'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Carl Reiner (TV Legend)

Listen to #CarlReiner recount his remarkable life and career in this 2017 podcast interview with THR’s @ScottFeinberg:

7/1/2020 4:17:00 AM

Listen to CarlReiner recount his remarkable life and career in this 2017 podcast interview with THR’s ScottFeinberg:

The 95-year-old actor-writer-director reflects on being a part of Sid Caesar's legendary 'Your Show of Shows' writers room, how he and Mel Brooks created '2,000-Year-Old Man,' how a failed pilot came back to life as 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' and what keeps him writing, tweeting and laughing.

.)Reiner, who was born in the Bronx, grew up amidst the Great Depression and served in World War II before entering show business, en route to 12 Emmys and one Grammy. He first made his name two-thirds of a century ago, during the earliest days of television, when he went to work for

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Sid Caesar. In 1950, he was hired as an actor on Caesar’s groundbreaking variety programYour Show of Shows, and soon became a member of its writers room — the most fabled in TV history — as well, before following Caesar to his next show, the sketch comedy program

Caesar’s HourWhile working on those two programs, Reiner hit it off with a collaborator,Mel Brooks, and the two improvised a comedy skit that spawned five blockbuster albums and laughter to this day:The 2,000 Year Old Man, in which Reiner, the consummate straight-man, interviews Brooks, who hams it up as the eponymous character.

After seven years with Caesar, Reiner went off on his own. He struggled to find work as an actor and ultimately decided to pen 13 episodes of a semi-autobiographical TV sitcom that he calledHead of the Family, the pilot of which he starred in — and which failed. That series came back to life, however, under a different title and with a different leading man (and lady):

The Dick Van Dyke Show, starring(andMary Tyler Moore), and ran from 1961 through 1966 under the oversight of Reiner, who also played a key supporting part in it. It's now widely regarded as one of the greatest TV sitcoms of all time.Reiner subsequently devoted larger amounts of time to the big screen, acting in such films as 1966’s

The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Comingand helming such films as 1979’s Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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Carl Reiner, 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' Creator and Actor, Dead at 98Legendary actor Carl Reiner died Monday night in his Beverly Hills home. 🙏😥 😥 NO!!!!

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