Barr takes swipe at Trump, says tweets are making it 'impossible to do my job'

Attorney General Bill Barr issued a rare criticism of President Donald Trump, saying that the president's tweets “make it impossible for me to do my job.”

2/14/2020 5:33:00 AM

AG Barr on Thursday has issued a public admonishment of President Trump, telling ABC News that the president's tweets about US Justice Dept. matters 'make it impossible for me to do my job.'

Attorney General Bill Barr issued a rare criticism of President Donald Trump, saying that the president's tweets “make it impossible for me to do my job.”

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OHHH Please AG Barr, do you REALLY think we can't see through this cover-up comment of yours 🤡 In other words: it's harder to cover up for Trump when he keeps snitching on himself via Twitter Really My mother hit harder than that. Just more GOP theater for their base and to distract the rest of sensible Americans.

Wink wink! 😂🤣😂😮😬 I can't wait for the Judiciary committee to eviscerate this scumbag!!!! To quote realDonaldTrump “Bulls—-t.” BS. What he means is Trump’s tweeting blew his cover. Total BS, and once again, MSNBC falls for it. 🤦‍♀️ It makes it impossible for him to do despicable things in the dark. He meant he won’t be able to destroy the DOJ in the dark of night. Damn, trump can’t help himself.

It's just a guess, but Trump has worn out the Barr doormat and he's ready for a fresh AG. Bye, Barr! Fake, pre-planned. This cons the people paying attention. SAD FACT maddow joescarborough congress 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 Bollox. Listen to your own contributors. Matt Miller has explained what is going on here, and it isn't Barr swiping Trump!

FAKE conserned! He won’t listen to you, senators, or anyone else .... y’all created this Am I the only one who thinks Barr really is saying “Boss ... I got your back ... stop saying the quiet parts out loud?” Read between the lines! He is giving himself permission to counter journalists and do what he (&Trump) pleases!

No he didn’t. This is called damage control. Nothing changed, he interfered and he is Trumps mouthpiece. So when is Barr getting fired Easy fix. BarrResign Just call it what it is ...... BULLSH!T Such a tough guy Great...but seems way to little, way too late. The President knew he was going to say so it didn’t hurt his feelings. All Barr did was say back off so I am not criticized for doing your dirty work.

AG Barr public admonishment of Trump is to little, too late.Barr has lost control of the Justice Dept. And if Barr had any respect for the Justice Dept.Barr would resign, But Barr only interest is protecting Trump, and he can as AG of the Justice Dept. Staged. Well, when your interpretation of your job require you to be sneaky and conniving and underhanded.....

Smoke and mirrors... All part of the show. Don’t fall for it. Don’t believe his about face He’s still a pawn for trump. Barr is a whining baby, and lies to try to save his reputation, he does everything Trump asks Bullshit. Now do Jr. What a childish bunch of conmen. 🙄 Well, that's believable. Sure. Easy solution, resign or recuse yourself Barr.

if the AG agwilliambarr actually believed what he was saying, he would rescind his light and unfair sentence for a criminal immediately and would stop the investigation into the Bidens immediately... but this is just a hoax and a lie. Presumably because his job is to protect the president at any cost.

In other words, 'You're making it hard for me to do your dirty work! Stop letting everyone know what we are doing! 🙄 Well isn’t that convenient. The great con continues! Barr is LYING again! He is telling Liar-in-Chief to stop tweeting - he has everything under control. No need for Trump to make it public. Disgusting.

I bet it does Bill...😉 STOP THIS NONSENSE!!!! Barr is another Stooge and the BS media have a responsibility to do more Then he should quit. Barr knows his ass will be on the hot seat on March 31! He will be grilled by members of Congress for his actions in the Roger Stone case! Nothing but BS coming from William Barr! These criminals awoken a sleeping giant and now running scared! Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary!

