Barr: Federal Prisons Mustn't Become 'Petri Dishes' For Coronavirus

Barr: Federal Prisons Mustn't Become 'Petri Dishes' For Coronavirus


Barr: Federal Prisons Mustn't Become 'Petri Dishes' For Coronavirus

The attorney general said the Bureau of Prisons has locked down some prisons and could send some at-risk inmates home as it copes with the pandemic.

Attorney General William Barr Barr said officials in each prison are responding with lockdowns, increased isolation and other measures. Drew Angerer/Getty Images toggle caption Drew Angerer/Getty Images Attorney General William Barr Barr said officials in each prison are responding with lockdowns, increased isolation and other measures. Drew Angerer/Getty Images The U.S. Bureau of Prisons could begin sending home some of its oldest and most at-risk inmates as part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic, Attorney General Bill Barr said on Thursday. Barr, who convened an unrelated press conference at a mostly empty Main Justice in Washington, addressed the Bureau of Prisons' handling of the pandemic in response to a reporter's question. "There are particular concerns in this institutional setting. We want to make sure our institutions don't become petri dishes and it doesn't spread rapidly through an institution — but we have protocols that are designed to stop that and we are using all the tools we have," Barr said. There have been a few so-far small groups of cases in the federal prison system. Some prisoners or staff members have tested positive in New York, Georgia and Louisiana. Barr said officials in each prison are responding with lockdowns, increased isolation and other measures. Everyone entering a prison is now having her or his temperature checked and new inmates are being quarantined for two weeks, he said. The Bureau of Prisons houses some 146,000 inmates at federal prisons and a further 21,000 people at contracted prisons. The agency has a staff of 36,000. Barr also pointed out that there are about 20,000 people over 60 in the federal prison population — the group considered at greatest risk in the pandemic. Officials will consider ways to send home or protect those most vulnerable, the attorney general said, mindful about the dangers of the virus spreading inside the closed conditions of a prison. Similar types of close-quarter facilities, especially senior homes or nursing homes, have been especially devastated by the coronavirus. Facebook Read more: NPR Health News

NPR: Where are they going to be released to? Do you they have care? Where are the answers that citizens are seeking from this public radio station? While stating that Trump should could seek vast powers to do away with laws to apprehend law abiding citizens……….. People take care and stay alert here. Petri dishes created by the BOP for the Bop, Amazingly poor decisions made by incompetent Administrators that will have to answer for their irrational,immoral and unethical choices instead of allowing staff to help them by wearing their own PPE’s that would decrease the spread.

So why is it that staff at the prisons are willing to use their own PPE’s to use at work because the prison doesn’t have them to issue because of incompetent planning, but instead of saying thanks they are threatening to write them up if they wear their own. How is that logical? my3monkees That's why they're using the Ships and GITMO


WendyMeer11 10 bucks says Manafort's on that list. Yes please send my man home he's been good for years and needs to come home. He's here in Louisiana... Prison is the ultimate lockdown quarantine Just how stupid are you? It’s better for the prison to be infected than for the prisoners to come out and infect the rest of society, plus do more crime! It’s like idiocracy daily on this thing smh

Federal prison officials failed to monitor communications of 28 terror inmates, DOJ investigation findsInvestigators concluded that 'thousands of terrorist inmate communications' were only partially covered.

If can't do the time then don't do the crime leave them in there FreeRealityWinner NOW!! Make room for when we throw Trump into prison. Guess that means IdiotInChief realDonaldTrump will be conveniently releasing Manafort and Roger Stone, huh AGWilliamBarr . Nice set up and hand off This dude seem corrupt VoteBlueNoMatterWho NeverTrump Italy BOYCOTTHOBBYLOBBY BlueMAGA GeneralStrike HealthForAll

And Weinstein. Does this moron even know what a 'petri dish' is? Will Barr test them first? 🔥 IMPEACH BARR If this is a ploy to get Madoff out, I’ll be disgusted

Factbox: Latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the worldThe United States could become the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic,... my friend from Australia just sent me this.. Influenza and h1n1 infected more! Why stop the world while China is in fully recovery. The lockdowns will make things worst. People will loose jobs, lives, depression, suicide. Everyone will suffer more!

