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Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A racing pigeon has survived an extraordinary 13,000-kilometer (8,000-mile) Pacific Ocean crossing from the United States to find a new home in Australia. Now...

1/14/2021 9:21:00 AM

A racing pigeon that survived an exhausting 8,000-mile journey across the Pacific Ocean from the U.S. to Australia is expected to be killed because quarantine authorities say it poses a disease risk.

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A racing pigeon has survived an extraordinary 13,000-kilometer (8,000-mile) Pacific Ocean crossing from the United States to find a new home in Australia . Now...

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A racing pigeon has survived an extraordinary 13,000-kilometer (8,000-mile) Pacific Ocean crossing from the United States to find a new home in Australia. Now authorities consider the bird a quarantine risk and plan to kill it.

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Kevin Celli-Bird said Thursday he discovered that the exhausted bird that arrived in his Melbourne backyard on Dec. 26 had disappeared from a race in the U.S. state of Oregon on Oct. 29.Experts suspect the pigeon that Celli-Bird has named Joe, after the U.S. president-elect, hitched a ride on a cargo ship to cross the Pacific.

ADVERTISEMENTJoe’s feat has attracted the attention of the Australian media but also of the notoriously strict Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.Celli-Bird said quarantine authorities called him on Thursday to ask him to catch the bird.“They say if it is from America, then they’re concerned about bird diseases,” he said. “They wanted to know if I could help them out. I said, ’To be honest, I can’t catch it. I can get within 500 mil (millimeters or 20 inches) of it and then it moves.’”

He said quarantine authorities were now considering contracting a professional bird catcher.The quarantine service did not immediately respond to a request for comment.In 2015, the government threatened to euthanize two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, after they were smuggled into the country by Hollywood star Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Faced with a 50-hour deadline to leave Australia, the dogs made it out in a chartered jet.Pigeons are an unusual sight in Celli-Bird’s backyard in suburban Officer, where Australian native doves are far more common.“It rocked up at our place on Boxing Day. I’ve got a fountain in the backyard and it was having a drink and a wash. He was pretty emaciated so I crushed up a dry biscuit and left it out there for him,” Celli-Bird said.

“Next day, he rocked back up at our water feature, so I wandered out to have a look at him because he was fairly weak and he didn’t seem that afraid of me and I saw he had a blue band on his leg. Obviously he belongs to someone, so I managed to catch him,” he added.

Cellis-Bird, who says he has no interest in birds “apart from my last name,” said he could no longer catch the pigeon with his bare hands since it had regained its strength.He said the Oklahoma-based American Pigeon Union had confirmed that Joe was registered to an owner in Montgomery, Alabama.

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ADVERTISEMENTCelli-Bird said he had attempted to contact the owner, but had so far been unable to get through.The bird spends every day in the backyard, sometimes sitting side-by-side with a native dove on a pergola. Celli-Bird has been feeding it pigeon food from days of its arrival.

“I think that he just decided that since I’ve given him some food and he’s got a spot to drink, that’s home,” he said.Australian National Pigeon Association secretary Brad Turner said he had heard of cases of Chinese racing pigeons reaching the Australian west coast aboard cargo ships, a far shorter voyage.

It is claimed that the greatest long-distance flight recorded by a pigeon is one that started at Arras in France and ended in Saigon, Vietnam, back in 1931, according to The distance was 11,600 kilometers (7,200 miles) and took 24 days.

There are some known instances of long-distance flights but whether these are one-offs performed by the marathon runners of the pigeon world or they are feats that could be achieved by the average pigeon is not known. Read more: The Associated Press »

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If only there were such a thing as a way to transport the bird back across the ocean... So ridiculous 😒 Place him on a plane and send him back to the US. He'll lets pull a fund raiser and buy the little guy a ticket. Is there any evidence birds carry COVID? why is this 'racing' with animals allowed in the first place?

Flight risk. 🥁 🥁 Y’all scared of Birds now Why don't they just kill the&🤬ves? This pigeon has super powers and this is how you’re gonna treat it? Put it in an hotel for two weeks. Save the pigeon! Maybe we should have done this with all the Americans who flew across the Pacific in 2020 and repeatedly infected Australia with Covid. Most Covid cases in Australia are traced back to Americans. Here, we call it the American Virus.

