Australian minister calls anti-racism protests 'self-indulgent'

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Australians who defied public health rules and rallied in support of the U.S. 'Black Lives Matter' movement were reckless and self-indulgent, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said on Sunday.

Australian minister calls anti-racism protests "self-indulgent"MELBOURNE - Australians who defied public health rules and rallied in support of the U.S. “Black Lives Matter” movement were reckless and self-indulgent, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said on Sunday.

More than 20,000 people protested in Sydney and other cities on Saturday, in solidarity with U.S. anger over the death of a black man in police custody and calling for an end to similar deaths of indigenous Australians.“I think it is incredibly selfish,” Cormann told Sky News. “It’s incredibly self-indulgent.”

The protests came despite calls by authorities for people to stay at home and obey social-distancing rules that allow only for small groups to gather. “But we are going to have a mass gathering of tens of thousands of people in complete breach of the rules that apply to everyone else, it is absolutely reckless and irresponsible,” he said.


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Anti-racism is denial seeking an escape from itself.

Sounds about right.

This guy is a tool

Protesting for racial equality is about as indulgent as breathing.

This is the second wave

Australia is a great country.

I think I agree, nice to virtue signal and post on IG on how 'progressive you are'. Yet another ridiculous cause to hop onto. Yet 2 months ago, these same people were virtue signalling how much better humans they were in lockdown at home, while the selfish were out in public 🤔

Yes💖, all lives matter! 'Be part of the solution too - active, now on the progress and well-being of all mankind!' The boxing twins Assan Hansen + Ousainou Hansen-born in The Gambia-both multiple German Champions+international title! Humanity+peace for everyone🥊🇩🇪🇬🇲🇪🇺🇺🇳💖🥊

shame on you,Australia. double standard

Agree 100 per cent.

Take the mask off

When is breathing self indulgent?blacklivesmatter

He's got an apartheid hangover!

Come on, you are also using fentanyl, methanfetamine, cocaine, etc, which make the breath shorten and the person can die...?

Take off your mask

They are socialist giant babies

Only time I have ever agreed with Forman and no doubt the last. Protesters just ignored the restrictions that have kept Australians relatively safe for the last few months.

That's because of the culture of denial, in Australia, when it comes to racism -

The only time I have agreed with Forman and probably the last as well.

Truth must be told.

don't worry king kong hong kong deadly viruses run through the jungle jungle books dr carl. Heard it through the grape vine I can't bearthe beat her . defeating primal chaos apocalypse of barauch, Abraham, adam and eve , and the great whore of Babylon. all the b~est king kong

Suddenly a black thief became a angel..!!?

take care king kong hong kong I can't breathe beat her king kong take care run through the jungle parade heard it through the grape vine deadly diseases W.H.O.R.E. NOAH

Risk for a worthy cause. Everyone who shows up, know the risk. Wear a mask as advised, it's all good

I couldn't breathe, but I was strong enough to steal.

That privilege life clouds one vision and judgment.

RayCardona68 It's oofing time

I'm sorry... What?

I ❤️ Australia.

Keep in mind, Australia is one of the most RACIST country in the world.

The local yellow people can’t breathe for hundred years

This is the same Minister who voted for It’s ok to be White motion in the Senate, his Party later apologised.. pftt

It is a joke, the criminal of race told others not to be criminal

Racist Country complaining about Anti-Racism protests, no way !

i think he's just too worrying about the infection... that's understandable. but from the reaction of the people, it seems that it was not a good word choice.

True. They are not protesting US BLM, but their own Australian indigenous agenda. Not a straight comparison. Their culture is stone age, supporting only 0.001 person per square kilometre. It is unsustainable in a modern world.

I agree ,those protester even require abolishing police ,it is really absurd,they don’t deserve sympathy ,in fact ,so called democracy has block progress

You started as a penal colony. Everyone is a visitor except the people who were there in the first place. Minority rights matter. No matter who protests.

i cant breath.

Let's see how long it takes for him to lose his job

And THIS is exactly why we protested. Dickheads like him are making decisions that impact people who don't look or live like him and yet he is SO out of touch with the public. I doubt anything will really change in Aus because so many white people think like him. We can only hope

Don't Damage Australia by falling in Trap of Racial Protests Australia. Let the wound be treated at its Location.

Second, murder victims in NT are overwhelmingly Indigenous (as are their killers). Where is the protest for them?

Exactly. First, the rate of Aboriginal deaths in custody is lower than it is for non-Indigenous. And it has been for more than 15 years:

I'm tired of bein' poor and, even worse, I'm black. -- BlackLivesMatter 2pac Changes

Australian minister сan't breathe because of Aboriginal Australia policy? The number of Australian Aborigines declined 84% after British colonization.

Good for him

They’re also not really “anti-racism”.


Let me guess, the Minister is white & said nothing when white people wanted haircuts & protested with guns for that right. neverdrumpf wakeupUSA epluribusunum StoptheDeplorables

Says white bloke

If a spike in cases yes. If no spike, they look pretty stupid, eh? 🤔

No more 'self-indulgent' than feigning concern for the Australian people you claim to represent simply because you really don't want people to unite or rise up. The man's clearly a clueless import with no idea of Australian history.

Yeah, most of us wish you socialists would suffocate.

Remove the mask. Breathe!

Well he's right

Absolutely correct, well said

He's correct - and shows spine in being able to talk truth to leftylogic.

Well he/she is absolutely right.

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