WendyMeer11 Way too little way too late The gang takes care of of the gang and people who committed lesser crimes can rot in jail. Justice at its finest again coming from the president’s pet, Bill Barr. Disgusting like always. But I thought COVID19 was just like the seasonal flu?so do they release prisoners during flu out breaks

Releasing trumps cronies in the works. gop made. Vote them all out. They don't care. FUBARR is going to release Manafort and Stone What about non violent first time offenders who pose no threat to anyone? What about my daughter Reality Leigh Winner? Keeping her imprisoned is like sentencing her to illness and possible death. .realDonaldTrump do the right thing here. FreeRealityWinner

VesuviaAdelia They don't want to foot the bill. So they found a way to abuse TrumpPandemic to get his criminal coconspirators sprung without having the firestorm of trying to pardon them.

POLITICO Playbook: We have a dealOK, now we're actually on the 2-yard line: We anticipate this spending bill will pass with a very large, bipartisan majority in the Senate later today HOW MUCH PORK? 2 trillion = 2100 Dow .

Oh the “elderly” Manafort and Stone? 🤔 LowBarr angles to release DonTheCon's buddies while posing as a decent guy. How dumb does he think we are? He belongs in prison himself. TomiLahren where’s your outrage now? You were attacking New York for doing this Unbelievably sad pineywoozle This is targeted at a few very specific 'elderly inmates'... Weinstein, Manafort, et al.

Only for the RICH and friends of tRUMP! I didn’t know getting sick was a free pass from finishing a prison sentence. Gosh, it sure is nice of him to do this only AFTER the virus is infecting them - big treatment bill being punted to the States now. Barr should be disbarred Sure put them out that will help .

Column: How coronavirus turned supermarket workers into heroesSupermarket workers have become a new kind of first responder in the age of coronavirus

Trump’s lawyer, Paige, Manafort, Cohen, Stone, et al. *Weinstein Roger Stone and Manafort? Roger Stone? 🤔 DOJ is a Petri dish with Barr as AG I thought old people should take one for the team!!! Oh please you & your kind could care less about the incarcerated unless it was to rescue one of your own What about Michael Cohen?

So they will be releasing Michael Cohen and Paul Maniford how about nyc asshole

New Orleans is next coronavirus epicenter, catalyst for spread in south, experts sayNew Orleans is on track to become the next coronavirus epicenter in the United S... Hard to see how social isolation will go down in ‘Nawlins’ Governor today said it was Mardi Gras, a few weeks ago. New Orleans emerges as next coronavirus epicenter, threatening rest of South ✓Coronavirus spreading to states that are loyal to him might finally wake up Donald Trump

And Michael Cohen? I thought they wanted the elderly to die? Oh, not their old friends. I see. 🖕🏼 This is about Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, right? RELEASE THE CHILDREN FIRST THEN THE THC HOSTAGES Odd. That seems to be the exact opposite sentiment of your boss. But Bill, will pick and chose, right? Again I say the 'barr' couldn't be set any lower.

Maybe just a couple of inmates? Stone isn’t in jail, isn’t he out on appeal? Wasb’t Harvey Weinstein playing sick? Thought Stone still out?

New Orleans emerges as next coronavirus epicenter, threatening rest of SouthNew Orleans is on track to become the next coronavirus epicenter in the United S... I’m not surprised as they celebrated Mardi Grass. The south of the Netherlands is an epicenter because they celebrated Carnival. Well apparently not Mississippi though, cause they ain’t Jhina! DempMcgee 🙏 prayers for Mrs Demp I’m staying safe & healthy

There has to be something behind this StageYaneu The WHITE HOUSE is a Petri dish of the CRIMINALLY INSANE 🤬🤬🤬 I hope they burn in hell. Does this include Manafort and Stone. ? Is Bill Cosby and Weinstein also going to be released? I thought Covid 19 was a hoax. Isn’t that what his king said? So what up with Petri Dish comment?

