of the religion of atheism. mbieseck MRSmithAP So what?!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Perfect!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Look at letting their Democrat-loving/leftist-ness show. No nonpartisan news reporting happening by them anymore. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s really really weak mbieseck MRSmithAP At one time long ago, the was considered a legitimate news organization. mbieseck MRSmithAP So....?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Good Thanks for the info mbieseck MRSmithAP This reads as if people aren’t aware that the average Christian supports this. Generally, “head” is not congruent with “dictator”, but implies the notion of a “covering” versus an “authority”, and applies specifically to a family dynamic in a male-female spousal context. And...

mbieseck MRSmithAP You do not have the right to bar someone from anything based on their religion or religious practices. It is against the law!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Sad when that becomes news! That's a genuine nuclear family. 👪 mbieseck MRSmithAP As long as these men receive approval from the wife 😏😂

mbieseck MRSmithAP Because the Bible tells me so. mbieseck MRSmithAP Shut up. Lnonblonde mbieseck MRSmithAP Misogyny on the SCOTUS. mbieseck MRSmithAP Stand beside lie and frauds already don’t fit for this mbieseck MRSmithAP You’re worried about a woman who’s husband probably just became a stay at home dad so his wife could sit on the highest court in the land? She’s obviously so oppressed in her marriage, watch out! 🙄

mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome! Vote realDonaldTrump mbieseck MRSmithAP Cry harder, I need more tears. mbieseck MRSmithAP And here she is.... being nominated for the highest court in the land.. as a woman nonetheless!!! Must be a hardcore belief in that house hold. mbieseck MRSmithAP Most religions do.

mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s in the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP Obama was a member of a group that said America should be Damned by God! mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait until you find out what happens under Islam. mbieseck MRSmithAP Trust me when I say “men are head of the household” is in the Bible because my husband loves to remind me of this😂

mbieseck MRSmithAP Good, I'm not Christian but I do believe that men are the heads of family when its a married man & woman. Whats the big deal? mbieseck MRSmithAP What's your point? I don't believe there's a law one way or the other. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is the best you got Yikes mbieseck MRSmithAP They are. Read your Bible AP!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Com’on man... is this the best you got Next you’re going to say she’s against taking the Lord’s name in vain and committing adultery! mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, yes, it doesn’t seem is her case, weird! mbieseck MRSmithAP That Christian group is correct. And that’s not sexist. Men are the core leader of a family, and most women would prefer it that way.

mbieseck MRSmithAP In other words, she belongs to a church that believes the Bible as written...just like millions of other Americans mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean the Catholic or the Mormon Church? mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are supposed to be head of the household...there is nothing 'charismatic' about that, it is Biblical.

mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG. How dare she. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, ACB seems very subjugated. mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP that is what the Bible says. It is not a particular group, it is what Christianity teaches mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP That happens to be the biblical model presented throughout scripture.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Umm It’s called a marriage. My husband is the head of my household. Everyone is not interested in what the left is pushing. mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP That's also what strick muslims believe. How come you're not critiquing that? mbieseck MRSmithAP Complete Horse$hit. Never trust Democrat Theologians.

whitemichael622 mbieseck MRSmithAP Is also reporting the stuff about Omar and her ballot harvesting? The new stuff found out about Hillary? so one sided! mbieseck MRSmithAP But Biden is Catholic. What do they believe re women/homosexuality. mbieseck MRSmithAP And...? mbieseck MRSmithAP So she joined a group that knows what God says in the Bible. All the more reason to be grateful for her. 🙏🇺🇸

mbieseck MRSmithAP Since this is biblical and of no surprise to anyone with a brain I can only assume you are trying to rile up the feminist? Fake news! mbieseck MRSmithAP So AP you just throw a headline out there and wait for the screamers? It says that in the bible. And it doesn't mean women are slaves. How was ACB 'allowed' to become a judge? Tell your readers THAT, not that women are owned. B/C they're not.

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is news? mbieseck MRSmithAP Heads-up, guys, Christians have only been teaching this Biblical doctrine for 2,000 years. mbieseck MRSmithAP And you wonder why nobody trusts your work anymore. mbieseck MRSmithAP Holy moly! Are you saying that this group of so called charismatic Christians read the Bible?!?!? Oh my what a scandal!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Who cares assh mbieseck MRSmithAP Good. I love masculine men. mbieseck MRSmithAP God bless Amy Coney Barrett! GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 mbieseck MRSmithAP I'm sorry ACB's religion has NOTHING to do with her ability as SOTUS. The job requires decisions based on the Constitution. Democrats want to go there than let's look at Omar as a Muslim, Weinstein, Schumer as Jews

mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP, always fair and balanced reporting..🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP How dumb can these people be! Do they even read what they write! This is what happens when you get useless degrees. The head of the family is putting a gun to her head to be a scotus nominee 🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP Well if you would read the scriptures the man is the head of the family it is our responsibility to take care of our families both financially and spiritually so what's your problem AP

mbieseck MRSmithAP Thats true. Its clear you don't understand that. Or the spiritual application of God's instructions. Women are not less than, but a help to the person they should become one with. Without all of the perversion of adultery, fornication, LBGTU issues. Hope you discover HIM. mbieseck MRSmithAP MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople

mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean like this? mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, that “belief” is in The Holy Bible!! mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Fake News... mbieseck MRSmithAP That's it? That's all the Libs have got? mbieseck MRSmithAP Here come the attacks...., they have no shame. MSM is the virus.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh you mean the book of Ephesians? mbieseck MRSmithAP Uh huh... and you think a woman being considered for the Supreme Court buys into that view? 😂. mbieseck MRSmithAP I thought we like women? Glass ceilings blah blah blah...? mbieseck MRSmithAP This article wreaks of liberal desperation.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Hey, AP, what is WRONG with you people? Get your head out of you know where and wake up and smell the coffee. President Trump is good for America and Judge Barrett is an amazingly great candidate for SCOTUS. mbieseck MRSmithAP Who cares she is more than qualified. Religion can not be used to discriminate for any job.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So mbieseck MRSmithAP So nowhere near as bad as the Islamic faith then? mbieseck MRSmithAP Sounds good to me mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, the Bible does teach that, so.... Women libbers hate that but, they aren't the Alpha and Omega. mbieseck MRSmithAP Duh. Read the words of Paul in the New Testament.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP You don’t understand the Bible so just sit this out mbieseck MRSmithAP Apparently you didn't listen to her speech when realDonaldTrump nominated her, when she said that her husband has stepped up to be care for their children and take care of the house because she works so much.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, and women are divinely ordained as their 'other half'. Or if you want to spin it a different way, 'the neck that turns the head'. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Shut up. mbieseck MRSmithAP If she were any other religion and a precept of that religion was brought up with such disdain or contemp...we all know what people would be calling it.

mbieseck MRSmithAP what a trash headline! mbieseck MRSmithAP I think you guys at the TheBabylonBee are hilarious! mbieseck MRSmithAP Can't find any dirt on her can you? Attacking her for her religious beliefs are pathetic and obviously desperate tactics. mbieseck MRSmithAP No one believes the “press”!

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what.....at least she does not support killing babies.... mbieseck MRSmithAP Well apparently she’s ahead of that household lol mbieseck MRSmithAP More ratio party mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, they are. Read the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are divinely ordained as the heads of our families.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Cool, I prefer my husband to do all the manly stuff around the house like take out the trash and fix the sewage pump. I will pretend anything he wants as long as I don't have to do it. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah. It's called the Catholic Church. And they also believe in helping your fellow man and that babies are precious gifts from God.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP You should really look into what that actually means. Something tells me you have no idea or you're dishonest and hope nobody else has any idea. mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP They are....what’s the point? mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s contemporarily referred to as “the nuclear family”, but yeah...

mbieseck MRSmithAP Say that about MUSLIMS and see the outrage. mbieseck MRSmithAP It's crazy no matter what you believe they act as if that's such a horrible they ever stop and think a man in the family is expected to be a man in resposibility,character,protector,provider no matter what your lifestyle

mbieseck MRSmithAP Bible study ap. Idiots mbieseck MRSmithAP Thats not a knock on women Its God's word and without any strong women there would be no strong men. mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow, imagine a MAN being the head of the household, looks like it benefited her, look at all she has accomplished, Maybe we should all consider.. I would if I could accomplish all she has

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s the majority of Christian Faith. Nothing new or weird about it mbieseck MRSmithAP EnemyOfThePeople mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh you mean the Bible? mbieseck MRSmithAP Have you ever read the Bible? mbieseck MRSmithAP Bigots! mbieseck MRSmithAP The quran says it's ok to have slaves, have sex with children, behead non believers, and lie to spread islam. I'll take a Catholic over that every time.

mbieseck MRSmithAP I don't think that's true. Plus I don't think that would sway her with cases. She seems by the book(Constitution that is...) mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean Christians? Were you bunch born yesterday? 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Obviously, the AP is the only entity in America that doesn’t have someone on staff who has ever read the Bible.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Nice try Her credentials aren’t impeccable. Shame on your anti Catholic bias..hughhewitt mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, God did ordain men as the head of the family and women as the manager of the household. Different roles but equal. Next. mbieseck MRSmithAP Why does her religious affiliation matter? Her job is to interpret the law and how it applies to the constitution.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now we know who controls the AP. The Cabal. mbieseck MRSmithAP Some things never change. Always helping the enemy AP. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah and? so what! mbieseck MRSmithAP That means she could be Muslim, Hebrew, Christian, Hindu...etc Everyone holds the man as the head of the family except retarded Communists that destroy economies and brainwash the populace to believe otherwise. oops..Did I say that out loud? ☺️

mbieseck MRSmithAP Shouldn’t the AP be covering real news like the exposure of the largest hoax in American political history perpetuated by HRC, BO and seemingly all of the intelligence agencies? Seems bigger than this. Just sayin’. mbieseck MRSmithAP lol mbieseck MRSmithAP So what! She has a right to her beliefs, as does everyone. A

mbieseck MRSmithAP Why is this newsworthy? mbieseck MRSmithAP Your attack against a religion will fail ... litmus testing religion was always anathema to Justice confirmation process.. and you are so desperate now — you forgot why it was not done before!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Perhap “head” here is slang

mbieseck MRSmithAP Um, because that’s in the Bible. Most Christians believe it. Not really news unless you’re ignorant about Christianity. mbieseck MRSmithAP And your point? She will follow the Constitution unlike the democrats mbieseck MRSmithAP Who cares? mbieseck MRSmithAP So, if she was Muslim, would you wire the same thing since they hold the same belief?

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP That's exactly what the word of God says. The man is the head of the wife. mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop with the bullshit she’s going to be on the supreme court whether or not you post fake shit or not mbieseck MRSmithAP Is she a Mormon? There’s goes women’s right and the struggle for equality. And there are still women and men who will vote for this wind bag.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ummmmmm... Yes that is a very commonly held believe by all Bible believing people.. Is this a problem with you ? mbieseck MRSmithAP What in the world is happening to You’ve lost all sense of decency! mbieseck MRSmithAP The Bible has said this since the beginning. It has never and will never change. It is the Word of God. AP you are speaking against God. Obviously you know that.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Can smell the desperation in the air? mbieseck MRSmithAP And ? The point is ? WhereIsHunter mbieseck MRSmithAP So you will go through all Muslim and Jewish judges and criticise their faith? I cant wait. Or us it just Catholics who stand by Catholic beliefs? Bigots. mbieseck MRSmithAP No waaay! Next you're gonna tell me they have an occult ritual where they eat a piece of bread, drink a sip of wine, and read from some holy book or something

mbieseck MRSmithAP Well seeing this is correct what’s your point beta boy? mbieseck MRSmithAP something tells me this SUPREME COURT NOMINEE doesnt believe the womans place is to be in the home waiting to rub her man's feet at then end of the day. Good Lord try harder...maybe Justice Kavanaugh's accuser has some Party pics of Barrett drinking in college too.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh here we go. mbieseck MRSmithAP Here’s a story for you mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam. mbieseck MRSmithAP Well at least we know the associated press is a bigoted news organization that is run by the left mbieseck MRSmithAP My husband told me to tell you to shut up. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ouch, guess you didn't take Islam into consideration. Their family structure is more extreme.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Who the hell cares? God haters. mbieseck MRSmithAP Stupidest headline I’ve seen in a long time mbieseck MRSmithAP Good, I like it that way😂😂😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Because it’s biblical - he should be the moral compass/foundation of the household. Unfortunately, the left has been trying to diminish & downplay the role of the man for years, more now than ever!

mbieseck MRSmithAP HEADLINE: Associated Press Renders Themselves Irrelevant By 'Reporting News' Over 2000 Years Old mbieseck MRSmithAP AP IS A LIAR mbieseck MRSmithAP So....what about it? mbieseck MRSmithAP Nice straws you are clutching at 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Spare me mbieseck MRSmithAP Assinine post by the AP. This lady has had a long very successful career, while married, while raising 7 kids. This inflammatory rhetoric is right out of the leftists playbook. Shame.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yikes. This is flat out embarrassing. Perhaps is an echo chamber. You should get out more... mbieseck MRSmithAP AND? mbieseck MRSmithAP LockHerUp mbieseck MRSmithAP As stated in a famous film, the man may be the head of the household but the woman is the neck...and the neck moves the head wherever she wants it to go.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow! Men can't possibly be the head of a household! That's a crazy idea. mbieseck MRSmithAP Sexists mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh brother. Here we go! Nonsense machine about to ramp up!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Ewwwwww........tho thcary mbieseck MRSmithAP Read the Bible. Men are the spiritual head of their households.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 😂 that was your best shot? Biblically, she's resting on firm Christian foundation ... mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, it's called the Catholic church. Pope Francis also belongs to a charasmatic group. 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP oh no😱😱 how did she even manage ? oh wait she’s a supreme court nominee 😑😑

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Muslims mbieseck MRSmithAP So what, they are. mbieseck MRSmithAP Pretty sure they also don’t agree with killing unborn children, but I may be wrong? mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s not a group you idiots. It’s the Christian who believe in God’s Word..the Bible. Perhaps you’ve heard about it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️... ? Try reading it. You may be better for it.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh noes, she's religious!!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no, is that more controversial than the religious group that says the woman is head of the family? Of the travesty of thinking a man is head of the family.

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s correct..Ephesians 5:21-25 mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh boy mbieseck MRSmithAP Dems are digging for issues and I could care less if she feels her husband should “head” of the family. I don’t think her faith is your hill. Maybe look through her record? mbieseck MRSmithAP 🤣🤣🤣🤣. You tried.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP Ap is pathetic. Guess false rape allegations won't work. mbieseck MRSmithAP Not sure if you have read this book - The Bible, that is God's Holy Word, which clearly states this: 1 Corinthians 11:3, Ephesians 5:22-24, 1 Peter 3:7. It's not some 'charismatic Christian group'. Try not to hate Christians for beliefs ordained by God. ReligiousFreedom KAG2020

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yep. Because they are. Read a Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean a group called “Christians”? mbieseck MRSmithAP Ooh scary. I guess her husband allowed her all that success, huh? mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Muslims. mbieseck MRSmithAP AP can tell IRS that they have a problem when men file their tax returns as the head of the household. I'm sure many of their workers and executives should be fined.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, they are—but not as a “boss”, but as a SERVANT leader. The “world “ has no concept of that teaching in Christianity. I read that Judge Barrett’s husband asks her every morning “what can I do to make your day easier today”? mbieseck MRSmithAP So, what’s your point! I guess you all don’t believe what scripture states. They do. Next.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The associated Press, the best news money can buy. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yawn 🥱🥱🥱 mbieseck MRSmithAP Might as well just say she goes to a Christian church. mbieseck MRSmithAP That's because THEY ARE THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY. mbieseck MRSmithAP The Bible also states the man is the head of the house. It is what it is. That does not mean the man is to oppressive or cruel. He is to set a good example by providing, protecting & teaching his family that God is to be held in highest esteem.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop the misinformation!! FillTheSeatNOW Lies lies and more lies. The dinosaur media is dying & you’re going to put the final nail in your own coffins. And I can’t wait to see it. mbieseck MRSmithAP THAT IS WHAT GOD’S WORD DECLARES! mbieseck MRSmithAP Will they say the same about Muslims?

mbieseck MRSmithAP My Dad thought he was the head of our household too, but we all knew who was really running the show. 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Only Beta males let their wives be the head of them. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ilhan Ohmar has close ties with a group that thinks adulterers should be stoned. mbieseck MRSmithAP Dems are vile disgusting evil things

mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean like a MUSLIM mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s called Christianity. You should get out more. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no that's it mbieseck MRSmithAP I must suck to be a liberal mbieseck MRSmithAP THANK YOU AP FOR UNKNOWINGLY BRINGING CHRISTIANS TOGETHER IN UNITY SAYING THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE FAITH. WHILE TALKING DOWN ON THE BELIEFS

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what I care about the ACA let’s see if she murders millions of children this Godly woman mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP What is your problem? You are completely ignorant to the Bible. It doesn’t say that. But attempting to cast a pearl to swine is just a waste of time. Marriage is a partnership in the Bible. It’s a beautiful gift from God. Both play equally, but distinctively different roles

mbieseck MRSmithAP I like her even more now mbieseck MRSmithAP Doesn’t change her knowledge of the law. Nice try. mbieseck MRSmithAP And this is news because you are unfamiliar with America's foundational beliefs mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP is biased news mbieseck MRSmithAP And mbieseck MRSmithAP That's because that's what Gods word says but it goes further on the man respecting his wife read the word it's called the BIBLE.

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP is toilet paper mbieseck MRSmithAP I literally can’t even with AP mbieseck MRSmithAP It's clearly held her down. mbieseck MRSmithAP Thank God mbieseck MRSmithAP Why are you highlighting her religion? How is that newsworthy. Your bias is appalling. You are no better than tabloid news.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The Bible states the husband is the head of his house... try reading it sometime... unless you’re afraid it will catch on fire in your hand 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Remove this post you liars. mbieseck MRSmithAP Nice try but people see thru your divisive headline tactics. “Close ties”? C’mon maaan!

mbieseck MRSmithAP That would be the BIBLE! mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking News!!! Catholic is Catholic mbieseck MRSmithAP Factors: Christianity States this in the Bible in which Christianity is based upon “Journalism” mbieseck MRSmithAP The same group would also teach that it is the man’s responsibility to give his life to his wife, the same way Christ did for the church. It makes both subservient to each other. There is nothing here but propaganda.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh my god. How dare they hold good America values. Can we get her in sooner mbieseck MRSmithAP Is there a conflict between a man being head of family affairs, and the wife being able to assert herself as a judge? Seems to me they are two different spheres. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP If you are in a Christian marriage and you work as a JUDGE; and get to raise SEVEN children with your attorney husband, I say “subjugate” me. Confunkle

mbieseck MRSmithAP And? I love toxic masculinity. It’s going to save this country. mbieseck MRSmithAP If the group endorsed this in a way that you mean to imply, then why and how is this woman a law professor, circuit court judge, and SCOTUS nominee? The self-own here is incredible lol mbieseck MRSmithAP I found a picture of the old fuck. Anyone have his address?

GalaiseJeff mbieseck MRSmithAP Hair on fire AP! Please shut up!😂😂😂😂😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP I have zero issue with this! mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s Good against Evil. Democrats are the swamp 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 mbieseck MRSmithAP Why a bunch of bullshit. Y'all are disgraceful. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is nasty and untrue.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Hmmm. This is a real reach. mbieseck MRSmithAP The attempt to demonize the Bible is nothing if not entirely predictable. Being the head of the household is not privilege, it is responsibility. The man who does it right recognizes it is a service to your family to love, honor, cherish,and protect them.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Attack her religion. That won't end well for your party. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Did you know Bill Clinton has ties to Epstein? Did ya happen to hear that Hunter Biden is likely attached to human trafficking? mbieseck MRSmithAP And mbieseck MRSmithAP Are we going to talk about what the religions of all the members of the House and Senate have “close ties” believe as well? Because if not, then 🤫🤫🤫.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Shocking! As a Christian, ACB actually believes what’s in the Bible? you are on fire! mbieseck MRSmithAP The church doesn’t have to ordain men as the head of the family, God did that already. Got a problem with it, take it to Him. Or would that too closely resemble prayer for you Godless heathens?

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s cool. Close ties means what? mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh like the Bible states.. and? DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica mbieseck MRSmithAP Ooooooooo. Not that!!!! Next they be saying Thou shalt not kill. mbieseck MRSmithAP We already love her No need to convince us further mbieseck MRSmithAP Is that bad?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop the bullshit!! Don’t attack peoples religion. mbieseck MRSmithAP I think your problem is with the Apostle Paul, not Amy Coney Barrett. mbieseck MRSmithAP Amen!! 👍 mbieseck MRSmithAP And SHE is supposed to be a great representation for women? Obviously the type of women 45 likes. Yes sir right away sir anything else sir Fuck that. votebiden

mbieseck MRSmithAP I suppose there is a point here but I don't see it. Men are the head of the family as the way it should be. The problem is when there is not head of the family around don't you think? mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Ok, and? mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Good for her.

mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG, ACB has Christian beliefs, and follows (gasp) the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP That's what the Bible says, so how is that controversial? mbieseck MRSmithAP So mbieseck MRSmithAP Associated Press should recognize that they don’t report or speak for half of this nation. Men can’t have a baby, women don’t produce sperm!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Joe has close ties to the illuminati mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Christians: The enemy of the people hates you. mbieseck MRSmithAP FakeNews mbieseck MRSmithAP That group is called the body of Christ. mbieseck MRSmithAP Subjugates women. Do they not allow women to serve as, say, a judge? Keep trying, AP. Your swings and misses are nevertheless entertaining.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet somehow she's been elevated by a man to one of the most important jobs in the free world. Nice try AP. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP The demons are at it hard these last days my friends they attacking everything they can👏👏👏👏👏👏 mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean like the Bible says ? Gee that’s out there all right 😑

mbieseck MRSmithAP Which is true. mbieseck MRSmithAP MSM media at its best spreading the hate campaign for their overlords TheDemocrats mbieseck MRSmithAP This is probably troublesome for those who know nothing of Christian theology and what this actually means. But, as is usually the case with stories from AP, particularly about anything Trump, this is a half-truth. And a half-truth is a whole lie.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oooooooh... you got her now 😏 (Fucking idiots, the Muslim religion has the same stipulations. Would you dare TRY THIS SHIT IF SHE WERE MUSLIM?!) YOU KNOW YOU WOULDN’T 😡 mbieseck MRSmithAP She's so subservient to men that she's far surpassed so many of them in academic, professional and personal achievements. Nice try . You're a clown show. ACB AmyConeyBarrettSCOTUS

mbieseck MRSmithAP That is how God meant it to be in all Holy Books. mbieseck MRSmithAP What an odd endorsement of ACB mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Good. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is so tedious. One or two generations of people being raised in godless households and they have no idea what the Christian faith even believes, or what the language used entails. So they make up crap.

mbieseck MRSmithAP “ Have you not read ? “ The Bible 📖 ? Like it or not the whole world was created by the ultimate Theocrat ✝️ Genesis 1:1 And the whole world lives under his theocracy . mbieseck MRSmithAP Freedom of religion is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits laws establishing a national religion or impeding the free exercise of religion for its citizens.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what...is that ll you got? What abt ballot harvesting and payments for those ballots mbieseck MRSmithAP So what is wrong with that 1, and looking at her job and her husbands job- if that’s how you weigh it, I’d say she probably is the “head of the family” my husband is retired and I own my own business, so we like to call it a partnership. Why haven’t they even mentioned her work?

mbieseck MRSmithAP What does the Bible say? Ephesians 5:22-24 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. mbieseck MRSmithAP Let the smear campaign begin. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yea.. so?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Common sense mbieseck MRSmithAP Bull shit mbieseck MRSmithAP And BLM wants to do away with family entirely, what's your point? mbieseck MRSmithAP Are these the standards now? Could a practicing Muslim (male or female) ever be nominated to the Supreme Court. mbieseck MRSmithAP 😂😂😂 The AP is Fake News!

mbieseck MRSmithAP More fake news. mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop it you evil bastards. Amy is a fine human being. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is sexist and religious discrimination. You should be sued for defamation. mbieseck MRSmithAP Well that’s only what the Bible says. DA mbieseck MRSmithAP She is the sixth woman EVER to be nominated for one of the most exclusive and important jobs in the history of the planet. You don’t get there without your own set.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Like she has really been subjugated with her prestigious career. Her husband has had to assume a good majority of care for the children and household. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh my gosh she actually reads and believes the Bible and practices her faith. What shall we do? The is a total flipping joke. Jesus is Lord

mbieseck MRSmithAP Isn't this a standard belief in Christian faith? mbieseck MRSmithAP ScumMedia mbieseck MRSmithAP The family structure, and what women do for work outside the home are BOTH supported by Scripture. Having ACB on the SCOTUS is supported by Proverbs31, of which she is an excellent example. Sorry, no conflict here.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? Most, if not all, evangelicals believe that men are the head of the household. Move along, nothing new here. mbieseck MRSmithAP Good Lord, do you assholes ever stop? mbieseck MRSmithAP Ask MittRomney about this subject. mbieseck MRSmithAP Pelosi has claimed to be Catholic, too. They believe that because it's in the Bible. Y'all need to stop harping on religion.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Man, there's some serious grasping at straws going on. 😂😂😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Catholics believe that, too. It's in the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP I HAVE THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD AND YES HE WAS THE HEAD OF THE HOUSE!!! JUST LIKE YESHUA IS THE ONLY FATHER OF THIS HOUSE... mbieseck MRSmithAP Handmaidens Tale reminds how Muslims treat their women like property and assets... but please keep attacking her for being a Christian

