Emboldened Trump Seeks Revenge Post Impeachment Trial: Live Updates - Cnnpolitics

Emboldened Trump Seeks Revenge Post Impeachment Trial: Live Updates - Cnnpolitics

Attorney General William Barr is expected to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in March

Attorney General William Barr has agreed to appear before Congress next month to address allegations of the President's 'improper influence' over the Justice Department


Attorney General William Barr has agreed to appear before Congress next month to address allegations of the President's 'improper influence' over the Justice Department

President Trump denies he was involved in the Justice Department's decision to water down a recommendation by its own prosecutors for his longtime confidant Roger Stone. Follow here for the latest.

1 hr 1 min ago Roger Stone's friends start public effort calling for his pardon From CNN's Sara Murray Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo is seen on Capitol Hill in July 2017. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Michael Caputo, a former adviser to President Trump’s 2016 campaign and a longtime friend of Roger Stone, confirmed today that he is leading an effort to have Stone pardoned. The “Pardon Roger Stone” group was organized to raise money for Stone and his family, collect signatures in favor of a Stone pardon and create an avenue for the White House to discuss clemency with Stone’s associates. “We're raising money, raising awareness and assuring the White House that we stand by for contact when and if they're ready,” Caputo said. Caputo has not yet been in contact with the White House or the Justice Department about a Stone pardon. But the committee is the latest effort in a public and private lobbying campaign to convince Trump to pardon Stone. Stone, Trump’s longtime political adviser, was convicted on seven charges last year, including lying to Congress and witness tampering. He is set to be sentenced on Feb. 20 in Washington amid controversy over political intervention in his case. The money raised would be devoted to legal fees and the Stone family's bills, Caputo said. Stone has already been raising money for a legal defense fund to pay his attorney fees. But he would likely hire new lawyers if he appeals his sentence. If Stone is sentenced to jail time, there are concerns about how he and his wife would get by financially, Caputo said. “They're completely destitute; they have no money,” Caputo said of the Stone family. What happened this week: The four prosecutors overseeing Stone’s case withdrew Tuesday in a mass revolt after top Justice Department officials undermined them by disavowing prosecutors’ recommendation that Stone face seven to nine years in prison. Caputo said the new group has arranged a committee to meet with White House officials to discuss a potential pardon – if the White House is interested. “The path is fraught with peril: Peril for Roger, peril for the President and peril for us,” Caputo said. “It's a tightrope walk for all of us.” share with Facebook Read more: CNN Breaking News

Well then, it must be Trump's fault that there have been no indictments of DC criminals. More wasting of time by a socialist party that has failed the country and the people of this country! He s a BIG tweeter I see all time tweeting with you know Barr is following the evidence and that is leading to Biden, Pelosi, Shift, Comey, Clapper,Brennan, Hillary and Obama just name a few and they are freaking out!!

Big deal he's only going to lie! Next month! Wasn't he one of the last attendees of the defunct Trump Institute? Makes you wonder why these corrupt, lawless democrats are panicking this much ? So what, he has lied to congress before. He’ll do it again! I’m sure that’s going to clear everything up beautifully.

Let me guess “ improper? I don’t think the presidents concerns about the safety of this country are improper.” “ can you explain what you mean by suggest?”

Attorney General William Barr to testify before House Judiciary CommitteeThe arrangement comes as Democrats have demanded answers about Barr&39;s apparent intervention in the sentencing of Roger Stone. Just enough time to get their stories straight. Smh. SethAbramson UNDER OATH? It’s a trap

The Senate may award him a medal for his handling of the Stone sentencing. Ah only in America and ... several banana republics could things have gotten this far out of control. A man noone cares about unless hes is the white house defending shitty politics. Barr knows noone cares about him and trump makes him important. Without Trump he wouldnt be anything and he knows it. So he lies to stay relevant. Poor little Billy

he'll only lie so why bother, just impeach him. CNNPolitics NatSecCNN HouseDemocrats SenateDems He lied before and he’ll lie again; he’s Trump’s lapdog. You seriously think he didn’t swear loyalty to Trump? William Barr and Trump have exposed yet another injustice by the nevertrumpers that constantly harrass any and all of the presidents supporters and let REAL criminals that filled the Obama administration skate free with a high five

It will be fun to watch them squirm when he starts telling the reasons he sought to reduce the sentence like the sentences given to Hillary, Comey, Schiff, Page Etc for lying to Congress He will lie 8 times in the first 5 minutes.

Nadler questions Barr's 'back channel' for receiving Giuliani's Ukraine infoThe chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is demanding that Attorney General William Barr explain how the Justice Department is receiving information on Ukraine from President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. The justice department can receive information from ANY American citizen.... Thank you RepJerryNadler Screw nadler

Harris again to Barr.........😂😂😂😭😭✌🏾 Name names Vote here! Lying Dems! Once again, thank you BrainDeadTrumpSupporters. You love the IdiotInChief and see what you got. TrumpWorstPresidentEver TrumpIsACoward TrumpNotFitForOffice realDonaldTrump = TrumpIsACrook ' LOCK HIM UP ' REMOVE THE GOP ! CHANGE IN NOVEMBER !!!!!!!!!

