Kyle Sandilands, Adele

Kyle Sandilands, Adele

Aussie radio host Kyle Sandilands hits out after 'embarrassing' Adele interview

Aussie radio host Kyle Sandilands hits out after 'embarrassing' Adele interview

10/19/2021 7:05:00 PM

Aussie radio host Kyle Sandilands hits out after 'embarrassing' Adele interview

Australian radio host Kyle Sandilands ' car crash interview with Adele was dogged with technical hitches - and a comparison to Little Britain character Vicky Pollard

The breakfast presenter suffered some technical difficulties while chatting to the 33-year-old singer on Monday.There was a noticeable echo on the end of Kyle’s line as he and co-host Jackie O’Henderson interviewed the Grammy winner.Adele told the radio host: “You sound like you’ve got an alien voice.”

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A producer eventually fixed the problem by telling Kyle to mute his end of the Zoom call.But a frustrated Kyle went on a tirade, blaming producers - and even Adele herself - for the embarrassing gaffe. “It wasn’t my fault – Adam, it’s your fault,” Kyle told the KIIS studio producer following the technical hitches.

He then blamed producer Jaimee ‘Mayo’ Hassos saying: “Mayo, it’s your fault!”“It’s even Adele’s fault before it’s my fault,” Kyle joked, making his co-host Jackie laugh.The 50-year-old said he longed for “the old days” when people used to ring in over the phone.

He continued: “You’d turn the phone line on, no echoing, no muting, this bull**** this and that.”“I just can’t stand technology that doesn’t work properly,” he added. The interview was doomed from the start – after Kyle introduced Adele by awkwardly comparing her to Little Britain character Vicky Pollard.

“Jackie and I were talking – why do people love Adele so much? Not just the music, but you’re just like us,” he said.“When you’re on your socials, you’re not trying to be fancy, you’re just you -and that’s why we’re in love with you.“You’re ‘yeah but no but, yeah but no but’ – you’re Vicky Pollard but with the most amazing voice ever known.”

Jackie cut in: “That’s the worst comparison”, to which Kyle replies: “But I love Vicky Pollard.”Adele didn’t seem offended by the comment and said other people had compared her to the comedy character before."I've had that comparison before, all good. I'm glad you think I'm normal, because I am."

The uncomfortable interview comes after Adele’s first new single in five years, Easy On Me, was released last week.Spotify revealed it has already set a new record by becoming the most-streamed song in a single day ever.The video has also been viewed over 70 million times in just three days.

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The single will be followed by Adele's upcoming fourth studio album, 30, set to be released on November 19.Adele is also rumoured to be playing a Las Vegas residency show – but fans will have to be quick to grab the exclusive tickets as it’s for one night only.

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