Barr blasts his own Justice Department prosecutors, accuses them of being 'headhunters'

During a speech in Michigan, Barr also equated some less-experienced staff to preschoolers and said too much deference is given to career prosecutors.

9/17/2020 6:41:00 AM

In scathing remarks against his own staff, AG Barr says the US Justice Dept. has recently acted “more like a trade association for federal prosecutors than the administrator of a fair system of justice,' and equated them to preschoolers and 'headhunters.'

During a speech in Michigan, Barr also equated some less-experienced staff to preschoolers and said too much deference is given to career prosecutors.

28:28“In case after case, we have advanced and defended hyper-aggressive extensions of the criminal law. This is wrong and we must stop doing it,” he said in a speech during Constitution Day events at Hillsdale College, a conservative and privately funded university in Michigan.

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Barr said he is annoyed to hear the claim that political officials interfere in criminal prosecutions, given that all prosecutorial power is vested by law in the attorney general.Download thefor breaking news and politicsSome career attorneys are not partisan, he said, but they are often less experienced than their supervisors.

"Name one successful organization where the lowest level employees’ decisions are deemed sacrosanct," he said."There aren’t any. Letting the most junior members set the agenda might be a good philosophy for a Montessori preschool, but it’s no way to run a federal agency."

Barr did not mentionRobert Mueller’s special counsel investigationin his prepared remarks. During the speech, however, he noted that the Trump administration has sometimes been described as lawless even though he said it had a better record of wins in the Supreme Court than the Obama administration.

“Obama had some of the people who were in Mueller’s office writing their briefs in the Supreme Court, so maybe that explains something.”The Obama record of wins at the Supreme Court was the worst in six decades, but President Trump has fared even worse, according to an analysis by legal scholars Lee Epstein and Eric Posner. But they note that the court has been steadily less deferential to each successive administration since President Ronald Reagan's two terms.

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Sad to see someone who was once respected end his career like this.....everyone that Trump draws in ends up with the same stench. Ooh, I suspect this means more than one USA has told the AG to GFHS. He sure is right.... If AG Barr is complaining about his own prosecutors then perhaps he should do the country’s work instead of brown nosing the President

Equal Justice Under The Law is what Barr is all about. So you fully understand what means NBC let me simplify: the law as written applies equally to everyone for equal justice to be served. And Bill Barr is a facsist who curries and emboldens the powerful and the cruel, despises the common good and doesn't care if people live or die. Other than that, he's a great AG! BarrIsATreasonousBully

When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers. Socrates. Says the guy who is now Trump's new fixer. Lol. Setting the stage to cast doubts on any charges against trump after he loses. The beatings will continue until morale improves. Indict Barr for obstruction. It would require a Democratic AG nominating a special council, but I'm good with that.

Agency & Departments throughout the government are being hollowed out. Along with the predictions by Michael Lewis in the book ‘The Fifth Risk’ being spot on - the Trump Regime effect has made workers retire in droves because its just not worth it anymore Perhaps the only lesson history teaches us is that human beings learn nothing from the lessons of history.' Aldous huxley

He is right Sounds like he’s pretty sure he’s not going to be in office much longer Where’s the lie? Any one serving in such a large Department as the AG should spend more time managing their staff than publicly attacking his own Department staff. If he truely wants to guide his department, then lead not attack. Barr thus far has only shown he is one dimensional Trump lackey.

No fair justice with Barr in charge. He’s not fit to be AG. ImpeachBarrNOW He’s free to resign. Also - he should be reminded daily that his actions are being logged, and that he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for his actions. This asshat sat in an interview stating he does not see systemic racism.

Lmao that’s rich coming from him Worst Attorney General in the history of our country. DisbarBarr Barr is honest and will protect the rule of law-something that is deeply missing in our judicial system-our country will fall without it. Kettle, meet pot. First of all, they aren't 'his own'. Yes, he is technically their boss, but these DA's can act as they please and make independent decisions on whether to prosecute or not. A lot of the DA's, such as in Portland, St Louis, NY, etc, are letting rioters go

I guess even preschoolers aren’t down with a dictatorship. The same thing went down under his watch as AG during the Iran Contra Scandal.... phvckem Barr needs to resign Yet no one does anything about it. When is main stream media going to understand Barr is helping Trump overthrow the American government?

