Bahamas, drying out from Hurricane Dorian, faces new storm

Star chef Jose Andrés, who has been feeding hurricane victims, said he's stocked up on food in anticipation.

9/14/2019 5:43:00 AM

The Bahamas, drying out from Hurricane Dorian, now faces a tropical depression, which is expected to grow stronger overnight.

Star chef Jose Andrés, who has been feeding hurricane victims, said he's stocked up on food in anticipation.

, forecasters said.It was two weeks ago Sunday that Dorian, at Category 5 force, made landfall in the Bahamas and then spun in place for days,killing more than 50.As the island nation continues to dig out from that calamity, it must now prepare for what could be another.

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The Bahamian Department of Meteorology said in a statement that a military flight tracked the weather system Friday and placed it about 190 miles east-southeast of Marsh Harbour, Bahamas, which is part of the country's northern Abaco Islands.Sept. 13, 2019

00:00"The system has been meandering during the past few hours," the department said,"but is expected to resume a slow motion toward the northwest and north-northwest later today. The system is anticipated to move across the northwest Bahamas tonight."

Grand Bahama, the Abaco Islands and the Berry Islands were under a tropical storm warning tonight, according to the department. About 2-4 inches of rain could be expected with some isolated showers pushing 6 inches, it said.National Hurricane Center forecasters expect the depression's winds to exceed 39 mph tonight or early Saturday, at which point it would be designated Tropical Storm Humberto, said center spokesman Dennis Feltgen.

The system appears to be moving east of Florida, out to the Atlantic, but forecasters are still warning people along the East Coast of the United States to pay attention to forecasts and warnings, he said."The models trend it more to the east, which is good," Feltgen said."At this point we’re not calling for landfall on the U.S. coast."

The center expects the depression to develop into a full-on hurricane, perhaps in the next five days, he said. Bermuda could be in play, but it's too soon to tell, Feltgen said. A hurricane has maximum sustained surface winds of 74 mph or greater.

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More Than 250 Shelter Pets In The Bahamas Died During Hurricane DorianHurricane Dorian destroyed the Bahamas last week and when the storm waters flooded an animal shelter in Freeport, Bahamas, more than 250 animals died.

New storm hits hurricane-ravaged Bahamas, could become tropical stormA new storm brought rain and wind to the hurricane ravaged Bahamas early Friday,...

Potential Tropical Storm Humberto bringing wind, rain to Bahamas, Florida just after Hurricane DorianFortunately, the storm is not forecasted to create storm surges, which can be one of the deadliest parts of a tropical storm or hurricane. TRUMP Is my Weatherman......what does he say? Looks like it might hit Alabama. I understand that it may go as far west as Oklahoma. Trump is getting out his trusty sharpie!

Bahamians look for loved ones with 1,300 missing after Hurricane Dorian“I’m heartbroken, but life goes on. You pick up the pieces bit by bit. ... I’ve got to rebuild a house. I’ve got three more kids. I’ve got to live for them until my time comes.” Why is theee a Bahamas if it can’t withstand hurricanes. Ever heard of reinforced concrete you savages? maggieNYT 😥🙏 Jesus Christ

Bahamas, ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, brace for second hit as tropical storm approachesThe U.S. National Weather Service issued an advisory Thursday, less than two weeks after Dorian, warning of tropical storm conditions by late Friday. According to Trump, I guess they better make sure they save their passports through this if they want shelter in the states. 🤦🏽‍♂️

HuffPost is now a part of OathDianej209 Wow that’s a lot. They probably will never find all of them. That’s sad.😢 Amazing how quickly this story seems to be fading - final death toll could approach that on 9/11. 😢😢😢😢😢