Migratory birds fly all over the world and are not euthanised on arrival here so why this bird? How about the US tennis player coming here with Covid ... will authorities put him down as well .... he is a bigger risk to Oz 🤔🤔🤔 I do not understand this. Why not deport the bird? Just put it in a cage and fly it home on an aeroplane?

Can he have the Johnny depp ruling and just apologise? Its a bloody pidgeon . Cat food, get it done Wow.... Where is the respect and absolute awe that this little harmless creature can even fly 8,000 miles? How stupid and heartless that this is the Australian Government’s response. Vulnerability to diseases that we are responsible for. We kill anything for just not having to change ourselves.

Fxcking hell they’re even scared of pigeons now. No one can be free, not even a bird. Smh One of millions. How unlucky can a feathered dude get? Is Barnaby involved in this? Is the pigeons name Pistol or Boo? christineburns Awful Please just don’t Australia FTLOG, do we need this on top of everything right now

Dear Australian Government: You have more health risk from citizens who party on the beach and congregate despite the pandemic than a pigeon. The pigeon is the only disease risk on this ship? Oh for GODS SAKE. australia, do better. Is this a joke? Save the damn bird. 🙄🐦 Ahahahahahahahah Wtf! That’s what quarantine is for ffs 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ball’s in your court, poets. morgfair That is Terrible! People suck, you can just keep em in a cage for two weeks but of course not. I've never heard of a pidgeon getting drunk then going home and beating his wife, but we're better than them, obviously, so w.e. the world is drowning in a sea of Leftist absurdity . . .

They shoot pigeons don't they... Why not just do a medical examination and if it’s free of pathogens, leave the damn bird alone? They think they don’t know. This is stupid. This world is crazy all over Donald Trump sent it there as a parting gift. Dang, this can be a harsh and cruel world. Vaccinate that bird!

I read “racist pigeon” - I need to sleep I shot the pigeon crows America's Deputy. RIP pigeon Wait... are we for real Australia? Why not just test it for disease first Good job Australia!! Kill that damn thing! I hate pigeons! RIP Quarantine it until it can be safely flown back (in a plane) to somewhere on the west coast of the USA. Don’t kill the poor thing!

Don't kill PigeonJoe ! morgfair That's just wrong. peta Poor thing , to paraphrase a former PM “ We will decide what pigeons come to our country and when they come “ If it came from Oregon I'd kill it too. Have you seen Portland? Is this some kind of sick joke?! Bull. Like quarantining and making it a pet isn’t an option?

Maybe it was seeking political asylum? Did you ever think of that Australia? No, because you only think about yourselves. Send him home to the USA on a cargo ship! So are they going to kill every bird that’s migrates here every year Australia doesn’t have a Avian specialist to check for disease before they Kill the pigeon? Send it back to the owner ScottMorrisonMP Cruel

Smart. It is a spy pigeon it has nothing to do with Corona. So did the hoarde of about leave it alone.... Huemans... 🥲 Yet 1000's of humans cross the ocean, on planes, during a pandemic.😳Where's the logic in that?🤦‍♂️ You can't quarantine ONE pidgeon for a few weeks?😳 🤦‍♂️ Set blasters to stun, guys. It’s not that complicated.

Or just ship it back. Pigeons are the rats of the sky. Eradicate them if they’re not native. Did everyone forget when Bart Simpson brought a frog to Australia? Dicks Australia Please quarantine the poor little bird. Live and let live you bastards! Absolutely not !! Come on! I hope not! Makes sense. We do have a government that seems to delight in the misery of others. We just didn't realise it extended to other species.

I mean, ship it back to the US. Jfc, Australia, you gave us Rupert Murdoch & Mel Gibson & we haven't killed them, the very least you could do is return one of our pigeons! What bird? We know of no foreign bird. We haven't seen such a bird officer.... BRB, 'hide the bloody bird,' mum.. We just keep getting dumber by the day .

