Bad weather delays SpaceX Dragon's departure from space station to Saturday

Bad weather delays SpaceX Dragon's departure from space station to Saturday

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1/20/2022 11:04:00 PM

Bad weather delays SpaceX Dragon 's departure from space station to Saturday

Dragon was scheduled to come home on Friday (Jan. 21), but Mother Nature had other ideas.

. While the pair cleaned up following the spacewalk, SpaceX was preparing its robotic Dragon cargo ship to come back to Earth. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. The Dragon craft, which had previously been scheduled to come home on Friday (Jan. 21), is now planning to undock from the station Saturday (Jan. 22) due to a"forecast of inclement weather,"

according to a NASA blog post. You can watch the undocking live here at or directly on NASA TV beginning at 10:40 a.m. EST (1540 GMT) on Saturday.Related:Houston, you are go for a spacewalk: 'The Infinite' launches VR space station tours


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Dragon Departure Delayed as Cosmonauts Cleanup after SpacewalkWith medical research and a retired microscope in tow, a SpaceX Cargo Dragon is scheduled to depart the Space_Station at 10:40am ET (15:40 UTC) Saturday, Jan. 22 for its trip back to Earth. Watch live and get updates from the space station team: SpaceX Space_Station What’s a medical advancement stemming from this research that the general public can relate to? SpaceX Space_Station Sweet SpaceX Space_Station 'Open the pod bay doors, Hal'

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