Australian Border Force investigating whether Djokovic lied on entry form

Australian authorities are investigating whether Novak Djokovic lied on his entry form before arriving in the country, source says

Asia, Live Updates: Novak Djokovic Can Remain İn Australia

1/11/2022 12:35:00 PM

Australian authorities are investigating whether Novak Djokovic lied on his entry form before arriving in the country, source says

A judge in Melbourne ruled that tennis star Novak Djokovic should be released from detention, and the government's cancellation of his visa overruled. Follow here for live updates.

6 hr 57 min agoIt's 1:30 p.m. in Melbourne, Australia. Here's the latest on the Djokovic visa sagaFollowing hours of deliberations and technical glitches, an Australian judge on Monday quashed the government's decision to cancel Novak's Djokovic's visa

and ordered him to be freed.It is still unclear whether Djokovic will play in the Australian Open, which begins on January 17, as Australia's immigration minister still has the power to cancel his visa. However, the Serb tennis star has returned to training and made it clear he intends to play.

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🤦‍♀️. Celebrities should not be exempt from the rules. Minister, he has Minister your job has been made easy now that Djokovic has admitted to lying. Your must now treat him as you would treat anyone caugh lying. He is still qualifying his apology. He is now apologizing, and say it was not deliberate, it was a calculated risk he took thinking, being Djokovic he will get away with it. Would like to hear from his supporters now that he admits lying.

do they investigate this, too ? Do what you must competitors. Some of the most marketable and popular professional leagues in the 🌎 have COVID-19 rules like the NBA NFL NHL WNBA etc. Single participant sports don’t rely on a member to adhere to the rules. You could say like, “the weakest link” has to go.

Getting desperate to teach that man a lesson in compliance Novak Djokovic: The tennis superstar, the vaccine opponent, the nationalist, the egoist - made a Serbian martyr by his fans and his entourage. I hope the Australian government is consistent and won't let him take part in the tournament ~ Lying to authorities, traveling cross countries in supposing quarantine period, attending public events in COVID propagation cycle. This is not human error. This is mocking the rest of the world while “we”struggle to face this virus. A disgrace to humanity he is.

Minister if we mere mortals lie on application be honest. What would the border guards do? I will you what would happen, immediate detention and on text plane out of the country because of his lies and not taking responsibility do the right thing.

Tennis star Novak Djokovic set to play in Australian Open after visa cancellation overturnedJUST IN: Tennis star Novak Djokovic can play in Australian Open after visa cancellation overturned Or can he? BRAVO!

I have noticed,nowhere does ' the special one' take responsibility and apologize, it's his agent's ' mistake or tennis aussie or the government to blame. That shows his arrogance. Minister do the right thing and revoke his visa. He lied on his application forms and his explanations are all lies, whose signatures are on those forms. Ha has been arrogant about being vaccinated and social distancing, now that he is being challenged, he says it's all a mistake. We're is the arrogance now.

No vaccin, lies on entry form and arrogance lead to a ticket to go back home. Enough is enough Mistakes happen but lies are deliberate.... Rules are made for a reason and should apply to everyone! Would not surprise me at all. I sort of feel sorry for Novak. It appears that he’s lied, and all over his desire to play the sport he so greatly loves. He clearly doesn’t believe in these particular vaccines. When it’s all said and done, we can’t throw away our fellow humans who don’t trust the vaccines.

Just throw him out of the country or accept the fact that the Australian government is utterly impotent. He knew the rules You should give him the fucking championship trophy and send him back home

Court says Novak Djokovic can play in Australian OpenThe Australian government is threatening to cancel Djokovic's visa a second time. The rich get richer. Go figure.

Any ANY country, doesn't matter who you are... you lie on immigration forms and you get jail or deported... why is this even a conversation? Just kick him out. No vaccine, no service. DJOKER EXPOSED! Djokovic Responds after Visa cancelled in Border Force interview Jan 6th 2022 Now the judge says he can play, the way he filled in his travel form should be made known and he should be allowed to play. Hopefully he and covidiots will then find out just how popular he really is.

This sound more like: we need to make up something to stop him to play tennis lol Please check it well, I believe there is fraud to be found and he should leave Australia immediately. If he’s lied on the entry form, throw him out Lol it's not rocket science, of course he did, there is photographic proof, just stop the insanity & send him home.🙄

DjokerNole is a very naughty boy! Look bottom line .IS HE VACCINATED

Coronavirus: Novak Djokovic’s Australian visa reinstated by judgeAn Australian judge has rejected Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic’s visa cancellation ahead of the Australian Open, The Associated Press is reporting. A win for natural immunity.