WTF is wrong with Australia? What a lazy, amoral way to handle the situation. darlin Utter nonsense. Quarantine the bird you idiots. This will make a great children’s film. Didn’t the British once arrive in Australia and spread uncontrollably until they destroyed the native population? At least they're stopping one kind of coo

What? Quarantine the bird. This isn’t hard. Send him back. Put him in a cage, put him on a plane, and send him back. While I hate to hear this, think about if the opposite were the case. Have y’all seen the monsters, I mean animals/insects, they grow in Australia? We don’t need that over here either. Free the pigeon! Fuck Australia.

m3bl4kk4t 😥 Why don't they examine the bord and treat of any illness found 🙄 So we’re killing birds that fly from country to country now? Presumably, if they have a passport & appropriate inoculation certificates they can come in, after 2 weeks quarantine obviously (can’t be too careful) FMD we’re run by f^cking morons 🤷‍♂️

Actually, the pigeon is the new USPS express service under Dejoy Ridiculous,,, PeterAskin1 Can’t they quarantine this wonderful bird? He or she might be just fine. Really?😥 Really? It HAS to be killed? Or we could quarantine it. It's a pigeon, not a mammoth How bout we keep the pigeon, and not let lazy sod Morrison back in, fair enough ?🤔

save this magnificent brave bird, stop this vile cruelty. Cruel! Thousands of birds seasonally migrate from east Asia, including China, every year. Are we killing them too..? So you’re going to get within six feet to try and capture a flying animal, which is definitely more afraid of you because of fear? Madness

How about instead of killing it, you test it for COVID? It didn't come in contact with anything Now likely the rescued pigeon will be taken to the MCG to be viciously sledged by TimPaine before SteveSmith hooks it for six Australia MichaelVaughan Why murder it Fine it a half bag of mielie meal and request that it wears a mask until it embarks on its return flight 🎭✈️😊😁😂

Why don't they quarantine it for 2 weeks like they would for a human that traveled? How could you!?😱😱😱😡😡😡 Now you know why the English banished them to the bottom of the world. Dumb asses. Can't they put it in quarantine? Why didn’t they think of this before they let it fly over there? Humans SUCK.

Could they just keep it isolated ? I’m going to see how difficult it is to start one of those petitions. Why’d they make him take the trip that would lead to him being killed? For entertainment? Like the colosseum? This is an act of war!!!! Slow News Day? That pigeon is in better shape than most of the “at risk” population, in the US or Australia. Maybe we’re eying the wrong target to put to rest.

So send it back on another damn ship. smh Sort of sums up what ails Humanity right there This is the problem with Australia. There is no evidence migrating birds are spreading the virus Why don’t they quarantine it? Humans suck That is stupid Sad and senseless Sick world. Has it brought the proverbial message that there is going to be a change in guard? Particularly after the way our former PM was berated in that infamous phone call.

MargaretaMath16 They are killing everything lovely. He’s hiding out at the Mc D parking lot MargaretaMath16 Without a can not land in water.. no webbed feet..that's astonishing. The world has gone mad 😡 heartless people deserve to die a slow death. Whether it's with covid or any other desease.

Just put the little hero in a nice cage and send it back home!!! Clearly no one has seen that episode of the Simpsons Bro, what? No. 😱😱 Because testing it would be too expensive? 🙄 dduane I wonder how many wild birds cross the Pacific on ships every year. What the actual fuck! Look up cane toads in Australia. Or Rabbits in Australia How about foxes in Australia. All 3 non native and have had damaging consquences here. New Zealand or Hawaii would do the same thing.

Why not just quarantie the pidgeon . Yes because the one thing you can’t have in Australia is an animal that can kill you. Of all the things that can kill you in australia THIS is the one they are worried about because he didn't have his visa? Are they going to kill all migrating birds?! Just don’t touch them 😑

rickygervais help! Oops! Harsh This is insane how did they know it journeyed 8000 miles? What about other migratory birds then? Aww wth 😂😣 Quarantine it for 2weeks pls!! 🚶‍♂️ Kill the messenger and the message he brings? Is it 2022 yet? 🖕🏾Australia So vet it. It's 2021. Not 1930. [obvious metaphor for Australia’s treatment of refugees]

Sooo you'd rather kill it than test it? Will this also apply to all migrating birds? And the other migrant animal species which has raped and pillaged Australia? Wow! Mass suicides to give the Aborigines their home back... yes please! Because quarantining it would be such a monumental financial undertaking?🤦🏻‍♂️

Sometimes you have to admit that they know what they are doing.....this one of them. cryborg Where was his visa and passport? Border patrol? what a cruel world. Morrison traveled from Japan to Australia while the pigeon was still on route. Just saying 😁 cryborg Stupid people. There is no reason it can't be quarantined. But when it comes to animals, the first answer is usually the only one considered -- so-called euthanasia.

