Barack Obama wins the Democratic primary

Released from his self-imposed neutrality, the former president will soon make the case for Biden that Biden has had trouble making himself

4/10/2020 9:00:00 AM

Released from his self-imposed neutrality, the former president will soon make the case for Biden that Biden has had trouble making himself

Released from his self-imposed neutrality, the former president will soon make the case for Biden that Biden has had trouble making himself.

If there was a casualty of Obama’s comments, it might have been Elizabeth Warren, who lost her lead in both Iowa and New Hampshire (to Pete Buttigieg) that same week and never regained it. Obama’s warning about the electoral consequences of leftism may have been the most important moment of the 2019 pre-primary season. At the time of those comments, several of Obama’s closest advisers, who all opposed Sanders, told me in interviews that Sanders was a spent force, a mistake that many observers made at the time. Obama was publicly silent for the remainder of the campaign. But one of his closest advisers issued a

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warning: “If Bernie were running away with it, I think maybe we would all have to say something.”As the race narrowed to Biden and Sanders, interest among pro-Biden Democrats for Obama to speak up spiked and the political press was on the hunt for any indications of Obama choosing sides. Obama had a delicate task. Everyone knew whom he preferred, and yet he could not be seen as helping organize the massive party-wide show of force in favor of Biden that emerged from South Carolina through Super Tuesday. Obama’s aides forcefully reiterated that he was scrupulously not intervening.

But some of his aides now concede that behind the scenes Obama played a role in nudging things in Biden’s direction at the crucial moment when the Biden team was organizing former candidates to coalesce around Biden.“I know he did a few things,” said one longtime close adviser to Obama. “He was talking to Biden regularly in that period. I don’t know exactly what he said, but you can speculate! It’s noteworthy that he called Klobuchar and the others right when they got out.”

A person with knowledge of Obama’s conversation with Buttigieg after the former Indiana mayor exited the race explained it this way: “Obama talked to Pete the night that Pete dropped out. When Pete told Obama that he was 99.9 percent of the way there in terms of endorsing Biden, I would say that Obama was encouraging. But I would also say that Obama was very careful not to be seen as putting a thumb on the scale. He and the people close to him are very careful about the optics — the 2016-style optics. Sanders and his supporters had reason to believe the party put the thumb on the scale for Hillary in 2016 and he wanted to avoid that. Obama wasn’t the driving force, but he was encouraging of people who had those instincts to rally around Biden. But he was very cautious and discreet in how he operated.”

A Democratic strategist added, “The truth is, he’d rather be on David Geffen’s yacht than dealing with internal Democratic party bullshit.”That’s a little unfair, but it plays into a popular stereotype of Obama during the Trump era as too detached from the political fray. But Obama has had a fairly consistent strategy of husbanding his political capital and only speaking publicly when he was sure it would have some impact (as it seemed to in November) and laying back from pure electoral politics until the final stretch of the campaign (as in 2018).

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The Sanders campaign WAS blunted by insiders. This corporatist stooge in particular. Hope and total BS BarackObama Look folks. We need to live in the here and now. Which is joe Biden mariacastro1111 mariacastro1111 Escriben sin saber. Obama + Gates + Apple + google . estan en este momento desarrollando y costeando la plataforma mas grande de control de la pandamia que permita a los ciudadanos poder salir y protegerse hasta encontrar las vacuna. Les quedan 17 días. Ah y por otro lado Obama..

no He hasn’t been silent. He had the gall to condemn misinformation (Benghazi) and then parroted last weeks the “evil of in person voting“. He was silent for 8 years what did you expect now Has been a let down since 2009 ... and loses the gen election for Dems, yet again. when yr trying to prop up a shabby legacy of questionable legislative wins, pointless concessions to Wall St and K St, & historic Dem losses over 8 yrs, maybe forcing the weakest candidate onto the ballot is simply 'on-brand'?

Lmfao “the most silent” even though he blatantly intervened in the primaries after publicly promising not to. Warren 'lost her lead' in IA and NH to Pete? She lost her lead in Nov. realDonaldTrump still loses to this guy! Love you Barack! ObamaWasBetterAtEverything Worst President ever = Obama. Didn't Hussain endorse Stacy Abrams in Georgia for the midterms in 2018 after his failed Presidency? Did his endorsement carry any weight?

Love that classy intelligent man! Thank God he wasn’t President when this happened.... Barf 🤮 Walk softly and carry a big stick. You don’t need a loud voice and a bully personality to be effective as a leader or a decent human being. Watch Trump blame Obama again as result Fox has conditioned it viewers to hate Obama, Clinton's, Libs, Dems, Radical Left etc. I'm disappointed in GOP allowing creation of Trumpism, hate Trumpism but really get angered by friends brain washed by FOX, repeating talking points.