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is all you idiots have? Pure garbage mbieseck MRSmithAP Really? Oh wow You mean the Bible isn't a communist progressive liberal? Lol How idiotic! mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome! mbieseck MRSmithAP Do you see how that statement could be one of the biggest fallacy’s yet?! Are you saying her husband holds a higher position than that of Supreme Court Judge, or, she’s defying her faith? If the latter, you would think Dems would embrace her. 🙄 FakeNews

mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow! Now u got her! 🤡🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s called HISTORY! mbieseck MRSmithAP This group is following biblical teachings. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh dear Jesus what are we going to do!!!!! Get a life mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP And...? mbieseck MRSmithAP Most Christians believe that - because it's what the bible says. You people are really discriminating now, I guess it will only get worse from here.

mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s amusing how these ideas are so shocking to leftists. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is a ridiculous article. mbieseck MRSmithAP Uhhhhh, they are mbieseck MRSmithAP AP This is a joke right cuz you know she is the breadwinner of the family. Omg AP spreading more fake news. AP is a joke

mbieseck MRSmithAP 😱. Send her to the gulags! 🙄. Pretending to be journalists Pathetic mbieseck MRSmithAP Cool mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking: Christian faith group believes doctrine of Christian church. mbieseck MRSmithAP So the AP is attacking her faith.... huge shocker mbieseck MRSmithAP Bigots. Now do Muslims

mbieseck MRSmithAP I'm ok with that. 🤷‍♀️ mbieseck MRSmithAP More FakeNews mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no, she's a Christian with traditional values. How awful. We only want atheists and Satanists on the Supreme Court. They know what's best. 😡 mbieseck MRSmithAP So the news is she belongs to a church that actually believes the Bible as it’s written? It’s unfortunate that today that’s a Bombshell!

mbieseck MRSmithAP FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople mbieseck MRSmithAP Is that a middle name or does she have two last names? And if she has two last names, how orthodox do you think she really is? mbieseck MRSmithAP Biden has close ties to China and Moscow. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP DrugTestJoe

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, so? mbieseck MRSmithAP This is shocking!!! No AP writers are Christian? mbieseck MRSmithAP What’s your point here AP? mbieseck MRSmithAP The left is coning after ACB because she’s a strong christian, a powerful and capable CONSERVATIVE woman, and an extremely decent, good human being. This combination simply drives the left insane, and so they hate her for it.

mbieseck MRSmithAP What's the news here? I'm confused. mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet she's about to be named to the Supreme Court of the United States. mbieseck MRSmithAP It is 2020. The age of wokeness. Women marry women. Men marry men. Women marry men and vice versa. Some people never marry but “partner”. I thought all these choices were accepted and sanctioned against judgement. Head of household is “1” option in any of these homes. Judge not.

mbieseck MRSmithAP My God has the AP really fallen this far? Are there any institutions of legacy journalism left standing that seek to tell the truth and aren’t working for a party? Any at all? THIS, right here, is why people are going to folks like Joe Rogan instead. mbieseck MRSmithAP And that matters how. Most if the Christian faiths believe and practice that with the husband/man being the spiritual head of the family.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Fake Media in action mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP AP got it wrong again. mbieseck MRSmithAP Who cares!!!! Get a life! My husband is the head of our family and I’m raising a strong son because of it!!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Nobody. Cares. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m only here for the ratio but let’s not waste this tweet. AP are you working on people submitting to fear for the second wave.

mbieseck MRSmithAP If you believe the Bible, then you believe men are the head of the family bcuz that is how God designed the family. If this is considered charismatic, then I guess I'm guilty. And so are millions of other Christians in the world. mbieseck MRSmithAP All while Ilhan married her brother and committed election fraud and CRICKETS from Liberals/Media. 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh yeah, yeah, sure AP. & these mean, mean, men of households have really held her back in life. So much so, that she’s now going to be a justice in the highest court in the land! By the way, her husband is a stay at home dad - REAL control freak I bet! Get over yourselves. mbieseck MRSmithAP Where's the downside

mbieseck MRSmithAP Hilarious! ACB is a working mother and her husband cooks, takes care of the children, c’mon that is such a lame argument. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP So? And what? You think her religion will affect her jurisprudence? I guess she'll just push her religion aside like Pelosi and Buden. Pelosi and Biden are both 'devout' Catholics, yet support and defend abortion, so why wouldnt Barrett be able to do the same?

mbieseck MRSmithAP She believes the Bible? *faints on couch* mbieseck MRSmithAP So what lefties? mbieseck MRSmithAP So you mean... what the Bible says. This is news? mbieseck MRSmithAP Another reason that the AP should have nothing to do with ranking college sports! What a bunch of idiots. mbieseck MRSmithAP But if she upholds the law lol

mbieseck MRSmithAP Apparently, the AP is unaware of the contents of the bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP OK, so now do Muslims. mbieseck MRSmithAP FillTheSeatNOW mbieseck MRSmithAP And the personal character attacks premised on outright lies begins. MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople AmyConeyBarrettSCOTUS mbieseck MRSmithAP Ah yes, that Christian group that actually believes what the Bible says on the subject. 1 Corinthians 11:3

mbieseck MRSmithAP Used To Be Known As Common Sense! 👍 Recommended By Saint Paul & Other Religions Too! 🤢 Including Injuns & Asians! 🧨 😇🇺🇸 mbieseck MRSmithAP Finally...the media asking about the Bible... If you dopes would open it and read it some you might not be so confused...it's pretty straight forward.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So she was a trustee at a school where women have “no rights”? You guys are unrelenting. mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP Here this might be helpful for you mbieseck MRSmithAP IlhanMN married her own brother mbieseck MRSmithAP This is a well known ideology as it follows the Bible..

mbieseck MRSmithAP Husband comes from “house band.” mbieseck MRSmithAP Ya great mom career woman just doing what her husband said is laughable. Do you guys hear yourselves. Just shows your desperation mbieseck MRSmithAP Ratio'd for the garbage this is. Laughing stock! 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP She must be amazing to have overcome all that

mbieseck MRSmithAP After deep investigation AP found a document supporting this claim: the Old Testament. mbieseck MRSmithAP Nothing says she's a submissive female, who defers to the male head of the family, like getting a nomination to the Supreme Court. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh come on. Give the character assignation a rest.

mbieseck MRSmithAP “For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.” Ephesians 5:23 NIV mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? Men are. mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP That's all Christian churches. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Ilhan Omar is also affiliated with a religion that believes that. She should relinquish her house seat immediately.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Looks like people are just finding out that Catholicism is a thing mbieseck MRSmithAP My husband s the head of our family, even though he can’t find anything in the house!😂😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s actually biblical. Glad to know you worship Satan. mbieseck MRSmithAP Not relevant. Not news.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Well it seems to work doesn’t it? mbieseck MRSmithAP Correct. mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Muslims. mbieseck MRSmithAP More religious persecution from the left mbieseck MRSmithAP A Christian believes Scripture? Who would have thought. mbieseck MRSmithAP I know it's a stretch BUT try reading the Holy Bible. It's worth the read.

mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m sorry AP. U do know that she is almost a SCOTUS How subjugates do you think she and other women are in this group? Sounds like a Terrible place to have “close ties” to mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s all patriarchy all the time in my house. mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP discovers this strange sect that believes what the Bible says...

mbieseck MRSmithAP And ... ? mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? If this is all the dirt the left can come up with, its so thin its see through. Confirmation is completely assured. mbieseck MRSmithAP Psssst AP: that’s what the Bible says...take a read! mbieseck MRSmithAP If that was her secret to breaking glass ceilings, than my husband can be the head of the family anytime.

mbieseck MRSmithAP I can confirm that is totally and completely 100% true the men rule the household. That's why so many households without fathers have s***** children mbieseck MRSmithAP They are mbieseck MRSmithAP I wonder if they had something similar to say about Omar. mbieseck MRSmithAP So Christians are not qualified, it's satanists you want, that's why the entire media in the USA is waging a media war against your president? Cry on.

mbieseck MRSmithAP She is, after all, a woman. What gender is M30311368 mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome they should be head of the family mbieseck MRSmithAP Read your bible, guys... Jesus is the head of the church and GAVE HIS LIFE for it. This servant hood example is how true Christians act towards their wives.

mbieseck MRSmithAP this is click bait. under nuclear family circumstances men are the head of the house according to God. Ephesians 5:22-31 mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking! A christian believes in the bible, breaking news! Do you guys have a team of monkeys working on this? Actually, I shouldn't be insulting monkeys like that, they could accidentally produce news, unlike the AP.

mbieseck MRSmithAP BUT guess what the chapter also says, ...men are to serve THEIR wives and lay down THEIR life for them as CHRIST DOES THE CHURCH! So hes a servant to the home while guarding to his wife and children. WOW NOW THATS THE GOD I WANT TO WORSHIP.....NO POWER GRABBING IN that HOME! mbieseck MRSmithAP How clearer a signal could she be sending with her choice of attire? You can take the name Handmaid off the website, but you can't take it out of the girl.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh the horror 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP And FillTheSeatNOW mbieseck MRSmithAP AP is nothing but progressive Marxists disguised as Journalists pushing propaganda all day long.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Did you even read what you wrote? You guys are going to be laugh ratioed out! mbieseck MRSmithAP The last time we had this much anti Catholic hate it was from the KKK and the CCP. Coincidence? mbieseck MRSmithAP What if I told you that is what the Christian Bible says? mbieseck MRSmithAP How nice of him to allow her to accept being nominated to the highest court in the land.

mbieseck MRSmithAP WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING HER RELIGION? I thought in America we have FREEDOM of religion? mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP 1 Corinthians 11:3 3 But I want you to understand that dthe head of every man is Christ, ethe head of a wife1 is her husband,2 and fthe head of Christ is God. Pretty straightforward.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ignorance to biblical text abounds in the media. Just think 100yrs ago the media reported more on church events & community news than anything else. Now they're just propaganda pushers for the highest bidder. Perhaps reading the Bible would be a good idea. 🤔 mbieseck MRSmithAP Ridiculous...I rather have a man lead a family than have children in a fatherless family. It’s time to bring back good wholesome family units. The luciferian left, as usual, has destroyed that, as it has most things.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 😂🤣😂🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ all Christians who read the Bible understand this... mbieseck MRSmithAP That Christain Muslim Jewish Hindu an more beliefs as well. mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s a woman headed to the Supreme Court...So the entire premise of this is obviously absurd.... mbieseck MRSmithAP Ever read the Bible? Guess not.

mbieseck MRSmithAP I belong to a religious group that believes the same and it’s not her religion. Stop attacking people’s religion!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP So, she is a Bible believing Christian! How wonderful! mbieseck MRSmithAP If she were Muslim, you would never criticize her beliefs. Keep religion out of your news.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So..don’t other faiths hold the same beliefs? Somehow I don’t see you having the courage to report this on other faiths. Hypocrites and cowards mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP She has been nominated to the highest seat in our courts 🤣 She isnt opressed 🙀 Why do Dems make it point to make everyone a sad pathetic victim... Shes a lover, a fighter, mother and wife first. Let her be, be mad at Islam Omar

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, can you imagine how much higher she would climb if she wasn't oppressed by her husband?... She was only able to reach the supreme court level... But if not for her husband she could probably be A FEMINIST. mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam. mbieseck MRSmithAP It's called being Christian & Catholic. Not all obide by the principal of the fierce 'Woman do this'.. After all, look at what Any is nominated for. 🤦🏼‍♂️ What will American do when a Pagan or Agnostic is in a powerful position? Personal views and beliefs are just that. Personal.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Dear God please help her. She is what the Supreme Court and this country desperately needs! A Christian Woman with morals and standards. Please Heavenly Father help her. In Jesus name Amen. mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s great news! Since our nation is founded on Judeo-Christian principles, it’s always great to seat on the court someone with a Biblical foundation. If you think the “head” thing means that men are to lord over women as their rulers, you simply don’t understand the Bible.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Are you saying that’s not true? 🤷🏽‍♀️ mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP satanish bird cage liner. mbieseck MRSmithAP Lib women are afraid of this! 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP So mbieseck MRSmithAP Blah blah. She’s a strong smart hard working woman. Chill. 🤦🏼‍♀️

mbieseck MRSmithAP Just askin’ 🤔 Do you feel the same about the Muslim faith? Islam subjugates women...ask one who is oppressed under Sharia Law. mbieseck MRSmithAP Doesn’t seem to have held her back mbieseck MRSmithAP Pls do a fact check and tell us which other Christian group believes otherwise.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 🙄🙄🙄🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP You really dont understand Christianity at all, do you? mbieseck MRSmithAP ***SCREECHES IN FEMINIST*** mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow. Biblical teaching is now suspect. mbieseck MRSmithAP Probably something she read about. mbieseck MRSmithAP So, this Christian group believes the Bible. Duh! If only every woman was 'subjugated' the way ACB is.

mbieseck MRSmithAP is this all you got...come on man...dig deeper..im the head of my family..when my woman lets me... mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this a hit piece from A P ,, wow mbieseck MRSmithAP The satanic demonic mainstream media at work!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Pretty sure I’ve read that in Scripture Buy a Bible. Research for yourself

mbieseck MRSmithAP And here, 🖕🏿exhibit 10000000, the DNC proxys start..Ap 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿 mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean what the Bible teaches? mbieseck MRSmithAP News flash. There is no provision whatsoever anywhere in the Constitution for a religious test or list of religious qualifications or religious disqualifications for any seeking office or appointment to any position.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 🙏🙏🙏 mbieseck MRSmithAP Every TRUE Christian believes that way. It's in there, just gotta read it. mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop the religious bigotry. Your hate is showing. mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP Ok and? mbieseck MRSmithAP You ll have to dig something better.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So you have sold out too!? I remember when the AP was considered a legitimate news source and was not a pawn of the left?! mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow I don’t know if I contain myself mbieseck MRSmithAP More fake news from the disAssociated Press... mbieseck MRSmithAP 💥Breaking News💥 Woman likes story of a man saving animals with a big boat.

mbieseck MRSmithAP I heard this tidbit- did her husband tell her to prepare to be on the Supreme Court? mbieseck MRSmithAP Satan is hard at work but we have you in prayer ABC! mbieseck MRSmithAP What does ISLAM say about men's role in the family? alibaby91_11 mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are head of the family.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And that’s so true. Problem is you have never read the scriptures. mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are called to love and even die for their wives. Women just have to respect their husbands. mbieseck MRSmithAP 😂😂😂 Man you are desperate AP!! mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s the best you got

mbieseck MRSmithAP Your smear campaign is not working AP. I use to listen to you, no more. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet she doesn’t live her life to such a doctrine now does she? 🤔 If I watch NFL, does that mean I hate police? FakeNews mbieseck MRSmithAP She is a beautiful spirit. mbieseck MRSmithAP And?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow so we have no actual journalist or news reporting as we have all major new sources acting as a propaganda machine for the Democratic Socialist movement. Generations of Americans are rolling over in graves as America is falling for Socialism and being cheered on by Democrats😡

mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s in the Bible sooooo....not real news! mbieseck MRSmithAP And she’s still a bad ass judge but you’re gonna try to piss off you pro establishment boring destructive lefty audience w this stupid headline ~ 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Your desperation is showing AP. mbieseck MRSmithAP So does Islam

mbieseck MRSmithAP There is no religious test when selecting a SCOTUS judge, It is in the Constitution. These attacks need to stop. mbieseck MRSmithAP And Atheists believe in... nothing! Wow! mbieseck MRSmithAP Amy Cuntey Barrett belongs in the 1950s!! I wish her all the best...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! M30311368 mbieseck MRSmithAP Obviously you ungodly anti-American marxists/communist don't care how God would have us to live....your agenda will fail.

mbieseck MRSmithAP That's just fucking ridiculous. mbieseck MRSmithAP Biased bigotry!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP That would be ALL Christians. Not some crazy group as you suggest. mbieseck MRSmithAP Amy Barrett is more than qualified Her Christian Faith shouldn't be an issue. If Trump nominated a Muslim woman for Supreme Court seat would you make her Muslim Faith an issue?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Awe, so cute! Legacy media trying all the old manipulations. Don’t you remember how half the voting public ingnored you in 2016? Guess what - even more have awakened! Vote republican to win greater freedom and prosperity. ChooseFreedomOverFear mbieseck MRSmithAP Obviously no one at the has read the bible. The man is the spiritual head of the household. SMH. But it also says that he is to treat his wife with the same love he has for Jesus.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Ap be like mbieseck MRSmithAP 22% of the Court have ties to a religious group that believes all other people on Earth exist to be their cattle, but this mainstream Christian idea is out of bounds. mbieseck MRSmithAP This just in... Religion is bad cause article written by leftist atheist. Nice to see the AP isn’t above being fakenews and slandering a successful woman. This is all commypropaganda

mbieseck MRSmithAP How low can you go? Try to taint her? It’s very upsetting you let Hunter Biden get $3.5 million from Russia with Love. Journalism is dead mbieseck MRSmithAP A start.... bunch of association by acquaintance , more fake news to some. mbieseck MRSmithAP Proof of just how low the AP will stoop to score a partisan political point. Both JoeBiden & SpeakerPelosi claim to follow the same Catholic faith. KamalaHarris claims to be a Baptist. So? Next, read Eph 5:25 to understand what Biblical leadership actually involves.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Maybe Our Communities would be a lot better off with “Fathers” at head of Families. Taking a lot of pressure off of Mothers🙏🏻💙🇺🇸♥️🙏🏻 mbieseck MRSmithAP And I bet all their children turn out right. mbieseck MRSmithAP She should be the Progressive 'Poster Child' for strong independent women.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow. Her husband subjugated her all the way to Supreme Court Justice nominee and to raise children at the same time! What a horrible cult! Thanks AP. You're extra special. mbieseck MRSmithAP The members of the Notre Dame football team say Amy was the best of all the girls on campus.

mbieseck MRSmithAP There can be no religious test by the government. To even suggest religious considerations is unconstitutional. The Associated Press is attempting to force a religious test on Amy Coney Barrett. mbieseck MRSmithAP So whatThis is your argument? mbieseck MRSmithAP Here we go! 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Good for her it’s her right as an American 🇺🇸

mbieseck MRSmithAP SO WHAT Muslims like Ilhan Omar believe that women are worth less than dogs (which they HATE, btw...) yet THAT is just 'diversity', huh? LET PEOPLE BELIEVE AS THEY WILL. It's called freedom of religion. Deal with it. mbieseck MRSmithAP Let me guess...She’s more Christian than Christ... smh ...

mbieseck MRSmithAP And? Her personal life is hers mbieseck MRSmithAP This isn't going to age well... mbieseck MRSmithAP ❤️❤️ mbieseck MRSmithAP EWWWW you mean a TYPICAL marriage Gross.... mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, she looked pretty brow-beaten. Do you think Jesse beat her until she consented to become a SC Judiciary? I knew it!!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG people read you Bibles...if you have one! mbieseck MRSmithAP Did somebody get paid to come up with this? mbieseck MRSmithAP And if anyone reeeaaally believes that they’ve never been married. mbieseck MRSmithAP Zzzzzzzzzz. Anti Christian Bigots are grasping at straws doing their usual dance of divide and conquer hatred.

mbieseck MRSmithAP If she follows the teachings of the Bible then that would be correct. Dems grabbing for anything to throw at this highly qualified judge. mbieseck MRSmithAP And you expect intelligent people to take the word of a secular outfit? 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP In every organization there has to be a leader. If they believe men should be the of the family & they practice it, you may as well do your own practice of making a woman the head of your own family. There has to be a head to have good direction & success for the family.

mbieseck MRSmithAP “Divinely ordained” FakeNews FakeNewsMedia How irresponsible of you to do the dirty work of Dems can’t do due to close elections and don’t want to lose the women’s vote. mbieseck MRSmithAP So oppressive that she just got nominated to the highest court of the land. And yet still honors her husband. God bless her.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop the hit pieces. You are trying to tell me a strong g woman who has just been nominated to Supreme Court Believes this. What a load of crap. Twisting fake news mbieseck MRSmithAP Read the Bible and get some context on what it means and not what you think it means. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh my!! That’s awful!! Lmao!! Y’all work a little harder....she will be an awesome SCOTUS!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam. mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean like it says in the Bible? OH NO!!! Whatever will we do if women don’t run the world? WE’RE DOOMED!!! (at least until we get all men into electric dog collars and are subservient to us...bahahaha) mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet she has an amazing job and her husband isn’t “forcing” her to stay home and make him sandwiches. If these people would actually read the Bible, they would understand that a marriage is a partnership and that the man of the house would be lost without the woman.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Anyone with a Bible can back that claim mbieseck MRSmithAP Is there a bottom low enough for to scrape? mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Ilhan and islam mbieseck MRSmithAP Now think about how absurd that is. She’s a mother of 7 kids who works in a high powered job while her husband takes care of the kids.

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is the worst dirt they can dig up on this outstanding woman? 😆😆😆 mbieseck MRSmithAP AP - Advanced Propaganda mbieseck MRSmithAP Isn't that what Muslims believe? Please! mbieseck MRSmithAP This is your headline and story. You are as big a joke as the rest of lamestream mbieseck MRSmithAP Ratio’d much

mbieseck MRSmithAP you have lost all credibility in delivering the news. mbieseck MRSmithAP I heard that some members of Congress go to church on Sunday. Can the AP confirm this? mbieseck MRSmithAP Leftist “journalists” proving once again they know nothing about Christianity and despise it. mbieseck MRSmithAP And?

mbieseck MRSmithAP It is called the Bible!! mbieseck MRSmithAP So somehow because she lives her religion and value system she is a danger to the court? Pelosi and other catholics are just fine to serve in their positions because they dont practice their religion? Good luck trying to resonate with normal Americans with this narrative.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes in the Islamic Sharia faith men are divinely as per Quran 'Head' of the family & their 1wife and 5 girlfriends (called wives) all best understand that or 'off with all their heads' mbieseck MRSmithAP Pretty shameful when the is complicit in biased smear tactics for democrats.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Prove your false claim AP mbieseck MRSmithAP So you mean they are Christian? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s about being the spiritual head of the household, not about treating your family like servants. All mono theological religions believe this, Christian, Jews, and muslims. Muslims are the only ones that torture their wives as a right from God. Why don’t you report on that.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Omg!!!! Hahahahaha Who cares?!?! I’m shocked that the AP would even report such nonsense. mbieseck MRSmithAP Keep it up, more votes for realDonaldTrump ... mbieseck MRSmithAP Men should be the head of the family thank God for Amy mbieseck MRSmithAP No bias here. I'm sure their next story will be these two. FakeNewsMedia

mbieseck MRSmithAP , so much for being nonpartisan. A conservative mother of seven children (two by adoption and youngest with Down Syndrome) who graduated at the top of her class, became a federal judge and is currently a nominee to the highest court in the land is not a symbol of female subjugation.

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is the best you've got? Bahhhhhh!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Getting desperate AP mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop with the bullshit smear campaigns already. She's going through no matter what you try to do... mbieseck MRSmithAP Democrats led by those who believe one is judged by their skin colour not the content of your character. They can't get past the idea her background and personal beliefs are subservient to the Constitution. Dems need lawmakers in robes. That's their real problem with ACB.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome! mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean they believe the Bible. There is no religious test for office. Otherwise we need to ban all Muslims, atheists and satanist as well. mbieseck MRSmithAP Anyone who thinks men should step up,take responsibility, and reduce the burden a woman has is crazy. Make your woman do everything! 😂. Feminism must be exhausting.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP is weak as hell. Drive by media crap. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is what panic looks like. mbieseck MRSmithAP And this is a prime example of fake news. mbieseck MRSmithAP And? This is news? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ mbieseck MRSmithAP The Associated Press tries to be charismatic and sway public opinion.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Y'all even read the Bible? mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m old enough to remember the days when was a reasonably serious source of news. Those days are long gone. pathetic mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no!!! How horrible!!!😂😂😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s literally in the Bible, something AP writers knew a few years ago before they (and their editors) became biblically illiterate. And it obviously hasn’t prevented ACB from having an amazing life and career.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Why would the AP stool so low .... and people wonder why no one trust or listens to fake stream media .... mbieseck MRSmithAP If she and her husband are happy with that, I have no problem. mbieseck MRSmithAP Islam teaches the same thing. Would you complain about them too or is it just Christians that teach fairness and equality for everyone that you don't like?

