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Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A racing pigeon has survived an extraordinary 13,000-kilometer (8,000-mile) Pacific Ocean crossing from the United States to find a new home in Australia. Now...

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A racing pigeon that survived an exhausting 8,000-mile journey across the Pacific Ocean from the U.S. to Australia is expected to be killed because quarantine authorities say it poses a disease risk.

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A racing pigeon has survived an extraordinary 13,000-kilometer (8,000-mile) Pacific Ocean crossing from the United States to find a new home in Australia . Now...

He said quarantine authorities were now considering contracting a professional bird catcher.The Agriculture Department, which is responsible for biosecurity, said the pigeon was “not permitted to remain in Australia” because it “could compromise Australia’s food security and our wild bird populations.”

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“It poses a direct biosecurity risk to Australian bird life and our poultry industry,” a department statement said.In 2015, the government threatened to euthanize two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, after they were smuggled into the country by Hollywood star Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Faced with a 50-hour deadline to leave Australia, the dogs made it out in a chartered jet.Pigeons are an unusual sight in Celli-Bird’s backyard in suburban Officer, where Australian native doves are far more common.“It rocked up at our place on Boxing Day. I’ve got a fountain in the backyard and it was having a drink and a wash. He was pretty emaciated so I crushed up a dry biscuit and left it out there for him,” Celli-Bird said.

“Next day, he rocked back up at our water feature, so I wandered out to have a look at him because he was fairly weak and he didn’t seem that afraid of me and I saw he had a blue band on his leg. Obviously he belongs to someone, so I managed to catch him,” he added.

Celli-Bird, who says he has no interest in birds “apart from my last name,” said he could no longer catch the pigeon with his bare hands since it had regained its strength.He said the Oklahoma-based American Racing Pigeon Union had confirmed that Joe was registered to an owner in Montgomery, Alabama.

ADVERTISEMENTCelli-Bird said he had attempted to contact the owner, but had so far been unable to get through.The bird spends every day in the backyard, sometimes sitting side-by-side with a native dove on a pergola. Celli-Bird has been feeding it pigeon food from within days of its arrival.

“I think that he just decided that since I’ve given him some food and he’s got a spot to drink, that’s home,” he said.Australian National Pigeon Association secretary Brad Turner said he had heard of cases of Chinese racing pigeons reaching the Australian west coast aboard cargo ships, a far shorter voyage.

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Turner said there were genuine fears pigeons from the United States could carry exotic diseases and he agreed Joe should be destroyed.“While it sounds harsh to the normal person -- they’d hear that and go: ‘this is cruel,’ and everything else -- I’d think you’d find that A.Q.I.S. and those sort of people would give their wholehearted support for the idea,” Turner said, referring to the quarantine service.

It is claimed that the greatest long-distance flight recorded by a pigeon is one that started at Arras in France and ended in Saigon, Vietnam, back in 1931, according to The distance was 11,600 kilometers (7,200 miles) and took 24 days.

There are some known instances of long-distance flights but whether these are one-offs performed by the marathon runners of the pigeon world or they are feats that could be achieved by the average pigeon is not known. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Really I think quarantine should be an option. At least in the case of one bird who might be perceived as someone’s pet. Can’t it be sent back? Poor thing Ehh 👀 Please do not kill Harambird. That is just wrong. Running man, but with pigeons I offer trump as tribute Just inject it with some bleach! Aussie brutality to non-whites

Um what? Pigeon Rights abuse! Really!!! How cruel. SaveThePigeon What are you going to start killing migratory birds to? 😯🙄😡 Please tell me it pit stopped in Hawaii Can’t they just quarantine it? Can’t they test it for COVID? Did you examine the pigeon to see if its sick? Literally killing the messenger. Can we get the damn pigeon back?

There is a big animal quarantine center in Sydney. Surely they have room for a small bird? Dirty MF Put it in a cage and send them back No Vaccinate the damn thing...problem solved Noooo, don't kill it! What the heck is wrong with people! GAH! Incredibly CRUEL!! As much as I don’t want the bird to die, I don’t blame them. The US has been careless over the past 4 years. We are no longer the model of a free world. Just another victim of the train wreck that is the Trump administration and the feckless GOP

Was the flight at least 10 days? Or whatever the CDC recommends this month. Before or after he gets a medal for valor. Flying in Don Jr. to do the job. they can track down a fucking pigeon but not the MASK LESS mfs at the capitol...ok JFC. Cage it FFS. Sad, can’t they just quarantine him.. Uh hello. Innocent until proven guilty.

That SUCKS SEND THEM HOME Quar the bird! Wtf is wrong with people. Speciesism. Remembering the last time Australia wanted to kill a bird and that didnt go over well either. Stupid!! We’ve lost our minds! Leave the damn bird alone. He earned it! savespeckledjim 3 days ago .. It was just a JOKE. 2day it's a reality.

Of all the bureaucratic & ridiculous things I’ve heard today, this takes the cake! This is why intergalactic aliens from other worlds would NEVER consider landing here to visit! 🛸 👽 😜 thursdaymorning CarriePoppyYES Tell the bird it's safe to come back. In 6 days Trump won't be president anymore. This bird is my hero. Don't kill my hero.

We all know the reason why this squab had to die. No! Shouldn’t you try testing it before you just slaughter it for no fucking reason?!