It wasn’t smuggled over in a suitcase. Why kill the poor thing? It's not like this is some kind of endangered species or something, it's a single pigeon that happened to find itself on a cargo ship to Australia. The world is in the middle of a pandemic right now and that pigeon came from a hotbed of infection, it's really not that big a deal.

Do better ScottMorrisonMP. Put it on a relaxing flight via Qantas back home. We Americans could use some goodness now. 😢 PeterAskin1 Australia Send him back to US! If you need a location since you cannot get the matched up owner on the band, you can send him to me. I will care for him! Let me know! DM me please! australian Australia 9NewsAUS 7NewsAustralia

Are we now closing borders to migrating birds? cryborg Noooo cryborg Look we trying to escape, don't be so harsh Australia 😢 I'm gone roasted him as sun i do come to Australia? cryborg That’s fucked up, man. Just fly it back home! TiwariLalmani Do not please. Do they kill people too when they arrive with Covid-19? What a fucked up country

So the bird was trying to get away from the Proud Boys in Oregon and thought I'll go to a nice country like Australia, shame on you Aussies 😋 PeterAskin1 Are you kidding me! dduane NOOOO! Dear heaven, couldn't they keep it in quarantine and send it somewhere else? Am sure someone in NZ or US would want to adopt it if they can't find the owner?

Can't they find another human way to deal with it ! A los inhumanos los animales no les importan... Espero que organizaciones defensoras de animales intercedan para ayudarla. Ya de por sí, inhumanos lucran con ella. BeverlyFolkers Omg! Can we trade it for trump? Why the fuck do we think that is?! Of course they have a problem! That mucks up chapter two of next weeks attempted insurrection! 🤦🏻for fucks sake, why can’t we just call a spade a spade?! Make words have meaning!

That’s a shitty thing to do. Isolate the poor thing or ship it home. Do something decent. It’s disgraceful when someone makes a decision to kill an animal because it ‘might’ be a health risk. It also may be perfectly healthy with no viruses or bird Flu or the plague. Ffs. 🤬 Just send my dude back dduane NO! He's worked so hard! Just quarantine him, you cruel bastards.

This is somehow the worst news of the day Most people in the replies haven't seen the episode of The Simpsons where they go to Australia and it shows. We humans deserve all the shit we’re getting Motherfucker. 2021 off to a shit start respect please save the bird &'put bird in quarantine Unacceptable. They can't isolate a pigeon?

Stupid is stupid does, can’t they just test it, quarantine it then let it go? Can't they sleep it and run tests to see if it is infected? That's f up. Why can't they just check if it has diseases? But. Can’t they just quarantine the pigeon😢 Proof that everything in Australia is just waiting to kill you.

Oh, for God's sake Australia, sendbackthebirdonaplane. We tolerated MelGibson! dataandpolitics SaltPyxis can’t they put it in a hotel for 2 weeks? I hate pigeons but man.. It flew ALL the WAY down here.. Just to be executed Huhuhu should've sent it elsewhere.. 😢 008moonside Why not just boil the poor bird for a few minutes to kill the germs, then let it go. You know how it always feels after a long flight, being shot is the last thing you want. Have a heart Barnaby

MikeTyson will be very pissed when he reads this story TiwariLalmani 2021 really starting out cruel I just flew in from Oregon, and boy are my arms tired ! Australia seriously please don't do this. Send it back to us to live. WE DONT NEED MORE BAD NEWS RIGHT NOW. Please. STOP THIS! A simple quarantine will suffice! NO MORE KILLING!