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP would prefer this- mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, crazy isn’t it? The Bible, that book you probably don’t read, talks about men being the head of the family. It also talks about women in positions of authority, like Deborah, the judge. Maybe look it up sometime. You’ll be enlightened.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes. She seems terribly oppressed. No opportunities open to her AT ALL. 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP She serves on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and has been nominated for one of the most prestigious jobs in America. She is the definition of an empowered woman. mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s true 😁

mbieseck MRSmithAP et tu, AP? mbieseck MRSmithAP It is 100% Biblically sound that the husband is the Head of the Household. mbieseck MRSmithAP So? Kamala supports BLM! mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m the head of the house but my wife is the neck that turns the head, so there ya go! mbieseck MRSmithAP Ilhan Omar married her brother.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So maybe the Senate should interview her husband about what she thinks. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no! mbieseck MRSmithAP You are so ridiculous we have religious freedom to do or believe what ever we want in our private life. If you think this is going to scare people you are most likely on crack.

mbieseck MRSmithAP “”News”” mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Ummm yeah, pretty much all of Christianity does this. Christ is the head. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP And?..... mbieseck MRSmithAP True, men are divinely ordained as the head of the family. What's wrong with you AP? mbieseck MRSmithAP ...love it when the lefties lose it!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP And the media smears begin...... mbieseck MRSmithAP You guys are funny. Digging up anything you can to try and vilify a woman with such wholesome values. Having a hard time huh? mbieseck MRSmithAP Good. We should go back to respecting men and fathers. Their would be a whole lot more respect for authority if men were respected again

From what ACB said, her 'head' knows what it means to be one. He is serving her coffee, helping with kids and asking how he can help her. That is what the 'head' does....serves his family. Read your bible and get understanding. 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Yessss!!! I get to sit back and watch the Left lose their shit....AGAIN 😂😂😂😂

mbieseck MRSmithAP And somehow here she is, a Supreme Court of the US nominee...amazing how she accomplished that barefoot and pregnant in an apron. mbieseck MRSmithAP Catholicism...she’s a devout Catholic. mbieseck MRSmithAP Otherwise known as Christianity. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Muslims.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no! mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP That is correct. Nothing wrong with it. mbieseck MRSmithAP FakeNews aka propaganda wing of DNC will do and say anything to take down a highly qualified and deserving SupremeCourtNominee mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow shocker😱 you'll be doing a full court press on Islam i take it? 🤔

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s her business but it is also how most families are. mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s below the belt to go after a good religious women who even adopts children from hati. Shame on you mbieseck MRSmithAP And others think boys can become girls by cutting off their penis and calling him Nancy. Or that burning living humans alive in the womb with acid is healthcare.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And your point is? mbieseck MRSmithAP So, pretty much every Christian belief... Ever. mbieseck MRSmithAP Here's a secret, majority of wives/children throughout the world (religious or not) take their husbands/father's last name in traditional fashion because the husband/father is considered 'Head of the household.' Burn them all!?!?!?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Nobody said jack shit about Ginsburg Catholicism 🤦🏻‍♀️so ridiculous mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s Biblical. Take it up with the Creator. mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP is a garbage left wing radical democrat fake news whatever news source they call themselves. Just think about this , he’s a stay at home father 🤔, does that sound like a mans divine world or the lead . He has supported her in the lime light and at the forefront. Fake news

mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s called The Bible. They should try reading it sometime. 🤦🏼‍♀️ mbieseck MRSmithAP AmyConeyBarrett is the perfect choice for The Supreme Court! ConfirmAmyConeyBarrettNow mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s not just the group, that is in the Bible. We don’t water down the truth. 🙏 mbieseck MRSmithAP

mbieseck MRSmithAP What's wrong with having religious beliefs and values? mbieseck MRSmithAP Her husband must be magnificent considering all of his wife’s achievements and her impending inclusion as a Supreme Court Justice. mbieseck MRSmithAP charismatic Christian group that holds men are divinely ordained as the 'head” of the family. ... There are women out there who like for their men to be proud to be men, not guilt-ridden or ashamed about it.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Just as Jesus is 'head' of His followers so is a husband the head over his wife and family. ReadtheBible mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do another religion! You know, the one that literally throws homosexuals, off of buildings. What is their family structure? mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s about to be confirmed to one of the highest seats in the land... it’s gonna be very hard for her husband to tell her that she’s a baby machine and to get back in the kitchen. 🙄🙄🙄 Leave it to AP to bring the shitty takes and activist journalism.

And your MUSLIMS think the same way about husbands. mbieseck MRSmithAP That's such a stupid story. I think her existence proves her to be a strong woman. My eyes see the truth. What a gossip rag AP is mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s kind of in the Bible mbieseck MRSmithAP Ha! Christianity! It also commands the man to honor women

mbieseck MRSmithAP Sick bastards. mbieseck MRSmithAP Um... that's called Christianity... maybe research before writing articles? mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow. AP with some more ground breaking journalism. Let’s hear about Omar or Hunter. You sold your country out to SOROS mbieseck MRSmithAP ...thus freeing up the women folk to serve on the Supreme Court.

mbieseck MRSmithAP What part of “no religious test” does the AP not understand?🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP So ...regular Christian stuff. mbieseck MRSmithAP So she has close ties to the religion that our country was founded on? mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, really! It appears that Amy, with seven kids and a position on the highest court in the land has been totally subjugated!😂😂😂

mbieseck MRSmithAP TryHarder 😆 🤣 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Keep trying mbieseck MRSmithAP If she believes that why is she allowed to obtain a higher education and sit in judgement in a court of law over men? mbieseck MRSmithAP Whoa a Christian is part of a Christian group? This is wild stuff! mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? It's a free country, at least for now. No guarantees if B/H gets power.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Epic mbieseck MRSmithAP Well then she’s a shitty example of it, now isn’t she? mbieseck MRSmithAP 🙄🙄🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Good for her. mbieseck MRSmithAP Religious persecution your new thing? mbieseck MRSmithAP 😱😱😱😂😂😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Stupid propaganda story only stupid ppl would care about. Diving deep to find something AP. You failed.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet she the lawyer not him the husband and also lawyer is nominated for the most prestigious legal position in the WORLD. No USA the WORLD. You keep forgetting her husband is a lawyer. Unbiased isn’t what I would characterize mbieseck MRSmithAP Please report this tweet as abusive towards a protected class.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Damn , y'all are reaching! You're f'n kidding, right? mbieseck MRSmithAP You should read the Bible mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m the leader definitely, just like every TEAM has one.. but every man knows who’s boss.. 😂 “Can you replace the air filter?” “Yes Mam..” (don’t even think twice boys and you know this) idiots..

mbieseck MRSmithAP We are divinely ordained to be the head of the family. mbieseck MRSmithAP LOL-I guess people missed her acceptance speech on Saturday.The relationship she has with her husband, kids, the their partnership, the way he tries to make her every day easier by doing things for her is the envy of every woman. ACB and RBG had/have great marriages StopTheHate

mbieseck MRSmithAP Introducing the 'Faith subjugates women,' crowd: mbieseck MRSmithAP And yet she achieves such incredible success in life. Kinda squashes the feminist dream doesn’t it? mbieseck MRSmithAP No surprised that the liberal media AP would attack a woman for her christian beliefs. Liberals have become the voice and face of atheist!!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Her husband probably gave Trump permission to nominate her to the Supreme Court 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP So? Why are you people attacking her faith? mbieseck MRSmithAP WOW SLOW NEWS DAY LIBITARDS LMFAOO TRUMP2020 mbieseck MRSmithAP LMAO.loser! mbieseck MRSmithAP And this has to do with her job in the Supreme Court how?

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what!!! That might not work in my household but if it works for her No Problem!! mbieseck MRSmithAP This is the best you could do lol mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop attacking people of faith! Did you miss ' under God, indivisible' or did you forget what this country was built on. Pretty sure slavery wasn't in the pledge but liberty under God. LEFTISTMEDIA BidenHarris2020 if you hate God.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Bigger news to cover: mbieseck MRSmithAP Thats the truth though mbieseck MRSmithAP MICHAEL BIESECKER and MICHELLE R. SMITH, I don't know if you're 12 years old but we already went through this back in the 60s. Keep this up and the Republicans will be adding many more to the roster.

mbieseck MRSmithAP These comments have me rolling. Y’all know that doesn’t mean he makes her decisions right? It’s just part of the Bible mbieseck MRSmithAP *Gasp*! mbieseck MRSmithAP Says that in the Bible. Are you attacking her because she’s a Christian? mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s called Christianity 🤣🤣🤣

mbieseck MRSmithAP Good mbieseck MRSmithAP I could scroll through social media any day of the week and see hundreds of posts regarding all women as goddesses. mbieseck MRSmithAP Weird how that's also how it is in 99% of the animal kingdom.. 6 billion years of evolution but who's counting... mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG! What do we do about this!?! That’s exactly how it is in our family.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Who is the head of the Muslim religion? mbieseck MRSmithAP Amen! It’s straight from God’s Word! She has my complete support. Character and integrity! mbieseck MRSmithAP If this is all the left can find to complain about this nominee she will sail through he confirmation. mbieseck MRSmithAP Nice try, azzhats. TRUMP 2020

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no. What ever will we do? Now deep breathes, it'll be okay. mbieseck MRSmithAP Isn't her husband a judge too? So... She's outperformed her husband, and likely brings home more money, and is about to be elected to the supreme court... My wife is catholic, and we got married in standard catholic Church. This was part of the pre-marital teachings.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Call me crazy, but She doesn't seem like a weak oppressed, controlled woman to me!!!! She's gotten farther ahead then most of us women, or men could dream of! mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking: Christian woman is Christian..... gasp! You’re trying to make this about feminism and yet you’re trying to keep a qualified woman off the court.

mbieseck MRSmithAP “close ties to a charismatic Christian group that holds men are divinely ordained as the 'head” of the family” doesn’t mean she believes exactly that, right? mbieseck MRSmithAP Would be a wonderful concept in the inner cities. mbieseck MRSmithAP And Hunter Biden has a cocaine problem that JoeBiden had to use his position to get him into the Navy and also getting a prosecutor fired in Ukraine to help him out

mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are the head of the family. That doesn’t mean wives’ opinions are less worthy or can’t make more than their husbands. It means men provide structure in a family. Women want men who do so, & those who deny that were brainwashed by society to think the sexes aren’t different. mbieseck MRSmithAP

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam mbieseck MRSmithAP Not seeing a problem with this mbieseck MRSmithAP So ... feminist extremists ie the RBG fanbase are saying she's the patriarchy. mbieseck MRSmithAP And what is wrong with that? It is called traditional Judeo, Christian values. mbieseck MRSmithAP BLM doesn’t believe in families 77% born out of wedlock 🤔

mbieseck MRSmithAP Count the AP as all in for the left...this is pathetic. mbieseck MRSmithAP is a Surrogate Wing of the Democrat Party mbieseck MRSmithAP Wtf? mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow. What useful information. Nothing else to write about her? Is she NOT qualified for the position? That would be useful to know...

mbieseck MRSmithAP 🤣🤣🤣🤣... So the fabulous ACB's husband is the one allowing her to be a great women I guess behind every great woman is a husband who ❤️ her very much... mbieseck MRSmithAP AP must be jealous of CNN. Posting stupid nonsense w/o evidence. Can I point out, ACB is a high ranking Justice..She couldn’t get there if she was barefoot and pregnant all the time. The husband takes care of the kids, no a traditional role as AP tweets. Why are Libs so stupid?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Considering what Barrett just achieved they're not doing a very good job. mbieseck MRSmithAP Hahaha. The Democrat party media showing their bias. They would never question one of their fellow Muslim Democrats over how they feel about women not adhering to the mainstream tenets of Islam.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP You act like this is a Catholic-only position. 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m looking through archives and can’t find an report mentioning Barack Obama’s close ties to ‘charismatic’ Muslim group, let alone extremist Muslim Brotherhood. Media bias much? So which do you detest more, Christians, or conservative judges? Maybe it’s a tie!

mbieseck MRSmithAP The transition to theocracy is nearly complete. We'll be the Christianist version of Iran with nukes. mbieseck MRSmithAP SylviaBuskey Obviously you know nothing about women who are subjugate to their husband! Amy Barrett talks about a husband who cooks and is partner in the care of their 7 children.Yes,he works as a lawyer but honers her as an equal partner, she is brilliant and will judge fairly!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Well Hillary and her family have close ties to the Church of Satan so........ mbieseck MRSmithAP Dear idiots at AP: As 'head' the husband is required to love his wife as Christ loves the church, which means putting her above himself, even dying for her. Eph. 5:25 ESV 'Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.'

mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow. That’s all ya got? 😂😂 Does she seem like a kept woman to you? mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol and that is bad how? mbieseck MRSmithAP Eph. 5:23 KJV: 'For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.' **Take your complaint up with the Lord, if you dare**

mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome job Amy Barret mbieseck MRSmithAP I'm an atheist and even I'm not as ignorant as the media either is or is pretending to be about what that means. Yes, many Christians believe the husband is the head and leads the household. As such, he is to act as a moral guide, not a dictator bossing them around.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Only half Senate sitting with her for good reason not very wise judge! mbieseck MRSmithAP Democrats, progressives.. don’t believe in family, so their panties will be up in a bunch with this news! mbieseck MRSmithAP ... and he's letting her run for Supreme Court Justice how 1950s of him. Next.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, husbands are the head of the household, loving their wives as much as they love themselves. mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait so a fundamental Judeo-Christian belief is suddenly controversial? Is this really all you’ve got? mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, right... she is so oppressed that she’s been nominated as justice of the Supreme Court! Trump2020

mbieseck MRSmithAP The facts contradict the premise of this tabloid gossip. It's fair to say that ACB is the primary breadwinner in her household - especially when she's confirmed to SCOTUS. mbieseck MRSmithAP More fake news rabble rousers..... mbieseck MRSmithAP and what is the problem with that?

mbieseck MRSmithAP So she was approved as a federal judge and you had no issue then.. just now. 😶 mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh nooooooo! She's a Christian! mbieseck MRSmithAP A man's job is to support his family and be the provider. Maybe if our country had more MEN and less boys this would be the way of life.

mbieseck MRSmithAP We are. You are devil worshippers. Guess what we do to them? mbieseck MRSmithAP Sounds like she’s an extremist. If she had a foreign sounding name and wore a headscarf she wouldn’t even be considered, look at the xenophobic attacks on ilhan and barrack. mbieseck MRSmithAP Good , we need some old school values back 👌🏼

mbieseck MRSmithAP She should recuse self from election’ mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Cool. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Isn't her husband a stay-at-home dad while she works? You people are lunatics. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Does it matter? She’s about to be a Supreme Court justice which proves she doesn’t believe men are higher than women

mbieseck MRSmithAP Law school? ✅ Clerk for Justice Scalia? ✅ Practicing attorney? ✅ Law professor? ✅ Federal judge? ✅ SCOTUS nominee? ✅ Every woman in America should be so subservient. mbieseck MRSmithAP And what’s wrong with that... nothing! CrockettLives mbieseck MRSmithAP Imagine that. I love it and believe that too. Men should be the heads of their households and lead accordingly. 🙏🏻🇺🇸 way to go Trump!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol is that the best the Democrat's have.😂😂😂 DemocratsAreCorrupt Attacking a innocent woman with hyped up propaganda. I thought Democrats were for woman's rights and feminists. Hypocrites FILLTHATSEATNOW mbieseck MRSmithAP Amy's husband cooks dinner, grocery shops and asks her every morning what he can do to help her. I don't see what the issue is. I'm kind of jealous.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 😂 Keep trying EnemyOfThePeople It's going to work out so well for you to attack her religion mbieseck MRSmithAP And devotees of Critical Race Theory ideology believe racism surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Sounds great to me.... keep crying liberals and the liberal media

mbieseck MRSmithAP You people are idiots. mbieseck MRSmithAP That Poor downtrodden woman he even LET her become a judge.This is why liberal woman are so negative and selfish.They are missing out on the natural order of things.Biolically we are to seek a mate, a husband and have children and share love,goals,support one another as a family.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, they are called 'catholic' mbieseck MRSmithAP You are not just attacking her now. You are attacking millions that follow Jesus Christ. mbieseck MRSmithAP The left supports administering hormone blockers to 8 year olds. I’ll take the “People of Praise” over the lefts cult: Progenitors of Satan.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Imagine that, “close ties”! What does that even mean? Smoke screen bullshit from lame stream media, again. mbieseck MRSmithAP So let’s look and Congress close ties to witchcraft, satanism & Luciferians. Especially those who use adenochrome mbieseck MRSmithAP EPH 5:22 Wives, be subject to your husbands as you are to the Lord. The husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, the body of which he is the Savior. The church is subject to Christ, so also wives ought to be, in everything, to their husbands.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Can you EVEN imagine such a caveman mentality?!?! 😑 😐🙄 Those Christians are somethin else.. believing in the Bible.. thats crazy talk! mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes because clearly she was oppressed in her marriage and shackled to the kitchen that she only made it to the SCOTUS... The MSM is trying so hard to discredit her that they are going to these extremes. It’s pathetic.

mbieseck MRSmithAP She's so oppressed! mbieseck MRSmithAP She also devours black children whole each night in a bizarre catholic ritual. No, really. mbieseck MRSmithAP Leave her religion out of it. Shame on you mbieseck MRSmithAP This is nothing new. Just read the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP And MSM holds big government as king and savior.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Are you kidding me? My paper is an AP member. But it's gotten to the point I don't want to even use your articles any more. So slanted and this just tops it all. Time to dump AP! mbieseck MRSmithAP Former VP JoeBiden, POTUS candidate, has close ties to a political party that refuses to condemn domestic terrorism and promotes use of the Supreme Court to create laws it can't pass through Congress. There's a story for you.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The left wants to rewrite the Constitution and now rewrite the Bible mbieseck MRSmithAP They are though? I don’t understand mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s the best dirt you can come up with her...give me a break. When did it become a bad thing to be a Christian and believe in the Bible. Vote her in today

mbieseck MRSmithAP Epic bruh moment from the AP here mbieseck MRSmithAP And your point is? Do you care how she lives her personal life? I try to stay out of people’s personal affairs. That’s the main reason I have zero problem if someone is LGBTQ & whatever other letter I left out. I want someone whole take the constitution as written. She’s the one.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Damn, nobody on your staff reads a bible? mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s because that’s what the Bible teaches. Look it up. I haven’t been to a church that doesn’t teach that. People are trying to act like this is something new. mbieseck MRSmithAP That's because they are. mbieseck MRSmithAP Which is totally and unequivocally true. Men SHOULD be the head of the household. The reason why society fails today is because the lack of real MEN!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Muslims mbieseck MRSmithAP Is being obedient to the Bible a bad thing? Liberals hate God. 1 Corinthians 11:3, “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” mbieseck MRSmithAP It's true she's Catholic! 😱 For a woman who doesn't pick and choose what the Bible says she looks very enslaved, beaten and as crazy eyed as De Blasio daughter right? Get a grip! You sound like you're grasping for paper straws and this attempted smear will fall apart like one!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Not so breaking news: Illhan Omar married her boo, I mean her brother. Then, she had an affair with a married man. mbieseck MRSmithAP If she believed that, she would be home with the kids and not a Supreme Court nominee. (Not that there is anything wrong with being a stay at home mother, hardest job there is)

mbieseck MRSmithAP Bieseck and Smith (writers of this garbage) despise the Christian faith. These atheists write of Judge Barrett’s “Christian failures” while these two heretics purport to be holier than thou. When will you two be attacking the Muslim or Jewish faith of someone? Cowards mbieseck MRSmithAP Ha, on your tax form it even has a box head of household

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Liberals can't decide which sex they are, how could they possibly know who should be 'Head' of the family? mbieseck MRSmithAP Ooooo so she is someone who takes her faith and principles seriously. Must be very novel for leftists that proclaim subjectivity king.

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is a brilliant, successful woman who you'd be lauding if she were a liberal atheist. AP blindly reveres godless mediocrities like AOC & Tlaib & hate this outstanding & Godly woman. I'm sure Justice ACB is OK with this as Jesus said you'd hate us because you hated Him 1st. mbieseck MRSmithAP They divide you by race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. Read then read again!👇

mbieseck MRSmithAP So you are holding her affiliation to the Christian faith against her? Do you not know that this country was founded on the Christian faith? You need to check the true history of this great nation that the Godless media and Democratics are trying to ruin! mbieseck MRSmithAP I thought this was from the Babylon Bee.

mbieseck MRSmithAP ....And just like that AP is dead to me! mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait till they find out about Mitt Romney. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ok, so what is your point? mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP is not a legitimate news organization, they’re nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Democratic Party. The AP has ZERO credibility!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Nice ratio, you earned it mbieseck MRSmithAP More, hate news, from the 'fake news' leaders. Trump is right, these so called news orgs. are enemies of the people. mbieseck MRSmithAP So does Nancy Pelosi. mbieseck MRSmithAP As a SCOTUSnominee it doesn't look like her spouse is holding her back in any way. He seems like a good spouse. And traditionally most women took their husband's last name. So what would that signify to you? And just who is she harming with her belief? GodWins ConfirmACB

mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP is a joke mbieseck MRSmithAP My wife created so much debt for me it’s ridiculous, but I unknowingly approved it! I had the last word and I take responsibility! Get it!? mbieseck MRSmithAP Ilhan Omar - connected cash-for-ballots harvesting scheme EXPOSED Money exchanging hands - $800 per ballot

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? mbieseck MRSmithAP Dear, Associated Press. You just described a basic Christian principle. There is absolutely no story here, as much as you would like there to be. Pick up a Bible every once in a while! mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow, if that's true and not your usual fake news, I like her even better more!

mbieseck MRSmithAP You people are so confused. All Christians who hold the Bible up as God’s Word believe that men are the head of their household. This is something we have believed for centuries. Try to keep up. mbieseck MRSmithAP Hahahaha.. that's the best you got...what about islam abuse of women you ignored media!?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Shut up fake news mbieseck MRSmithAP And so the bogus, fake bullshit reporting has begun. Try harder haters, you’re behind on this one. mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s not exactly living a life of barefoot and pregnant everyday mbieseck MRSmithAP If that upsets you, wait until you realize the whole of Christianity (if they follow scripture) also holds the same belief.

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP= Always Pointless. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP So, they believe that part of the Bible. And...? mbieseck MRSmithAP That's great!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Sooooo desperate to shame her, but you can't!! mbieseck MRSmithAP AP. No credibility. mbieseck MRSmithAP So what. Bet you love Muslims don’t cha?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Pelosi and Biden are catholic too tied to the same groups . It’s gonna be ok bro mbieseck MRSmithAP AP-The oldest in fake news! 1 Corinthians 11:3 KJV [3] But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

mbieseck MRSmithAP When did your organization become completely irrelevant 😴 trumplandslide2020 mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP IlhanMN married her brother and has been paying people for ballots. She also gave her other husband's consulting firm almost 900,000 at this point. mbieseck MRSmithAP That is a Christian belief. It doesn't mean what you are trying to infer. Ridiculous!

You keep on using this angle of attack but, “I do not think this means what you think it means!” ; ) mbieseck MRSmithAP AP has turned to mbieseck MRSmithAP That is true and I am so thankful she has read the Bible. God made men to protect and love a family. He gave an equally important job to woman. What is funny is the Press sees this as negative and the people love this.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP LOL mbieseck MRSmithAP I take comfort knowing if she were Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, or Hindu, you would still make an ignorant headline like this from nothing mbieseck MRSmithAP That's her right in the United States! Don't we have freedom of religion? mbieseck MRSmithAP Honestly, which religion, except for cults or New Ages, doesn't?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Are youpeople delusional? Look at this woman’s career path! Subjugated Wow fake mbieseck MRSmithAP Duh!! It’s Biblical mbieseck MRSmithAP And yet... The only one trying to stop this strong woman from being on the Supreme Court is NOT her husband, it's Democrats. mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol. So? I bet she was barefoot and in the kitchen at some point when she was pregnant also. Get her!!!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP It's Good to have Freedom of Religion.. unlike the Left would prefer mbieseck MRSmithAP ap aka child of Satan; hates the truth mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh this is priceless lol. You guys are really reaching 😂😂😂😂. Desperation is hilarious to watch. mbieseck MRSmithAP In other words, she’s a Christian. Good luck playing this angle.

mbieseck MRSmithAP This report about this Christian group isn't even true. Its not just a Catholic group either, its nondenominational. Anyone can join this group. This is just a hit piece about Christianity & if AP exchanged Muslim for Christian we would label it true Islamophobia. mbieseck MRSmithAP So, you’re taking a jab at Christian religion and her beliefs? Discrimination much.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Woman was formed from the rib of a man to br his help mate mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s in the Bible. Maybe you should read it. You can’t lick and choose what you believe out of the Bible, either believe it all or none. mbieseck MRSmithAP So which oath will she ultimately follow...the one she took to Praise of People or to uphold our constitution? Why the secrecy? I think “We the people” have a right to know.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP More bs reporting mbieseck MRSmithAP I do not want his woman deciding my ability to reproduce or otherwise care for my body. She is NOT representative of modern day women. mbieseck MRSmithAP AP is not an expert in faith issues, but seem to like gossip.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Think for a second. If she's so 'subjugated' then how is she about to become one of the nine most powerful judges in the country? mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP is a rag publication mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow what BS! AP is garbage rag! Our Heavenly Father made man as head of household not any group and that doesn’t mean any type of control or abuse. Try reading a Bible if it won’t burn in your hands.

mbieseck MRSmithAP She seems pretty strong and independent to me. mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s clearly the dutiful wife who stays home and has a martini in hand for her husband when he gets off work. mbieseck MRSmithAP Are these ex-members perhaps pink-haired vagina-costume-wearing man-hating FemiNazis?🤔

mbieseck MRSmithAP You obviously have read the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP That's terrible! You mean it's her husband that is forcing her to become a supreme court justice? ... the bastard. mbieseck MRSmithAP AP helping to sow religious division since SpeakerPelosi and JoeBiden, both Catholics, can’t do it. If Amy was head of anything more, she’d be the first female POTUS.

mbieseck MRSmithAP There’s a difference between being a leader who is responsible and being a boss who is a tyrant. You can be both the head of your family and also honor, show reverence, and have limitless love and devotion to your wife. I’m sorry your fathers never taught this to you. mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol, maybe if you read the Bible, you’ll know that all Christians who believe the Bible think so too.

mbieseck MRSmithAP That is a biblical fact. What’s you’re point? mbieseck MRSmithAP Thank Jesus we finally have a Good and Righteous Woman going to the Supreme Court! mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes. She seems very 'subservient' to her husband who asks her every morning what he can do to make her life easier. Get a grip dems. This is all ya' got then?

mbieseck MRSmithAP She is an amazing lady that puts God and family ahead of party! To liberals that’s a red flag! mbieseck MRSmithAP This woman's group is what inspired The Handmaid's Tale. How can anyone think she'll be a good placement on the court when she's BOUND to make choices that treat women as second-class to men? I guess conservatives are full mask off at this point.

mbieseck MRSmithAP No flippin idea of what charismatic means. It would blow your mind if you ever attend and see what it's all about. mbieseck MRSmithAP Nobody tell them about Islam mbieseck MRSmithAP So are you saying AP ...there is a problem? with The Holy Bible ! Barrett is a constitutionalist and that is the lefts true problem with her not her faith. She follows the law and does not play politician and try and rewrite the law to fit their narrative ! FILLTHATSEAT

mbieseck MRSmithAP FAKE NEWS PROBABLY FROM CNN OR MSNBC mbieseck MRSmithAP Here we go....... 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP So, a group that believes the bible? Thats wild. mbieseck MRSmithAP Is it fair to be able to pick my gender but not be able to pick who the head of my family is? mbieseck MRSmithAP And?