Wonder is that judge of Serbian decent? Someone asked this question and I would like to hear the answer too 'The question that still needs to be answered is what would Novak Djokovic have done if he had not conveniently caught COVID three weeks before he was due to arrive in Australia? You and I know he lied, because he was seen traveling in Europe. Minister is Djokovic winning his 21sr grand slam more important than your citizens health? Should you lie on your application you are banned for 3yrs. Why is the moron being treated as if he is royalty?

did they investigate hof Nadal could enter Australia without taking 14 days kanatine after his covid infection on 20th of December? We want to see papers of ALL TENNIS PLAYERS at AO from now on. Not onlu witch-hunting obesssions Djokovic entry in Australia is based on a positive covid test from Decemeber and a day after that test he attended a gathering with no mask. Nobody can confirm that the positive covid test issued in Serbia is legit. So for safety of Australian people he should be deported.

lmfaoooooooooooo give it a fuckin rest Send him home packing. Djoke djokovid f*ckingSerbia nationalist liar myfatheriscrazy Djokovic & his family are liars. He is giving the Australian government the middle finger🖕🏽 & if they allow him stay & play they need to open the entire country & let families be reunited, many are twice vaxxed & boosted but can’t get a visa to enter. 1 rule for the rich 🤑

Witch hunting the 🐐. The Ausy Government just feels their egos have been bruised by his won appeal. Let the man play and be gone. It's once a year he needs to be Australia anyway. Pretty sure he's never getting another visa in future.

Tennis star Novak Djokovic wins appeal of visa cancellation in Australian courtBREAKING: Novak Djokovic wins his appeal to stay in Australia after the country’s authorities barred entry to the tennis star over his Covid-19 vaccination status. Terrible decision! Could this victory be considered as another Gran Slam? 🏆 Jerk.

Of course Novak lied, there’s evidence of it all over the internet. AlexHawkeMP has no choice but to revoke his VISA - otherwise he’s not doing his job. ScottMorrisonMP Send him back to Serbia. These countries, as well as sports entities, let these athletes slide and disobey the Covid protocols but the every day man or woman have to tow the line which is trash! This is one of the reasons why we'll not rid ourselves of this beast! 🤦🏾‍♂️

The Australian COVID police are the world’s newest NAZIs I’ve always though he was an alien. Maybe he didn’t actually travel… He’s in many places once. Does anyone remember him when he first come on the scene & used to mimick his opponents or other great players! Sampras especially… He always had people to an exact T, it was odd.

How communist is Australia planning to go? What a Djok. It s definitely a political conspiracy that leads foolish public focus on attacking a tennis player instead of much more important issues, but some poor Aussie still feel how justice they are and completely ignored how fed gov plan this farce deliberately.

wow, part 3

Tennis star Novak Djokovic wins appeal against Australian visa cancellationBREAKING: Novak Djokovic wins his appeal to stay in Australia after the country’s authorities barred entry to the tennis star over his Covid-19 vaccination status. Best news ever. Well done Novak Taking care of my debts and giving my family the best financially is what I have long waited for, TarellaCampbel thank you for helping me gain financial success. Consequences don’t come quick enough for some. Karma has a way of fixing that.

Where is Andy?! 🤔🤔🤔🤡🤡🤡 Most likely had a Dr lie that he had Covid because that was his only ticket into Australia. No mask the next day to protect those kids. He didn’t have Covid. Fake PCR test. if proven he lied. must be returned to his country. whether he is rich or poor. if Novak had No Vak cine..

Aaron Rodgers Syndrome In case he filled in the formular wrongly he should be punished and deported, just like any other person😉 No exeptions😷 DjokerNole AustralianOpen ausgov Start wt d fundamental...was d form in English or some other language? What has become of Australia? And people wonder why he is not liked.

Dobrica Cosic was right about lying in Serbia. Enough with the drama…no vaccine no play …pretty simple

Australian judge reinstates tennis star Novak Djokovic’s visaAustralian judge Anthony Kelly reinstated tennis star Novak Djokovic’s visa, which was canceled after his arrival last week because he’s unvaccinated. My country🤦‍♂️ I'm glad he got reinstated finally Good Gesara_News ❤️

covidi0ts need to be canceled everywhere 😒 News should be the other hundreds waiting for their legal entry situation to be resolved as fast as it was for the Tennis Player. There is people that have been waiting for almost 9 years. But for the player was in record time for the sake of entertainment… BREAD AND CIRCUS

Hey Australia OF COURSE Djokovic LIED Evict him Of course he has doesn’t take an idiot to work that out never never should have been allowed in the first place Djokovic did lie on his entry form by saying he didn't go anywhere else before traveling to Australia , but he went two countries before one of them was traveling round Spain and for lying you can get up to 12 months in prison , so he should be kicked out of Australia for lying .