Trump gets reelected in November. Obama is a non factor, and won't influence much, silent or not. He was too embarrassed to endorse Biden Bullshit Empty Suit Obama is back just in time to support the 80 year old man with dementia NeverBiden God I hate this clown I don’t know why but this makes me smile 🙂

I don't know if the media can broadcast what he may have to say from GITMO Total bs. Politico is corrupted I wish he'd STFU 🙄 LMAO Yeah Obama had influence and helped Hillary Clinton get elected president.. Influential that made hillary to lose in a landslide.. not so influential Democrats care more about people and the country, the Republicans care only about themselves and the money and not the people?

🤢🤮 pat_ximenes Hallelujah!🙏🇨🇦👏❤️ Obama is a long leg Mack daddy who pimps white women. Absolutely correct! Didn’t Obama fail during the 2016 election🤔.....let me see he wants to try a second time🤨...this time with Biden his Ex🙄....foolish move for a smart guy don’t you think so🤭. In the end, the news organization known as Politico will have significantly fewer employees.

Ha, as if. He’s been heavily involved behind the scenes since he got Tom Perez inserted in the head of the DNC. Obama’s got the most to lose if Sanders or Warren we’re to win. His legacy would watered down at the least and he might even get some of the deserved blame for Trump And has done the most damage to our country

Until now. Wait for it. BO is warming up and getting ready to enter the game. Most influential 😂😂😂 It’s called class. GTFOH!!!! I fully agree There’s nobody talking about him except the media. Seriously. Nobody I know brings him up anymore in conversation Obama loser makes jimmy carter look smart and carter was the stupodest president ahhhh b4 obama

He about to be the world's most hated man Biden needs to make his own case ... he never could! NeverBiden You really don't know what you've got till it's gone. Well not really. President Obama's many supporters and fans knew what we had in that special soul and just want it back. I As authentic as his Nobel peace prize.

This is whom Trump fear most! Mr. BarackObama endorsement of Biden. Maybe Kenya is looking for a new President. oczki_w And we don't mean influential in a good way. He's a manipulator for nefarious reasons. From GITMO I’m here for the ratio I love the sound of that. You gotta admit, the guy's got style AND timing.

a_fly_guy realDonaldTrump VP I BET THIS UPSETS YOUR DELICATE FEELINGS Please, he’s just hoping more corruption doesn’t get exposed from his administration. That is why trump is so afraid of Biden, he brings both Obamas, two of the most admired people on the planet, plus his Vice President choice, and he has many great choices, ya he’s afraid .

Such a lovely family Hahahahahahahahahah Blow up Doll, Barry? Obamamafia This is simply idiotic. you keep saying yes Lmao. The man who ran assault weapons to cartels which killed patrolmen. The man who killed US citizens with drones without due process. The man who built cages for children and set records of deportations. The man who surveilled journalists & weaponized the IRS. NeverBiden Obama2.0

Could the MSM stop hanging from this clowns ball sack for once? Ya he really put hillary on the winning track Ahhh. I miss a president who doesn't need to claim to be a stable genius. Biden supporters ignore this fact. Barry playing with fire to save his crappy legacy. No he won’t. Then he might have to answer-what did he know and when did he know it.

When will Obama realize that there's no reason to support anyone who hurts his legacy? . An anti-busing candidate who worked with segregationists and lied about civil rights activism hurts the first black president legacy. *After forcing Klobuchar and Mayor CIA out of the race, and getting Robert Francis to endorse Biden from the shadows= 'Neutrality'

I honestly can't see anyone voting for Biden , he is simply horrible - Burnie would have been A LOT better ! Are there any Democrats who aren't criminals? I'm serious. 🤔 😴 Absolute scumbag this guy is.. I hope nature extracts these fools from our planet. Yeesh. This will work. Like in 2016 👍🏻 How about you just tell him to stay there.

Pitiful. It's like when a clone is made, but it's all shitty and bumps into stuff. Maybe, Hunter should make the case for his Dad; he really helped him out A LOT!!!! We are so ready for Obama!!!! Says it all doesn't it Will he also be answering why they thought Spying on their political rivals was the only way they thought they could win?