Stone and Weinstein walk.? Just the rest of the country. The rest can be a petri dish. Send them home? What home? No.

I thought it was a hoax that will end with warmer weather and down to zero! BarrResign Make this on a state level. Release all non violent offenders to their families, house arrest etc. Ohio needs to adopt this. He is right though prisions are Petri dishes. One doctor who is there twice a week. Just the really disgusting Petri dishes! Any criminal friends of trump. Trashcan trump won’t receive the same treatment. President Biden will not pardon u!

Yeah they will pick a chosen few. The rest of the non violent offenders county wide will be left to die. Talk about bullshit Awww his concern is so touching. I’m sure stone & manafort will greatly appreciate it. 🤬 Halfway houses that also will be packed Dont want the institution to become a petri dishes? Whatttttttttttttt so the U.S. can be the Petri Dish?

😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲AM I SHOCKED NOPE

Free Hoover Bernie Madoff Oh do tell Luke Manafort and stone? I’m shocked! cult45 killingamerica Manafort, Stone, Epstein ooops too late How convenient! But the elderly were willing to die to save the economy...let's start with these criminal m.f's! solitary confinement Like Mar-a-lago and the White House.

I’m shocked, shocked Wasn't Cohen just denied a COVID release?

Probably just the rich people prisoners 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Oh, I thought y’all were all about thinning the herd? Send weinstein to Barr's house. Now, what about the immigrants and their parents in camps and cages? Will TheJusticeDept Bill Barr let them die from this virus offering no tests and no one to care for them? CrueltyIsThePoint

Now that would be not a smart idea how are these individuals going to talk to their parole officers when they’re not even currently working and also why would you put out people who might be positive for the virus nothing like infecting more individuals That's convenient New York will pick Manafort up as he is released. Tish James thanks you.

TuckerCarlson you were just talking about doing this in a negative way. How would you approach this with your Attorney General?

Oh now it’s important Van Houten? Really? Our Detention Centers at the border are. Why would he do that? potus is opening up the country before Easter. Gee, I wonder which inmates he’s talking about? 🙄 Funny but JFK airport was a petri dish of people waiting 6 to 7 hrs to leave a few weeks ago. Ok got it.

All of Trump's partners in crime will be released except Cohen. When Trump abandoned ship he expected Cohen to stay on board and take the blame. What was unclear to me was whether this would only apply to federal prisons. 6ix9ine? He got asthma 😭 Except for Cohen and avenatti, right? That’s how that works?

Right! I hope the public protest! This is wrong! Both of them should stay in jail for their crimes!

Why do they need to be sent home? This seems tough...elderly, fresh out of prison... Hope they have families to live with. Ya'll think that applies to Michael Cohen? I'm guessing no. I think I feel bad for him. MakeItPlain Deeep Bill. Hope they aren’t considering HarveyWeinstein MakeItPlain Team Trump are getting back together.

Stone/Mannafort first ones out, right? 😡 The entire country is a Petri dish. These prisoners will likely be sent to transitional group homes. Has anyone done anything to help them? I’m sure Michael Cohen just missed the cutoff by a few days.

Where are they going to go? So this is how Manafort and other crime-ing friends of Trump get sprung from federal prison, huh? Saves Dear Leader from using political capital on presidential pardons. How convenient. Wow! Great way to spring most of Trumps really good people. There’s a special place in hell for you Attorney General Bill Barr

Too late Yea right.... I wonder who that would be Can we send them to Mar-a-Lago with the other criminals? 😝😝 Now FreeThemAll! Free the immigrants in detention, especially children and families! karnes dilley berks ShutDownBerks DetentionWatch RAICESTEXAS Roger Stone, Harvey Weinstein, Paul Manafort will all be given a pass to go home!