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP They are mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, it’s this little known religion that’s been around since the 1st century, started by a carpenter, about a billion members. mbieseck MRSmithAP And while we are on the subject of religious belief, where are your articles of Obama and his church?

mbieseck MRSmithAP She respects her husband, and he respects her. Look where she is today. Amazing! mbieseck MRSmithAP Since you have zero understanding of the Bible, you have no idea what this actually means. mbieseck MRSmithAP Why would anybody have a problem with men being the head of the household. That doesn’t mean the woman is less important, liberals always want to twist things and complicate everything.

magnidoddle mbieseck MRSmithAP What happens when there IS no man in a family?🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome! mbieseck MRSmithAP I'm pretty sure all 3 of the major religions advocate this concept, which may be difficult for most Left-leaning college 'educated' useful idiots understand. mbieseck MRSmithAP

mbieseck MRSmithAP Well only took 4 days, damn! I lost. I said 8 days before the left mainstream media would print something. mbieseck MRSmithAP Doesn’t Ilhan Omar belong to a religion that says men can determine what their wives wear in public? mbieseck MRSmithAP A ship with 2 captains is a ship is peril.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yep. That crazy group is called Christianity. Jews and Muslims also believe this. mbieseck MRSmithAP Wasn’t the 44th President of the United States tied to a Church that preached hate, white genocide and death to America? mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet she is the one headed to the Supreme Court. Lmao try harder AP!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Women are cherished and elevated in the catholic faith. They submit to the loving protection of their husbands and God. Not to be ruled or dominated, but to be cherished and revered for their superpower of carrying life. Corrupt this paradigm to your own peril. mbieseck MRSmithAP Why does so called modern journalism attack anyone of faith? Seems the democratic party and their new propagandists at the AP despise morals, self reliance and integrity.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Umm, no. That is simple biblical truth. mbieseck MRSmithAP Seriously? Have you ever heard of a chain of command? God has one ... men protect women and children. Duh mbieseck MRSmithAP So...what is your point? mbieseck MRSmithAP this is absurd. Our press has no credibility anymore. Pathetic!

mbieseck MRSmithAP And yet here she is nominated for the top court and stuff. Must be liberating to have a good man running point for your life. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ephesians5:23 mbieseck MRSmithAP This is all you got? Journalism has surely died mbieseck MRSmithAP 👍🏻 mbieseck MRSmithAP AP is the source of fake news these days. Total BS.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The smears starting already same old BS from the lefties. mbieseck MRSmithAP Joining in on the smear campaign? ACB is so qualified and deserving this is all you can come up with. Lame Nancy Pelosi has close ties to a sub catholic group that approves of late term abortion. mbieseck MRSmithAP You apparently don’t understand Christianity

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes Barrett seems really 'subjugated' and the Emperor is wearing clothes too. mbieseck MRSmithAP You guys are pathetic..just really really pathetic. mbieseck MRSmithAP Gee, belief man is head of the home has really stifled her. 🙄 As head of the home, he's to love his wife, as Christ loved the church (a sacrificial love), & apparently, he does, as she recounted him asking her what he can do for her each day, help with kids, cooking, etc.

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s not that shocking...it’s what the Bible says. They study the Bible. This isn’t breaking news. With that said, as an atheist, I think it’s stupid, but this isn’t shocking. It’s a common Christian teaching and belief. mbieseck MRSmithAP DomDasThreads Vipper171 BackToTheWar allanldsantos

mbieseck MRSmithAP And you can see how damaging her husband is to Amy and the family as the head of their household. The horror!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Women are NOT interchangeable! Replacing RBG with someone committed to turning the clocks back. The GOP did the same thing with Thurgood Marshall, replacing him with Clarence Thomas, a relentless warrior for the opposite of what Marshall stood for.

mbieseck MRSmithAP We practising Muslims also believe men are the head of the household so take that. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ruth Bader Ginsberg supported a radical agenda to murder unborn children in the womb which is endorsed and offered for free by the Satanic Church. So there's that... mbieseck MRSmithAP Pathetic attempt by the AP to discredit Ms Barrett. If Ms Barrett is a subjugated woman, imagine what she’d accomplish if set free! She’d become Pope, POTUS, solve famine & disease, be Police Commissioner enacting 100% non violent arrests, & more, all at the same time!

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this really AP? I shouldn’t be shocked at the total hackery. mbieseck MRSmithAP You forgot to say an anonymous source proves her close ties and the creed. Haven't had enough practice of saying that yet, AP? mbieseck MRSmithAP This is Christianity 101. How are you not aware this is a basic aspect of the religion and not controversial in any way?

mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG you people are stupid. There is nothing wrong with respecting your husband, as he should you. mbieseck MRSmithAP Reimagine AP mbieseck MRSmithAP The Democratic Party has ties to the church of Satan. A group that believes that the shedding of innocent blood through abortion should be celebrated

mbieseck MRSmithAP Slow news day AP ? mbieseck MRSmithAP AP reports Christian Husbands are family loving God fearing men. News at 11. mbieseck MRSmithAP Why the surprise? You guys never read the Bible before? 🤔 mbieseck MRSmithAP she seems to deal with this oppression well. mbieseck MRSmithAP AP

mbieseck MRSmithAP She’ll just defer to the men on the Supreme Court then, right? mbieseck MRSmithAP The Left loathes Christianity. mbieseck MRSmithAP Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here huh mbieseck MRSmithAP So to the delight of all the uneducated white males that still love their dear leader realDonaldTrump , she will put women back in their place!!!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP disgraceful reporting. mbieseck MRSmithAP Now I know why she’s so awesome. mbieseck MRSmithAP So she must have really submitted to her husband being in the position she is in. Does she run each case by him?.🤣 dumbest article. Stop bashing religions! mbieseck MRSmithAP Omg you people make me sick!! Leave this woman alone

mbieseck MRSmithAP You do realize that it’s what the Bible says....dear . If you’re going to criticize the Bible, at least know your source better and read it. I’m sure it will make all of you better people. mbieseck MRSmithAP “Journalism is tied to a corrupt group, the Democrats, that are working hand in hand to try to destroy this great country”. There I fixed the headline.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So now you’re bashing Christians? mbieseck MRSmithAP 01_The Destruction of Jerusalem - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White mbieseck MRSmithAP The character assassination begins. I'll bet they also believe in Jesus, that he was the son of God, born as a man, died on a cross for our sins and was resurrected three days later. It's called christianity I'll bet you scoff at that. Go ahead, scoff away.

mbieseck MRSmithAP You can stuff you GLBTQ up your AP. HiddenEnemies TreasonousTraitors mbieseck MRSmithAP 01_The Destruction of Jerusalem - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet she works and he stays home with the kids .That is SO handmaids tale .GTFO Barnes_Law mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow , this charismatic group believes what I as a Christian have believed for years, the man is the head of the home. It's in the scriptures, the Bible and the Torah.

mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s Catholic. Biden is also Catholic. So is Pelosi. She is part of a sub-Group but still Catholic. Here you are AP trying your best to smear her. Who told you to do this to her because this isn’t reporting it is a hatchet job. mbieseck MRSmithAP Behold the desperation of leftist attempts to character assassinate a conservative woman because she doesn’t hold their beliefs. FillTheSeatNOW

mbieseck MRSmithAP soooooo NOT worthy of print! This is bogus! mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow. When will the Christian bashing end? mbieseck MRSmithAP I missed all the AP reports on the teachings of the Islamic faith, when Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, or Rashida Tlaib were elected to Congress. mbieseck MRSmithAP It was super nice of her oppressive patriarchal bastard of a husband to allow her to be on the Supreme Court....🙄

mbieseck MRSmithAP 01_The Destruction of Jerusalem - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White mbieseck MRSmithAP Where’s your “investigative nose” on Biden and his son? You are so desperate now that’s all you could come up with? No wonder you only pander yo the left. mbieseck MRSmithAP lol. Desperado

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s in the scripture . Eph5:23 Order your house! mbieseck MRSmithAP A great pick she will not bend the Constitution . mbieseck MRSmithAP It's OK! She can still get the job done!! 😁 mbieseck MRSmithAP is this your 4 am memo talking point sent to all Mockingbird MSM to mouth sync to the sheep? What losers EnemyOfThePeople

mbieseck MRSmithAP Y'all are trying already, huh? mbieseck MRSmithAP There's nothing wrong with being a Proverbs 31 woman. The media will continue to pander to those who are ignorant about biblical doctrine and those who don't understand that Proverbs 31 isn't at odds with the concept of equality.

mbieseck MRSmithAP You’re not attacking her you’re attacking Catholicism. Religious discrimination is not OK. mbieseck MRSmithAP Religion is a hoax. We will all suffer this stupidity. mbieseck MRSmithAP SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE! mbieseck MRSmithAP Good 👍 mbieseck MRSmithAP The horror !!! I'm sure the American ppl want to wait until Lovely Uncle not pedo Joe be the president so he can choose another lovely non-corrupt and not pedo justice. That one, u know, whose name is on that list that transparent and honest Uncle Joe won't release now.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 01_The Destruction of Jerusalem - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White mbieseck MRSmithAP AP news- you are illustrating why you are perceived as no longer an objective news organization but a tool of the DNC. If you had journalists that had researched scripture in the Bible you would not have reported this story. So sad and pathetic and not objective reporting.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So now you spout Christianpobia mbieseck MRSmithAP Here we go again - non-Christians/atheists trying to explain the Bible and Christianity. mbieseck MRSmithAP And the Reach Award goes toooooo... mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop trying to create an unconstitutional religious test. mbieseck MRSmithAP Which has zero to do with her ability to rule on the Constitutionality of a law! Then again Democrats don’t care if a law is Constitutional They want activist Justices to bend laws to fit their agenda! 😡😡 ConfirmAmyConeyBarrett VoteRedForConstitution MAGA Trump2020

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s a funny way to say she’s a Christian woman. Disrespectful to Christians and to a strong capable woman IMHO. mbieseck MRSmithAP The is a misogynist news agency. mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP and MSN has close ties to a group that will rape, murder and slander for power, globally. You guys are a joke.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are the head of the household! So why is this newsworthy in your eyes?🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP This oppressed subjugated woman. Really mbieseck MRSmithAP Head can mean source, and occupies a different meaning than we see in the world (abuse, master/servant, slave, misuse, economic). Husbands must also love their wives as christ loves people, giving up his life for her. It's about mutual respect/ love in Christian idea of marriage.

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP needs to step back just once and actually listen to what they are saying. Tone deaf to say the least. mbieseck MRSmithAP A Christian wife believes the husband is the family head. They also believe the husband s/love his wife as Christ loves the Church. I can’t believe anyone sees man as divine or deity? Someone must’ve misquoted her? There’s no need to. Her ideals are enough to worry most people.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So....she's a subjugated woman, taking direction from only her husband, while also being so powerful she'll overturn all legal decisions important to progressives? Do you hear yourselves? mbieseck MRSmithAP YEP, the man is the head of the family and the woman is the neck that turns the head. Been that way forever. NEXT.

mbieseck MRSmithAP You do know it is ILLEGAL to use a RELIGIOUS test to be used in a nominees hearing. Surprised the supposed learned news people didn't know this mbieseck MRSmithAP How is this a controversial idea?! Liberals clearly don’t crack a Bible otherwise you would know this is a major tenet of MOST Christian denominations. In an ideal world every nuclear family would have a strong, moral man as its leader.. sorry, fembots

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ohhhh not that. How fuckin gross is this media. Never ending communism coming mbieseck MRSmithAP What kind of optic-twisting bullshit is this? , get your shit together. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh just Shut Up / She’s a Federal Judge - she’s not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen Don’t be a ReligiousBigot ..

mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol, it’s not just the group that “holds” that doctrine. That’s exactly what the Bible says mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Her religious beliefs are private and not part of her nominating process and if attacking her soley on this it means that the democrats cannot find any flaws in her judicial background. They have sunk to a new low if they do!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Maybe if she was a Muslim married to a man with 4 additional wives and 2 were 8 years old the democrats would approve. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ok so what’s wrong with a man being the head of the house? mbieseck MRSmithAP Not all Dems are atheists. U.S has a freedom of religion philosophy.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Quit spreading BS propaganda. MarxistMedia mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s all the trash AP could come up with? Talk about desperate hacks. mbieseck MRSmithAP Amen! mbieseck MRSmithAP Your smear campaign won’t work. She’s the next SCOTUS justice mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP Man I cannot wait till she sues the pants off of this BS news organization

mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow, the AP is full of bigots. Sad mbieseck MRSmithAP Those pesky Catholics mbieseck MRSmithAP Yall really gonna try this huh? mbieseck MRSmithAP That's every Christian, Jewish and Muslim group. mbieseck MRSmithAP You do realize that your saying this about a mother of 7 that just got nominated for the SCOTUS?!? Hurry! Someone needs to save her from all of her oppression!

mbieseck MRSmithAP So you at Associated Press are admitting you do not read the Bible or believe in God? Read Romans 1:28 Debased Minds. GiseleGrimes74 mbieseck MRSmithAP Ooohhhh big story.. I also hear that she has 3 scoops of ice cream while everyone else only gets two! she’s getting in people! Own it!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are the ordained head of the family. O, and a family can only be created by a man and a woman. mbieseck MRSmithAP It's hard I know when your morals are challenged. mbieseck MRSmithAP They’re not the only “group” who believes that. Read Ephesians 5:22-32. mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s been rumored that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi also have ties to such groups.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Cool mbieseck MRSmithAP AP. Is this all you’ve got! What a bunch of nimrods! mbieseck MRSmithAP My only question is do you voluntarily run propaganda for the Democrats? Or do they threaten your families or something? mbieseck MRSmithAP And how's this news? It's a fundamental belief of the Christian faith. I'd be surprised if she believes otherwise

mbieseck MRSmithAP You’re digging deep, sadly coming up with nothing! You do realize she has been nominated to the highest court in the land! What an empowering husband! mbieseck MRSmithAP Shock! Horror! mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP “In God We Trust” is more than a motto for our country. It was a call for unity and protection of our country in the 1850’s. Some families have continued to call for this through prayer and life choices. Don’t be confused by what a Christian familly looks like.

mbieseck MRSmithAP To have a gift of grace is honorable, so quit taking it out of context and making up your own twisted story. How sick you're being! mbieseck MRSmithAP As it should be. mbieseck MRSmithAP Hahah fake news is so nasty mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s called a Father mbieseck MRSmithAP LOL the group is called 'Christians.'

mbieseck MRSmithAP Did double take looking for TheBabylonBee mbieseck MRSmithAP I thought it was a right wing conspiracy that they were going to go after her religion mbieseck MRSmithAP Omg! - you mean somebody who follows the Bible and obeys God?! - hell no we can't have that in this country! - we need another RBG to facilitate the extermination of the next generation of Americans.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Ilhan Omar mbieseck MRSmithAP Laughable mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this news? That she is a traditional catholic woman? mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s a Bible teaching, wheater you agree with it or not, that’s your prerogative. It is also a biblical teaching that Homosexuality is an abomination to God.

mbieseck MRSmithAP LOL, sounds like someone at the AP is insecure. Also, here for the ratio mbieseck MRSmithAP Lmfao at the things you get big mad about mbieseck MRSmithAP When you read the Bible, you will find how far society has strayed from God and the reasons for the World's troubles. mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, they are

mbieseck MRSmithAP If that surprises you, wait until you read the rest of the Bible. You should check it out for yourself. Many people sought to disprove the validity of the Bible, so they started reading it. Think for yourself, and do you own research. mbieseck MRSmithAP doesn't the Islamic faith hold that men are the head of the family and don't Mosques prohibit women from praying with men ....does the Associated Press feel like Muslim's should not be allowed in government or the courts

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP you guys suck. mbieseck MRSmithAP Spiritual head of the household. And yes, they are. Look at a family where the man is not exercising leadership. Everyone starts to chew the furniture. Patriarchy IS civilization. mbieseck MRSmithAP Compare to neither as head at all for 70% of black criminals. Just 1 parent or grandma. Senile Joey's nominees would include a BLM organizer against nuclear families & a Muslim to satisfy AOC and the squad where sharia law blames a woman if she is raped and gays need beheaded.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Indicting the Holy Bible, AP? Tsk tsk. mbieseck MRSmithAP Nominee for Supreme Court.. that’s some subjugation she’s going through mbieseck MRSmithAP oh wow! she likes Jesus! definitely can’t let her have freedom of religion! y’all report stuff like we care mbieseck MRSmithAP You people are sick.

mbieseck MRSmithAP “Subjugates” is completely inaccurate, but I’m not surprised that Biblical principles escape you... And yes, Jesus was very charismatic, but you seem to be trying to use that like it’s a bad word... mbieseck MRSmithAP Hello, the year is 2020, this is Earth, and that is in reference to The Bible. how bad at fact checking are you these days?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Any Christian would subscribe to this belief the same as they would on other topics such as homosexuality. It’s in the manual, right? Christianity mbieseck MRSmithAP And? It’s called the Bible. Our country was based on those principles. Too bad many don’t follow those principles

mbieseck MRSmithAP There are many qualifications in Bible, men are also supposed to lead the family like Jesus who served & died. The family is not the Court. One can lead one area of life & not the other. The Bible lays out qualifications for healthy family relationships beyond gender. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is just a valed attack on Catholicism, everything this organization teachings is in line with catholic social teaching. AP is garbage

mbieseck MRSmithAP I approve! mbieseck MRSmithAP Mouthpiece of the left. Stop calling yourself a news organization. mbieseck MRSmithAP So a virtuous woman then, ? Oh the horror. God help us. mbieseck MRSmithAP That is what the bible teaches so a Christian believing that is not news. That belief obviously is compatible with her being a family & career woman.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Mas que absurdo, como ela ousa fazer isso 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP Give it a rest mbieseck MRSmithAP And? What is the problem with that? Feminism is the root of all problems in this country. mbieseck MRSmithAP Nice attack. Not unexpected. Now do other religions you might find fearful to criticize.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The media is discovering Christianity. mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop your misleading, bigoted, anti Christian and inaccurate bullshit. mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s called the Bible. Look around at society right now. Looks like the feminism movement has produced a bunch of damaged children/adults gender roles are important for healthy development.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP I'm pretty sure religious tests are unconstitutional. mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol where do u all come up with this bs? I really can’t believe our new organizations anymore. It’s disgusting mbieseck MRSmithAP Keep dreaming libs mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh my she holds traditional family values. But she can’t live the way she wants to and still interpret the Constitution?

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP: Amy, a female is sexist towards females mbieseck MRSmithAP The group is called Christianity. Try it sometime mbieseck MRSmithAP : you got something against Freedom of Religion? Its part of the US Constitution mbieseck MRSmithAP So says the “Disassociated Press” mbieseck MRSmithAP Better than Hamas, which a few Dems are linked to.

mbieseck MRSmithAP that actually is Bibical.. mbieseck MRSmithAP Headline deigned to rile up the atheists and emotionally challenged. AP has zero integrity. mbieseck MRSmithAP People don’t understand what head of the household means. It means that men are held responsible by the Creator for the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being of their families. This includes their children-they don’t mention that. It means putting their families first.

mbieseck MRSmithAP How do you feel about Wickens? mbieseck MRSmithAP That headship thing is tied to the husband being the provider. Take a casual look at the laws in any western country, headship is gone but provider resides ever so strongly. Ask any ex husband paying alimony or lost half of what he had if they understand what I mean.

mbieseck MRSmithAP WTH? You are really getting seriously desperate when you make up crap like this. Next thing you’ll try to say is that she was at the party with Kavenaugh. mbieseck MRSmithAP How absolutely shocking that she reads the Bible. Hahahahahahaa wow. mbieseck MRSmithAP Nancy Pelosi is a devout catholic. Joe Biden is a devout catholic. Amy Coney Barrett is a devout catholic. NOOOOOOOO!!!! CATHOLICISM BAD!!! Even God knows you are a joke

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do BarackObama mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP What the left stands for: mbieseck MRSmithAP Hey Ass-ociated Press Your comments in here is targetting & rubbishing the religious beliefs of millions of people across the world More to that, you intentionally labelling an individual for her religious beliefs Take this off before getting reported

mbieseck MRSmithAP This can't be serious. Have any of you at the AP heard of Christianity before today? You do realize Biden and Pelosi believe the same things, except she actually admits it and practices her faith. Whereas, they simply bring out their faith in their sleeves when it suits them. mbieseck MRSmithAP Maybe, just maybe these Christians are living by what the Bible says. I mean... is this really news?

mbieseck MRSmithAP So the Bible? mbieseck MRSmithAP breaking, catholic woman believes Bible AP are anti religion it seems. mbieseck MRSmithAP You prefer fatherless families, AP? Your bias is showing. mbieseck MRSmithAP And 8n other news, tody the AP discovered Christianity. mbieseck MRSmithAP That doesn't consider women as inferior....read the Bible ! once again you take out of context.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? That is just what the Bible says. I bet same writer of this article defends Ilhan Omar who is forced to cover her hair, or else an Islamic man would punish her. mbieseck MRSmithAP All these people believing this are clowns. lol You’ll make up anything and it’s hilarious. You guys get dumber and dumber by the second. You know we can see you right Lol

mbieseck MRSmithAP And RBG was Jewish which upholds men over women in everything! You're a rag organization! mbieseck MRSmithAP lol She's cleaner than Trump. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, that's why we like her... She has common sense. mbieseck MRSmithAP More misinformation from the fake so-called AP news which is nothing more than a progressive fascist propagandist organization spewing out leftist views which by the way fascism is from the left too

mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow, what astonishing news, hard hitting journalism. How petty and stupid. mbieseck MRSmithAP Fake News from the Biden camp. mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do RGB. RGB wanted to legalize prostitution and change the age of consent to 12. Put women in prisons with men and remove words like Mother and Father.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this suppose to be a jab at her? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s nice. Well she’s definitely the star in her household and her loving husband knows it. Hence she’s the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and he isn’t. Why? Who wears the pants at AP? Whips and thongs at a guess.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Time to see how much the left hates God and women mbieseck MRSmithAP OH NO!! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?! sarcasm fartingcrickets 👅👅 menarebetterleaders mbieseck MRSmithAP As is typical, actually read the article and you will have a more positive impression of her, but they know most will just read the headline.

mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m sorry and ? The man should be the head of the household leading by example in faith values morals .... how taboo 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Our new journalism on display here. mbieseck MRSmithAP The word of God says man is the head of the family like Christ is a head of the church Ephesians 5:22,23. Blessed are those who are not offended by the gospel

mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop the hate AP the liberal media she our girl so deal with it mbieseck MRSmithAP Bombshell! It’s over. Her nomination should be rescinded. Said no one with any sense ever. mbieseck MRSmithAP Dear Lord... what have these ppl come too? Next, they’ll tell us she’s reading the Bible.

mbieseck MRSmithAP That's why she's on federal appeals court and her husband does most domestic roles. mbieseck MRSmithAP So does the Bible! mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no. A religious justice. What ever shall we do... mbieseck MRSmithAP Fake news and look at the Feminist left how they lift women up. Shame on all Of you why don’t you attach her kids. Sick JournalismIsDead

mbieseck MRSmithAP How about report on real news mbieseck MRSmithAP The Notorious ACB is a conservative who will be on the Supreme Court. Make peace with it: mbieseck MRSmithAP This the crybaby democratic page site what whiners mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait till the AP reads what Muslims believe. Can't wait for that article that will never come. 😒

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol she was so supressed that she went to law school, clerked for Scalia, was in private practice for years, taught law for years, and then was appointed to a federal judge position. Wow those are some handmaids for sure. mbieseck MRSmithAP Literally every religion.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are divinely and evolutionarily the head of the family. mbieseck MRSmithAP and? mbieseck MRSmithAP So mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah so. Think that might be a major issue in our country men not being men. Fathers husbands leaders of their own family’s mbieseck MRSmithAP 😱She’s catholic?! How did you find this out?!!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP It's hilarious that you thought you had a point to make. mbieseck MRSmithAP Umm yea, and....? mbieseck MRSmithAP And?🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP we love men. especially dad men mbieseck MRSmithAP It's in the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this a Babylon Bee article? All Bible believers know this.

mbieseck MRSmithAP THATS ALL YOU GOT? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP ... like the bible says... AP definitely woukd hate Islam then !!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Well for the most part we are. mbieseck MRSmithAP Someone please tell me the problem here? mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh good lets.throw some more 💩💩💩 and see if it sticks...im so sick of fake news.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking news... AP HAS never read the Bible mbieseck MRSmithAP The ignorance shown in these comments by non-christians is very telling. They only believe Hollywood's version like the Handmaid's tale over what God actually says being head of household means. Sad DoYourResearch

mbieseck MRSmithAP And that is correct. Feminism is destroying our country. mbieseck MRSmithAP This maybe the most disgusting piece of journalistic bullshit I have ever read. No wonder no one believes the mainstream media. FillTheSeatNOW mbieseck MRSmithAP AP - like most leftists...BIGOTS!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP And...