Hahaha Obama can’t stand Biden. This will hurt Obama so badly. MariaTCardona He has always said he would support the nominee. Self imposed neutrality? jetrotter Can’t wait for Joe And Barack answer why they were spying on a rival campaign. TrumpLandslide2020 no thanks. Obama should be careful. If he toes himself too close to this nominee who trump then goes on too smash in the GE, Obama could be blamed. Lol, who am I kidding, the left will always be blamed 😭😭😭

Asshole in Chief Dude imagine Obama's legacy being ruined because the dementia patient loses to the game show host lmao BernieSanders SenSanders EnoughIsEnough 🔥 Is that what they call it, when you tell Buttigieg and Klobuchar to drop out and get behind Joe? 'Neutrality' Well that’s encouraging- Biden isn’t competent enough to tell voters why they should vote for him, so let’s bring out another person to do it for him! We’re doomed.

40M payoff for 8 years of deception and his still at it wonder how much he’ll get paid for this round All the ppl who think the point of this election is simply to defeat orange man no matter what. Just go home. You have the worst ethics of a political foundation I have ever seen. You are intellectually toxic and need to go home.

WeHaveNoDemocracy the string puller emerges ... ObamaSellOut Biden cant finish a sentence MariaTCardona Interesting...🤔 I was finished with the Obamas when they did NOT speak up about the corrupt 2016 DNC primary. And no Universal Healthcare after winning my vote by mentioning it. Michelle was a hospital administrator. Big Med steers the Obamas. So they can suck it for all I care.

Biden can’t make the case for himself? Then why elect him please Barack, step in here! Like I’ll continue to say, if you thought the first four years with Trump where a ride. Wait until the hold my beer and watch this next four years; after he feels even more vindicated that he’s the Messiah that American never knew it needed.

Dnc counting on someone help changing his underware, senility created these situations. Biden cannot prevail. He is a continuation of all that has happened before. This ass wouldn’t endorse the guy he put a heartbeat away from the office. What a clown. No thanks, buddy. War criminals don’t run the people’s party anymore. getthememo DementiaJoe BidenLosesToTrump

Who gives a shit what Obama has to say? Thank a God. Trump makes that case Biden has been kicking butt since south carolina and up by 11% in latest CNN poll against orange menace. Politico, why do you say stupid stuff? When Obama starts appearing publicly with Biden, the contrast between the two will further expose Biden as being unfit for the presidency.

That’s reassuring. Is he going to stick his hand up Biden’s as$ and just puppet him around? Poor Politico. Lol ok what else is he going to do. Self imposed neutrality? He spent two years bitching about President Trump! Are we electing Biden, Obama or both? If that's they case, I'll done a hazmat suit in November to make sure neither of them win.

So you're admitting Biden is incompetent? Biden is leading in all the polls, yet you claim he isn’t making the case for himself? Lazy journalism. Dementia Joe has to leave his wife in the basement and actually run for president not his surrogates. FUNNAGAN Biden's had NO 'trouble' making his case himself. Ugh Are we really going to do this to another candidate people? Let's not. In 2016, headlines crucified HRC w same backhanded headlines subtly designed to undermine. Let's not get started shooting ourselves in the foot. Again.

Well somebody has to LMAO! Come on President BarackObama you can't do his Job 😂😂😂 So, if anyone looks at this in its proper context what will be recognized is this is a former Vice President who understands the interests he has to consider, the coalition he has to build and unity he has to maintain. This is what steady leadership does. He’s there now. 2/2

Biden's handlers can pull him out now and replace him with someone who has a functioning brain, the capacity for abstract thought, deductive reasoning and no history of sexual assault or general creepiness. The language of this article depicts an overreaching former President, but that itself is overreaching. The Former Vice President understands he has “many hats to juggle” and everybody wants their way. This is the truth. 1/2

I Believe he is the ticket Biden is riding on. How is Obama going to help bridge the gap to voters who were screwed by his administration and just barely started to recover before now facing another once in a lifetime crisis? He can't pull the 'remember what I did for you' card. No one is going to vote.

Damn Barry and his phone calls. 🥰😍🤩❤ Ha ha ha ha What is that headline man. I thought I was tripping out for a second. There's a place in Nuremberg for this child-murderer. How long before Biden forgets his name? Dementia DementiaJoe I for one can't wait. Trump has no one like Obama to stump for him. No one.

Biden has a failed record just like his boss Obama ... Just because you know how and when to smile does not make you a credible president. Ugh The best Manchurian President Wall Street and banks bought. Yeah, poor Joe, up in the polls by double digits and he’s already wrapped up the nomination. What a loser.