SaveThePigeon C’mon Australia - just send it back. I’ll buy its plane ticket. DM me. I think this tops it for 'shit i dont care about it'. scottyfrommarketing is already measuring up its tiny little head for his trophy wall, with a plaque. 'I stopped this (from living)'. fuck aussie, they want to kill everything

Ayadjamaladdin Humans make me sick sometimes. People up in arms about a bird. While not killing them, the govt has locked up men, women and children fleeing persecution for years without hesitation. Birds are nice but people matter more. What about quarentine for a while? Wtf 😡 Wait, let me call my dad, he loves a bit of polanta with pigeon. 👍😂

Ok Catch it, quarrantine it and send it back I mean migratory birds Fuck Australia is harsh on those that come here to seek refuge. I can’t believe we are going to kill this pigeon considering it is white. That’s some bullshit. We are terrible arbiters of this planet and all living things Cancelling my summer holiday to the Gold Coast

😟😔😭🙏💔👎 Assholes. That is disgusting. Quarantine the bird. Don't kill it. Why can’t they quarantine it .. Australia is saying that our animals are a threat? RobertIrwin Can you somehow do something about this? 2 week quarantine like the rest of the arrivals in our country. Then send him home. Why have it tested it seeks refuge, it would be wrong to kill that creature where is Peta when you need them where is green peace.

Ayadjamaladdin لا يالله WTF! Send it back. No need to kill it. “Bird diseases” you’re saying? You don’t even have a specific disease in mind and you don’t even know what “bird disease” you’re looking for. The biggest disease seems to be ya’ll. On my fucking GOD! That's ridiculous! WTF is wrong with you people😠😠😠

Hopefully they check it after they kill it so they can feel dumb for killing an innocent creature. DaveWalker57 More bureaucracy gone mad! Do they do the same with swallows? Other migrating birds? Now we’re just being crazy. Why killing such bird? Why not examine the bird and treat same if need be? Killing the bird doesn't make any sense to me. freetheBird Birdlifematter birds

I really don’t give a shit We'll take it. Send it back. idiots Stick it in a cage and send it back on a plane to OR. Don't be dicks That pigeon is awesome. Just turn it around and have it fly back to the U.S. You dicks! Canberra. It's one fucking bird that deserves an Olympic medal, and can be easily quarantined for two weeks. Put in a little effort and compassion and I'm sure u can find a better solution. Also, give him KleteKeller s gold medal.

People kill: 100 million sharks a year 1 billion cattle 730 million chickens Endless insects Endless fish And a good chunk of people. And you freakout about 1 bird? We are a terrible bunch of undeveloped monkeys, we are no better nor worst than any animal ok damn bloody hypercritical Australia Please fiqure out how to solve issue without killing it

Why can’t they just quarantine it until its owner can get it home? As soon as there is a petition to save this bird l’m going to sign and retweet the hell out of it. That’s rude.... why don’t you quarantine it and even treat in case it’s found sick. I thought this was a headline from TheOnion for a second.

PeterAskin1 Why can’t this bird be quarantined? Where not killing people coming back from high COVID countries. - I hate humans Dear Australia: please don't kill it. Can't you just quarantine it and return it to a USA sanctuary? UGH. The human race is basic and mediocre AF. If people stopped using animals for their cruel, selfish dumb sports and entertainment we wouldn't have to deal with these absurd consequences. BanPigeonRacing stopanimalcruelty

Just quarantine the poor guy:( This was not thought out well.... A risk or a disease? FFS, value life for once and quarantine the winged immigrant who wants to call Oz home. That’s horrible!! Poor little guy 🐦 Can’t they return the bird back to the US? I mean wow - it’s not rocket science. That is totally Bullshit

Hard left about 3/4 through that hed MrJamesStapes Oi Bye bye birdie. Can’t f up the galahs mate. No ..send it back OK, this story has cracked me up given everything else going on.... Nooooooo 😣 Da fuk 😡 'The law is an ass' Hands off this brave pigeon! 😡 Stay tuned boys and girls for the next episode of 'Humans Really Are the Most Horrible Living Things on Earth...'

