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'Bachelor' Alum Krystal Nielson Explains Her and Chris Randone's Split

#TheBachelor alum Krystal Nielson opens up about her 'conscious separation' from Chris Randone.

2/19/2020 11:00:00 PM

TheBachelor alum Krystal Nielson opens up about her 'conscious separation' from Chris Randone .

Nielson and Randone announced their split on Friday, less than a year after their June 2019 wedding.

couple announced their split after less than a year of marriage on Friday, and in a lengthy new post on Instagram on Wednesday, Nielson offered more insight into their"conscious separation." "Thank you to everyone for your support as Chris and I navigate this new chapter. We FaceTimed last night and were talking about how surreal the past couple years have been. And how LUCKY we are to have found one another," Nielson began."We knew that taking a 'conscious separation' would be difficult to explain to all of our supporters, friends and fans.. and we knew of the potential tabloid frenzy that would incur... but we care so deeply about one another that we were willing to take the risk, as WE feel that this is the right move for US."

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TheBacheloralum shared that she and Randone weren't planning to announce their separation until they had figured out exactly what their new"chapter" meant for them. "But media outlets started reaching out to friends, family, and other cast members with crazy rumors so we felt that we needed to make a statement from US. Were we ready? No. Did we feel pressure? Absolutely. Does it hurt to hear and read comments and judgments? Deeply," Nielson said."But we are choosing love and compassion over anger and fear."

"We know that this isn’t conventional and people are absolutely entitled to their opinions- but we’ve realized how much we have stunted our growth bc of the fear of disappointing and 'failing' others- and therefore neglecting what WE need to thrive," she continued."For me, this stems all the way back to my childhood and the need to please others in order to feel worthy of their love and acceptance. But living a life to please others will only leave you empty and full of regrets."

Nielson revealed that Randone left their San Diego home on Saturday morning "to begin an exciting adventure in Florida.""I am so proud of him for making big moves," she offered, adding that she'll remain in San Diego with their dog,"Open to where our heart calls us to be next." 

"In the past I’ve turned to bad habits to numb out the pain... but I now know, after extensive personal development this past year, that these pain bodies only harbor in us and continue to fester at a later time in life. And it’s not until we deal with it head-on that we can evolve, grow and become a better human being and soul," she wrote. 

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Krystal Nielson Explains Conscious Separation From Chris Randone Krystal Nielson is setting the record straight on her conscious separation from Chris Randone . The Bachelor in Paradise alumna explained the decision in an Instagram post on Wednesday. Never saw this coming. 🤔🤔🤔 Is there an UNconscious separation BIP here we come!!

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