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Bad Bunny and Rosalía Light Up 'SNL' With Romantic Performance

Bad Bunny really stole the 'SNL' spotlight this week.

2/21/2021 10:31:00 AM

Bad Bunny really stole the 'SNL' spotlight this week.

The artists slayed their performance on 'SNL' just days after dropping their beautifully surreal new music video.

, including a set of white steps with archways that served as a beautifully stark backdrop to their red hot duet.Unlike the music video, the pair didn't utilize any pyrotechnics on stage, but as the pair began to serenade one another, they didn't need flames to radiate the heat of the lyrics.

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Rocking all-white ensembles, Rosalía and Bad Bunny didn't let anything distract from the strength of their vocal duel as the audience at home and in Studio 8H watched with rapt attention.The artist returned for his second set later in the night, and delivered a beautifully understated performance of"Te Deseo lo Mejor."

Sitting alone on the same surrealist, harshly geometric steps, Bad Bunny crooned the soulful song entirely alone, and managed to captive without any theatrics.The celebrated singer also stole the spotlight in two separate sketches -- which one can only hope is a hint at a possible hosting gig in the future.

First, Bad Bunny featured on the episode's pre-taped music video sketch,"Loco," starring Ego Nwodim as a woman who has kind of gone off the deep end due to the stresses of the COVID-19 quarantine.Later in the episode, Bad Bunny also had a bit part in"Sea Shanty," a sketch about old-timey sailing ships, alongside

first-time host Regé-Jean Page. The artist plays the ship's navigator, who -- like everyone else on the boat -- doesn't really know what he's doing or talking about.He only had a few lines, but he managed to get the most laughs out of his screen time as any cast member.

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