Such BS,and people are supposed to believe this? Oh, I think AG Barr is doing his job. This phony swipe at Trump* is part of his job. It’s all BS. Trump and Barr are in on this together playing good cop, bad cop. In this instance it’s bad cop, bad cop. BaRR isn't fooling anyone. He is afraid of when trump doesn't get reelected, he won't have time to fix his legacy. You have passed the point of no return. There is no fixing your claim to you worked for a president, it will be you worked & supported a man baby tyrant.

Stop the propaganda. You know that t the traitor gave him permission to do this. Impeachment was spoken they needed to cover their arses, again. You in the media aren't helping anyone but you, make money, ratings. BS It's part of the con. By saying this, Barr makes it sound like Trump had nothing to do with the intervention on Stone's case. Notice Trump isn't attacking Barr after this 'admonishment'

Where were you when BarackObama publicly stated lies about Hillary ? Leftist selective outrage again Nonsense Fakers. Liars. realDonaldTrump and his Barr buddy. mobsters Don’t be fooled by Barrs statement....the clown needs him for all his corruption.they are both in it together Sure because his tweets are telling everybody how corrupt Barr really is. Too bad, too late, we already knew that but trumps tweets are evidence of such. DisbarBarrNow

What a Joke. We know that you are doing everything that Trump wants All planned and staged 🙄 Come on, he’s just upset trump is putting their crimes in plain sight. Plus the principled prosecutors who resigned made him look really pathetic Bullshit He’s up Trumps butt It’s a ruse. To the audience of one—he’s telling DJT to stop exposing their scheme.

Watch out barr you will be on his 'naughty list' and all hell will break loose. 🤣🤣🤣small violins playing, you made your bed, deal with it or quit 🐍 ABC got used!! Poor little William Barr is frustrated because he’s knowingly doing inappropriate/illegal things for Trump & expects Trump to keep quiet about it. Trump, who revels in a perceived sense of entitlement can’t NOT tweet. How sad for you, W Barr. The whole world knows you’re corrupt

Do your sneaky job of installing trump as a dictator? What position in his putinesque gov did he dangle in front of you? Gatekeeper of the concentration camps? That’s very true statement however, most bosses make doing your job difficult but you do your job ,just the way you said you would. That’s what sets AG Barr apart from the previous two A G’s

This is fake. Stop repeating this damn lie! I don’t believe him, and I think it’s a show! He is right up Trump’s a$$! I’m sure Barr talked with trump first Trump and Barr are two of a kind. I have no respect for our President and our US Justice Department is a terrible, terrible JOKE. It will be good when they are both gone!

According to Bizarre Barr his 'job' is to protect Traitor Trump and his many criminal friends rather than enforcing the law without favoritism or bias. Of course Daffy Donald Trump thinks the law should never apply to him or his friends. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 2020

Orchestrated BS thousand_points He's setting his excuse! Stop reporting LIES focus on fact. It’s all smoke and mirrors. It’s a misdirection! A ploy to give the appearance of independence to the cult members. TOTAL BS, I bet he ask Trump the Orange Clown first and this BS is a coordinated effort to try and switch the out cry for his resignation/ Disbarrment.

Too late now “fatty”. You’re made your, lay down in it. He’s lying It’s all a shell game 😱 Staged bs.... This was planned and coordinated through the White House! realDonaldTrump didn’t like the bad press he was getting so they made this up! Smoke screen. He's not that good of an actor. It's like Tom Hagen bailing Sonny out in the Godfather. Still gets shot.

Sure, it would be much easier if Trump just talked with him behind the scenes instead of tweeting out his every impulse. It doesn't change the fact that Barr is corrupt and only works in the interest of himself and Trump. Basically he is upset because what he was doing in the shadows came to the light. Now he trying to normalize the behavior.

