Backstreet Boys Vs NSYNC: Who Aged the Worst? AJ McLean Weighs In (Exclusive)

As for his salt and pepper beard? I Want It That Gray.

10/15/2021 11:40:00 PM

As for his salt and pepper beard? I Want It That Gray (via toofab)

As for his salt and pepper beard? I Want It That Gray.

He joked that any fellow or rival bandmates who might be starting to show their age can reverse the process and look as good as him — if they follow suit."If you live a clean life, a healthy life, a happy life - yes, absolutely you can. So if any of the guys are not in the best place, they do have a chance to turn it around!" he laughed.

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With the 30-year anniversary of their very first performance — at SeaWorld, Orlando — fast approaching in May of next year, AJ agreed it was"pretty insane" that three decades had passed"in the blink of an eye.""And still going strong," he said."It's a testament to the fans, and to the music. And to the brotherhood that we have - we still get along."

For now, AJ is happy to continue aging gracefully, and has even embraced his beard greys — insisting wife Rochelle loves the salt and pepper look."I got a s--- ton, man!" he said, flashing his silvers beneath his mask."I stopped doing Just For Men at the beginning of the pandemic, I was like 'You know what? Screw it. I'm not gonna be back on the road again for a couple of years, until this thing dies down."

"My wife loves it. It kind of makes you look distinguished," he added, laughing."Whether you are or not — it still makes you Read more: TMZ »

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