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is the lowest headline I have ever seen written by the AP. Clearly a left wing biased standpoint against a Christian with conservative viewpoints. Go figure. mbieseck MRSmithAP And so the smears begins...they just can’t help themselves mbieseck MRSmithAP Works for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍

mbieseck MRSmithAP Just here to add to the ratio. mbieseck MRSmithAP So? Stop attacking Christians. mbieseck MRSmithAP EnemyOfThePeople mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh my, not a woman with a moral code! mbieseck MRSmithAP The media is ridiculous. Is that all you could come up with to smear her lol. Americans will alway belive in family no matter what, not that sick crap pushed by blm that destroys the family. The family is our base for greatness that’s why it’s on full attack

mbieseck MRSmithAP Doesn't seem to be holding Amy back in any way though..... mbieseck MRSmithAP Of course they turn it into patriarchal men shaming. 🙄 so lame. mbieseck MRSmithAP HAHAHAHA mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop lying already. Its getting really really old and rotten.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh the horror. mbieseck MRSmithAP You have nothing better to bully her 'Sure she's oppressed by her husband 🤣😂🤣🤣'. mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop with the fucking lies!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP ChristPhobic much? Now do Iihan omar ‘s religion. Now they really keep men at the head of the household , and women as property. 🤔

mbieseck MRSmithAP You don't say? mbieseck MRSmithAP And Omar & Tlaib are associated with a religious group that condones beatings of wives, genitalia mutilation, caning women, stoning women to death if a man rapes her, condones marital rape, and kills homosexuals. Can’t get much more patriarchal & misogynistic than that, can you?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yawn mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, that is what the Bible says for the family structure. For every 1 thing said about a woman's role there are 3 things instructing men as to their role, men are held accountable much more than women. The AP doesn't want to see that though does it? mbieseck MRSmithAP She is exactly what the supreme court needs in this day and age.

mbieseck MRSmithAP ridiculously dumb thing to say. That’s part of the Christian faith mbieseck MRSmithAP Ur a jackass so her husband demanded that she get an education, clerk for the Supreme Court and become a SCOTUS judge. Wow sign me up for a partner that supports me like that. Oh by the way freedom of religion is in the FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION, u might want to read it

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? And even if it were true- which I doubt it is- that’s NOT a bad thing! Wow the press is really digging deep here! All they have on her is she respects men. 🤣👏🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP You people are so predictable. mbieseck MRSmithAP Love ACB! mbieseck MRSmithAP Delete yourself

mbieseck MRSmithAP Here’s some more barrels for you to scrape. 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP so what you're saying is, you've got f'k all on her? because this says you have f'k all on her. 🤦‍♂️ ... mbieseck MRSmithAP Mohammad blah blah , President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, has close ties to a charismatic Muslim group that holds men are divinely ordained as the 'head” of the family. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ok - so? mbieseck MRSmithAP So you're no longer allowed to have any beliefs that go against liberal ideology? You guys are so desperate holy f mbieseck MRSmithAP Attacking a persons religion is really classy AP. ImWithHer mbieseck MRSmithAP Presstitutes. mbieseck MRSmithAP Confirm her!

mbieseck MRSmithAP As an atheist, I do not agree with what is in the holy books but I bet this lady's children are better behaved and more well-adjusted than, say Bill DeBlasio's daughter. I bet her and her husband are happier, too. As for her work as a judge - we will see. I won't pre-judge. mbieseck MRSmithAP Get religion OUT of politics

mbieseck MRSmithAP POTUS realDonaldTrump has ties to the late Civil Rights Hero Reverend MartinLutherKingJr niece Evangelist Dr AlvedaCKing who is radically PRO LIFE! Do you have a problem with that too 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP The left has nothing lol!!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Stay out of religion...look at her record.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Can the gang rape stories be far behind? Democrats 'journalists' seem to know 5 or 6 stories that they continue to modify. mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP This cant be real hahahaah mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s called Christianity. mbieseck MRSmithAP It's been this way for 2000+ years! WakeTheFlockUpHumans

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Uh oh!!!!! Close ties!!!! Close ties!!! Wtf America this lady has close ties! Not to The Muslim Brotherhood. Not to Hamas. Not to ISIS. To a freaking Christian group that feels like the father is the head of the household. Obviously she's a radical and we need to know much more!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam. mbieseck MRSmithAP the scariest part is the cult-handbook they got, and have manage to lure on millions of innocent people. mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Really?......the horror!🤣🤣🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP They are. mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow..If thats all you've got , your fucked 😒😒

mbieseck MRSmithAP Pump your outrage brakes. Christianity teaches the husband is head of the wife as Christ is head of the church, which is the body. Every body has a head. Devine order. It's not a put down. What did Jesus do for the body? He came as a servant to mankind and gave his life for it. mbieseck MRSmithAP A bit like Islam. So what?

mbieseck MRSmithAP The Associated Press: smear, discredit, dehumanize mbieseck MRSmithAP Another attack on Christianity by the liberal MSM. mbieseck MRSmithAP And this is supposed to be news?! Give me a damn break! FillThatSeat mbieseck MRSmithAP I know the associated press prefers a lesbian with transgender husband and non-binary children . But they need to accept the choice of our president . Moreover, America has already suffered for 8 years under the auspices of a homosexual and his husband.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Who gives a fuck 🤷‍♂️ mbieseck MRSmithAP so she believes in basic christian teaching straight from the bible? what Christian doesn’t? This is the way. Eph. 5:22-24 mbieseck MRSmithAP All mainline churches believe this. And it's 100% Biblical! mbieseck MRSmithAP its the same ole serpent.....

mbieseck MRSmithAP Please read the Bible before writing such ignorance! mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow ! Yes it’s in the Bible !! How Is this wrong ? mbieseck MRSmithAP That's supposed to be a bad thing? mbieseck MRSmithAP Trumps going to win no matter what you write. 🤷‍♂️ mbieseck MRSmithAP If you at all understand the Bible you would know what that means.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 1 of 2) Um, she follows the Bible, it says this. It doesn't say that men rule their wives like kings, just that they are the head of the household. Kinda like a business partnership, everybody is on the same page making decisions, but God put it on men lead the family. If this ..

mbieseck MRSmithAP I wouldnt agree but then I also disagree when its done like that in other religions. I wonder how many railing against ACB drop away at that point. How many would be consistent mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome mbieseck MRSmithAP Yea, it’s the heart of the nuclear and the basis to all of Western society. Absolutely terrible.😂

mbieseck MRSmithAP Trump's handmaiden mbieseck MRSmithAP That kind of thing can seriously damage a woman's career prospects, preventing her from attaining the peak of her chosen profession... ...oh, wait. mbieseck MRSmithAP hahhahahahah pathetic mbieseck MRSmithAP don’t recall AP ever commenting on ANY official’s ties to Orthodox Jews EVER 🧐

mbieseck MRSmithAP Which means a friend of her aunt’s neighbor belongs to the group. mbieseck MRSmithAP And what's wrong with that ? Do you really think that us, conservatives, will be shocked with that ? There are more shocking revelations about Biden that you purposedly don't talk about. LameStreamMedia

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP - Your Reporters Are PATHETIC...Seriously. mbieseck MRSmithAP Close ties... like Biden had close ties with the KKK. mbieseck MRSmithAP Once a mighty AP has been reduced to a nothing more than a TROLL. This is exciting. The meltdown. mbieseck MRSmithAP And Theres NO point here.....btw the man SHOULD be the head you dolts

mbieseck MRSmithAP OK, you clearly know nothing about the bible or biblical marriage if you think women are subjugated. mbieseck MRSmithAP Because they ARE! mbieseck MRSmithAP Do you think this is opposed to most American's who live in semi/traditional life? There is almost always one person, usually the man, who is the head of family. Real life isn't Twitter fems... lol. Those are a minority. You must really be shocked by Islamic, Jewish, etc homes.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait until you find out what a woman's place in other religions is like. mbieseck MRSmithAP The is sick and deranged. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is typical of the media. You’ve become henchmen instead of reporters. Attacking those who don’t support your own narrative, your own ideology. The media disgusts me. Worthless trash.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The dream of gop men. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh. My. Gawd. They believe in what the Bible says. How dare they?! mbieseck MRSmithAP BREAKING NEWS - Representative Ihan Omar (D-MN) has close ties to a Muslim group that holds men as divinely ordained as head of the family, and can murder any family member to preserve the honor of Islam.

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP discrementates against hiring anyone religious. Obviously its in their companies nature to oppress anyone with children or religious and this demands under cover investigation! mbieseck MRSmithAP When last did you say a prayer for our brothers and sisters on the left? mbieseck MRSmithAP TheAssociatedDepressed

mbieseck MRSmithAP Shock horror...a Catholic belongs to a Christian group 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP That is what The Bible proclaims It is symbolic of Christ being the head of The Church Why would I expect AP to know that? My bad mbieseck MRSmithAP Even if true, it apparently did not prevent her from having a tremendously successful career. I don't think she exactly fits the mold of a stand by your man woman. Nice try!

mbieseck MRSmithAP But if she were a Muslim, this would never have come up. Double standards are a bitch, aren't they? mbieseck MRSmithAP And ? mbieseck MRSmithAP Outrage! mbieseck MRSmithAP Sounds like a selling point. I'm tired of unpleasant women. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is Satire right Anyone at the associated press actually have a serious job?

mbieseck MRSmithAP And?! Its called following the bible. How come ull go after a Christian woman & her family, but wont go after ilhan Omar who is a terr*rist, married her brother & believes In an ideology where men can stone & kill their wives & daughters If they step out of line? Ur pathetic mbieseck MRSmithAP Is that why she said her husband manages their home and takes care of the children so she can succeed? Is that what you mean by Head of Household ?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Et tu, AP? How about you just write and disseminate news, not hit pieces? K, thx. mbieseck MRSmithAP That is in the BIBLE (Ephesians 5 verses 21-31). mbieseck MRSmithAP Look where those believes got her😴😴😴🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP AP now stands for absolutely pathetic. Psst. Here’s some real news. She’s getting confirmed. And then in his 2nd term President Trump is getting 3 more justices. 😁

mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP 😐 'Subjugates women' lol because Jesus' mother totally isn't worshipped like at all 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Would the judge identifying as a man during the confirmation hearings solve this HUGE problem ? 🤔 mbieseck MRSmithAP Apparently the “Associated Press” has close ties to the DNC.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Ilhan Omar. mbieseck MRSmithAP Get a life! Wow! mbieseck MRSmithAP Who cares? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Isn't she going into office higher than that of her man in the land? Cry me a river. mbieseck MRSmithAP ...ok... mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP What a stupid article. AP FakeNews

mbieseck MRSmithAP But this is not a lie. mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop lying mbieseck MRSmithAP God wants this ratio to happen. mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are ordained as head of the family...this is super basic christian theology for like 2000 years. mbieseck MRSmithAP So much for separation of Church & State. I respect everyone's religious views but like the Court Clerk in KY who refused to issue a marriage license to 2 gay people, religion has no place in public service & that includes the courts. Hope Congress passes term limits.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And why are you offended. Whatever you bluff to your readers, the Dems may get more indoctrination. Others are Not Bothered at all. Now, who found this TOP secret information. MAKE HIM YOUR CEO. mbieseck MRSmithAP FINALLY!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP It would probably surprise to learn that virtually every Christian denomination holds to this teaching (That's what happens when you always have to ask that Unitarian Universalist friend of yours for information about what Christians believe).

mbieseck MRSmithAP Omg what do we do now! Way to report AP.... trash! mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s actually what all Christians who adhere to Bible authority believe. mbieseck MRSmithAP what of both parents are men like MichelleObama and BarackObama ? CNN AnnCoulter RealJamesWoods RealMiniAOC mbieseck MRSmithAP So what if that’s the way she chooses to live her life so be it ..it’s none of your business

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? mbieseck MRSmithAP 1/ “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.” Ephesians 5:21-23 NIV

mbieseck MRSmithAP And yet SHE is up for Supreme Court and drives them to events. Hubby is happy for her success and is a willing passenger. The media is corrupted by its own dogma. mbieseck MRSmithAP And what’s your deal? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow...she's been really held back by this, huh? How shameful....

mbieseck MRSmithAP You realize couples in Christian families hold eachother in high regard right? mbieseck MRSmithAP And how is this a story. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP If one would open their eyes and look at the social order of existence you'd know this is true for most species especially humans. This is not an opinion or religious belief, simply a fact of existence. Open Your Eyes.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So AP - you are Democrat hacks as well? I’m disappointed. Your post is so skewed with bias it’s not true. mbieseck MRSmithAP That group is right. mbieseck MRSmithAP ffs you guys at ap are destroying journalism mbieseck MRSmithAP ConfirmACB SCOTUS mbieseck MRSmithAP You guys are pathetic!! lol- yeah he really made her submit to him while he was standing BEHIND her while she was receiving a nomination for the most important position in the highest court! Lol

mbieseck MRSmithAP Sounds perfectly natural to me. And a cocktail in hand at the door is cool too. It's a choice. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP So a woman that just got grilled and appointed as federal judge is now being attacked by biased pos left mouthpieces mbieseck MRSmithAP This is mainline Christian doctrine for 2000 years. There is nothing weird about it.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? If that’s what they believe in what’s the problem? If you don’t like it don’t join them. Does it seem that she’s the kind of person who is under anyone’s thumb? mbieseck MRSmithAP Duh? And, then? mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this supposed to hurt her? Bringing up her religious beliefs is supposed to hurt her? Or are you trying to report good news here? Very confusing.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The absolute state of modern-day 'journalism'. You're an ebarassment to your profession and I'm profoundly disgusted by your laziness and mediocrity. mbieseck MRSmithAP She has a house husband. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is a traditional Christian family value. It is explained in the new religious book... The Holy Bible. I challenge all to read it sometime... It just might change your views.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes mbieseck MRSmithAP When you can't find any crimes or wrongdoing in a nominee's background, you stoop to criticizing their faith. mbieseck MRSmithAP Barret theocratic supremacy opens the door to all kinds of cults, including Sharia. mbieseck MRSmithAP The horror!!!! 🙄🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP And?

mbieseck MRSmithAP EnemyOfThePeople mbieseck MRSmithAP Gee—, what gives? I don’t remember you freaking out about how and what Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar practice and believe. But maybe it’s because you’re cool with their anti-semitism. mbieseck MRSmithAP Get a grip!! She’s Catholic!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

mbieseck MRSmithAP Her religious views are irrelevant and off-limits. mbieseck MRSmithAP Pulitzer Prize Alert! You are leftist FOOLS! FillTheSeatNOW mbieseck MRSmithAP That's probably why deranged, BLM-loving Dems want to destroy the nuclear family: the Left hates men. mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are pretty great. And I’m a lesbian. CHILL

mbieseck MRSmithAP And so what? mbieseck MRSmithAP AP —- look what you have become Just sick and sad and nasty. 🤢🤮 mbieseck MRSmithAP And...? MoFos! mbieseck MRSmithAP How dare they let men be masculine! How dare they believe men should run a household! What's the problem? mbieseck MRSmithAP Fine with me!

mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP pathetic you two think of yourselves as journalists spewing this religious bigotry mbieseck MRSmithAP God forbid you to have a ”head of the household” that may be male. I guess the would rather have fatherless homes instead? mbieseck MRSmithAP Anybody who wants to understand Christian belief in this matter should read ALL of the 5th chapter of Paul's letter to the Ephesians. He asks husband's, for instance, to lay down their lives for their wives. That's *die for*, folks.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ephesians 5...Whoever wrote this has obviously NEVER read a bible..Go read...🤦🏼‍♀️ mbieseck MRSmithAP The left hate religion, unless it’s the religion of government. mbieseck MRSmithAP The left doesn’t like ACB because she believes that the Supreme Court should interpret the Constitution as written. Meanwhile, the left puts important decisions in the hands of unelected, unanswerable agencies with no oversight so they don’t have to make controversial decisions.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow I wonder where they got that idea from? Oh yeah the Bible has over 100 verses that say that men should be the head of the household. mbieseck MRSmithAP The Associated Depressed mbieseck MRSmithAP So...that’s how it works. You people are hilarious. mbieseck MRSmithAP BREAKING REPORT: New York City Voters Receive Mail-in Ballots Marked for Military Use Despite Never Serving in the US Military... MEDIA SILENT...

mbieseck MRSmithAP In 2019, 65% of the us population identified as Christian and second to Protestant, Catholicism is the second largest denomination. AP, good luck with going after her religious affiliation. mbieseck MRSmithAP Is that the best fake news can do? This is an an accomplished woman in line for the most prestigious job in America and the Democrats are going to claim she’s somehow subservient to a man? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP So she's a Christian, much better than a radical liberal! mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? My ideal government is an autocracy where I decide everything. There you’d get five nut slaps this kind for shitty reporting. So count your blessings, soon-to-be-numbnuts

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah she sure looks subjugated to me. Federal judge, Notre Dame law professor and soon to be on the Supreme Court. AP, this is shameful. mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam. mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol. Fools. Surely you can do better than that? Or just make something up like MSM usually do and run with it

mbieseck MRSmithAP They got nothing.🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP AP, you are certainly full of it. You don't have a clue!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Sounds pretty biblical to me. mbieseck MRSmithAP Really , she also is breaths air, im sure thats wrong too..... mbieseck MRSmithAP so are theheld as head of family or '' head of family'' come on AP .you used to do news

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Just stop with the bigotry and smears. mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP is now the Enquirer 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Y'all leave her the F alone and her family...You ought to be ashamed of yourselves..foolishness. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP That is the traditional Catholic faith, and it has worked perfectly well for 2,000 years. Many of us do not want to live in nasty degenerate Libtard land. We want to live as it was ordained by God. Thank God for our men!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP So, normal human family mbieseck MRSmithAP If this is true, Why is she, as a woman, this successful then, one might ask mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah she is soooo subjugated as a judge 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Fakenews media just continues with their fear-mongering smears which only reveals who they really are trying to appease which is why Trump continues to win win win. Fakenews media clearly only defends and promotes the pedo elite.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Kind of resembles that Muslim faith you seem to praise .... which is fine. I'm just saying .... this is just obviously politically advantageous to you to insult every f***ing Catholic voter out there because you are Liberal Leftist working for the DNC You're not news so ....

mbieseck MRSmithAP Fake news-if that were true she would not be in line fior too judicial spot-can’t have it both ways mbieseck MRSmithAP AP with the scoops mbieseck MRSmithAP We are, you heathens...but not in the 'negative' way you are leading everyone to believe. Besides, its none of your - or our - damn business.

mbieseck MRSmithAP That isn’t even a charismatic position. It’s what the Bible says. Really. You can read it yourself. Men are even told to be willing to die for their wife. It’s an expectation and a responsibility. mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s what the Bible says. It doesn’t say anything about SCOTUS but the family.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Gee, having a hard time finding dirt on this one, huh? Of course that's what lies are for - which you'll waste no time doing. mbieseck MRSmithAP There are people in Congress married to their own family, but carry on. mbieseck MRSmithAP Haha and? They would be natural flow of human history. It wouldn't take but one war or natural disaster to eliminate the abilty for women to be carried as we do atm.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol bless you for thinking this is some sort of gotcha moment. JasminLucci mbieseck MRSmithAP What does “charismatic” mean? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands. Eph 5:22-24

mbieseck MRSmithAP 'But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.' 1 Corinthians 11:3 mbieseck MRSmithAP Read the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP I'm sorry it's really hard to attack a qualified woman so you have to do this nonsense

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP why don't you report on pedophile IRAN proxy Evo Morales & his indigenous cocalero thugs using patriarchal oppression to rape girls & get them pregnant &your correspondents in Bolivia cover the whole thing up RepMcCaul HouseForeignGOP CharlesHurt JanJekielek GPIngersoll mbieseck MRSmithAP Isn't Joe Biden Catholic?

mbieseck MRSmithAP I strongly believe that the man is the head of household. That doesn’t make me less of a woman. My husband is the protector & would take a bullet for me and my son. I am successful and make 80% more salary. That is what is wrong America is taking strong men out of the home. mbieseck MRSmithAP There are still people that read the Bible. You wouldn’t understand it though.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Putting aside the 'divinely ordained' comment for millennia men have been the head of the traditional family. There is nothing strange about that. In fact, it is the core of what built our society. Only those intent on ripping that society apart could see anything wrong with it. mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam. 🤷🏻‍♂️

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP That is the literal teaching of the Bible. Your Christian next door believes the same. This isn’t news. mbieseck MRSmithAP ACB is to young Catholic lawyers and working moms, what RGB was to young Jewish lawyers and working women of an earlier generation. That glass ceilng is about to be shattered.

mbieseck MRSmithAP What's wrong with that? My husband is the head of my family. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP And yet she's the Supreme Court nominee, not the 'head' of the family. 🤔 mbieseck MRSmithAP Is Biden’s Catholicism the same? mbieseck MRSmithAP Lol well we are. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh the horror! The Associated Leftist Press, A division of the Democratic Party, hates men, the traditional family, and Christians.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Who cares! mbieseck MRSmithAP You are really bad at this mbieseck MRSmithAP Is the AP still credible. Because this sounds like clickbait nonsense. AGAIN... mbieseck MRSmithAP Ratio. mbieseck MRSmithAP It is what the Bible says. Women were the nurtures. Are you all atheist? You need Jesus.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Ilhan Omar’s sect! mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes your point? mbieseck MRSmithAP ...and? mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam mbieseck MRSmithAP Why waste people's time because you're filled with hate? ACB will be just fine! mbieseck MRSmithAP Amen! mbieseck MRSmithAP Please make sure the rest of the teaching is properly taught. Being submissive to her husband is in direct correlation the husband is submissive to Christ. Christ died for everyone he loves. Link that together, the wife is responding to a husband willing to die for her!

mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s really grasping at straws. It’s so mundane. If goodness looked you right in the face, and you had to find something so wrong with it. It means you are attempting to wrongly look at what is actually good to make it bad. That’s called a disfigurement. Absolutely Pathetic (AP.)

mbieseck MRSmithAP What's your point? mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking news: Catholics exist! See also: Joe Biden, 'good Catholic'. mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG a Catholic! Yawn mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s part of ALL Christianity as well as Judaism and Islam So AP - great job at offending almost EVERYONE in America - 77% identify as Christian - 1.8% as Jewish - 1.1% as Muslim

mbieseck MRSmithAP The media and Democrats never fail to contribute they're war on women. mbieseck MRSmithAP lmao mbieseck MRSmithAP And how is that a problem? Should she have been a member of a sect that believes bats are the head of the family? Silly reporting. mbieseck MRSmithAP ok so what? yes, men are indeed the head of the family and since when did that become a taboo now in this shitty era?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Who the heck cares? Would you say the same about Muslims? mbieseck MRSmithAP Can't wait for you guys to do one of these about IlhanMN when you find out what Islam says about men vs women... mbieseck MRSmithAP Not a good idea to attack something you know nothing about and do not understand, like Biblical doctrine. It makes you look foolish — and boringly predictable. FakeNews

mbieseck MRSmithAP Shut the front door! 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP And you are upset why? mbieseck MRSmithAP Ok, cool? mbieseck MRSmithAP Hey dick head Media while men might be the head of family they are also told to love their wives as christ loves the church. And what did christ do? He gave up everything. Don't see leftist progressive male democratic wimps doing that!

mbieseck MRSmithAP And they have a 50% chance of being right......... mbieseck MRSmithAP I believe our laws state you can’t discriminate against religion. I might add that misinformation is also a bad look for the AP. Who the hell is paying you people to destroy our norms? You are all very sick scared people.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Try reading the Bible sometime. If you can touch one without bursting into flames. mbieseck MRSmithAP Men has always been the head of the family, how should a women deal with intruders? mbieseck MRSmithAP Now to Islam and its view of woman's rights mbieseck MRSmithAP So what i am.reading from comments is: A country raised in christian culture does not know that the mam was given to be head of the home. Not dictator just the lead. And people out there dont believe Christians have a right to work in higher up jobs Grow up.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Bigotry. The Bible actually says the same so do you have the same disdain for all christians? mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh yeah and the women are the neck. Head can't move without the neck. mbieseck MRSmithAP AP is showing its bigotry!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Who gives a shit. mbieseck MRSmithAP the new national enquirer

mbieseck MRSmithAP Leftist smear tactics!!! Pelosi is Catholic and is loved by the left. But the left love evil over good... mbieseck MRSmithAP By the way this was reported on literally hours after Wakanda RBG passed away. A little behind the curve. Any new slander that you would like to pander? mbieseck MRSmithAP That's some smear piece ya got there, . She's going down! 😄😄😄

mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this all you got? mbieseck MRSmithAP And what’s your point? mbieseck MRSmithAP Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, believes in the Bible. Fixed it for you. No need to thank me. mbieseck MRSmithAP Then I'm sure those sexists wouldn't allow a woman to be successful and even a supreme court justice, wait, that's you saying that. So who's the sexist?

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? My husband is the head of our family. mbieseck MRSmithAP Here it comes just vote on this nominee mbieseck MRSmithAP What monolithic religion doesn't? mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean like the bible says they are? Thats extreme to you? mbieseck MRSmithAP Pretty sure that is just all people of faith.

mbieseck MRSmithAP That is just Catholic teaching mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP 🌊🌈🦄🌈I laughed so hard my buttplug flew out and landed in my soup. Hugs and cookies mbieseck MRSmithAP Biased news, he would nominate Clinton and I can assure you won't even think about finding dirt... mbieseck MRSmithAP Do you post the same bullshit when it comes to Muslims?