Prosecutors... you heard him... now you know what you need to do... this guy is the dirtiest AG in the history of the country... this is your chance to come out as whistleblowers and have this guy removed... A Disgrace to the office. Time for prison for these traitors! He sounds like the Trump of attorney generals.

Says Trump's personal attorney yawn, this matters only if biden plays turn the page. while if he puts justice department in clean up mode trump grifters will do what all grifters always do, turn on each other! Is it weired that let me think of Chuck Rhoades in 'Billions'. Actually many of the most well-run organizations are those that value the opinions of its “lower level” employees.

This legal lunatic thinks he's a one man band !!!!! JUST HAVE TO LOOK AT SWEDEN. NO LOCKDOWN, NO JOBS LOST, Few Deaths, NO BULLYING, FINES.., NO SLAVESS... they have FREEDOMS. What if Bill Barr suddenly found himself without any prosecutors? Attorney Gen Barr. Trumps Family Members all living the high life in DC on your tax dollars

Congress and Senate need to protect Americans and the Constitution by impeaching or releasing this idiot from office, Durham’s Deputy said she ain’t having this shit and bounced‼️ Fred Flintstone is pissed! He thinks he’s King of DOJ‼️ This is why the man of the year is AG Barr. Americans will have LAW&ORDER! The terrorist BLM group that organizes riots killing people and looting and destroying property and hating POTUS. But these people are not Christians or Americans. Judgement is coming wages will be paid.

He's insane and a criminal. Can't wait until he is De-Barr-ed! Barr should be dis-barred. Gawd, imagine having a Boss like him. What a Bully! Corruption is now acceptable by the “leader of the free world” 🤔 Did someone get him the wrong salad for lunch? Why else would this bozo be this mad at his staff?

He's taking up the same narcissistic phraseology as he's copy from his fuehrer. Here here. Sad little man. don't fall for the trap. he's trying to get them all to resign 'en masse' so he can replace them. stick it out for a few more months, please. Chris_09765 The human ball sac that is the AG is so disgusting.

Bill. Barr. is. The. man. Barr needs to go now. He’s the worst attorney general ever. What flavor do you suppose Barr’s Kool-Aid is? Well, if the Jabba the Butt doesn't like being a criminal surrounded by people who've made it their careers to catch & prosecute criminals, then maybe he should get the hell out of a job he's never deserved in the first place...

Barr, look at yourself and what you have become. You are siding on the side of politics and not being impartial and objective. You doing what Trump tells you to do. I believed in you but now not at all Projection. Impeach the fucker! Barr destroying another honorable institution ! Like uspo the cdc etc ..

Barr is so blatantly corrupt What does Trump have on him? Says the traitor. Coverupgeneralbarr needs to be DISBARRED, and PROSECUTED! Rob_US_Marine What does he know about a 'fair system of justice?' FireBarr Barr is corrupt and a Trump henchman. He’s a disgrace. IndictBarr. How does this fascist still have a job in the federal government? He is determined to undermine freedom & democracy.

realDonaldTrump has turned Bill Barr into the new Michael Cohen. Idiot Right now Barr is more dangerous than his master! Beware! Morale booster this one. When’s Boss Day? 1loriking This path is not good, not good at all ImpeachBarr cant wait to see which one of the preschoolers serves Barr his first SUBPOENAS

BillyBar better hope he crossed all his t’s and dotted all his i’s because the people he’s disparaging aren’t little kids. They are full grown intelligent men and women prosecutors. Pay back is a bi$&h! 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ He’s disgusting. Well It's nice of Barr to excluded himself from being a professional Make ya feel good 4 a change Bobby?

We all know Trump is behind all this shit Barr is his just puppet I don’t trust you Mr Barr So they wanted to be ethical then? What’s happening is their dirty tricks are not working and the frustration is showing in trump stooges. Well, lots of people in the FBI, DEA and DOJ voted for Trump. They, in fact, practically helped him get elected while they were supposedly 'investigating' Trump's Russian ties. This is what they get. What did they expect?

I read that Barr approved the murder of a leftist, who allegedly killed in self defense. William Barr is the most compromised, treasonous AG in the history of the United States. He is worse than John Michell. He belongs behind bars. Bill Barr's a traitor. We must stop this corrupt AG in November 3 😂😂😂, distract, deflect and blame. It’s the “Trump” way. Keep up the lies Barr, as they will be used against you in a court of Law.

