Bad Bunny Left His Mark On Music: Now He’s Giving Young People Their Chance

We spoke to the one and only Bad Bunny (@sanbenito) about giving back, leaving your mark, and....Cheeto fingers!

8/3/2021 11:59:00 PM

We spoke to the one and only Bad Bunny (sanbenito) about giving back, leaving your mark, and....Cheeto fingers!

Recording sensation Bad Bunny teamed up with Cheetos and Adidas to create a contest that'll give Puerto Rican and stateside youth the opportunity to make their mark.

, and fashion. His latest partnership rounds up his many diverse interests, including advocacy work, nurturing young talent, his home of Puerto Rico, sneakers, and also — espéralo — Cheetos. The snack brand, along with Adidas, tapped Bad Bunny for a contest in which ten students in the U.S. and Puerto Rico will get a chance to win $50,000 to use toward their education. As part of the joint-created

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Deja tu Huella Estudiante Fund, students will submit how they’ve “made their mark,” and Bad Bunny himself will pick the winners. “I’ve brought music and entertainment to people, and it is the mark I want to leave. But more than that, I want to be remembered as someone genuine who always did everything with love,” Bad Bunny told Refinery29 Somos through a phone call.

AdvertisementBad Bunny is a veteran of youth-oriented organizing, specifically through his Good Bunny Foundation that exists to help the advancement of Puerto Rican youth through financially backing art programs and sports initiatives. “The goal is to motivate others. ,” says Bad Bunny. “It feels good to be able to give back to people who do so much for me. The Latinx community. The Puerto Rican community. It's always an honor to be a part of positive things going on.”

True to form, the fashion collaboration that was created to market this fund, is as brash as Bad Bunny’s own style. “We played with the Cheetos theme and the colors. It was something more fun and pressure free, we weren’t trying to fit into a trend or create one. We did it for fun and for the people.” The extremely limited-edition Adidas leisurewear collection, that you can only access with Cheeto-dust-covered fingers (really, truly, check out the instructions

here) includes an animal print “Chester-orange” tracksuit and two jerseys inspired by Bad Bunny’s personal style and Chester’s orange colorway. The clothes are available to purchase on August 6.In response to marrying his activism and his sponsorship deals, Bad Bunny explains that it’s all genuine. “I don’t do anything because I have to.When I have to give back and support my community, I do. I am a human being, if someone needs help, I step in. I’m just a human helping those who need help when I recognize that they do.” 

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