Wow, so put them on the streets and don’t give them any resources. That sounds brilliant. So they can die at home, under the radar after catching it in prison

Errrr, anyone want to tell him it’s too late for this metaphor? Probably just cover to release Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. Hopefully they have a home to go to. iowhawk The biggest Petri dish is the House he works in. Music to Stone, Manafort, Weinstein & Cosby’s....ears. Like the DC sewer We want to make sure our institutions don't become petri dishes,' he said. - TOO LATE

Translation: We don't want to have to deal with their treatment costs. Petri dishes. Oh the compassion. He can 🖕🏼himself I wonder who will be let out first?

alexespind AGBarr wants to make sure our institutions don't become petri dishes. We have news for him - the entire country is turning into petri dishes, you damned fool. Too late A-hole! Why do we always behave this way when something in any other administration would have been an expected response--- when the decent thing was the order of the day

Is that b/c they don’t want to treat them? I think this looks more like a “send them home to die or let them try to go to a hospital. We don’t want to deal with treating them here” There are ways too keep the most vulnerable isolated to prevent infection. This seems shady to me. Yea who gets out first ?

Probably because it cuts into profits if they have to provide health services. I cannot imagine he was doing this out of the kindness of his (cold and shriveled) heart. Why do they start caring now? A little to Effie’ late; no? Manafort? Stone? Whose names rhyme with Mall Panafort.

MidwinCharles To fucking late TheJusticeDept. Every republican scheme requires a public that is dumb as hell Is the Justice Department going to pay for their care while at home? Paul Manafort and Roger Stone perhaps? What about Congress ? Too late. Many child perverts are Over 60... Does this include them TheJusticeDept ? BILLBARR

Paul Manafort release in 3, 2, 1.... Will they be tested before release? It’s taking 8 days to get test results in some places. Manafort will be first person released. Let's put this lummox in the first petri dish with the Trumpdumpster next to him so they pass their infections back and forth to each other.

What a crooked administration Overload the hospital system, plus let Manaford out. Two birds with one stone We will let you out, but you need to be in a church on Easter Sunday! Are you waiting on a death? What provision is he making for these people for their release? Do they have anyone to go to? If they have families able are they able to provide for them? Can them claim unemployment. WHY is he doing this--we know he doesn't give a fuck about these people.

Oh yeah and compassion yadda yadda. They are jails/prisons!! You don’t know how to “social distance” PRISONERS That is just plain STUPID Give them quart disinfectant and make them wash everything. They need soap too. Remove Barr. Aircraft carriers, on the other hand...

Bernie Madoff is bound to be one. The administration you are in is a Petri dish. So Harvey Weinstein? Too late. Its to little to late they waited to long . the prisons are already infected with the virus both guards and inmates . the trump administration is always to late . Send them where? They weren’t before the coronavirus panic?

Will they be selective & send inmates home to places they want to infect? I know-that sounds pretty draconian - - BUT...........? let them go home with the NPR Staff WHY IS YOUR WASHINGTON STATE FACILITY REFUSING TO AIR THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS CONFERENCES. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU DEMOCRAT ASSHOLES RUNNING THAT PLACE? YOU WANT MY ATTENTION, YOU GOT IT!!!!!

Too late for that... just like with every other decision he makes with his clown king pal! We could, but we won’t. That’s the theme of this administration’s approach to doing the right thing. Too late This is how you are releasing Roger Stone? Firing the pandemic physicians. Defunding CDC. Letting prisoners out early.

He's a POS. Close the immigration courts in Newark and Seattle or admit you really don't care. I wonder who they might possibly be planning on sending home who just got convicted... Its an absolute mystery... A little too late.

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