Author Tomi Adeyemi on Her First Paris Fashion Week

3/3/2020 11:07:00 PM

The Nigerian-American writer goes behind the scenes at Valentino.

Go behind-the-scenes with author tomi_adeyemi during her first Paris Fashion Week.

The Nigerian-American writer goes behind the scenes at Valentino.

As a storyteller, I’m often asked about my favorite film of all time, and people think I’m joking when I say, “ The Devil Wears Prada.'s new hairstyle, but she is not.✕ Newsletter Telepictures and Warner Bros.Getty Images Neon Frenzy Dries Van Noten channeled the 80s for its fall 2020 show.

” Yes, I can rave about Parasite and Inception until my voice grows hoarse, but no movie has ever made my soul hungry the way Prada did.Thinking back on it after all these years, I realized I love this movie so much because Andy (Anne Hathaway’s character) was me: a writer and a nerd born with the fashion sense of a goat who did not belong in this glamorous and beautiful world, but one who cemented her place in it through her intelligence, willingness to adapt, and relentlessness work ethic.From her risqué latex ensembles to her ultra-glam beauty lewks, the SKIMS founder is making the streets her personal runway.She was the Slyther-claw’s Cinderella.Yes! Telepictures and Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc.(Part Slytherin, aka ambitious; part Ravenclaw, aka analytical—I know this is Vogue, but I promise to explain all my nerd speak.Kim donned skintight pieces from Balmain's latest collection , which debuted over the weekend in Paris.) As a teenager, I wrote stories about powerful girls wearing outfits like the ones Andy wore in the film.

I fantasized about becoming an overworked fashion assistant one day, even though the only clothes in my closet at the time were recreational soccer T-shirts and a horrible pair of bell-bottom jeans that didn’t belong in that decade.The beauty mogul made sure to turn heads in each number, as she sashayed along the sidewalk in a chocolate, caramel and pink-ish nude latex ensemble.(I thought they were fire—I was wrong.) Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi Over the years, I binged on several iterations of Project Runway America’s Next Top Model, and yes, I recently inhaled Next in Fashion —go Minju!—but I never thought I would have a place in this world.Read However, Kim's go-to hairstylist revealed that there was one hairdo she wasn't a total fan of during her many wardrobe changes on Sunday.The few black faces I saw were stunning icons with a confidence and elegance I didn’t think I could ever touch in this lifetime: Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Leomie Anderson, Duckie Thot, Adut Akech.They inspired me, but they seemed like the anomaly."So we always try this length and Kim hates it," the celebrity hairstylist captioned his Instagram.

Every other time I glanced at a runway, I only saw women who were tall, thin, and, most of the time, white.And then came the Valentino spring 2019 couture show.She accessorized her updo with a caramel latex-like hair tie.I still remember staring at Instagram transfixed as images and videos of the show filled my feed.The clothes were beautiful and colorful, and the whimsical garments adorned the bodies of 39 black models.The length of her 'do was a little longer than a lob, and it fell a little past her shoulders.As a storyteller, my mind filled with the fantasies that could have these beautiful pieces of art in their world.

But as a human? As a little black girl who had always admired fashion from afar but never thought she could dare to have a place in it? I teared up.I thought I was being dramatic at the time, but then I saw Naomi Campbell on that runway just as tearful.Just as emotional.And I understood, because for the first time in my life we were seen.We were given the most beautiful embrace.

We were told through Pierpaolo’s elegant designs and bold visual statement that we were valued.We were beautiful.We were worthy.And best of all, we belonged.From that day on, Pierpaolo and Valentino had a special place in my heart.

So getting to witness its fall 2020 fashion show this past weekend was the closest I have ever come to a fairy tale.In the three days I got to share with these kind and passionate artists, I laughed, I cried, I learned, and I felt more radiant than I ever have before.It’s a day I will never forget.Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 1/10 I landed in Paris at 9 a.m.

and by 11 a.m.I was in Valentino’s French headquarters.Together we tried on gorgeous dresses, and they discovered how loudly I can squeal when I’m excited.Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 2/10 The eggs were good.

The croissant went hard.Someone else ate the toast.Also, I had really good fried calamari yesterday.It’s important they get a mention.Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 3/10 Johnnie Sapong (left) and Alex Babsky (right), the enchanting English men who did my hair and makeup.

This picture is dark, but you might be able to see their adorable love and respect for each other.They are two incredible artists, and I loved getting to be their canvas.Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 4/10 When I saw their art for the first time.Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 5/10 One thing I didn’t expect was the visual feast that came with the attendees.These twins were giving me full Capitol vibes from The Hunger Games, Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 6/10 If I could only pick one still from the show, it has to be of this closing piece adorned upon Adut Akech’s luminous black skin.

Watching her with the naked eye cleansed my pores and my sins.Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 7/10 Getting to say a quick hello to Pierpaolo after the show.From the last few collections, I was expecting to see volume and vibrant color, but instead he surprised us all with garments that were structured, powerful, and dramatic.With the vibration of Billie Eilish’s “Copycat” and a live orchestra pulsing through our seats, it was a visceral experience.Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 8/10 I got to meet so many incredible members of the Valentino team.

Here, we are discussing one of my favorite pieces from the gold.I’m always drawn to a rich green.It is the Nigerian and the Slytherin in me.Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 9/10 Photo: Courtesy of Tomi Adeyemi 10/10 And this mood board backstage.Every story I write starts with a mood board on Pinterest, so I loved discovering that this was a key part of their creative process.


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