Neutrality?! 😂 HEY BOOMERS if JoeBiden can’t sell himself he’s ALREADY LOST. Three things MSM omits re dems &the primary 1) Obama was not progressive 2) The daily denigration& lies & gasliggting re Sanders by left media was 1 why he lost 3) The '16 cheating of Sanders by HC/DNC/MSM, 4which DWS resigned is documented & not simply 'felt' by supporters

There is just one word that sums up what I think of this Demo-hype. OBAMACARE. I am not thinking nice thoughts. Welcome back to the fray, Barrack Obama. We still ❤️ you. He had to NEUTRAL in PUBLIC until Nominations Completed. In PRIVATE I think he was all Biden. That's as it should be ! annaisnotamused Isn't it kind of jumping the gun to say he couldn't make the case for himself, when he effectively won the primary by a pretty healthy margin?

Too bad he has excluded the majority of the progressive base. I cant see any reason why I or any other leftist should vote for him. To stop Trump? Biden and Trump are to similar for that play a factor. Supreme court? He helped Thomas and Scalia. What does he offer? Nothing 'the former president will soon make the case for Biden that Biden has had trouble making himself' Gee, why is Biden having such trouble making the case himself? He's running for the Senate, isn't he? 🤔🤣

Biden will be needing help from distinguishing from the other Biden: Barack Obama isn’t running for President, is he? Why would I vote for a man who can’t even campaign for himself? Can't wait. Will Obama be pushing his asinine 'Don't boo, vite' bullsh*t? 🙄 NeverBiden Here comes Obama Obama's 'neutrality' 🤣

Like parody. It's becoming a real weekend at Bernie's kind of plot (no pun intended) Shame on you Politico, never criticise Trump! That face is terrifying. And then he'll help Joe tie his shoes. Inspiring. Im just dying to vote for a person who can't even make a case for themselves and needs their former boss to do it for them.

Love that this casual article doesn’t even mention Obama making calls personally to Buttigieg and Klobuchar to get them dropped out and behind Biden. He’s had more of a hand in this primary than Biden himself, most of Biden votes are based on his association with Obama Lol! Bring out more people to prop up the wilting corpse of Joe Biden.

Who will speak for him at the debates with BLOTUS? Will Jill be his little helper? DementiaJoe gotta go. Despicable DNC and all their little corporate cronies. That's cool and all, but 1. Obama was not neutral 2. I don't give a fuck about what Obama says Having Obama run cover for Hillary the entire time last time didn't work there I wonder what makes you idiots think it's going to work any better this time

He is a fully qualified advocate. And incidentally, without even trying, he makes the Orange Menace out to be the buffoon that he is. So is Barack going to stand in for him in the debates too? Will be nice to revisit even a memory of a real president again, someone who is rational, can express appropriate emotions and can make decisions on data and sound analyses.

History will remember Obama as the guy who squandered his power by pushing the two weakest possible candidates against Trump, thus ushering in the age of American fascism. YAS! neutrality? lmfao Look at that Pied Piper face! He should face charges with Illinois and the US! Does no one see a problem with this?

Sad. Can no one see this is a repeat of 2016? Net: He’ll try to manipulate us into voting for the rapist warmonger. How nice for us. 😕 Obama was offered a supreme court position if biden wins, dude does not know when to go the f away. You already had 8 years GO. AWAY. YOU ARE WHAT GOT US TRUMP. FISH always ROT from HEAD DOWN (fyi that'$ leadership, those in-charge Mr. Pass the buck realDonaldTrump) but i mostly BLAME McConnell'$ GOP & the republican propoganda TV network FoxNewsLies for the current pandemic state of death & disease now confronting USA VoteBlue

And why does Biden have trouble making that argument himself? Hmmm.... if only some enterprising reporter would check it out. vegix The only trouble that joebiden encounters is the 'both-side-er-ism' fallacy that the MSM bathes in during virtually every cycle. Man I need to hear him talk. To remind myself what a President talks like. Am so tired of seeing a Reality Show host trying to act like a President.

r/titlegore Obama has been involved for months. Why do you think Clyburn all of a sudden endorsed a losing Biden--who was on his last legs? Why did nearly everybody drop out and suddenly support a guy who hadn't won a debate & was losing support L&R? Obama spoke w/Bernie multiple times too. 🤣🤣🤣 Obama RESURFACES

Yes he will. Wow you guys are really on top of it 😂 You know who couldn’t make the case for himself? Bernie Sanders. He got his ass kicked. That's your opinion. Jst as in 2016 WTF. He beat a field of 20 competitors! self-imposed neutrality? Please................ We’re coming out for Biden. Don’t start with this bullshit. Make no mistake, this election is a referendum on trump & voting in someone who is capable of restoring decency & democracy. Love Obama, but don’t patronize voters who stood for hours to vote Biden & risked death in WI

Didn't Biden just win? Isn't he leading in the polls? Journalists need to get out of the bubble or they're going to keep writing articles about Biden that make them look stupid a few months later. It’s the only way he’ll be able to win. A real hard trouble TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE, WRONG COMPARISONS. BIDEN IS FINE JUST AS IS.

