Australian Olympians Investigated For 'Unacceptable Behavior' On Flight Home From Tokyo

The country's soccer and rugby organizations are looking into alleged rowdiness on the 10-hour Japan Airlines flight.

8/4/2021 5:50:00 AM

The country's soccer and rugby organizations are looking into alleged rowdiness on the 10-hour Japan Airlines flight.

The country's soccer and rugby organizations are looking into alleged rowdiness on the 10-hour Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo to Sydney.

.“It’s extremely disappointing but both rugby and football have told me that such behavior is certainly not acceptable within their sports and have sincerely apologized to the Australian Olympic Team,” Carroll added. “The CEOs have undertaken to take the appropriate action and report back to us.”

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Rugby Australia and Football Australia, the governing bodies, are now investigating. Read more: HuffPost »

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uh…no shock and awe here. Reopen Bali. My days playing hockey ... that was to be expected - not 'looked into.' Wow, imagine that! Drunken Rugby players causing a ruckus! LOLOL nice

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