This FAKE NEWS: --- Both ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR and PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP have FREE SPEECH RIGHTS, but the the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is simply trying to pit them against one another! B never did his fn job I think he means impossible to protect him & his criminal cohorts. Fake .....whos falling for this nonsense

It's a RUSE. For pete's (buttigieg) sake! It's all fake. No one believes this. This is exactly why Trump gets away with these things because you are so greedy that you would promote these lies as click bait rather than support our democracy. Garbage journalism. It’s so hard to keep burying bodies when the boss keeps pointing out that you’re burying bodies. Just makes the job impossible! OnTyranny

Exactly, Barr is a fair, justice is blind & the facts speak for themselves man. Those who cannot see his true character are not blind, they are a culture increasingly indifferent to the truth. Barr has been doing his job? I don't trust anything he saying he cahoots with Trump. He’s so full of shit. MSM is getting played and you all fall for it hook line and sinker. Main stream media has become so lame little analysis or judgement goes into reporting just a stream of daily “breaking” CNNPolitics wolfblitzer JoeNBC NicolleDWallace CBSNews ABC chucktodd

Plea bargain? Drama. Not buying it!! Well, Barr is going to be terminated this weekend I doubt Barr is taking a swipe at Trump. He’s just trying to make us think he’s actually doing the job he’s supposed to do, but what he means is he’s trying to do his job protecting the president BS! Planned by tRump & Barr to make us think “things will change”!

Theater. They’re like peanut butter and jelly. I would like to ask AG Barr- can he show us examples of when this was done in the recent past? Based on the reports from the prosecutors, never! He's lying He's lying, like Trump....or is it for Trump? It is called damage control. Barr is covering his and his boss's butts in case of an impeachment investigation.

Trust me, up to no good Doesn't Barr know his reputation was shredded a long time ago! No one believing what he's selling! Who would believe this crook? Anyone believe this liar? Anyone? Too little too late for anyone to trust that he intends to “do his job,” but this will probably anger Trump... and the Oscar goes to

If AG Barr can't act independently from this president he should resign. He nor his staff can do their jobs properly when they are under the thumb of this president. Plain and simple. That’s part of the problem. First, you have to be doing your job, which you are not! Then resign This is not a swipe at Trump at all. This is Barr setting the con like a fisherman setting the hook. Don’t be taken in.

The American people have lost confidence in AG Barr and in the Dept. of Justice. The DOJ enforces federal criminal law in the United States. This starts from the top down. If the Rule of Law is not upheld in the executive branch how can you then enforce the laws? BarrResign AGBarr trying to 'cover his ass'........lying to try to keep in good grace with SenateGOP . ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

Finally or is this just for show we all know Trump will pardon Roger Stone. Matter of time Trump is distroying this Country Barr can’t do his job of covering up for the president if the president keeps tweeting he did it. Trump said he was not bothered by the tweet. Barr is doin a Collins. Where they shake your hand with their left as they stab ya with their right. His victim behavior is to deflect shitstorm going his direction because of his dirty deeds

Jesus. He did this before. Stoppppppppppppppppp. Wonder if this was Trump’s idea to take some of the heat off Barr? Barr can SAY anything... it’s the ACTIONS that speak louder. make it impossible to do your job They are probably in cahoots 🐂💩 Sadness. Truly. Hearts going out to you muffin. Gimmie that feather, I’m gonna hit him again!

Interesting remark he made about Stone's conviction He means stop drawing attention to the illegal things he is doing. crapola *performance art* No, it's making it hard for him to do it secretly All an act. I say BS to Barr. He’ll do whatever Trump wants him to do. I THINK IT'S A BULLCRAP ACT I DON'T TRUST piggy barr

Don't be fooled by Attorney Triple Chins. Bla Bla Bla, Barr Resign now! healingtouch221 MSNBC, can we please stop giving this bologna airtime Just blah blah barr; he just wants 45 to stop tweeting in public what they have discussed in private. And the Oscar goes to... not you. Don't fall for it. gtconway3d

This is smoke up our ass. He is goin b to say trump didn’t tv request it cause there is no proof Please tell me, anyone, what am I not seeing with this whole Barr thing that the news outlets seem to be buying. Why would Barr go on non-Fox news and discipline Trump? They colluded, this is scripted or he would’ve been fired!

