Media, Barack Obama And Bruce Springsteen Team Up To Host Spotify Podcast - Cnn

Media, Barack Obama And Bruce Springsteen Team Up To Host Spotify Podcast - Cnn

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen team up to host Spotify podcast

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2/23/2021 12:00:00 AM

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen have teamed up to host a new podcast about masculinity, race, fatherhood and their professional and personal journeys.

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cnn who gives a shit what those two world class idiots are up to? Please tell us about the cuomo’s cover ups. Now that’s newsworthy. And then they took tequila shots and hopped on a motorcycle Masculinity... I think his wife is dildoing his ass. Mad__Davies some essential listening for you Guess people like watching boring things so stupid

This is the ”true America” we in EU are anxiously been waiting. Can’t wait! I wonder if they will talk about the Obama's strong support to Islamic Fundamentalism during his reign as president and its implications which resulted in millions of refugees and destruction of whole countries like Syria and Yemen. He should apologise for his crimes!!!

Whaaa? My President! 🙏 AnitaSummers57 Wonderful! Em cám ơn! Fun, happy Dễ gần So the adulter Bruce gets to lecture on masculinity? Okay Lefties we get it. Anyone of your choice gets a pass. I wonder if they talk about how Obama took away the due process rights of college men. The boss and the boss that is going to be good

Bruce is a ASS Will Obama talk about how he bombed the Middle East Just make sure 'the boss' doesnt drive to the interview. As parents, we just want to wake up healthy, go to work, raise a family without your liberal indoctrination circumventing our hard work. It seems though everywhere we look, a liberal is in your face preaching post-truth bullshhtt.

Barack Obama in the middle! He is Biracial not black. BIG HIVEFIVEZZZ BEZ BIG IDD IS WAKIWAKI noidea but ah! panpancancancancansoup1/4rd order bigsjhush JUMBO BIG BAWANa BIGBANANRAMAJAM zip zoomiest bie eye hihihihi JIVE 10oit at 12 rock stompfire by hornof big aniwaf hi hi good green drop AH! BIG APE IS wayway AH!

How boring is this. Spare us . LMAO !! Jeezus. Speaking of masculinity.... 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿 Help Stop TigrayGenocide I’d rather listen to a podcast with Donny Trump and beetlejuice Real men. They driving around drunk together or what Masculinity? These two of the least masculine people out there lol, sucks they’re gonna provide more ammunition for this recent weirdo movement that hates on men for being normal 😂

So bloody cool ✨ This can’t be good ok this is very epic yeah, give us some confederate flag waving and some big monster trucks now THAT'S masculinity. Oh and wave an AR-15 around too, so we all know how big your willy is Barack Zombie Fail! Who gives a fuck I don’t give a shit . kirkmin is going to be the first guest

Both are bad bosses. Hard No Yeah, I'll be listening to that one. Imma sure this was before the DWI... next. 💩 Wonder if Bruce will be drunk? That’s cool! Đến cả hoàng hôn còn lỡ hẹn với chân trời.... Chris: Glares w/ envy. Finds solace in the jelly of his donut. Two evils coming together to spread evil Birds of a feather springsteen FlintWaterCrisis

Hopefully they chat about bruces stelkar decision making to drive while impaired or drunk Are they gonna discuss getting banged up drunk and driving their cars around New York? 🍻 🍺 The worst two dudes on the planet no brains DUIs? It’s already over Trump supporters heads, unless you wave guns around! Clown show

And talk about how to hate those with opposing political and religious beliefs. and drunk driving Is Bruce goin talk about his DUI and what a hipocrate he is !And how mr born in USA doesn’t believe in agree to disagree only in one sided government of soon to be socialism And Obama goin talk about the cages he set up for illegal kids not President Trump!Won’t watch hipocrates

Can’t decide which one I care less about. It’s a real pickle I am in. Great news in a sea of madness 😳 See their body language Hardly any person watches CNN anymore This was not on my 2021 bingo card. Another podcast?🤔 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Heres 2 jackasses the nobody really cares to hear from. How about that OVI bruce? Pillar of the community. The other one whom I wont say his name and I voted for him started the discontent in our country years ago. Been dividing We The People for years. Hope it bombs. Lol

That should be good to listen. A pothead and a drunk walk into a bar .... Puke Not six feet apart and no masks great example they set nam k phan biet tuoi ngoai hinh.biet lam tinh la ok.ranh goi lien nhe Better give Bruce a breathalyzer! I hope Obama gave the Boss a drive there Two twisted minds think alike

PattyArquette What wait? I know who those 'old' guys are. American4Love Just an observation, interesting body language. Love both of these men without reservation. 'BeerSummit?' Check out my podcast too!! BarackObama blogness are they going to get drunk and Drive Another reason not to get Spotify. Because we haven’t had enough of people talking about race

Why should I take advice from these guys.... About anything 🤮🤮🤮🤮 The Body Language,um I don’t know Other topics might include: A potential Springsteen 2024 presidential campaign. Was The Boss born to run? Talking about race just expands the division That hilarious!!! Over a few beverages,maybe a quick spin in the Jeep? Should be out apologizing for his actions. Be the Boss.

All this man does is talk! Fraud ass ain't helping anyone 🤡 Arms crossed, neither feel comfortable. Gay attraction I suppose.... Tossers Bruce always looks constipated.... Does that include driving while intoxicated - just want to know if all topics will be discussed? The gay ex-president know nothing about masculinity after ushering legal insolent to the image of God...... God's image is masculinity (man)... Gays are nothing but devils movement to contempt God's image....

I really really care what they think 👍 🤮 So many judges on here. Look in the mirror. These 2 have decency and grace I would love to hear them. Think there are a few bots on here replying smack.. so tired of this shit You mean the same Bruce that got his Ford commercial canceled because he got caught driving while stinking drunk and arrested for DWI? I think you can do better BarackObama

When you know podcasting is on its last legs. Can’t wait🤢🤮 🤮 And why should they know ANYTHING? Drink Driver meets mass murderer Are they playing footsies? I would tune in to hear Obama speak on any of those subjects. But if that means having to sit through Springsteen to do it, hard pass. The fake working-class minstrel with Barry of Honolulu.

These two guys are more masculine than Barack and Bruce: Will they be meeting up somewhere in the middle? 2021 Ebony and Ivory. The first one sucked, doubt this will be much better.... Guess they will have a drink together and go for a drive as well! Brilliant.Two of Americas greatest.Really looking 4ward to listening here in Ireland.

I’m done talking about uniting with fascist/ white supremacist right wingers but I like Both men The Boss and Bruce Springsteen. BarackObama springsteen Meanwhile, the more recent former president is in watching his sad life go down in flames...there’s got to be a lesson here, like just don’t be a fucking terrible person...