Stop the BS We all know he lied Getting him out by any means necessary. Next they will check if he coughed since arriving in Australia. 🤞 Arrogant ego maniac deserves NO special treatment

The fascist Australian government lost in court and is now looking even worse Send him home. What a surprise! Bet Tennis Australia doesn’t care … he’s the defending champion!! No surprise Omicron is very mild and many people now prefer not to isolate. We were 3 people and we isolated with my 3 year old grandson and nothing happened to him

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dsgwgwgwgwe Was always going to play,world no1,tennis cannot survive without him,big money;the rich & famous,different rules for them.They do what they like,not isolate after +ve test,have lawyers to circumvent any laws,if were any ordinary person,would've been branded anti-vaxxer & deported To Novak_Djokovic:

Australia should look into the matter if his human rights was infringed upon ....

DjokovicOut Who? Just out to fuck wit Novak now I guess he should just 🖕 Australia and your tournament At this point just let it be So ridiculous like hes a gun runner He gets tested every day there They know making an example of Novak will get huge attention, all a publicity act He could go to jail for giving false information. But instead probably will be rewarded with a win at the Australian Open, unfortunately!

It is ok if he lied.He still will get the pass. If he had covid he can be tested on antibodies… they are just making a big show… Control issues

This is getting to the point of plain stupid. Australia wanting to save its face in light of the visa reversal decision. Oh dearie... If he, as he claims, has a positive test from December 16 there will be lab somewhere which can verify this. All tests have an id code for traceability. If he lied he will be banned from entry for quite a long period of time (assuming rules are applied the same to everyone).

what do they need to “investigate”?he’s clearly lied Obviously, they gave no better things to concentrate their efforts on; useless Australian government. Print it on all Australia tours ads. Might explain why Aussie government applied for 2 day adjournment without giving a reason on Sunday…. He never actually had COVID on Dec 16 AND he travelled just prior to arriving in Aus…and he declared that he didn’t. Deport him…anyone else would be.

Lol they just can't take the L.

Can’t they just let it go? The court already decided that he can stay in the country, what more do they need? A lie detector test? He also lied about 17DEC21 appearance too. You know? The day AFTER he tested positive for COVID but went to a photo op with a large gathering of youth tennis players? That's a pass too right? Gtfoh...

So there’s no other news in this country ? They're not going to let it go. Their pride is hurt. What is there to investigate further that was not disclosed in court?!? Stop already Well, he did.

share link 6 hr 57 min ago It's 1:30 p.m. in Melbourne, Australia. Here's the latest on the Djokovic visa saga Following hours of deliberations and technical glitches, an Australian judge on Monday quashed the government's decision to cancel Novak's Djokovic's visa and ordered him to be freed. It is still unclear whether Djokovic will play in the Australian Open, which begins on January 17, as Australia's immigration minister still has the power to cancel his visa. However, the Serb tennis star has returned to training and made it clear he intends to play. Here's a recap of Monday's events: What happened: Monday's hearing was to determine whether Djokovic could remain in Australia. He had arrived on January 5, only to have his visa canceled and face temporary detention because he did not have a valid medical exemption for the Covid-19 vaccination requirement for all arrivals. Why: Djokovic was under the impression he could enter the country because he had received a medical exemption from the tournament organizers, which had been granted on the grounds that he had natural immunity after being infected with Covid-19 in December, his defense argued. The government's legal defense argued the tennis star did not provide evidence why he could not be vaccinated against Covid-19, adding that a previous Covid infection did not equate to a valid medical reason why he could not get the shot. What the judge said: Justice Anthony Kelly appeared to acknowledge Djokovic's position, saying he was"agitated" by the burden placed on the tennis star. But the final decision to reinstate the visa was because Djokovic had not been given sufficient notice of his visa cancelation, or enough time by the government to prepare materials. Further controversy: It emerged from Djokovic's sworn affidavit that he knew he had tested positive for Covid-19 on the same day he was photographed at three events, where none of the other participants were masked. The following day, he was also photographed at a youth awards event. Beyond tennis: Djokovic's situation runs much deeper than a rejected visa. His dispute coincides with a steep rise in Australia's Covid-19 cases, which are approaching a pandemic total of 1 million. For many Australians, memories of painful border closures and other Covid restrictions remain fresh. It has also highlighted the in Australia — with dozens of refugees held inside the same detention hotel Djokovic stayed in who have been locked up for years, and who face indefinite detention under the country's tough immigration rules. share with Facebook