Aussie Reporter Who Missed Adele Album, Flubbed Interview Apologizes

Matt Doran's mea culpa is about as heartfelt as you can imagine.

11/28/2021 1:58:00 AM

Matt Doran's mea culpa is about as heartfelt as you can imagine.

Matt Doran's mea culpa is about as heartfelt as you can imagine.

Doran reiterated what he'd already said this past week ... namely, that the reason he hadn't heard"30" prior to the sit-down is because he didn't check out a link Sony had emailed him in the 11th hour, which ended up being a preview of the album in full.

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While they were chatting in early November -- well before it dropped -- Doran says he admitted to Adele he hadn't heard the full thing yet ... but clarified what happened after.Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.Unlike some reports that claim she abruptly left the interview upon hearing this -- apparently insulted by his lack of knowledge -- Doran insists the opposite happened ... according to him, they finished the interview, which he says ran over time, and that Adele was delightful.

He also recapped what exactly they'd discussed -- seeing how the interview will never see the light of the day, reportedly thanks to her label, which put the kibosh on it.Sounds like they got into some heavy stuff, so it's a shame we'll never see it. Anyway ... here's hoping Adele can forgive him -- like he asks for here -- 'cause it seems MD has gotten well into the weeds of the album and then some since his blunder.

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I wouldn’t want to listen to her shit either Flubbed? Hm

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