And if u believe this con I got a bridge to sell you. Yeah, Trump put a light on how corrupt you are in moving what Trump wants done! Game playing. Connected at the hip to Dump. The American people are losing confidence in AG Barr and in the Dept. of Justice. The DOJ enforces federal criminal law in the United States. This starts from the top down. If the Rule of Law is not upheld in the executive branch how can you then enforce the laws? BarrResign

Please!!! Who is falling for this? According to NoahWebster1828Dictionary, the AttorneyGeneral is an officer appointed to manage business for the king, the state or public; and his duty InParticular is to prosecute persons GuiltyOfCrimes. IAmConfused in2020!!! Lol Barr is a toad, he’s doing what trump want just wants trump to keep quiet so it doesn’t bring more attention to what their plans are.

He just wants to do tRumps bidding in private so he’s not exposes as a total lackey. He doesn’t give a shit about the law just power and money. Admonishment? Please 😂 You’re feeding right into Trump and Barr’s narrative. The story isn’t Barr standing up for the JD, the story is the collusion to change the outcome of a trial. Do better!!!

He talking about everyone else. AG Barr leave the smart ass tricks out. You are very good at not doing your job. You don't need any help from the mafia boss in the WH He knows Trumps reign will come to an end and he’s trying to protect himself . Boo freaking hoo! You’ve become so dishonest no one cares what you say! Eventually the truth will be known!

Nope he is all in on this just doing some CYA. 45consigliere Ha ha😜 This is BS! It was more like a suggestion. So staged. “I can’t do your dirty work, Donnie, if you tell everyone that I’m doing your dirty work!!! FFS!” No one with a brain believes this crap. Quote him correctly. Again snipping it to make a left leaning statement.

Ohhhhhh Billy! Doing a cya for your lost integrity by giving Donny a slap on the wrist.. D'Ya believe we cynics bought that?!! Hardly sounds like a REAL problem for this Disney hero's all part of the plan! He’s trump puppet so it doesn’t matter what he says afterwards Please view these statements by Barr with skepticism. Unless his 'job' is to cover for and protect Trump and needs to do it on the down-low without Trump blathering on about it on twitter...

Smoke screen Horse dooky. These buffoons are trying to play us. Just confirms the fact that there is no secret back-channel for White House and DOJ. Barr has to go on TV to send Trump a message. He's full of it. He just doesnt want to look bad in the public's eye. 🖕 Don’t be fooled by Barr, he’s lying. Barr saved Trump. Barr owns him now.

Total BS! ResignBarr oh bull$hit - you people need to get a grip - kabuki theater & you report it like fact - STOP IT, trump stooges. So do the right thing and resign. Carefully measured. Not a swipe 🙄 what made it impossible for him to do his job prior to the realDonaldTrump tweets? Why the need to say 'takes a swipe'? Just report and analyze what actually happened. It is a worthy story. You choose to feed red meat to your dwindling base, when you could expand your audience.

no Barr did not, he’s too much of a coward to... I can't believe I am saying this, but Barr makes Jeff Sessions look like a good attorney general and Sessions was horrible. It’s BS. Barr is playing his part in the Trump shit-show. Watch what they do, not what they say. More smoke and mirrors!!! Barr is not to be trusted, and should be removed as head of the DOJ, before it’s too late.

Pfffft! Hahaha! Are we suppose to believe this junk being fished out? I’m not eatin’ it!!!!🤢 Stop playing Americans like fools lock Stone up for 10 + years Phony acting as a red shirt. What exactly is his job. To do the work for Trump, hmm Looks like political theater! Whatever! He's corrupt .lisamurkowski

Damn he fails acting 101! He’s pissed that dumbkoff Trumpkoff is letting the cat out of their crooked bag. 🤪 Admonishment, schmonishmemt,,,. Really,,,, that's not what I heard. Poor thing, maybe he needs a little of love from trump too. His been there a year I haven’t seen anything out of that office yet. No indictments ?

