Bachelor Nation Celebrates Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs’ Engagement

5/29/2022 11:35:00 PM

One supportive #BachelorNation family!

One supportive BachelorNation family!

Becca Kufrin announced on Sunday, May 29, that she had proposed to Thomas Jacobs after seven months of dating — Bachelor Nation reacts

ahead of the season finale in August 2021, they left Mexico separately.Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund , an arm of the largest gun violence prevention organization in the U..SAN JUAN COUNTY, Utah — Three leaders made history Friday morning in southeastern Utah.

“We had a great time together and I would say it was smooth sailing for those weeks that we spent on the beach together, which was incredible to start a relationship, but for me, to leave a third time with somebody I really had to know who I would be leaving with,” the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast host explained during an October 2021 appearance on the “Talking It Out” podcast.“I was like, I see this positive fun-loving, supportive great guy, but to make a relationship, there’s going to be hard times and I wanted to see how he would get through adversity or handle any hiccup in the road, and I didn’t get to see that on my time really in Paradise.“Along with all of you, I have been absolutely devastated by the recent string of mass shootings in America, culminating at Robb Elementary School in Texas,” Styles said in an Instagram post.” Once she returned home, she reached out to Jacobs and was hopeful about rekindling their romance in the real world.“We never really got into the nitty-gritty of, like, ‘What are we?’ on the beach, like, how serious it actually was until that last day,” the Bachelor.” All 42 dates of Styles’ forthcoming Love On Tour are sold out, including two fifteen-night residencies at Madison Square Garden in New York City and at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles.

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Harry Styles, Live Nation Pledge $1 Million to Everytown for Gun SafetyHarry Styles and Live Nation pledge more than $1 million of proceeds from LoveOnTour to the Everytown For Gun Safety Support Fund Nice but how does this help anything? No mater how much you donate it won’t change laws. Yeah gun safety is good but he wants to end gun violence which donating won’t do shit because it’s not the gun it’s the mental health. Here pledge is fair since he is our on a tour. realamberheard pledge and had the money and did not want to pay to ACLU 😂

Navajo Nation to receive running water, infrastructure in new settlementFederal, state, and Navajo leadership signed a landmark bill that will grant the Navajo people a significant portion of Colorado River water. The bill also provides millions in funding for water access. Bad time to give river rights... White people court granting native people access to what’s theirs. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Historic water rights agreement signed for Utah residents of Navajo NationThree leaders made history Friday morning in southeastern Utah with the Utah Navajo Water Rights Settlement Act. Still not good enough.

Harry Styles donates $1 million from ' love on tour 2022' with live nation to everytownHarry Styles announced that he will partner with Live Nation to donate at least $1 million in proceeds from his latest tour to the nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety. great job

‘The truth is, one nation under guns’: Amanda Gorman on the Uvalde school shooting'The truth is, one nation under guns': National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman writes poem to call for an end to gun violence. - NBCBLK NBCBLK Wait…why is there an NBC site for “black culture”? Looking at the past 2 weeks of writing, it’s a site for black liberals, black feminists, and black PLGBTQ. None of those groups own or establish “blackness” as an identity or as a culture. Not that I expect better, but IJS. NBCBLK Starting with those who are responsible for the most NBCBLK I think that people who believe in God are childish or insane and Iam not alone.

Opinion | One Nation, Under Guns“The alarm is compounded by the sense that we are helpless in the face of our great national challenges — that we know what needs to be done, but can’t reach the political consensus we need to achieve it,” Bret Stephens tells GailCollins. gailcollins When did he become concerned?