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP be like... Breaking News: Christianity still exists mbieseck MRSmithAP I can’t wait till you discover Islam next... mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP Truly incomprehensible to the AP- Christians who dare to believe in the Bible. DemocratBigots mbieseck MRSmithAP What if she does think that? It's not a crime. I have no idea what she thinks about husbands. But really, are they going to make her run the gauntlet about her religious beliefs?

mbieseck MRSmithAP This poor oppressed woman has been prevented from achieving her goal of becoming a Supreme Court Justice ...oh, wait. Never mind. mbieseck MRSmithAP Good grief. SHE is the one who is being nominated to the SCOTUS, not her husband. So do you folks in the liberal media really think you are going to convince the American public that she is subjugated, and would rule on cases to subjugate women? This is just crazy.

mbieseck MRSmithAP What you're describing is Christianity mbieseck MRSmithAP As an agnostic, I see nothing wrong with this. She will still practice law to its letter. She is also protected by this nifty piece of paper called The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. mbieseck MRSmithAP a christian group?😂 it’s written in the bible

mbieseck MRSmithAP Many Americans hold that same value. It’s ok. Don’t hate men so much. mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, yeah. It's always been that way until Liberals came along and messed everything up. mbieseck MRSmithAP Based mbieseck MRSmithAP Desperation from the cathedral is hilarious mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh. My. God! Next we will find out she believes that Godly families begin with a mother & father. What a monster she must be. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! This is your Blockbuster news story... JournalismIsDead

mbieseck MRSmithAP Hahaha just trying to find anything you can to use against her aren't you? mbieseck MRSmithAP Good try. Give us another one and this time try harder. Better yet ask the twitterverse for help. Here's one: ACB actually goes to church, possibly twice a week mbieseck MRSmithAP They uh.... they didn’t really think this one through did they?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Her husband doesn't allow her to do anything mbieseck MRSmithAP Called the Bible. Not that hidden. Read it. mbieseck MRSmithAP Are religions cults now in America? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Whatever happened to 'In America, people are free to practice their religion'?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Great. Same with the LDS church and many other family-oriented religions. Is there a problem? mbieseck MRSmithAP As do the Hasidic Jews, Amish, Christians, Muslims, Church of Christ, Church of God, and most people of faith. mbieseck MRSmithAP Take it up with God Almighty. See how that works out for you.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 🌊🌈🦋🦄🌊Umm so where is the story? Most Christian churches and an America not long ago had the man as “head of household. As a transgender and progressive, I am offended by this and no it isn’t why we have gone crazy as a generation of weirdos. Hugs and cookies mbieseck MRSmithAP Having the man as 'head of the family' Is a basic Christian value! It doesn't mean it's extremist. It's all about context when it was written the man was the one making the money for the family it also relates to Christ as head of the church! Stop twisting stuff!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Also, she has eaten at some restaurants, slept at some hotels and driven on some toll roads that believe there are only two genders.... mbieseck MRSmithAP university of Miami. University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Nebraska University of North Dakota University of Notre Dame University of Portland University of St. Thomas University of Virginia University of Washington

mbieseck MRSmithAP University of Wisconsin Vanderbilt University Villanova University Washington University in St. Louis Wheaton College Worcester Polytechnic Institute Wyoming Catholic College mbieseck MRSmithAP United States Military Academy. United States Naval Academy University of California Los Angeles University of Chicago University, of Colorado University of Dallas University of Illinois University of Kansas University of Mary University of Maryland

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP just another piece of Democrat State run media, so full of shit wouldn't make good toilet paper mbieseck MRSmithAP George Mason University Georgetown University Georgia Institute of Technology Grinnell College Grove City College Gustavus Adolphus College Hillsdale College Johns Hopkins University Kalamazoo College Kenyon College Macalester College

mbieseck MRSmithAP Gee you think. Its like these idiots never read scripture. Men are to lead. Why do you think God had Adam name his woman, name animals etc. Every man needs a good woman by his side. Its not wrong to say men should be head of family. mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP at war with basic facts.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome, and she’s also young enough to have a 50yr run. Long may she reign! mbieseck MRSmithAP I thought this was Babylon bee. For real mbieseck MRSmithAP Bethel University Biola University Boston College Calvin College Carleton College Case Western Reserve University Claremont McKenna College Creighton University Davidson College Florida Institute of Technology Fordham University

mbieseck MRSmithAP She has ties to a Christian group that believes the Bible? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say! mbieseck MRSmithAP Just as Christ is the “head” of every man. 💁🏻‍♀️ mbieseck MRSmithAP Bruv, that’s a general Christian stance (tho varying in application)- not very unique to the charismatic church we are trying to besmear here. Check desiringGod gracetoyou for starters and these are straight up reformed evangelicals. SMH

mbieseck MRSmithAP Trinity school In south bend accepted to: American University Amherst College Aquinas College Arizona State University Auburn University Augsburg College Augustana College Ave Maria University Bard College Baylor University Benedictine College mbieseck MRSmithAP Ah idiots that is in the Bible that’s how God designed the family that the men are the leaders after consulting his wife for guidance. This is a mainstream Christian belief.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes - she clearly has been held back in her career because of this. She is supposed to be barefoot and in the kitchen. Yet here she is living her dream and about to be named the next SCOTUS! 😂 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Do you actually think this will turn people away? This is what the ‘silent majority’ also believe. Shocker !!! FakeNewsMedia

mbieseck MRSmithAP I was wondering why Lucifer hasn’t attacked her yet and so it begins, lol 🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP Vote her in without delay mbieseck MRSmithAP And Nancy Pelosi has ties to the Catholic Church that allows babies to be killed inside the mother. mbieseck MRSmithAP God's Word, not Man's

mbieseck MRSmithAP If true then there is no BFD. People are free to believe and follow what they desire. Free thought should rule. mbieseck MRSmithAP Assholes she was on the board from 2015-2017 for the trinity school in south bend. They have accomplished high schools in America an abroad. So were other profs at ND. The damn school was in south bend idiots. Ever visit the schools in south bend?

mbieseck MRSmithAP The patriarchy is working out really well for her... you know... getting selected to the highest court in the land. mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are the head of the family, c'mon! mbieseck MRSmithAP K mbieseck MRSmithAP Lmao sound just like cnn now. Trust me you don’t want to be in that club. Fire whoever thought this article was relevant for anything other than bad impressions.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? Geez! 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP This headline is fictional, a fraudulent and transparent smear based purely on the claim that ACB was once a trustee for a school charity. mbieseck MRSmithAP Just stop with this. mbieseck MRSmithAP Good for her! mbieseck MRSmithAP Religion, judging and politics are NOT compatible, you can't make a judgement or political statement with a religious background, it's not fair to non believers

mbieseck MRSmithAP She must be a saint, if after all your digging, that’s all you have.🤷‍♂️ mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Muslims and jews. mbieseck MRSmithAP What the man the head of the household? Why this sounds like every culture on earth apart from western liberals. mbieseck MRSmithAP It says so in the bible (read by 3 billion Christians worldwide) as well - where have you been?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ok and? mbieseck MRSmithAP You see the associated press is not a news outlet for the people they are propagandist for the Democrat party. The AP used to be revered and full of integrity now they're just a rag not worth the time to read their articles mbieseck MRSmithAP Whoa... she actually practices her faith?! If you read the Bible..... it says it in there....

mbieseck MRSmithAP ❤️ mbieseck MRSmithAP Are you people Islamophobic? mbieseck MRSmithAP Cringe worthy, give it a rest mbieseck MRSmithAP Puke mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Hmmm... mbieseck MRSmithAP Everything old is new again...

mbieseck MRSmithAP But Men are the heads of their families even in Islam. Should be the right thing. Stop stigmatising my faith. You have no rights over my faith. mbieseck MRSmithAP Desperation propaganda mbieseck MRSmithAP She is correct. Clearly she is hardly oppressed. mbieseck MRSmithAP I would be very afraid of someone who wants to bring about God's kingdom on earth which is blasphemy as God kingdom is supposed to be in heaven if you believe in that sort of thing.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP sound like a pretty good reason to have her on the court. mbieseck MRSmithAP Are we living in a follow up to handmaid's tale? mbieseck MRSmithAP Conservative women are the pinnacle of inner beauty. They're faithful trustworthy caring kind empathetic emotionally stable and brilliantly minded. They glow with authenticity a mindfulness.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And what's the problem? mbieseck MRSmithAP You sound like that’s a bad thing mbieseck MRSmithAP I suppose you read the section in the constitution where it says religion is not a factor in a Supreme Court nomination and shouldn't even be brought up. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ever read the Bible?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh shut up... it's 2020 and men are women, women are men.. some are both. The hypocrisy from the left... they forget their own previous agendas. If anyone can be a man or a woman, I guess this article doesn't matter mbieseck MRSmithAP Just here for the ratio. And to comment of stunningly dumb this article is. It’s a shame her beliefs held her back so much! She could’ve been anything if she had just listened to you!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh good grief mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking- The Holy Word of God (that is the Bible by the way) clearly defines the role of men and women who are loved by God. God loves us so much that he sent his Son to die for our sins so that we could live with Him in eternity. mbieseck MRSmithAP That can’t possibly be true. Look at Joey. He’s a Catholic and Jill is the head of the household.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Meaningless Drivel from the AP, Joke mbieseck MRSmithAP You can read about all of this and more in the bible. Let someone else hold it for you. I'd hate to see you burst into flames. Now, since we're being critical about the way the bible describes family, let's move onto the dynamic of the Muslim family shall we?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ilhan Omar married her own brother. OmarBallotHarvesting mbieseck MRSmithAP Love the radical left’s hatred and desperation 😂 these radicals exposing themselves for who they really are is a masterpiece! mbieseck MRSmithAP Ugh shes Catholic. Hello mbieseck MRSmithAP Great! And now Democrats won’t be murdering babies any more!!! 😊

mbieseck MRSmithAP Good mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG the main stream media has no scruples, no integrity and absolutely no credibility. Articles like this journalistic slop proves as much. ConfirmAmyConeyBarrettNOW mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP What a crock of baloney. AP is fake news. mbieseck MRSmithAP You are not journalists.😉

mbieseck MRSmithAP AND? mbieseck MRSmithAP What's wrong with men being the 'head' of the family? Michelle Obama is the head of his family mbieseck MRSmithAP I keep hearing about the subjugation of women referring to Amy Coney Barrett, if subjugation can propel a woman to the Supreme Court, perhaps more women should be subjugated.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Okay, I'm against Trump and this nominee, but come on. If you are antiChristian come out and say it. The Bible clearly appoints the man to be the head of the family, as well as tells him to love his wife AS himself. In other words, treat your wife better than yourself. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no! The horror!

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what! Poor reporting!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Hello Tabloid trash, You have to come up with a tagline like the Enquirer Anyway get back to me when you find Bigfoot. mbieseck MRSmithAP They're traditional. Is that illegal? This is how they want to live. This is what's wrong with the left. Authoritarian 'progressive' zealots. And their faith keeps them completely miserable.

mbieseck MRSmithAP It looks like she has done well as a leader among judges. Must have a great husband backing her. So glad you pointed this out. You know it’s a biblical principle. Just because society has tried to tear this down doesn’t mean the biblical process doesn’t work when man leads well. mbieseck MRSmithAP They're pulling at straws now.. 😅😅

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, she’s a devout Roman Catholic 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP ...oh say it ain't so mbieseck MRSmithAP This is common sense. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s kinda what the Bible says ... mbieseck MRSmithAP Omar married her brother and committed fraud to immigrate to US. ALSO her campaign fraudulently paid her new mans.

mbieseck MRSmithAP There's only 1 group that believes that? All the other Christian groups had better read their Bibles too. If there's one thing that the Bible isn't, it's that is isn't politically correct. mbieseck MRSmithAP In Islam they teach the exact same thing..... mbieseck MRSmithAP cool story bro

mbieseck MRSmithAP Y'all really reaching here. You're trying so hard, awwww. mbieseck MRSmithAP That's why she has just been nominated to one of the highest offices in the US... mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh No!!! Men Are The Head Of The Family?!! So Much For The Support From The Congressional Black Caucus. And A Nation Mourns. 🇺🇸

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s literally what the Bible says. It means “responsibility”. That God created men to bear the weight of the family...NOT to rule over it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ You know. Like a man who provides and protects So, are you attacking ALL Christians and Catholics or just ACB? mbieseck MRSmithAP And

mbieseck MRSmithAP 'Religious Discrimination...Federal Workplace. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) prohibits federal agencies from discriminating against...applicants for employment because of their religious beliefs in hiring, firing & other terms & conditions of employment.' mbieseck MRSmithAP Ummm I have a book I can lend you. If you want to do some basic research...

mbieseck MRSmithAP My God, do some basic research. mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are the head of the family. Even nature tells you so. That's why you dress up men in children's clothing to belittle them mbieseck MRSmithAP Like it’s a bad thing? mbieseck MRSmithAP This is a lie!! mbieseck MRSmithAP I'm not religious and the hubby is the head of household- for taxes too!! But y'all ignore that huh?

mbieseck MRSmithAP A religious person having ties with a religious group that believes in that religion’s tenets? What a shocker! mbieseck MRSmithAP Such irresponsible reporting ! mbieseck MRSmithAP Sounds like a great principle to live by. Hasn’t done ABC’s career any harm now has it? Maybe give it a try.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Your point? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Hooray! Attack the suburban white catholic woman! Other suburban white catholic women will never notice. But you need that demo to win an election that is on November 3rd. It’s almost like Trump picked an avatar of a critical demographic in this election. Hmm...

mbieseck MRSmithAP Good for her! And actual Christian. We need more of those in office! mbieseck MRSmithAP Article 6 section 3 religion Are we really trying to attack someone based on religion? It’s sad that the media has to attack her and her family just because they want everyone else against her. News flash-the American pepole no longer give 2 shits what the msm thinks

mbieseck MRSmithAP A Christian woman indeed....God bless you and yours. The husband is surely the head of the family.... that's the Bible, the word of God. Amen. mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, yes. It’s called Christianity. 🤦‍♀️ mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s catholic. So. I doubt it. Some of y’all really don’t know the difference between Catholicism and fundamentalist evangelicals

mbieseck MRSmithAP This 'charismatic Christian group' is actually called Christians. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yup. And? mbieseck MRSmithAP AP is only HATE 👎🏼💩👎🏼 mbieseck MRSmithAP Does she speak in tongues? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP There are five Roman Catholic Supreme Court Justices and another that was raised Roman Catholic on the bench now.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And? That's how it was in my family. So what? mbieseck MRSmithAP AP just keep proving what an absolute joke they are. mbieseck MRSmithAP Or, restated: 'Members who have an ax to grind against a club they were in decide to present their opinion as fact and the AP will gobble it up for clicks'

mbieseck MRSmithAP Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, has close ties to a charismatic Christian group that holds men are divinely ordained as the 'head” of the family. THIS IS TRUE mbieseck MRSmithAP “men are divinely ordained as the 'head” of the family.” Yes, that is what the Catholic Church believes, this isn’t new or shocking. It’s a mainstream idea in Catholicism.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP BREAKING NEWS... a Christian has... get this... Christian Beliefs... 😳 😱 outragepolice CancelCulture mbieseck MRSmithAP HOW DARE SHE ?!?! 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do the role of a Women according to Muslim’s beliefs. Not PC enough? mbieseck MRSmithAP In other news, the AP answers the question as to whether it leans left or right. Good night that's more spin than a Sampras backhand

mbieseck MRSmithAP If she were mormon this would be the least of their complaints. Not allowed to have belief in this country anymore even though we're 70% Christian. Media has lost touch mbieseck MRSmithAP Nice try, you hacks. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is not weird!!! It is only weird to people who dont know the Word of God....the Bible....which absolutely presents the man as the head of his family. It the new normal (actually abnormal!)...that has women leading and men following!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Perfect! Is this a complaint? mbieseck MRSmithAP Nearly all religious and many secular families consider the husband the head of the household. That’s not controversial. mbieseck MRSmithAP So...she's Christian? mbieseck MRSmithAP We are tho mbieseck MRSmithAP Enough FILLTHATSEATNOW

mbieseck MRSmithAP The religious persecution begins. Rag of a news organization. Biden touted as devout Catholic by his party so Is he a problem? No and neither are Catholics on court right now. mbieseck MRSmithAP When a non-Christian doesn't understand the interpretation. If you want someone to explain it, just ask. It's not what you're attempting to twist it into. You are all becoming quite the persecutors.

mbieseck MRSmithAP This just in AP stands pole smoking fajots. mbieseck MRSmithAP just block... so done with fake trash news mbieseck MRSmithAP Is it not... right? That a Man should be head of the family and support the rest? 🤔 Protect and provide for them..? Seems weird to think otherwise. I know I wouldn't feel like a MAN if I was being supported by my wife and kids..I would have to get out and work.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Media, enemy of the people. mbieseck MRSmithAP Somehow ... I am under the impression, that AP would never print something like this if it was about Ilhan Omar or Islam in general. But I am probebly wrong. mbieseck MRSmithAP I think atheists wrote this. mbieseck MRSmithAP None of the heathens working at the AP understand orthodox Christianity, do they?

mbieseck MRSmithAP God is giving the husband a greater instruction to love her and lay his life down for her. This article is way off in what that scripture talks about. mbieseck MRSmithAP IlhanMN , Congresswoman from Minnesota, has close ties to an Islamic oraganization that holds men are divinely ordained as the 'head” of the family.

mbieseck MRSmithAP If that's her belief, so be it. mbieseck MRSmithAP Are you hiring high school students from Berkeley California to be reporters? Dude there's no religious or ethnic test to be a Supreme Court Justice. Maybe you should consider hiring college graduates in the future. No credibility you lost it

mbieseck MRSmithAP How is this controversial? She's a Catholic. What did you expect and why is this wrong for her life? If a woman declared she was part of a religion that made THEM the divine head of family, feminists wouldn't bat an eye. mbieseck MRSmithAP To submit is a matter of respect. Not a subservient thing. In scripture that follows, God instructs HUSBANDS to love their wife like Christ loves his church. Which are the believers. He have his life for all of us.

mbieseck MRSmithAP ohh that explains why she was on the driver seat instead of her husband mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah... So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Are u kidding me. Man U people will do or say anything for an abortion mbieseck MRSmithAP And just like that, joins the war against faith & religion. The media & their atheist overlords mock people of faith, mock the bible & scorn believers in a country founded on the principle of freedom of religion. How did we come to this? The MSM is the enemy of the people.

mbieseck MRSmithAP AmyConeyBarrett is going to be an outstanding Supreme Court Judge! mbieseck MRSmithAP The Truth is a Bi-otch sometimes... Take it up with God ! mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP When Christians get all Christianie, Christians can count on the AP to point out the obvious. In other news, the AP reports that sky blue and water, yes folks it’s true, wet.

mbieseck MRSmithAP “Charismatic Christian group” Really? Every Christian believes men are the head of the family. Do you know Muslims believe the same thing too? mbieseck MRSmithAP She's hot too. mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s in the Bible and a very misunderstood concept in secular thinking. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes the man is the head of the household.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this The Babylon Bee? mbieseck MRSmithAP 1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Source: the bible🤯 mbieseck MRSmithAP And?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh my goodness, they hold orthodox Christian views, how dare they. mbieseck MRSmithAP Another religious fanatic. USA still living in archaic religious times. Poor USA women...... 🤔 Moreover, Amy Coney Barrett will strip off the Affordable Healthcare Act. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is news? I thought AP was above overt editorializing under the guise of news?

mbieseck MRSmithAP What in the actual fckery is this article/headline? mbieseck MRSmithAP SUBJUGATED ?.....UM, YOU DO KNOW SHE IS A JUDGE,,........RIGHT? mbieseck MRSmithAP You've never heard of the Bible? mbieseck MRSmithAP If that is what you're going off of, then you should know it's widely present in every Christian community. It's in the Bible along with children honoring their Mothers, and Fathers. Makes sense too. When there's two Adults making family decisions one must decide. It's faith.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Open a bible. Read the Word regarding marriage: Ephesians 5:22-33 This is for ALL Christian faiths ✝️ Believers understand this. Please educate yourselves as to not be ignorant and insulting. We pray you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. mbieseck MRSmithAP The Bible says the husband should be head to his wife as Christ is head to the church. (In other words he should be willing to DIE FOR HER). Being the head of the family doesn’t mean being in charge. It means loving, teaching, sacrificing, nourishing and cherishing. It’s a duty.

mbieseck MRSmithAP God bless her and her integrity. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ready for the ratio party! mbieseck MRSmithAP Interesting she believes in applying the Bible as it’s written to her life and also believes the constitution applies as it as it is written. mbieseck MRSmithAP MockingbirdMedia EnemyOfThePeople

mbieseck MRSmithAP I ❤ my man being the head of my family. I try my best to be the heart. We work together as partners. We're not the same. We're different from each other. And we love us for who we are. Married for 41 years. mbieseck MRSmithAP Doesn’t that already make her compromised as a judge? Who is really making the decision? Her husband?

mbieseck MRSmithAP ...and the smears begin mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Ilhan Omar mbieseck MRSmithAP There's no religious test for SCOTUS. If she's confirmed, it will be because she is a constitutionalist, as she should be for that position. You FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople hacks would be the first to scream if she was Muslim & anyone complained about her faith being incompatible

mbieseck MRSmithAP Of course men are the head of household... mbieseck MRSmithAP Well deserved ratio. mbieseck MRSmithAP Grasping at straws. Lots of legitimate legal rulings reasons to go after her mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, here's a surprise for ya. Anyone who professes to believe the Bible believes that very thing. I mean, its written there. Duh.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Is that the best you could scrape up? mbieseck MRSmithAP Um....the Bible? Which has reduced her to merely being nominated to the SCOTUS. Do you people even think before putting out a hit piece? Or do you just figure that your readers are stupid? mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh MY GOD! Oh the humanity. I’m literally like shaking now. O M G

mbieseck MRSmithAP There is one here in Augusta, GA. They are called the Alleluia Community. They are an Ecumenical Christian community. Two of the most wonderful people in my life were in it before they passed. We have 2 who are members of our church. One of them was a handmaiden, a lady Leader. mbieseck MRSmithAP trying so hard. Good try. Yeah definitely good try 🤷🏻‍♂️

mbieseck MRSmithAP I mean, if treating your husband as the head of the family leads you to a nomination to the Supreme Court.... ....Perhaps more women should consider what this Christian group has to say? mbieseck MRSmithAP They are mbieseck MRSmithAP AP needs to be dismantled and torn down. PRAVDA

mbieseck MRSmithAP This should go without saying, but stop trying to report on things you couldn’t possibly understand, like the Bible for example... mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah? And? mbieseck MRSmithAP Hire her yesterday ! There has been a war on men for years ! mbieseck MRSmithAP The Law & Christianity are to different things! She had STATED she will not mix the two!

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what Do you criticize ANY other Supreme Court justices faith! Shame on you AP anti- religious anti-American machine. Crap mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking news, turns out there are already 5 of these so-called 'Catholics' on the Supreme Court. mbieseck MRSmithAP You obviously have no clue. Always a good day to be Catholic.

mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m not surprised. mbieseck MRSmithAP You worship at the altar of murder of Innocents! Get thee behind!! mbieseck MRSmithAP For the Left; Politics is religion. So they think your religion is your politics. Classic. mbieseck MRSmithAP Men should be the head of the family. mbieseck MRSmithAP Andddd..... what?

mbieseck MRSmithAP O mbieseck MRSmithAP M mbieseck MRSmithAP G mbieseck MRSmithAP Gee, imagine a Christian listening to the Word of God as it was spoken through Saint Paul. Huh. 🤔 mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP How terrible! Now, let’s all go abort some babies! mbieseck MRSmithAP Amy Coney Barrett was part of a 7th circuit court that engaged in case-fixing against pro se litigants whose constitutional and civil rights were being violated - many of them blacks; even punishing them with attorney fees. Judge Richard A Posner retired because of it. Look it up

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, traditional family values, beautiful mbieseck MRSmithAP Biden didn’t care that his supporters murdered Aaron Jay Danielson. mbieseck MRSmithAP Almost sounds like Islam eh mbieseck MRSmithAP So she’s a Christian? mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh my are so freaking biased.Owned by Democrats 🙄

mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is journalism mbieseck MRSmithAP I heard the group also believes “ thou shall love your neighbor” Forget that, not controversial enough mbieseck MRSmithAP Hate to burst your bubble, that's what every 'Christian group' believes, because God's word says so. Has nothing to do with what we 'hold' to be true. God's word isn't impacted on iota by what you or I believe.

mbieseck MRSmithAP In a journey of two people,there must be a leader to have a clear path and direction. mbieseck MRSmithAP You should be ashamed! This group has millions of members!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Many Christians have that view. mbieseck MRSmithAP Damn we thought it was just abortion about to go this bitch is gonna take down the 19th amendment

mbieseck MRSmithAP Um...Jews think the same thing. If RGB was a real Jew, she would agree. So does the IRS, hence ‘head of the household’ designation was is traditionally meant for the husband working as mom too care of the home. mbieseck MRSmithAP well at least you didn't say 'radical' Christian group. You saying that men can't be 'head' of the family?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Okay, cool, ap. Now do Ilhan. Tell us more about some of the members of her 'group.' mbieseck MRSmithAP So that explains why she is a Judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals and about to be confirmed to the Highest Court in the United States...... her husband “told” her to! I can’t take the AP seriously anymore, what a bunch of hypocritical numbnuts!!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP has a man as CEO, they must be a misogynist cult! mbieseck MRSmithAP Remember women can do what they want, so don’t you get all hypocritical on telling women what to do now lol.. mbieseck MRSmithAP Thanks for wasting my time. You suck hard. mbieseck MRSmithAP Well I’m really shocked that he’s letting her work outside the house and even be considered for supreme court justice. Do you think it’s really him that’s gonna be the justice and she’s just a front? Will she have to check with him before every ruling?

