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Australia buys US nuclear subs due to changed security needs

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says his government decided to invest in U.S. nuclear-powered submarines and dump its contract with France to build diesel-electric submarines because of a changed strategic environment.

9/16/2021 7:46:00 AM

Australia n Prime Minister Scott Morrison says his government decided to invest in U.S. nuclear-powered submarines and dump its contract with France to build diesel-electric submarines because of a changed strategic environment.

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia decided to invest in U.S. nuclear-powered submarines and dump its contract with France to build diesel-electric submarines because of a changed strategic environment, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday.

As a result, Australia notified France that that it would end its contract with state majority-owned DCNS to build 12 of the world’s largest conventional submarines. Australia has spent 2.4 billion Australian dollars ($1.8 billion) on the project since the French won the contract in 2016.

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Morrison said U.S. nuclear submarine technology wasn’t an option open to Australia when the AU$56 billion ($43 billion) deal was struck in 2016. The United States had until now only shared the technology with Britain.ADVERTISEMENTMorrison said he told French President Emanuel Macron in June that there were “very real issues about whether a conventional submarine capability” would address Australia’s strategic security needs in the Indo-Pacific.

“Of course they’re disappointed,” Morrison said. “They’ve been good partners. This is about our strategic interest, our strategic capability requirements and a changed strategic environment and we’ve had to take that decision.”Australia had not yet decided what class of submarine it would select and did not know how much the nuclear fleet would cost, Morrison said.

But Morrison said Australia’s defense budget would grow above the current 2.2% of gross domestic product.The first of the 97-meter (318-foot) Shortfin Barracuda submarines, an adapted French nuclear sub design, was to be delivered in 2027.Morrison said he expected the first of the nuclear subs, which are to be built in the Australian city of Adelaide, would be built within a decade.

Top French officials made clear they were unhappy with the deal.“The American choice to exclude a European ally and partner such as France from a structuring partnership with Australia, at a time when we are facing unprecedented challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, whether in terms of our values or in terms of respect for multilateralism based on the rule of law, shows a lack of coherence that France can only note and regret,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and Defense Minister Florence Parly said in a joint statement.

Left out of the new alliance was Australia’s South Pacific neighbor New Zealand, which in the 1980s enacted policies and laws to ensure it remains nuclear-free. That includes a ban on nuclear-powered ships entering New Zealand ports, a stance which has seen it clash, at times, with the U.S.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Thursday that New Zealand wasn’t asked to be part of the alliance and wouldn’t have expected an invitation.“The centerpiece, the anchor of this arrangement are nuclear-powered submarines,” Ardern said. “And it will be very clear to all New Zealanders, and to Australia, why New Zealand would not wish to be a part of that project.”

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Ardern said the new alliance didn’t diminish its close ties to the U.S., Britain, Australia and also Canada, which had been solidified through the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing arrangement.Morrison said Ardern was the first foreign leader he called to explain the new alliance. He later called the leaders of Japan and India. The two countries combined with the United States and Australia form the Quad security dialogue.

“She was my first call because of the strength of our relationship and the relationship between our countries,” Morrison said. “All in the region will benefit from the peace and the stability and security that this partnership will add to our region.”

The Chinese government has long suspended minister-to-minister contact with Australia because of soured bilateral relations. But Morrison said he was willing to discuss the new alliance with President Xi Jinping.“There’s an open invitation for President Xi to discuss these and many other matters,” Morrison said.

“I believe and hope we would both share the same objective of a peaceful Indo-Pacific where the sovereignty and independence of nations is understood and respected and that enables their own citizens to flourish,” he added_____AP journalist Nick Perry in Wellington, New Zealand, contributed to this report.

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France should sell its submarines to EU Bloc Members. After all, all the countries within the EU can trade freely with each other. Exhaust fumes from diesel engines is worrysome. 12:55 AM Mon, September 20, 2021 australia France makes quality prodects. US uk are third class countries AUSFUK, FRAUKUS, FUKUSA & FAUKUS really didn't meet the big expectations of the negotiators of the treaty for nuclear submarines between our countries🤣 Sorry France but your 'F-bomb' is hard to fit in there & not be utterly HILARIOUS🤣 It's really not that personal, ya know?

