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Cordelia Scaife May, Colcom Foundation

Bankrolling the Anti-Immigration Movement

Much of the money behind the movement can be traced to one heiress who made it her life’s work to keep immigrants out of America.


Much of the money behind the anti-immigration movement can be traced to one heiress who made it her life’s work to keep immigrants out of America. Listen to today's episode of 'The Daily.'

Much of the money behind the movement can be traced to one heiress who made it her life’s work to keep immigrants out of America.

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Read more: The New York Times

Interesting to see connection between anti immigration and planned parenthood. Gee Gidget that’s interesting! I wonder if the NYT will do an article on who is gunning the illegal caravans So sad! Every time we live We leave a piece behind Final piece, finally peace We are whole through time amwritingfiction PortlandProtest poetrywriter POEMS SundayMotivation SundayThoughts SundayNight writerscommunity WritingCommunity writing Website

So, what’s with your Steven miller love? Many migrants are fabulous folks who deserve merit based immigration. Many more are indigent, unskilled, broken, desperate and uneducated and contribute to oppressing their own people with black market labor economies or taking CBP jobs. Let's be real about all the truths.

Dolts. It's a grassroots movement that has nothing to do with this lady. Common sense tells you illegal immigrants with 100% of the rights of citizens is a bad, bad idea. The editor also mysteriously left out * illegal A White woman who happened to be a White supremacist. 🤔's not an 'anti-immigration' movement you unabashed liars...It's anti-ILLEGAL ALIEN entry. Don't like the laws you liars? Change them.

How Stephen Miller Rode an Anti-Immigration Wave to the White HouseBehind Stephen Miller 's singular grip on President Trump's anti-immigrant agenda are forces far bigger than his own hostility toward people who are foreign-born I love how people put such emphasis on “illegal” as if they are so much different from “legal” people. Crossing the border is a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor=public intoxication. And most only come out of desperation. Wow so criminal and awful I’m shaking in my boots Stephen Miller is still pissed because his side lost WW 2. Send him back where he came from

Now do Margaret Sanger You mean the anti illegal immigrant movement ? We know it to be fact that they can move into public housing The irony of European descendants telling natives to relocate because.... 🤔 The anti-immigration movement is rolling in dough, unlike the pro-immigration movement which has to scrape by with support from Zuckerberg, George Soros, the Koch Brothers etc.

3 nights of tear gas-free protests as Hong Kong’s anti-government movement gives peace a chanceOrganizers from the Civil Human Rights Front estimated 1.7 million people were at the core of a march on Sunday. Beijing finally discovered it could leave everyone to protest as much as they want peacefully, it changes nothing but the illusion of free will. Something the founding fathers of the U.S. knew all along: 'Panem et circenses' We are with you people of HK Uhh if the protestors are still pelting the police and shining potentially eye-damaging lasers at them, isn't it Beijing giving peace a chance?

Bill Maher called the anti-Israel boycott movement 'A bulls--- purity test' after Israel barred supporters Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visitingHis comments came a day after Israel barred Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from visiting Israel because of their support for the BDS movement. Bill the buffoon. When did Business Insider become a gossip column?! This isn’t news. well the point is if god has to put people in the land they came out from maher goes to europe and rashida talib in israel

Hong Kongers stage more anti-government protests, braving stormsThousands of Hong Kongers, including many teachers, braved thunderstorms to take part in anti-government rallies. More here: by julie_zhuli MZaharia julie_zhuli MZaharia Kindly stop calling them “anti-government,” they are pro-democracy. julie_zhuli MZaharia More like a thousand 😆 julie_zhuli MZaharia What will China do? How will they react?

Youth minister at anti-gay church in Illinois charged with 'sexually exploitation' of teen boyPaxton Singer, a former youth pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in Aurora, asked the teen for naked photos, inquired about his sexual habits and requested the two spend the weekend together. Another Trump supporter in jail! *surprised face* I don't care what he does for a job. I don't care what religion he represents. I care that he is a child molester. As a child molester he should never see daylight again.

Far-right rally in Portland met by anti-fascist protestersPresident Donald Trump tweeted about the demonstration, saying there is consideration to labeling Antifa an 'organization of terror.' The biggest organization of Terror in the United States is the white house under the leadership (?) of coward of Vietnam, deadbeat donald. ANTIFA vagina smells like incest and sadness 'Fascist rally met by protesters' would have been a more efficient headline.

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