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP In other words she is a Catholic mbieseck MRSmithAP Top three groups of people who are pieces of shit: 1. The liberal media who will try to tear this good person down 2. The Democrats who will try to tear this good person down 3. Supporters of the above mbieseck MRSmithAP Why is Christianity the only religion that you attack?

mbieseck MRSmithAP The really funny thing is that the AP probably thought the public would see that as a bad thing. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ephesians 5:21-23 “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. 22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.”

mbieseck MRSmithAP Here comes to the rescue. has gone from a legitimate news source to a news operation that doesn’t realize it has become the TheBabylonBee without the sense of humor. mbieseck MRSmithAP 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait unti the AP hears that this country was founded on Christian values.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Does this group also believe women should aspire to be on the SCOTUS? How modern. mbieseck MRSmithAP Seriously? This is news? What does this have to do,with her qualifications to serve on the court. How idiotic mbieseck MRSmithAP Talking about religion👇 mbieseck MRSmithAP 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 The good thing is that we who know the bible see immediately your attempt to make it appear a “cult-thing”. It is biblical Ephesians 5:23. All Christians know that.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The Activist Media, a.k.a. Marketing arm of the Democrat party....predictably and desperately tries to slander our next Supreme Court Justice mbieseck MRSmithAP Always quite hilarious when people use a section of a persons faiths ideology to try to tear them down without having any idea whatsoever what they are actually talking about. No context whatsoever and no understanding of scripture. “As Christ loves the church and gave himself..”

mbieseck MRSmithAP Men ARE the ordained heads of the family. Next you’re going to have a headline saying that water is wet or that summer is hot... mbieseck MRSmithAP Yep, that’s correct. Read God’s word. mbieseck MRSmithAP Why can't men be divinely ordained as the head of the family? Is that supposed to be bad?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Mutual respect mbieseck MRSmithAP Islam? mbieseck MRSmithAP God who cares. mbieseck MRSmithAP Is she muslim? What does this article want to achieve? I'm so confused. Maybe I care too much about facts. mbieseck MRSmithAP As opposed to head of witch's coven and voodoo honeymoons?

mbieseck MRSmithAP And somehow that didn't stop her from being nominated to become one of the most powerful people in the United States. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 mbieseck MRSmithAP Well you can't have 2 heads just like you can't have 2 presidents and you can't have a functioning family with 2 calling the shots.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And? She's got a great career ahead of her with a man, who cooks most of the meals. I think it's being misinterpreted, Schocking I know...😱 mbieseck MRSmithAP You're playing right into Trump's hands... Look at your ratio. The country isn't LA/NYC. This slander of a respected woman based on Christianity is not a route you should go down.. Majority of this country still identifies as Christian. Your move, though.

mbieseck MRSmithAP SO mbieseck MRSmithAP HotepJesus is right. There is a war on families. mbieseck MRSmithAP This may come as a shock to you, but Mormons--they believe that the Father is the head of the family. mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop lying. You people are pathetic mbieseck MRSmithAP I thought this was America, where you are free to practice your beliefs any way you wish, free from the insincere, incredulous, scrutiny of the perpetually offended Uber Libs, and the constantly butthurt...

mbieseck MRSmithAP I will enjoy revisiting these tweets when a Muslim is eventually nominated. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ohhhh ziiiing!!! I bet MRSmithAP has ordained her 10 cats as head of household. mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP She's a proud Christian. Good. mbieseck MRSmithAP She drives

mbieseck MRSmithAP Clowns 🤡 mbieseck MRSmithAP Muslim? mbieseck MRSmithAP So proud of their ignorance mbieseck MRSmithAP What’s you’re point here ? mbieseck MRSmithAP Your simply vermin... mbieseck MRSmithAP Have you heard what Muslims do to their women? The fact that she has such a successful career tells me she isn't one who believes in being under a man's thumb.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Does she really think she can do a man's job? mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s literally every Christian group that believes the Bible mbieseck MRSmithAP It's called the word of God...the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP Don’t be stupid mbieseck MRSmithAP She read the Bible! Is this article sort of like stoning? Is she a heretic to the dogma of the far left?

mbieseck MRSmithAP And the smear campaign continues mbieseck MRSmithAP In the Bible God says that too! mbieseck MRSmithAP They are the head of the family IF you BELIEVE the BIBLE & I do by the way. If you don’t that’s on you! Last I checked it was still a free country. mbieseck MRSmithAP This is the best y’all got? 🥴

mbieseck MRSmithAP And yet she’s still a federal court judge and raising her children...such a terrible choice. Maybe AOC would be better...better yet Ilhan Omar, oh wait she may be getting arrested soon...lol mbieseck MRSmithAP The Associated Press, traditionally a “news” outlet, has chosen to nitpick the religious faith of the wonderful Catholic woman Amy Coney Barrett who has a traditional marriage.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ilhan married her brother, committed immigration fraud and is currently committing voter fraud but yeah lets go with this. mbieseck MRSmithAP She drove her entire family to her nomination, broze. In a minivan. Why didn't the divinely ordained head of the family do that? mbieseck MRSmithAP Awesome!! She’s the real deal!

mbieseck MRSmithAP The absolute shock that people believe in a traditional marriage. 😱 Seriously, most normal people in normal relationships feel that men lead the house. Its nothing new or abnormal. mbieseck MRSmithAP So she believes in what is written in the Bible. THE CONSPIRACY!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Do you know how many tens of millions of people in this country agree with her on that?

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is when we turn to the other cheek Cra5hD mbieseck MRSmithAP That's a pretty long-winded way to say, 'she's a Bible-believing Catholic'... But, you know, you do you..... mbieseck MRSmithAP That's literally any Christian religion.😑 weak try again. How does Islam treat their women? Checkmate

mbieseck MRSmithAP If two consenting adults agree that a man should lead a relationship how is that different than any 24/7 BDSM couples? mbieseck MRSmithAP No se dan cuenta que se contradicen? mbieseck MRSmithAP Read your tweet again...omg mbieseck MRSmithAP Grin and Barrett mbieseck MRSmithAP 🚨🚨BREAKING🚨🚨 People think men are “head” of household.

mbieseck MRSmithAP A novel concept that only recently emerged in the actual BIBLE. mbieseck MRSmithAP I was a Catholic child attending Catholic schools until every church session was about their finances & how the parishioners weren’t giving enough! This was an affluent parish where the nuns & priests had color TV’s before their parishioners had them! I was done!

mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s literally written in the Bible and is a basic tenet of Christianity. Ephesians 5:23 and 1 Corinthians 11:3. Why is the AP trying to make this extreme? mbieseck MRSmithAP Here for the ratio about this religiously ignorant and bigoted take mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are the head but as Maria Portokalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) clearly explains - the women are the neck holding the head upright.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Perhaps most bizarrely - a majority of the tweets about this piece are from people identifying as Christians and shocked we find this fucking nuts. Nor do they seem to appreciate the SCOTUS implications in a secular society. mbieseck MRSmithAP Based mbieseck MRSmithAP So, she’s a devout Christian. Good job, y’all. You figured it out. Congratulations. Smh. Idiots

mbieseck MRSmithAP YAWN. You don’t realize you are irrelevant, do you? mbieseck MRSmithAP You guys working on an Ilhan Omar story? Course not... democrat propaganda org... isn’t the press. Doing some Goebbels like heavy lifting for the democrats. mbieseck MRSmithAP My favorite part of the men being the head of the household is when he stays home with the kids while his wife is confirmed as a SC justice

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what ? Are you married to her? mbieseck MRSmithAP And this is bad how? mbieseck MRSmithAP The most stupid tweet mbieseck MRSmithAP AP doing the far-left media thing lol mbieseck MRSmithAP They're not? mbieseck MRSmithAP Is AP anti Christian? mbieseck MRSmithAP Duh.... This really up for debate? Notice she said men and not little mama boys with feels and vague wishes. MEN... yes lead their families and that includes thier wives.....👏 🙌 ❤ 👏

mbieseck MRSmithAP the horror. 🥱 mbieseck MRSmithAP TheBabylonBee didn’t you write something like this just yesterday? mbieseck MRSmithAP Literally every Christian group mbieseck MRSmithAP AP another propaganda. mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s a Roman Catholic Christian who belongs to a group that believes the Bible. And the New Testament teaches the male is the head of the family. But they also believe in the Proverbs 31. So the ‘news’ shouldn’t be cherry-picking facts to distort her beliefs and smear her.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Anti-Christian bigotry. mbieseck MRSmithAP FYI, even the most liberal progressive women tend to marry breadwinners. It's evolutionary, for men to be a provider of resources. mbieseck MRSmithAP So a she’s a member of a Christian group that holds Christians values as derived from the Bible of the family structure. Come on this is a pointless article.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Try reading the Bible some time. mbieseck MRSmithAP What is this? Religious persecution mbieseck MRSmithAP Why is that controversial, it’s key Christian orthodoxy. mbieseck MRSmithAP Why do you hate men so much? mbieseck MRSmithAP Trump 2020!!! KAG!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow, I wonder what book that’s from!? 🙄 It doesn’t mean you’re a slave it means he leads his family in Christ by example.

mbieseck MRSmithAP They are the head of the family or God would have created Eve first and Adam could have babies and eat from the apple. Yall need Jesus! mbieseck MRSmithAP Here we go. The democratic party media is coming again. mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow she must be so objectified mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, kinda like it says in the Bible? You know, the book our grandparents loved and followed?

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is disgusting anti-Catholic rhetoric mbieseck MRSmithAP Cool, now do Muslims. mbieseck MRSmithAP They are mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no! What will we do? mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s like no one in journalism has ever opened a Bible. Truly amazing. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ooooohhhhh mbieseck MRSmithAP what's wrong with that? They are.

mbieseck MRSmithAP My dad was the head of our household.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ we all survived. mbieseck MRSmithAP You know who else is apart of that group. The Pope. mbieseck MRSmithAP So she’s a catholic? mbieseck MRSmithAP Those teachings aren't secret and the complementary nature of the husband and wife relationship is hardly controversial

mbieseck MRSmithAP 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP You must think we're all dumb SHE'S A NOMINEE FOR A SEAT ON THE SUPREME COURT Pretty sure she thinks for herself unlike a certain writer for AP How about writing about the Biden scandal, Ilhan Omar voting scandal, you know, real news mbieseck MRSmithAP This is the Associated Press folks. Blatantly spreading Democrat propaganda.

mbieseck MRSmithAP A Christian group that follows the teachings of the Bible? Oh the humanity. This must be utterly shocking to everyone. mbieseck MRSmithAP Why is that even in quotes? mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean like Muslims do? mbieseck MRSmithAP And look at what ACB has accomplished by being in a relationship with a man who is serving as a strong leader to his family. What exactly is the straw you are grasping at, AP?

mbieseck MRSmithAP I have no problem With that. Bite me mbieseck MRSmithAP Well that's just insanity how dare a man be head of the family. 😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP You think thats bad? They also believe you should love your neighbor! Have you seen my neighbor? He works for The AP. Hard to love those out to sow hate.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Tried to click your link too many pop up ads ... what happened to fair and balanced reporting !? You are so out in left field NO one but true koolaid drinkers believe or listen to a thing you say! Proud?! mbieseck MRSmithAP Since when do you spell “evil” as “charismatic?” mbieseck MRSmithAP The media is shit.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Um...... that IS what the Bible does say. Does not mean that the man doesn't respect his wife however he IS the head of the house under God's law. mbieseck MRSmithAP And as the Greeks say... The women are the 'neck' and can turn the head any way they want. So.... 🙅 mbieseck MRSmithAP And? In my household I am the sole breadwinner, my wife CHOOSES to stay home (solo), so what’s the problem?

mbieseck MRSmithAP CLARIFICATION: Bible suggests what women who chose to marry a man and/or raise children with, that you should select a mate that you respect. This is being misconstrued to say Bible says to blindly follow a dirtbag, which is doesnt. mbieseck MRSmithAP Now please comment on Ilhan religion. Please. I dare you!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Who cares. mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, we know who the atheist are. Good job AP at being xenophobic. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yas we K N O W ugh isn’t she the B E S T slay kween mbieseck MRSmithAP Just wait until the ap finds out what other religions think of women. mbieseck MRSmithAP Really it showed how she controlled the household and drove to the airport how much that bs is true.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh for the love of God sthu. My mother & father were deeply religious she had 6 children and many fosters, usually at least three at any given time. She was a teacher, went to school got her Doctorate. My mom was the boss and adored my father. mbieseck MRSmithAP She would be such horrible model for young girls, wouldn’t she? Highly successful career, marriage, family..., but we are offended(?) by not being ‘a head of the family’? That’s just empty ego, that’s not what we thrive for.

mbieseck MRSmithAP is anti-Christian mbieseck MRSmithAP GTFO out of here with charismatic, AP mbieseck MRSmithAP Your trying to tell me a working mother of 7 is some kind of crazy Christian with backwards beliefs about women and their roll in society? mbieseck MRSmithAP You guys are tabloid trash .

mbieseck MRSmithAP Which is true mbieseck MRSmithAP Who's gunna tell them? mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow what a revelation, no not what you think, the revelation that the ignorance of the biblical views from journactivists mbieseck MRSmithAP Umm Ephesians 5. You may as well say that all normal Christians believe this. Sooo extreme.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So, she’s a Christian then? Wow. Big shocker. What does Ilhan Omar’s religion think about women? mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking News: ACB, a Christian, believes what the Bible says. Shocker. not mbieseck MRSmithAP Uh, pretty much all Christians believe this. It's Ephesians 5:22-28. Biblical family structure 101 really.

mbieseck MRSmithAP That is Christian dogma for every Believer who adheres to the Bible. It doesn’t stop a wife and mother from having a career that leads her to the Supreme Court, now does it? mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s how it’s always been till the world went nuts.. divorces and single mom/dad homes, I give you the rioter & looters. Also when spanking your child went out the window.

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP And? mbieseck MRSmithAP So... mbieseck MRSmithAP Clearly the facts don’t match this headline. Just another sick twisted attack from the enemy of the people. mbieseck MRSmithAP Amen mbieseck MRSmithAP This is most Christians. mbieseck MRSmithAP So mbieseck MRSmithAP Uh, yeah. And?


mbieseck MRSmithAP Umm that's scripture so what's the big deal? mbieseck MRSmithAP Husbands and Wives are Equal. Their roles are different. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ooooo sounds familiar. Ohh that’s right...it’s the same Christian theology our founders lived by. mbieseck MRSmithAP WOW! You've just discovered the Bible!!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Don’t really care. mbieseck MRSmithAP This Christian groups so bad they oppressed a women right to the Supreme Court... hahaha do liberals ever stop and think about how stupid they are. mbieseck MRSmithAP (They are.) mbieseck MRSmithAP I think IRS uses this too; called head of household.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Well maybe just ordained by Charles Darwin of that's your thing... mbieseck MRSmithAP Fake bullshit mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG! A Christian!!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP If you believe in God, he has ordained the husband to be protector and provider. The wife is to support her husband and run the household. Women are free to work, admonished to be wise.

mbieseck MRSmithAP It's not going to work AP mbieseck MRSmithAP You mean...she's a Judeo/Christian? mbieseck MRSmithAP This is literally all of Christianity. And it is the truth. mbieseck MRSmithAP The smear machine at work. Let's say she has ties to the group. She could disagree with that sentiment. Or agree. Either way, that's the best you got?! Can't wait for the confirmation.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Beautiful story, love reading how she overcame all these suppressive odds and is on her way to the supreme court. God bless America mbieseck MRSmithAP Here's 100 Bible verses about just that mbieseck MRSmithAP That group’s name? Christianity. mbieseck MRSmithAP That's litterly in the Bible and a foundational Belief of the Christan faith. It doesn't mean or imply that the woman is less equal. Just means the Man should be held responsible for the home. Aka 'The nuclear family' model. The most successful family model period.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, thats how it works mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow. If you haven’t read or studied a Bible, you probably shouldn’t say anything. Your headline sounds extremely ignorant. mbieseck MRSmithAP So the Catholic Church subjugates women? I think not - and neither does the rest of mainstream Christianity. This is a horrible bigoted antichristian story.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Will you be doing Islam and Mohammad next? mbieseck MRSmithAP Right... Totally reminds of that time in HandmaidsTale where the mom flies the kids & husband to her new Scotus job in DC... mbieseck MRSmithAP AP....nothing but the news. Fair and Balanced. 🤮 mbieseck MRSmithAP Many religions believe the man is the head of the household. Baptist’s, probably Islam, etc. this is not news.

mbieseck MRSmithAP “Hear that woman? The Supreme Court says I’m the king of this castle! Now go get me a beer!” mbieseck MRSmithAP Given that she will now hold one of the most important positions in our country, it’s to make the case that Christianity and the promotion of a traditional family structure are oppressive in any way

mbieseck MRSmithAP It's so funny when the 'tolerant' left is shocked and appalled that people might have different views than they do. Religion has been a thing for a while now, cupcake. And unless you can show me an example of her violating someone's rights, I don't care how she lives her life. mbieseck MRSmithAP So what?🙄

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh wow. She holds traditional views. Wow. What a game changer. Oh my goodness. Such scandal. Such intrigue. mbieseck MRSmithAP Fuck the mbieseck MRSmithAP What disqualifies her to the Democrats and media is when she said, 'I love the United States and I love the Constitution.' mbieseck MRSmithAP This is Biblical Christianity.

mbieseck MRSmithAP How dare anyone have traditional family values! mbieseck MRSmithAP You know you are talking about potential supreme justice, right? Is how patriarchy looks like? mbieseck MRSmithAP Narrator: that’s a basic Christian teaching. mbieseck MRSmithAP Someone hasn't read the Bible, and it shows....

mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? mbieseck MRSmithAP mmmmmm she is the one that is going to be the judge, be the judge of that you asshats. mbieseck MRSmithAP Geez AP, is that all you got? mbieseck MRSmithAP In what world it is right for Amy C. to go around lobbying for the job before Ginsburg is even put to rest? Would she want to be treated like this? Do unto other as you would have them do unto you. Think of her children and grandkids. AmyConeyBarrett you dishonor yourself.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And your point mbieseck MRSmithAP And according to AP, Reuters and many news orgs, about all she has ever done in her life is be a handmaiden. We deserve a qualified nominee, who has served on the Federal bench, been a law professor or at least clerked for a Supreme Court justice. Know where we can find one?

mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s like an addiction. You just can’t help yourself. mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP is terrified of our soon to be new Justice to SCOTUS mbieseck MRSmithAP All working women Atheist Secular Religious ...must have a voice! Free of discrimination 😡 Choice means all choices Single Married Kids It’s all protected by our laws 1A ECOA FCRA Title VII Civil Rights Act

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP propandists. How far low a once reputable news organization has gone...... mbieseck MRSmithAP Charismatic Christian group? She's Catholic. again exposes their bigotry. mbieseck MRSmithAP Why doesn't ap do a story on the LACK of fathers in the homes that is DESTROYING Families in OUR USA AND find out WHY this has been happening and INCREASED during the obummer/ole joe dynasty?

mbieseck MRSmithAP REEEEEEEEEEEE mbieseck MRSmithAP You are not only ignorant but completely full of BS. The 'head' of the family is not meant to be the boss. It is a term used to show the man is to show leadership in the way he acts, treats his family & people, etc. I feel sorry for people like you, lost.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Come on men, Fake news ap . Where is Hunter Biden? mbieseck MRSmithAP Another stone added to the road leading toward an American theocracy. Start shitting your pants now! mbieseck MRSmithAP Ex-Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale knocked to the ground to end standoff, body camera footage shows..

mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP has ties to Pedophiles🤠🤠🤠 mbieseck MRSmithAP God's order is not just that men are head of the family but head of the woman, and this must be respected. 'But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.' 1 Cor.11:3 KJV

mbieseck MRSmithAP Literally in the Bible, friends. Yall should read something other than “Teen Vogue”. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ummm read Ephesians much!? mbieseck MRSmithAP AND? mbieseck MRSmithAP Do u say this about Pelosi and biden. Imagine a republican saying this about a Democrat. mbieseck MRSmithAP Based

mbieseck MRSmithAP It's a win-win for trump, she's gets affirmed , trump is putting womans right forward , she isnt affirmed, trump says see I nominated her BUT the Senate said no , not my fault. He gets the guy he always wanted in the end mbieseck MRSmithAP So then why isn't her husband the SCOTUS nom? Why is he 'letting her accept the nom? Your story doesn't hold water.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Cool mbieseck MRSmithAP If only we knew of a corrupt politician whose son took millions of dollars from Russia and China that was also Catholic... mbieseck MRSmithAP Good for her, that's some sound biblical teaching. BLOCK CUZ YA CRAY-CRAY 👋 mbieseck MRSmithAP So that means any kind or dare I say chivalrous act like opening a door for a woman is considered subjugation. All of you WOKE people a very lonely and angry people trying to project your misery on the rest of society! Your all BROKEN and don’t even know it, that’s very sad!

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is not a bad thing. FakeNews gonna Fake mbieseck MRSmithAP This just in: she is in fact christian mbieseck MRSmithAP Well you convinced me I guess I will denounce her as a SC justice and vote for Biden. MSM stupid 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡. mbieseck MRSmithAP “Charismatic” they want you to think cult-like. “Subjugates women” ACB was subjugated to be a Supreme Court Justice. How dare her husband! FakeNews SCOTUS

mbieseck MRSmithAP Gooooooo Amy goooooooo mbieseck MRSmithAP Associated Press is pathetic mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP So! mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s not from a Christian group. That’s the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP It’s called Christianity, ya heathen bastids. mbieseck MRSmithAP You're trying too hard to besmirch her. It is evident you are grasping.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Is that what you have ? is just embarrassing itself mbieseck MRSmithAP And...be careful with Faith...Democrats you have been warned mbieseck MRSmithAP That‘s all you got. SAD mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Stop the smears. mbieseck MRSmithAP Have you all discovered that Superman is really Clark Kent?

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP I guess it's hard to understand patriarchy when you've been claiming it for everything under the sun that offends you. It's a rather old idea that most religions have adopted. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh you mean every Christian family ever? That’s not what you think it means. But you wouldn’t know since any religion is a foreign concept to you people.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Brought to you by the overzealous marxist group that holds citizens will swallow their constant bullcrap mbieseck MRSmithAP Um, you mean Christianity? mbieseck MRSmithAP Charismatic Christian group? Going for the “cult” spin are we? Don’t forget that she also belongs to another group that has her wearing black robes!

mbieseck MRSmithAP I dunno. I see no reason why a professor at law and a 7th district judge cannot discharge the duties of the Supreme Court honestly and faithfully, regardless of being Catholic. mbieseck MRSmithAP Amazing how a Democrat’s faith is played up as an asset but if it’s a conservative who has faith = handmaiden. It’s not just TDS...it’s complete leftist derangement. It’s truly a sight to see.

mbieseck MRSmithAP This is what the bible says. Try reading it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ mbieseck MRSmithAP And the husband must love his wife as Christ loves the church. Jesus died for the church! mbieseck MRSmithAP You do know she’s a Judge ... right? She’s no ones “hey girl.” Journalism is dead... mbieseck MRSmithAP Just put “we hate Christians” in your description already.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And...you dont even know what that means, let alone why it's a good part of the Christian marriage paradigm. So you're trying to freak other people ignorant to it out. mbieseck MRSmithAP I don't care about how many kids she has or what her religion is. I care about can she keep her faith and decision making separate. Don't consult your God when it comes to the decisions a woman makes about her body. Don't use the Supreme Court 2 legislate your faith unto us.

mbieseck MRSmithAP What the hell is wrong with you? mbieseck MRSmithAP And? 🥱 Stop trying to destroy the nuclear family. In America, we are still free to form our families hierarchy however we see fit. This isn’t news. mbieseck MRSmithAP Strange place the US. Where religiously oppressed woman become Supreme Justices and racist white people elect a black president twice. Wake up Woke people.

mbieseck MRSmithAP This the best you come up with? mbieseck MRSmithAP And the head of house hold holds the wife at a higher standard as written! mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, we already know that. Next... mbieseck MRSmithAP So her husband becomes a Justice? Or does she have him review and sign off on all her rulings? I'm confused. Maybe we should have just nominated him, 2 for 1.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Your bias is showing. Since when do you guys publish opinion pieces? mbieseck MRSmithAP I am not in that particular Christian group, but I do believe my husband is the head of my family. Yes, it does work quite well with Christ as our center strand. mbieseck MRSmithAP God created Adam first and then Eve

mbieseck MRSmithAP Has ANYONE at the Associated Press ever read the Bible? How about the Koran? Your ignorance of the Scripture is glaring. mbieseck MRSmithAP In other words, she's a normal Christian who believes in the Bible. Thanks for the reminder. mbieseck MRSmithAP Have you nincompoops ever read the Bible?

mbieseck MRSmithAP All these women retain their own freewill under God. mbieseck MRSmithAP You realize people have been over the fake news for a while ? 🤣 Other than those still living in fear because they haven’t change the channel 👀 mbieseck MRSmithAP I can't believe AP allowed this. Fire anyone involved. Anyone at AP investigating Islam's beliefs? Will not be taking this 'news' outlet serious, now.

mbieseck MRSmithAP A woman’s place is in the kitchen mbieseck MRSmithAP Me too! It’s called Christianity the religion that has brought more women and poor out of second class status. Read the book - it’s a best seller called the Bible! mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m a millennial and yes I believe the man is the head of the household and he shall lead his family. I don’t find anything wrong with that.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Good thing she is a christian. Otherwise, attacking her religious beliefs would be wrong. mbieseck MRSmithAP My God she escaped the kitchen, how did she ever do that? mbieseck MRSmithAP Men are the head of the family. What’s the problem? mbieseck MRSmithAP So you’re invalidating a successful woman?

mbieseck MRSmithAP They are the head of the family, according to the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP Hmmm, they must have studied the Bible. InJoy Life -(- mbieseck MRSmithAP So her husband commanded her to be a federal judge, Notre dame law professor and a supreme court nominee... got it mbieseck MRSmithAP Holy cow! Are you serious? What a cult! Lol, really guys? Are y’all just now discovering Christianity? Or Islam for that matter? Or Judaism? The nuclear family really just chaps y’all’s ass.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? mbieseck MRSmithAP Good hell, can these stupid liberals not come up with anything better than the woman promotes the patriarchy? The dems are so desperate. mbieseck MRSmithAP Feminism: We believe women should be respected and believed only when they agree with us. mbieseck MRSmithAP

mbieseck MRSmithAP It is quite a natural pattern. Relax and go with the grain of the universe! mbieseck MRSmithAP So, she’s a Christian then... mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s what the Bible says! My goodness. It doesn’t mean we treat them disrespectfully. It means we are to lead spiritually. Crazy. mbieseck MRSmithAP Funny because in her speech she described her and her husband as a team! I sensed zero superiority. And...she drove the fam to the airport. She’s not some subservient woman. No way.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP needs to remove this article. Talk about her record not her faith. If you aren’t a student of scripture just leave it alone. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yay!! Attacking people for their faith! I remember a time when this wasn’t ok. mbieseck MRSmithAP NOTHING will stop her from being sworn in as our new Supreme Court Justice. At this point, those of use who support realDonaldTrump will not be swayed by any of your yellow journalism. Not religious attacks, tax drama, lying paid whores, CORONA insanity, nothing. NotoriousACB

mbieseck MRSmithAP And they behead nonbelievers too right? mbieseck MRSmithAP My Word!!!! You mean she actually believes in the Bible!!! What kind of a Christian is she?!? mbieseck MRSmithAP You’re better off deleting this. mbieseck MRSmithAP Hey guys, I don’t expect that any of you have actually read the Bible, but that’s what it teaches. FakeNews