What the hell Why The poor thing... No! Bad Australia! Put the knife down... Gotta be kidding me. Covid is now apparently bird born...nah. ScottMorrisonMP you better not Scotty. From an angry Aussie AlboMP Just like that... NOOOOOO Tf Australia evil bastards! sendhimback dont fucken kill him!!! 🕊 maybe an eco system this fragile don't deserve to survive Why not toughen it up a little before you face some real threats, ones you have no control over

FFS.. Australia always considers everyone and everything as risks to itself. WHY? Bearing no confidence on itself? well.. FUCK.. *welcome to America🐦 😣 Quarantine. Simple Or ... because big tech wants it killed Perhaps now that it is famous someone could take it on a flight to the U.S. or some other country.

Can we save it? Quarantine and ship it back! NO Quarantine it... Rubbish they can put it in a cage for a while👎🏾 anangbhai Australia, the incontinent continent. Just put it in a cage for two weeks & make sure it’s not sick 😫 How THE FUCK does a bird fly 8000 miles over an ocean? Only the news you need to know 🤣🤣

Do you think it flew Qantas or Air New Zealand? Now see here, Twitter TwitterSupport. I really and truly need a 'this is fvcked up to the core' button!!! I refuse to 'like' this. C'mon! Help a user out, will ya? Abrahamic doing what’s in blood. Aggression always. The disease is democracy Free Charles Lindbird!

Heartless. Cruel. Quarantine will be sufficient. Quarantine it Noooooo Typical. peter_donnelly Pretty unfair when Murdoch makes the trip on a regular basis and he isn't exterminated. Cargo it back to US. Don’t you dare kill that bird. Relations with Australia precarious enough IMO Thats ridiculous, leave that bird alone!!!

OH COME ON.. Isolate the bird until its safe to release. I will storm Australias Capitol if they kill this bird Well other countries basically made minks extinct there this 💩 doesn’t surprise me. Humans are so non deserving of this planet. 🙁 Australians always seems to be devoid of any kind of love towards anything or anyone not from Australia.

I know a guy to help this pigeon out. Humans...This World Belongs to EVERYONE...Birds and Animals Too..EQUALLY. This breaks my heart 💔 No, please send him back You know what poses a disease risk?Overpopulation, wet markets, bush meat, clear cutting of forests, monoculture, invasive species. All are the result of human disregard for natural balance.

Just send the pigeon back He’s a REFUGE why are you murdering him sarah_thedodo Please help. jorie_graham Humans can be such fuckers. Surely they could detain it on an island and deny its basic pigeon rights for a few years? Don't we have nasal swabs for pigeons? that will teach everyone NO. Surely, that's being merciless. Feed it & then put it in a well ventilated box with enough food and water, and fly it back to USA. You'll be cursed if you kill. Can birds welfare associations stand up & save the pigeon . It's a right to life. I'm to assist in whichever way.

Why did you tell us about this? Sign the petition! Lets save Joe the racing pigeon Put it in quarantine. Jebus! One pigeon?! How is this on AP?!!! Is this headline from 2020? Sure feels like it. I will pay to get that bird back state side . Don’t kill our bird. I am ready to adopt this pigeon....send it over to me in India 🇮🇳

Not cool. Why can’t they just send the bird back? Seriously kill it, wow. Open season on all migratory birds I guess. Godwits will be my first choice Aye, that pigeon has a name! and it has homies! Send'em back, 👏👏👏 Save the pigeon! Seriously. BS!!! It can be quarantined without killing it.. this is nothing but government bureaucrats getting off on asinine rules

WHAT THE FUCK? Same thing happened last year except the bird was from Alabama- how did they know? He had a little banjo on his knee.... Birds pick up and lease diseases everywhere sadly NO How the F%^k do they know where he came from? He could be just chilling from NZ We need to put tRump on a plane and fly him to Australia! Australia you know what to do...

🥺 Can they catch, quarantine, then deport Joe Pigeon? Is culling the only option? Imbeciles. Put him in quarantine. They can't put it in isolation? WoW! This is fucked up. I’d donate to a GoFundMe to send the bird back home. No- say it isn’t so! R3DAC73D We didn't kill Johnny Depp's pooches when he brought them here, so why kill this poor bird. Shame on my country.

I will donate money to help send the fucking pigeon back to Oregon. JFC, Australia. Aint that some bullshit Release on principle. Don’t mess with that kinda shit. guys it didnt fly the 8000 miles Very much like trumps. WTF?!? can’t they just quarantine him?