If you believe Barr! You left your previously good reputation in the trash heap of history known as the Trump Administration. Ya ok. Y’all going for the bait smh Barr cannot carry out the Dump’s orders with impunity unless the Dump can’t shut his pie hole. We aren’t lobotomized!! Resign or shut up cause no one is falling for your BS

Fake news! Utter garbage comes from his toxic shell of a man Ag barr is corrupt yo the the core.... karma eventually will catch him... hope it’s long and slow when she does Who believes this? It's all bull. His feigned anger on tv is theater, acting as if he is really upset over trump. That's smokescreen. If he didn't say something even MAGAts might notice that Barr is complicit. He is complicit. They can now pretend Barr is just trying to do His job.

I don't believe anything he has to say. All of this is in the game plan. Not buying it. You wanted the job Billy. Why you even reporting this FAKE news! My thought is that Barr is running a con here, he's just trying to relieve some of the pressure building in the DOJ. Trump is a whistle blower, leaker he should be exposed to the public. What a joke!!

He's full of you know what, full of it. He pretends to be innocent. Ooh look. Another dog and pony show. Yippee! But he’s doing the job Trump wants him to so there’s that Conman Watch what Republicans do, not what they say. He 🙇‍♀️ bow 🙇 to TRUMP like a King 🤴 Barr is Trump’s servant Media a total failure. Barr peddles bullshit and pimps it

Impossible for you to do your job What job is that? Doing what tRump tells you to do? Pathetic ResignAG Oh please this was obviously a propaganda ploy. The indifferent reaction from both Trump & LindseyGrahamSC just confirms it. Has the media learned nothing? Way to be complicit in propaganda with your softball interview abcnews FascistTrump GOPPropaganda BarrMustGo

Sen. Blumenthal: Attorney General Barr should resignSenator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) reacts to Hallie Jackson over the recent developments in the sentencing of former Trump aide Roger Stone, where the Department of Justice and Attorney General William Barr have intervened. Blumenthal calls Barr a 'henchman and political operative' of the President and says that he should step down immediately. Kinda like a wingman 🙄 DemocratsAreADisgrace Trump2020 Patton would eat Blumenthal’s lunch.. and the slap him silly.. what a freakin hypocrite Sure thing Dicky.

Attorney General William Barr to testify before House Judiciary CommitteeThe arrangement comes as Democrats have demanded answers about Barr&39;s apparent intervention in the sentencing of Roger Stone. Just enough time to get their stories straight. Smh. SethAbramson UNDER OATH? It’s a trap

Attorney General William Barr is expected to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in MarchPresident Trump denies he was involved in the Justice Department's decision to water down a recommendation by its own prosecutors for his longtime confidant Roger Stone. Follow here for the latest. Nothing there.....move on!!! More jobs, high stock prices, all I need for my future. Barr is going to own the liberal Hacks.. If you want to be honest, ask yourself if 9 years for lying to Congress is a legit sentence? It's absolutely ridiculous and politically charged. There are violent criminals getting lighter sentences. This is another MSM sham.

Attorney General William Barr to Testify Before House Judiciary on March 31Supposing no major scandals break between mid-February and late March — a major assumption in the current administration — the most pressing concern will be Barr’s personal intervention in the sentencing recommendation of Roger Stone It was another sham prosecution by Trump haters. AG William Barr will lie under oath and Trump will pardon him.

Attorney General Bill Barr says Trump's tweets 'make it impossible for me to do my job'Attorney General William Barr said President Donald Trump’s tweets and public comments about the Justice Department and ongoing cases make his job “impossible.” So, resign. Whatever man. 😡Cry me a river. No one believes this. By 'do my job' he means be a snake and keep a low profile, increasing the power of the executive dept from the shadows.

Trump Praises Attorney General for Intervening in Stone CasePresident Trump congratulated William Barr for intervening to lower the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone, broadening concerns that the department is ceding its independence to White House influence When you remove checks and balances and separation of powers, you undermine the Constitution. We should all be aware of what is happening. Democracy has died with this president and the current republicans. We’re no better than Russia now. Ceding it's independence? He has his nose so far up Trump's ass it's a wonder he can breathe.