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Bake LA’s Finest Pastries—and Color Them Too

Scribble your heart out for a few hours. Because self-care takes many forms!

7/28/2021 5:12:00 PM

Scribble your heart out for a few hours. Because self-care takes many forms!

I love this cookbook. I love this coloring book. I love this combination cookbook and coloring book.

and published by the L.A. Times, the recipes are curated from the finest bakeries and restaurants in the city. The instructions for every sweet are super well written, full of visual cues, and approachable, so even though I’m a recipe nerd, a more novice baker will have no problem following along.

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But as the name suggests, this is not only a cookbook—it’s a coloring book as well. Michelson’s food-focused visual journalism (which you can check out in hernewly published book) joyfully personifies the featured desserts. Think sassy layer cake slices with long eyelashes, a wobbly flan juggling orange segments, a burnt Basque cheesecake looking nonplussed despite being completely aflame. All the images are printed with enough space for easy coloring. After a day of work, I grab this book along with my favorite pastel Sharpies and collapse onto my yoga mat, reverse savasana, to scribble my heart out for a few hours (self-care takes many forms!).

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve made Proof Bakery’s light and bright citrusy scones. But I can’t wait to make it out to L.A. to sample the real deal—and when I do, I’ll be sure to pack this booklet as a trusty field guide for my much anticipated bakery crawl.

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