Wow. He’s really going to embarrass himself. Trump is making the case for Biden! This was all Obama’s doing! No political reporting can be this bad. Obama was heavily involved in pressuring organizations to endorse Biden and candidates to get out to favor Biden. There was no self imposed anything. Once again, who needs a glamorous running mate? With Obama campaigning for Biden, Joe can pick the woman best able to do the job?

Which Senile rapist are u guys voting for? Obama should not be backing anyone. YOU ARE ARE NOT ONLY FAKE BUT STUPID NEWS 'Released from his self-imposed neutrality' Remind me again... Did Obama endorse HillaryClinton ? 🤣🤣 Yet, 20+ yes men and women folded like chumps to let this corrupt man victoriously cross the primary finish line.

Joe's going to need a lot more help than that! Obama should be put on trial. His invasion of Libya was a war crime. This is what the DNC is giving. A shell of a man... DemExit A lot of us would like to think that Obama's participation in the campaign will sew things up for Biden. However, remember that in the closing weeks of '16, Obama made many appearances on behalf of Hillary. And Hillary still lost.

I do NOT want to re-litigate this man's failures. i wish this moron would just go away. he tried to pass a free trade deal as he was leaving office. he should NOT be involved. He won the primary in 2016 too then, I guess. Some good that did. Keep hoping that the Obama fairy will rescue the dems. Good luck

We must stop doing this. Nobody would hold Biden's hand if he was the President! The guy who shat the bed on the last Crash gets himself involved in this one. Why can’t he just stay in Oak Bluffs? I mean Martha’s Vineyard? No. Because Obama is coherent and isn't getting used...but oh how compromised... This is why.

He's still alive after all this? Wow. Would have thought he might have something to say about the end of the Rule of Law in America. What a headline Biden needs to be his own man.

Bernie Sanders Ends Presidential Run as Joe Biden Clinches 2020 Democratic Nomination“The fight for justice is what our campaign has been about,” Sanders told supporters. “It’s what our movement remains about” Oh dear. So the only question is will Pence still be VP? Thankful for all Bernie has done to change the Democratic Party.

Factbox: Biden is the last person standing in the 2020 Democratic presidential raceFormer Vice President Joe Biden emerged as the Democrat who will challenge Republican Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election after Senator Bernie Sanders ended his bid for the party's nomination on Wednesday. But does he know if he is on his head or his elbow ...? Actually not. Sanders is still collecting delegates and is planning to create a ruckus at the convention, dividing Dems, and ensuring re-election of trump. It's clear, since this happened before, Sanders was NEVER a Democrat and has been playing a game this WHOLE time. Vote Blue, no matter....

Can Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Unite the Democratic Party?News Analysis: 'A decisive question remains unchanged and unresolved today,' writes Mark Leibovich. 'Would the hesitation, or worse, of Mr. Sanders’s voters to embrace Mr. Biden be enough to keep them from turning out for him in the fall?' You can bet they won’t turn out! If they do they’re going to vote for Trump. What would you do if you kept getting screwed? 'Mr. Sanders' is no longer in the race, no thanks to the New York Times for that. It's now on JoeBiden, it's his job to convince people that he's worth turning up for, that's why he threw his hat in the ring. You backed the wrong horse, you better hope he can run. Sad day for Americans when the candidate who fought the hardest for the people couldn’t get the support of those people. Medicare4All

How can Joe Biden unify a Democratic Party that's distracted by coronavirus?With Bernie Sanders out, Joe Biden must energize a divided Democratic Party that is distracted by the coronavirus and a ravaged economy.

Trump says he is astounded that Obama has not endorsed BidenPresident Donald Trump on Wednesday questioned why former President Barack Obama has not endorsed Joe Biden, his former vice president and the apparent Democratic presidential nominee I bet he did it with careful thought and used really big words. Don't you worry about it. He gave Bernie some space. As he should. It's coming. Doesn't he have anything else to worry about?

People at The White House: The First Lady Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill BidenWe miss seeing our pals face-to-face, but MichelleObama and DrBiden prove that laughs and wine are all you need 💕 Watch more here: MichelleObama DrBiden The good old days :-( I miss them both. MichelleObama DrBiden 🙄 MichelleObama DrBiden ((VH)) I love you two❤️❤️