JamieRJN mbieseck MRSmithAP Excellent. I believe so too mbieseck MRSmithAP Within reason I am the same way. Old school. I have been single for many years because I never found a man smart enough in my opinion to be head of house though. 🤣 almost a quarter century since divorce. Half my life 😳 WOW

mbieseck MRSmithAP You know those taxes you all love so much? Filing forms ask you to declare a Head of Household. mbieseck MRSmithAP Just because a man may be the head of the family, doesn't mean he dictates what happens in that family. The funniest thing I ever heard was about the LDS. The men are the in charge and make all the decisions. Anyone who knows a LDS family, knows the women rule with an iron fist✊

mbieseck MRSmithAP So, even though SHE IS A WOMAN, somehow she is part of the 'Patriarchy'? That's quite a pretzel you are baking there AP. mbieseck MRSmithAP Shouldn't the head of household not be riding bitch when they drive to accept her nomination? mbieseck MRSmithAP liberal male senators must vote to confirm👩‍⚖️end patriarchal oppression🤗🙌🏼

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP = Far Left PROPAGANDA. mbieseck MRSmithAP So strange to see people not 1/10 as successful as her, say she is part of the patriarchy, etc. This woman has accomplished IT ALL. I am just impressed she can keep it all together. There are people not too much younger than her moving back in with their parents.

mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m cracking up! I’m a devout Catholic. My husband, may he Rest In Peace, was the head of our home...but I was the neck. Think on that. mbieseck MRSmithAP Bigots. Reported mbieseck MRSmithAP But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Real oppressed mbieseck MRSmithAP A patriarcal religion that has followers who believe in a patriarchal family? Imagine that. mbieseck MRSmithAP Every-single Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Buddhist-Hindi religious group regards the husband as head-of-household mbieseck MRSmithAP Wow that has to be the most RADICAL thing I've ever heard. That sounds like a real threat to humanity. oh the horror. Ohhh have Mercyy

mbieseck MRSmithAP But if we call out Muslims for the same thing, we're just Islamophobic, right? 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Poor, desperate, liberal media. Powerless to stop her. So just resort to slander and innuendo. mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait til they hear about Islam! mbieseck MRSmithAP poor Amy. all that talent and her husband doesn’t let her out of the house

mbieseck MRSmithAP How does this disqualify her from the Supreme Court? You utter hacks. mbieseck MRSmithAP And...... mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait, you mean she’s Christian? What in the world? How dare the Bible shape her beliefs. There’s no room in the world for that mbieseck MRSmithAP Patriarchal overtones exist in many world religions. You know, things like not showing ur face in public; 100 lashes for suspicion of adultry, etc., etc.

mbieseck MRSmithAP What if men are the head, and women are the heart. Nothing wrong with that. mbieseck MRSmithAP That's not charismatic. It's just what's in scripture. But I can understand why you wouldn't know that. mbieseck MRSmithAP Might want to tuck that in, AP, your bias is showing. Hacks.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And that's supposed to stop her from being on the court. Don't think so. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP So the exact opposite of RBG. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ummmm... We are. mbieseck MRSmithAP GfY 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 mbieseck MRSmithAP The fact that she is nominated for a Supreme Court seat makes this a moot point.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, that happens to be in the Bible. You can google it. Nowadays nobody takes that literally except for a few extremists. Catholics aren’t extremists last time I checked. mbieseck MRSmithAP You are not news. You are PROPAGANDA. mbieseck MRSmithAP Is it funded by the Russians per-chance, sacraments taken by Richard Spencer, rites include child sacrifice....and puppy torture?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Weirdo mbieseck MRSmithAP Is she actually confirmed to be a member or is this more anonymous sources speculating 🤔 mbieseck MRSmithAP Is it still news when the only people on earth who didn't know something are the ones reporting it? Can't wait to read your scoop about Santa. mbieseck MRSmithAP More bigotry

mbieseck MRSmithAP We literally are, its in the bible mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Congratulations, you discovered Christianity. It's only been around 2000 years or so. mbieseck MRSmithAP Thanks for your amazingly unbiased and factual insights, . ACB is clearly dominated by her husband. Looks like he keeps her barefoot and pregnant, and he ensures she has no life or success of her own... oh wait, no.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And you think this is important mbieseck MRSmithAP “Charismatic Christian group”. 🤣😂 All Christians (because we believe in the teachings of the Bible) believe that the husband is the head of the family and should lead by example. Who’s writing this stuff? mbieseck MRSmithAP This the best you got?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Journalisming mbieseck MRSmithAP So you're saying the Supreme Court should involve itself in umpiring religious matters? Does that include the pro-feminist Sharia Law? mbieseck MRSmithAP let's ask her husband mbieseck MRSmithAP Healthy well adjusted successful and focused women scare libs. Weird

mbieseck MRSmithAP so mbieseck MRSmithAP Another example of why America despises the fake news cabal mbieseck MRSmithAP She seems pretty self-motivated to me. I mean, was her hubby taking her bar exam and pushing her to clerk at SCOTUS? FFS, AP, where are your journalistic standards mbieseck MRSmithAP And....................

mbieseck MRSmithAP Hahaha. Wow you got her there. You guys are a joke. Really. That is so weak mbieseck MRSmithAP oh now what protests to alter the Mr & Mrs thing to Mrs & Mr (?) mbieseck MRSmithAP charismatic? who thought that up? mbieseck MRSmithAP So, her faith believes that but she is a judge!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Okay , time for equal opportunity smear on Omar's religion. Apparently you can marry your brother in hers. mbieseck MRSmithAP A Christian group that follows the teachings of the Bible? That sounds crazy! mbieseck MRSmithAP So mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP I can't anymore. This is stupid.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Only one comment: Article VI section 3 of the US Constitution. All the noise from the MSM is 💩 mbieseck MRSmithAP So... she's an individual with her own opinions, outside of law. Wow, what a scandal. 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP That does it, Amy Coney Barrett. Back to your godly ordained duties. No SC for you.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait, what? Are there people who don't hold to this belief? mbieseck MRSmithAP Corrupt media mbieseck MRSmithAP These attacks on Christianity are disgusting. The media showing their true form mbieseck MRSmithAP A man is the head of the family. And a woman is the heart. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ok? And?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, and ... mbieseck MRSmithAP Good, that’s what GOD set up, works for my family. mbieseck MRSmithAP ACB seems strong, career focused, over-achiever - a real shrinking violet busy cleaning the house in her bare foot mbieseck MRSmithAP Attack her religion? Gross mbieseck MRSmithAP Here we go....

mbieseck MRSmithAP Reaching... mbieseck MRSmithAP Kind of like the way the Boy Scouts of America was only for boys, right? mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh god the horror!! 🙄 mbieseck MRSmithAP Say goodbye to your healthcare, public lands and religious freedom. mbieseck MRSmithAP Dear God. The woman is clearly a witch and should be burned at the stake. She's so subjugated to the patriarchy that the highest level she can hope to attain in her professional career is the highest court in the land. The horror. Great reporting

mbieseck MRSmithAP And to think at one time was a news organization. What a joke it’s become. mbieseck MRSmithAP yes..it's called Ephesians 5 ... grow up! mbieseck MRSmithAP Well at least they’re charismatic. Who would want their group to be considered mundane? mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this the best you can do?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Generally, these groups also do not believe women are fit to hold office or positions of authority. Guess they made an exception for Carrie's mom. mbieseck MRSmithAP FakeNews mbieseck MRSmithAP oh look a ratio party.... these seem to be happening to you a lot lately :P mbieseck MRSmithAP We have freedom of religion in America, right?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Amazing. AP is so one sided. Smh mbieseck MRSmithAP Hire better journalists. mbieseck MRSmithAP someone is reaching... mbieseck MRSmithAP Keep reaching it is kind of funny mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Lets see what God's Word says about husbands being the head of the family as Christ is the head of men.....

mbieseck MRSmithAP Has nobody at AP read the Bible ever? mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG, OUTRAGEOUS!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Not true! Fake News! mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP How is this feeling right now you fucking hacks!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Men ARE divinely ordained to be the head of the family. The failure of men to be Godly leaders in - or even stay with- their families is one of the biggest reasons our culture is in decline.

mbieseck MRSmithAP My gosh, you people really need help. She’s so subservient that she’s about to become a Supreme Court Justice. mbieseck MRSmithAP And still, she is a respected and recognized legal scholar, she served as a judge (Circuit Court of Appeals) and Law Professor. Her religious beliefs seem not to have hindered her from being good at what she does in the legal field. She's entirely qualified for the position.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “Believe me, Christianity gets a lot stranger than this.” mbieseck MRSmithAP And your problem with that is.......Eph 5:23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Can u imagine no CEOs? Yeah I didn’t think so. Trump2020Landslide ConfirmACBNow

mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet it is liberal establishments like you hoping to hold her back. Strange how that works mbieseck MRSmithAP Christians who believe the Bible. We need more such Christians mbieseck MRSmithAP Christians believing in the Bible’s teachings? Whaaaaat Unheard of. mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, her husband is not the Supreme Court nominee is he? No, he probably made his own sacrifices, so that his wife has all the opportunities to advance her career. Enough with your missandry.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Would it kill you to pick up a Bible and read the New Testament regarding husbands and wives ? If more men took responsibility as leader of their households, America wouldn’t be in the shitter like it is now. (AP - religious bigots) mbieseck MRSmithAP Most religions believe that

mbieseck MRSmithAP Uh huh. Sooo...? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Cry more, libs. mbieseck MRSmithAP He's the superior yet she'll set on the *Supreme* court? What a blow to his superiority 😂😂😂 mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh my god no what will we do about that she doesn't think white people white males to be exact are the root of all evil when it's mainly Liberal racist white males that are the problem the democrat racist liberal white males to be exact

mbieseck MRSmithAP AP dropping the HAMMER.... on something that has been known for a few thousand years about Christians... stunning brave journalism mbieseck MRSmithAP As should anyone professing Christianity mbieseck MRSmithAP Biblical ignorance on parade. mbieseck MRSmithAP You view this as a bad thing because you don't understand 'headship' in the Bible. Biblical headship is about husbands who serve, sacrifice, honor, and are faithful to their wives. What woman doesn't want to be loved like that? Biblical headship is beautiful.

mbieseck MRSmithAP And what is wrong with this? mbieseck MRSmithAP And Hunter Biden has ties to a group of peopl who traffic women in Russia. But of course, zero story there. mbieseck MRSmithAP . Republican COURTS CONTROL YOUR Ideology Democrats PROTECT YOUR Democracy . mbieseck MRSmithAP Under His Eye.

mbieseck MRSmithAP For Amy to work toward the most powerful demanding & high powered career paths & then pursue the highest court in the Nation - while choosing to hyphenate her name.This is very tone deaf, but since you’re on it now let’s do Ilhan Omar’s faith! How do they feel about women? Beth_J_ mbieseck MRSmithAP And?

mbieseck MRSmithAP Bad news AP, a lot of Americans hold the same belief. More bad news AP, many different religions hold the same belief. Even more bad news AP, this is a petty, underhanded smear and you deserve whatever blowback is coming your way. mbieseck MRSmithAP So? Is there any evidence this has shown up in her legal judgments? And she’s been so oppressed that she’s only allowed to become a Judge on the SCOTUS. Terrible stuff.

mbieseck MRSmithAP For your information, God divinely ordained men as the head of the family. If you've got a problem with that, take it up with God. mbieseck MRSmithAP AP doing the bigot thing again to push their far-leftist agenda, yes you hate Christians we get it... mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet seems she has achieved more than her own husband. Mmmmm. Idiots.

mbieseck MRSmithAP 🤣🤣🤣🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP AP has lost all sense of impartiality. You used to be the one place to go to for unbiased journalism, those days are gone, you have gone the way of Newsweek, Time, and the Washington Post. Enjoy your ride. mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Well hell. If if wasn’t for that she would be queen of the world.

mbieseck MRSmithAP We’re more concerned about her taking away healthcare mbieseck MRSmithAP That the media is complicit in these attacks is disgusting mbieseck MRSmithAP A failure of the Society on third World: the dynamic of the Society some times was drived by personal points of view based on Religious Dogma. The Right way: apply the Science to Warrant the good result the People expecting. CNN DemocratPartyUS ewarren SpeakerPelosi WSJ

mbieseck MRSmithAP Fuck religion !! mbieseck MRSmithAP She's a FEDERAL JUDGE!! A CONSTITUTIONALIST! YOU GOT NUTHIN!!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP 1 Corinthians 11:3 mbieseck MRSmithAP Wait, what isn't she the head of her household? mbieseck MRSmithAP This is all you could come up with? Seriously lame guys. I thought for sure there would be sex with bunnies and dungeons and shit. Do better. Smh.

mbieseck MRSmithAP What? Can’t find anything else on her?! mbieseck MRSmithAP If you don't believe in a religion, that's your right, let her believe hers. Don't undermine her bcoz of her beliefs. the bad ligh Today if someone stood up and criticeded a muslim because of his beliefs, you'll spend the next few weeks making noise calling it religious hatred.

mbieseck MRSmithAP The Bible states men are the divinely ordained head of the family. Every Christian in history has believed this. Your absolute biblical and historical illiteracy disqualifies you from reporting about Christians. Read the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP Please refer to her as Mrs Jesse Barrett. She considers herself his property

mbieseck MRSmithAP Uh, that’s also Biblical. Which we know the left despises as much as they despise America. mbieseck MRSmithAP Ap is dead!!!!!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP Here come the baseless, made-up and disgusting attacks from lying, criminally immoral Democrats and lying, corrupt fake news media.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this the Onion? Amazingly clueless AP mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, the patriarchy really held her back. mbieseck MRSmithAP They are. mbieseck MRSmithAP HURRAY!!! mbieseck MRSmithAP but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States constitution

mbieseck MRSmithAP Democrats worship and bow at the feet of the Squad, AOC and some Muslims in it who would destroy America and Christians in this country in a heartbeat. When they condone calling the President of the United States of America a Mother F***** people need to listen, they mean you to.

mbieseck MRSmithAP But I thought this was the Handmaiden's tale.... A woman so oppressed she was nominated (and supported) for one of the most respected jobs in the country. mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s just been nominated to be a Supreme Court justice. She’s a great example. Please stop. Stop trying to alienate Christians. MEDIA IS ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE AND OF GOD APPARENTLY

mbieseck MRSmithAP You are - this has already been proved as false. Do better. Serious. Use the word ‘allegedly’ or ‘reportedly’. Respect lost in one tweet! smh mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s normal. Y’all are insane. mbieseck MRSmithAP Crazy idea. Who wants to have someone making decisions when it gets real hard and taking responsibility for them. Men should go back to dipping out to get smokes.

mbieseck MRSmithAP I consider my husband the head of our household also. However he would never make a decision without my approval. We are a team but it's also ok to have a leader. He's also never tried to tell me I couldn't do or have whatever I wanted. mbieseck MRSmithAP Look out for those dastardly Christians. Interesting that Amy drove the family car from their home for the nomination ceremony with her husband in the passenger seat.

mbieseck MRSmithAP What a bullshit post. Better than satanic worshipping like some... mbieseck MRSmithAP Really? Bunch of crap mbieseck MRSmithAP OMG 😱 😱😱 mbieseck MRSmithAP She’s a federal judge, but believes in the subordination of women to men? I’ll need a minute to process your stupidity. 🧐

mbieseck MRSmithAP That is what the Bible says you heathens. mbieseck MRSmithAP Did everyone just rediscover Christianity? mbieseck MRSmithAP So... basic orthodoxy? Why is this news? Does the AP have any actual practicing folks or are you all degenerates? mbieseck MRSmithAP Christophobic press. mbieseck MRSmithAP Well... they are

mbieseck MRSmithAP WTF Barnes_Law mbieseck MRSmithAP 🖕 mbieseck MRSmithAP I’m old enough to remember when I actually thought the AP was bringing us the news and not political activism. mbieseck MRSmithAP Interesting .. she just said her husband does everything for her Perhaps you’re talking about Muslim women


mbieseck MRSmithAP That’s why a man’s body is shaped like Manchelle’s. mbieseck MRSmithAP That's not even just Catholics. I've been a member of multiple denominations through my lifetime and they all believed men are the spiritual head of the household. mbieseck MRSmithAP Trash mbieseck MRSmithAP AP uncovers a Christian belief.

mbieseck MRSmithAP So? Would you write this shit if it was about any other religion, or any other nominee that was NOT nominated by Trump? Why is every other society allowe to have religious norms, but not Christianity? mbieseck MRSmithAP Is this all you have? Nice try mbieseck MRSmithAP Head of the family? Wow how terrible is that! I've never heard of such a thing

mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh. The. Horror. mbieseck MRSmithAP The problem with that is .....? Barnes_Law mbieseck MRSmithAP Your desperation is showing. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet she’s the one about to be on the Supreme Court- doesn’t that pretty much negate your accusation that she’s held back by men? mbieseck MRSmithAP Rest in peace feminism! It was a good run.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ephesians 5:23 mbieseck MRSmithAP Too bad she's not muslim. mbieseck MRSmithAP The mainstream media is the enemy of the people mbieseck MRSmithAP The Bible literally says it. Many hold that view. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yet that group has as a member an accomplished, brilliant woman, who will soon be one of the most important and influential people in the world. Maybe their beliefs aren't oppressive of women?

mbieseck MRSmithAP So they follow the Bible? mbieseck MRSmithAP Sometimes I wish my wife would take over as head of the family but she insists that burden fall on my shoulders. It’s largely a thankless job. mbieseck MRSmithAP and the problem is? mbieseck MRSmithAP And we call this news? What a joke!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Good job AP I’m sure that DNC check is in the mail Barnes_Law mbieseck MRSmithAP going deep and long on this one. So what? mbieseck MRSmithAP Mental gymnastics mbieseck MRSmithAP Please stop mbieseck MRSmithAP It's almost like she believes in traditional values! Shocker! mbieseck MRSmithAP ABSOLUTELY BASED AND CHRISTPILLED

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Maybe the should look further into the relationship between man and woman and their marriage as explained in the Bible. mbieseck MRSmithAP Anti-Catholic bullshit mbieseck MRSmithAP So shocking!!! Hard hitting news story. A Christian woman belongs to church that believes what’s written in the Bible. Wow!!! In other shocking revelation Liquid Water is Wet!!!

mbieseck MRSmithAP Boo hoo 😢 😭 liberal tears mbieseck MRSmithAP Garbage humans mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, and... Where’s the point of what you’re saying? mbieseck MRSmithAP Another stinky take from the AP. Who would’ve guessed? mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP BREAKING: Christian group believes in the Bible

mbieseck MRSmithAP U ppl r so FOS. All u do is lie, lie, lie. No wonder no one believes anything u ppl say. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, her husband is clearly keeping her down.... mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Islam. mbieseck MRSmithAP Yeah, something tells me your ideological bias is causing you to exaggerate and sensationalize this

mbieseck MRSmithAP What is “charismatic” about a religious cult ? Why is it being called a “charismatic Christian group” ? mbieseck MRSmithAP That's awesome. mbieseck MRSmithAP Now do Breyer and Kagan. mbieseck MRSmithAP Gee Barrett believes in Family with a strong male figure, boy oh boy wow wee this is outrageous

mbieseck MRSmithAP Almost every single MSM tweet I see now requires this meme as if they're competing for world's most retarded headline... Barnes_Law mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP May God have mercy on us al mbieseck MRSmithAP Well, they are biblically so there’s that. Destroying the nuclear family is how we got to this shit show

mbieseck MRSmithAP She's right. mbieseck MRSmithAP I guess media arm of the DNC is taking the ol Anti-Christian bait after all. bigotry mbieseck MRSmithAP That group is correct Barnes_Law mbieseck MRSmithAP You should read the Bible mbieseck MRSmithAP Cry harder mbieseck MRSmithAP HandmaidAmy

mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking News; The has just discovered Christian beliefs that are in the Bible that Christians actually believe. mbieseck MRSmithAP And....? mbieseck MRSmithAP If she was Muslim none of these articles would come out mbieseck MRSmithAP If God hadn't done it nature would have anyway.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Imagine if they treated a Jewish or Islamic person this way. mbieseck MRSmithAP The AP is a national embarrassment mbieseck MRSmithAP Breaking news: Amy Coney Barrett belongs to a group of Christians that hold beliefs consistent with those found in the Bible. Reports to come if she also attends church on Sunday and perhaps she might scandalously think the body and blood of Christ are present in the Eucharist.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Dang she's subjugated! All the way to the pinnacle of her profession! 🤦‍♀️ mbieseck MRSmithAP Let me introduce you to this little thing called Christianity. mbieseck MRSmithAP laloalcaraz mbieseck MRSmithAP By Amy Coney Barrett's account she should be at home cleaning the house, washing her husband's dirty underwear & obey his commands. She have zero job period never mind this one. She wants to supress women expert herself.

mbieseck MRSmithAP You guys are just gonna do this hub mbieseck MRSmithAP Smear campaign mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP The Asinine Press at it again ... fomenting crap ... may you wallow in your rancor ... mbieseck MRSmithAP 🤣🤣 Imagine if she were Muslim. mbieseck MRSmithAP The fuck is a “charismatic” Christian group?

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP is the rub oh secular media world. That's Christianity. If you don't like it, don't believe it. But we are not banned from high office whatever you think of our worldview. Btw I know what my objective ethical base is, what's yours? Nobody's neutral. mbieseck MRSmithAP So basic Christian theology. It's only been 2000 years, you would think it wouldn't be such a shock to mainstream organizations by now.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Based mbieseck MRSmithAP I ain’t let da bitch decide nuthin lmao she get $50 a week for shoes and fried chicken das how u run a house mbieseck MRSmithAP So what? There are still untold number of families who believe that without belonging to any group. Just because you're the 'head of the family' doesn't mean you're the emperor ruler of the family. Good grief...just stop it. You're embarrassing yourselves.

mbieseck MRSmithAP Most churches do so... mbieseck MRSmithAP a woman who can't provide for her children receives government assistance a man who can't provide for his children receives an orange jumpsuit yeah, the men of households are absolutely held to a higher standard and are absolutely the legal heads of it

mbieseck MRSmithAP Ffs!!! Really AP?!?! mbieseck MRSmithAP Islam? mbieseck MRSmithAP What's up with you guys and the hit pieces lately? The AP is supposed to be unbiased. mbieseck MRSmithAP The Associated Press is a subversive organization... mbieseck MRSmithAP Wa mbieseck MRSmithAP Bigots mbieseck MRSmithAP LOL I was assured this kind of attack wasn't happening

mbieseck MRSmithAP So does Islam mbieseck MRSmithAP Charismatic Christian group? A cult? mbieseck MRSmithAP Gee won’t she be a real champion for women (not)—Couldn’t have found one more opposite of RBG. Where are all the (silent) female republican senators & reps? Are they truly going to silently standby as Ole Amy has us all back in corsets again?

mbieseck MRSmithAP mbieseck MRSmithAP Lmao is it controversial now to say the man is the head of the family? mbieseck MRSmithAP AP PRESS is the granddaddy of the dishonest press and FAKENEWS. mbieseck MRSmithAP Oh no, she is close to a church group🤣🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP CHARISMATIC? REALLY FIX THIS HEADLINE

mbieseck MRSmithAP 'Charismatic'? mbieseck MRSmithAP 🤮 mbieseck MRSmithAP This is why no one takes AP seriously 🤣🤣🤣🤣 mbieseck MRSmithAP Yes, this seems inline with the most published book in world history.

Her words: Amy Coney Barrett on faith, precedent, abortionPresident Donald Trump on Saturday announced he was nominating Barrett to fill the seat vacated by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. — 2013 article in the Texas Law Review, citing Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark ruling that recognized a woman’s right to abortion. Ever notice yahoo is totally anti police but ill bet a shiny nickle they have a budget that reaches 10/15 % for security of corporate officers and facilities. In other words lets make sure BLM folks cant get no where near us. The fact a so called 'intelligent' woman even mentions an allegiance to an imaginary man in the sky to make legal decisions for an entire nation should be an instant veto against any nomination

Amy Coney Barrett: spotlight falls on secretive Catholic group People of PraiseTrump’s pick is a member of a ‘covenant community’ that faces claims of a ‘highly authoritarian’ structure * Report: Trump names Barrett, stoking liberal backlash * How the Senate has failed the American people Donald Trump ’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the supreme court, to replace Ruth Bader How exactly are they 'secretive?' Religion=mental disease. I just looked them up, not exactly “secretive”. They just low key mind their business.

From big family to U.S. high court, Barrett 'used to being in group of nine'As the parent of seven children, Amy Coney Barrett knows about working with a large group: it is an experience she will have again if confirmed as the ninth justice on the U.S. Supreme Court - and its first mother with school-age children. She'll make a fine Supreme Court Justice. GOPHypocrites GOPCowards She has a beautiful family

From big family to U.S. high court, Barrett 'used to being in group of nine'As the parent of seven children, Amy Coney Barrett knows about working with a large group: it is an experience she will have again if confirmed as the ninth justice on the U.S. Supreme Court - and its first mother with school-age children. +nannies Hope she’s used being in a group of 15 also

Top Democrat: We Can 'Slow' Barrett's Confirmation Process But 'Can't Stop' ItSen. Dick Durbin, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said there's no silver bullet for blocking Amy Coney Barrett 's confirmation to the Supreme ... Bottle up the senate with other business. Impeach Barr. He sucks Correct...don’t give republicans their fake indignation from questioning her nor give oxygen to their false anti-catholic attacks. move on and focus on the senate and White House. If Republicans don’t have a bogey man they don’t have an argument to make for re-election

Barrett pick draws attention to small religious groupPresident Donald Trump 's nomination of federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court has drawn new attention to her association with a Christian group called People of Praise. She’s a religious conservative who said that her job as a lawyer/judge is a means to an end, and that end is realizing the word of god Donald J Trump is the first U.S. president to nominate a mother of Black children to the Supreme Court Trump2020, 2024, 2028, 2032,,,,,🇺🇸 Is it legal to be in 2 cults at the same time?🤔