The man is history!! AG Barr is doing the bidding of trump Maybe they will hunt his head. BillBarrIsACrook Bill Barr should be disbarred, prosecuted and put in prison. AnonsSynonymous Time to clean house, why are we paying for that I love Bill Barr. President Obama politicized the DOJ. Clean house. It’s corrupt.

Barr is going to Leavenworth. rolandsmartin What'da hell? Nothing motivates trust, loyalty, and enhances the public image like deriding your employees on a world stage. I was fired by a boss like you. It actually improved my resume. I feel sorry for those public servants who are being abused. They didn’t chose to work for you.

He knows what a November 3rd loss really means. realDonaldTrump thinks he can settle. Barr knows they can’t. He’s right Here’s the play: get everybody worked up so they resign en mass then he gets to hire nothing but sycophants and toadies. Bill Barr is a dangerous man. This. Comes. As. No. Surprise. Funny.... The very first person I thought of was Ghislaine Maxwell. Funny that.

Is Barr corrupt? Why is this lunatic willing to go this far for Trump? President Biden and the NEW SENATE must have him INVESTIGATED. Everything must be looked at as this is a disgusting BETRAYAL of the office of AG. BETRAYAL. FireBarr How dare he? You can’t continue to free the criminals... it doesn’t work that way

The preschoolers were very misbehaved during Obama's watch. This is just beyond comprehension, total, sheer madness, words fail me. To turn Heat Rays and other experimental weapons on American People amounts to treason, an act of genocide, attempted murder at least. Why stop with Heat Rays, bring out the flame throwers, and M 60,S

Yeah, he's definitely not getting a voted out of office going-away party.

Katyal: Barr should testify in Inspector General's investigation of Roger Stone's sentencingNeal Katyal, former Acting U.S. Solicitor General, tells Lawrence O'Donnell it's a 'pretty big deal' that the Justice Department’s Inspector General is investigating Roger Stone's sentencing because 'the whole thing stinks from start to finish' and Attorney General William Barr “should be forced to testify.” donwinslow neal_katyal I was a prosecutor. If I did was Barr did I wouldn’t have a law license anymore. To this day I know of no grievances filed against him. neal_katyal I loved hearing when Prof. Katyal referred to Stone as Trump’s “spirit animal.” donwinslow neal_katyal Dem’s need to start holding these guys in contempt for ignoring subpoena’s!

Barr Tells Prosecutors to Consider Charging Violent Protesters With SeditionAttorney General William Barr told the nation’s federal prosecutors to be aggressive when charging violent demonstrators with crimes, including potentially prosecuting protestors for plotting to overthrow the U.S. government, people familiar with the conversation said. Exactly right!!! Well said AG, true Americans support this! $2 billion in damage. Seems about right.

Barr Tells Prosecutors to Weigh Sedition Charge for Violent Protesters: ReportIt’s unlikely prosecutors could prove intent of such a charge, though threatening protesters with sedition could change the dynamic at future events. We must do something to protect minority small business owners like Bronx grandmother Lucy Holsey. “They tell me ‘Black Lives Matter.’ They’re lying . . . I’m black, look what you did to my store.” -- Lucy Holsey, small business owner and grandmother Forced sterilizations? Prosecution of protestors? Nazi Germany in 1935. i think they should consider, instead, ignoring him and following the actual law. but that’s me

Barr suggests charging violent protesters with seditionAttorney General William Barr expressed frustration with some local and state prosecutors' handling of riot-related crimes, telling top Justice Department prosecutors that he wants them to be aggressive in bringing charges related to protest violence, including exploring using a rarely used sedition law, according to a person familiar with the matter. They might as well change the flag to 24 stars if they only want to govern/care about half of the country. Does this include the true perpetrators or just the peaceful ones? he also wants them to aggressively assemble a task force to find his NECK

AG Barr called for aggressive charges against violent protesters - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Violent protesters. Don’t lose sight. Halt die klappe! Der Reichsführer-SS will be asking the questions now!

U.S. says WeChat users will not be penalizedWeChat users will not face civil or criminal penalties even if the United States bans the Chinese-owned messaging app through other actions next week, the Justice Department said on Wednesday. Peer-to-peer is very important. The CCP bans US apps, and the US should also ban Chinese apps. 深圳必胜客就是牛逼 ALL LIVES MATTER