‘Ayelen,’ ’Journey,’ ‘Berg’s Books,’ ‘Upiro’ Win Big at Ventana Sur

‘Ayelen,’ ’Journey,’ ‘Berg’s Books,’ ‘Upiro’ Win Big at Ventana Sur


12/4/2021 2:03:00 AM

‘Ayelen,’ ’Journey,’ ‘Berg’s Books,’ ‘Upiro’ Win Big at Ventana Sur

Argentina’s “Ayelén and the Forest Shadow,” Uruguay’s “The Eagle Heist,” Mexico’s “Journey to the Land of the Tarahumara,” Brazil’s “Berg’s Books”and Spain’s “Upiro” proved top winners at a Ventana…

Courtesy of Ventana SurArgentina’s “Ayelén and the Forest Shadow,” Uruguay’s “The Eagle Heist,” Mexico’s “Journey to the Land of the Tarahumara,” Brazil’s “Berg’s Books”and Spain’s “Upiro” proved top winners at aVentana Surprize ceremony which in its very form stressed just how much the biggest film-TV market in Latin America has expanded.

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Prior to the pandemic, prize winners were allowed acceptance speeches.This year, with more awards than ever to doll out, recipients just got to pose for a photo.Prizes – mostly in kind from service companies or invitations to festivals, markets and other awards ceremonies – ranged widely. Some winners and awards stood out, however.

There was large curiosity, for instance, to see which series would receive the first everNetflixAward at Ventana Sur, an Incentive for Argentine Women Creators. The cash endowment for further development went to “Ayelén and the Forest Shadow.” A suspense-fueled adventure fantasy for 10-12s, it looks set to be shot in stunning Patagonia woods. headtopics.com

Also in SoloSerieS, Ventana Sur’s fortified TV strand, Rodolfo Santullo’s “The Eagle Heist,” a Uruguayan heist caper, took the biggest cash prize from Anxo Rodríguez’s Madrid-based ESPotlight.Mexico’s Edher Campos, already a Cannes Camera d’Or and Un Certain Regard Winner for “Leap Year” and “La Jaula de Oro,” stepped up twice to the stage during the Primer Corte awards to accept plaudits for “Journey to the Land of the Tarahumara,” an account of tortured French playwright Antoine Annaud’s dalliance with Mexican indigenous rites.

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One of the section’s biggest prizes was given in person in Buenos Aires by Bruno Deloye at France’s Canal Plus’ Cine Plus, a $17,000 cash prize for a French distributor, sweetening theatrical distribution in France.The Cine Plus Award at a strong Copia Final strand, for pix-in-post with maybe more commercial potential, went to Argentina’s “Sublime,” a coming of age drama with queer identity questioning as a theme and a cool musical sort as a backdrop.

The Marché du Film–Festival de Cannes Award at co-pro forum Proyecta went to three of its buzz projects: Benjamin Mirguet’s “Alfredo Laron,” Burak Çevik’s “Another Possibility” and Adrian Orr’s doc feature “The Future Hasn’t Changed Us,” a questioning coming-of-age drama, like Mirguet’s title.

In Animation!, the clear big winner was Rubens Belli’s toon series “Berg’s Books” (“Livraria Berg”), from Latina Estudio, Belli Studio and Ultrassom, turning on the Ksiazkabergs’ family bookstore which struggles to make ends meet as son Beni, 12, battles the insecurities of his age. headtopics.com

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Genre forum Blood Window’s only European project, “Upiro,” an 18th century monastery thriller from Spain’s Oscar Martín (“Amigo”), swept three awards, including invitations from Sitges and BiFan.A dark maternity comedy, “Puerparas,” from Argentina’s Cecilia del Valle, took two plaudits at Ventana Sur’s Punto Género.

Boasting a color pallet to die for and a story not always associated with video games, Elina Azcona’s “Talara” took two prizes in Ventana Sur’s newly-launched Maquinitas-Let’s Play video game section. Players control a young woman who journeys through the Patagonia region of Argentina, confronting a sometimes painful past.

SublimeVentana Sur’s 2021 Prizes:PRIMER CORTECine Plus Club: Cine Plus AwardAward for distribution: €15,000 ($17,000) to the French distributor that acquires the film in the next two years.“Diógenes,”(Leonardo Barbuy La Torre, Perú)Titrafilm Award

A prize in services of €5,000 ($5,650) for the sound mix and €2,000 ($2,260) of digital deliveries (DCP, ProRes, KDM, tapes) for the awarded producer.“Journey to the Land of the Tarahumara,” (Federico Cecchetti, Mexico, U.S.)Sofía Films AwardColor correction and completion of a film, plus a VFX supervisor headtopics.com

“Soy lo que Nunca Fui,”Rodrigo Álvarez Flores, Mexico)Nmf Y Color Front AwardA DCP print for the selected film.“Journey to the Land of the Tarahumara”LaMayor CineFinal sound mixing service, check mix 5.1 or 7.0.“The Face of the Jelllyfish,”

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