USA is strong in terms of defence of technology. But on what basis can Australia trust them? Although USA provides enough aid to others, it has been known to dump countries at a very crucial time of need. Australia should be very careful about this. The PM had not even meet the French Ambassador no-one from the government had..and the PM is a liar

Hmmm - And long may we remember The Rainbow Warrior DEBACLE. France to a TEE. As if they have EVER assisted in the IndoPacific. GET REAL, MACRON. The Sub deal years old and ZERO progress. Trump was better. You will miss him! From all accounts, the diesel Barracuda would have been a piece of junk . No fan of Government but for Australia defence it’s a no brainer . J


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The French president was crying in the toilet. Ohhh the fight is about money. I thought they were seriously upset about US AND UK leaving behind FRANCE while having a new friend on board but at the end is all about money. Nothing to see here move along Well, diesel powered submarines do sound like outdated technology. Sorry France.

They're so afraid of someone else running the world. As if they're doing such a great job. Their way has led to repeated economic disasters and now; an ongoing pandemic and climate collapse. Seriously, let someone else have a go at it. The UK can’t be trusted to keep it’s word, and Australia has now proven equally untrustworthy. No government with any sense should be doing business with either.

wont be here until 2040, plenty of time to sabotage the production line and logistics to prevent a weapon of mass destruction from being built. Hopefully the whole world gets on board to stop them and their disgusting behavior.. 'Aux barricades!' French people are rioting in the streets over a stupid shot & mask. We've pulled our collective asses out the graveyard of nations. At this moment nobody needs a submarine for: $90,000,000,000. People have nations to repair.

'Aux barricades!' French people are rioting in the streets over a stupid shot & mask. We've pulled our collective asses out the graveyard of nations. At this moment body needs a submarine for: $90,000,000,000. People have nations to repair. What a con job. How is China a threat to Australia when it is half a world away ? It is about time these ‘allies’ started to look to how they can sharpen up their home manufacturing bases for producing their own goods instead of being almost totally reliant on the east.

It really is a stupid move: it hurts NATO, it damages the FranceAustralia partnership, it heightens tensions with China, it undermines nonproliferation. The only winners are the Brits, who get rewarded for Brexit and can save the face of globalbritain. Huge own goal...

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FirstSquawk wasting taxpayers dollars again like the Collins class fiasco I'm not sure the US new policy to screw over EU companies is a good idea. Yes, the EU is easily bullyable, yes it prevents the EU becoming a geopolitical competitor, but it does weaken support the US might have needed in the future.

UK and Australia linking future with US and will follow as per US directions. Afghanistan good example - once US pulls out others too weak to do otherwise. Need counter-balance to US whose track record is not great. Former Australia PM Malcolm Fraser: Australia risks being pulled into a disastrous war against China because successive Australian governments have surrendered the nation's strategic independence to US.

Does it count as de-carbonization and fighting climate change? Will Australia get actual Nuclear powered submarine in about 3.23 years for certain before next US Presidential elections? This will be a deadly move of Kangaroos as the development maybe last for long and the present fleet may obsolete in a couple of years. 6 Subs are not enough to deter the Chinese.

This government can respond to changing environments? They've done such a good job imitating rigid, unthinking, ideology driven dinosaurs that they had us all fooled. The US will probably sell it to them on credit like everything else. FirstSquawk And what use are they against hypersonic nukes and EMPs?...

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U.S. Forms a New Security Alliance for Asia With the U.K. and AustraliaA new partnership between the U.S., the U.K. and Australia will focus on security in the Indo-Pacific region and provide Australia with a nuclear submarine capability. Tôi không ấn tượng với công nghệ cho tới khi tôi có thể tải về thức ăn. MORE needs to be done against China,to contain the serious threat it poses to stability in the region & also to our values of HumanRights & freedom Events in Hong Kong over the last yrs & China shrugging off any responsibility for COVID shows tht it is utterly untrustworthy The solution is ficking war?!