Awesome. Let's see how well he can lie on camera. Oh damn u democrats. Just let this man be president for once. U started him out with russia collusion, to brett kavanaugh, to impeachment. Just let him be mehn! Here we go again. Just stop with this nonsense and it would be nice if some actual work would be done.

A timeline of the extraordinary turn of events in the Roger Stone caseAll four prosecutors who worked on Roger Stone’s case have now withdrawn after the Justice Department signaled its intention to alter his sentencing recommendation. Get rid of the SOB’s in the White House! Why isn’t he testifying tomorrow? Wtf murftaz A lot of authoritarianism can happen between now and then. Next week is too late. It should be tomorrow.

Oh let me testify! “Conversation between the president and I are privileged” No more hearing of USA polítics it make me sick. Pelease no more histories. All year around politics politics and politics. Enough! Schiff Schumer and pelosi now panicking as their corruption is about to be fully investigated. The entire impeachment hoax was intended to stop all this from coming out. The media fully involved in this corruption. Throwing Biden under the bus wasn't worth it.

Why the hell are we still talking about this! Who cares now...the man was acquitted of all charges smh!! He didn't come forth during the trial so I would not entertain this coward now geeeeeeesh! Fire him and move on already 😡😡 I’m intrigued with the ambiguity of the US Attorney General’s last name. Barr. Phonetically, that sound is pregnant with important meaning for all of us

What a waste of time! I think you’re referring to when BillClinton had that meeting in the plane on the runway with mrslorettalynch and then poof! HillaryClinton was’t charged That should be good TV. Is he under oath? It continues the situation of the uneven and inequality of the justice system. The rich and powerful can get away with anything, while the poor are punished.

It is reprehensible that Attorney General William Barr listened to President Trump instead of the prosecutors who tried the case against Roger Stone. It is improper for a president to interfere with a criminal case.

Democrats say Barr to testify before Congress in MarchAttorney General William Barr has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next month, the panel's chairman Jerry Nadler said Wednesday, giving them a forum to press the attorney general on the sentencing of Roger Stone and other controversies that have emerged in the aftermath of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial. Until he reneges on that agreement Wouldn't put it past him DisbarrBarr This should be fun to watch. Nadler & his POTUS haters will try to attack Barr in an effort to derail the Durham investigation & grand jury from revealing all the crimes committed by POTUS O administration. If Barr is what we think, he will shut them down & alert them to prepare. Barr will eat their lunch. Nadler, Schiff and co are no match. Maybe they will stay quiet for a few weeks.

CNN 😂😂😂 FINALLY — I guess it’s never too late!!🔜🔜 WilliamBarr AGBarr AttorneyGeneral Which part out Congress? The Senate or the House. Depending on which can you guess which would be the whitewash? Yawn congress preparing questions for Barr. Nothing new to know. What a farce that will be. He'll never do it. Trump will cite Executive Privilege.

UNDER OATH It means nothing. Nothing is going to happen.

Barr: U.S. scrutinizing information ahead of 2020 election, including from GiulianiU.S. Attorney General William Barr on Monday confirmed that the Justice Departme... Oh Willy Barr, the tales you weave, no ones buying what you’re selling ... Their corruption is now out in the open. Great. I haven’t had much lucy luck with the Barr’s set DHSgov

I'll believe it when it happens. They haven’t left Trump alone since he was elected . 4 more years 👍 Waste of time! Democrats still has not learned their lessons! You can’t stop realDonaldTrump this is what Americans wants! This is a America now! The new order is here! Be a witness to greatness and be grateful you’re part of history!

Here’s the game they play. Barr agrees and Trump calls on executive privilege to stop him. Yawn. Throw the AH in jail! He will lie through his teeth like his boss does! He is worthless. Why waste our time. He only can answer certain questions tRUMP keeping the papers in his pockets Hope he bring resignation papers

Trump Praises Barr for ‘Taking Charge’ in Roger Stone CasePresident Trump praised Attorney General William Barr for “taking charge” of case against Roger Stone, weighing in on a controversy that started when the Justice Department moved to recommend less prison time for the president’s longtime confidant. That Mr. Trump inappropriately involves himself in investigations and prosecutions, and has Mr. Barr acting as his personal lawyer rather than as Head of the Justice Department strongly suggests that justice is wrongfully being manipulated. Trump: 'Thank you for your corruption, Bill Barr.'

Lock him up! Lock him up! Funny TRUMP!! 2020!! Let’s take bets if this actually happens. Where he will continue to distort the truth. Master of manipulation. Spin spin spin with that smirk on his chubby face What’s the focking use. He’s simply going to BS his way out, just like other Trump stooges. And what do you think will come of it, needs his daddy to whip his ass and teach him about lying

Find N95 Respirator Masks from 3M, SAS, Honeywell & Moldex still available!! Barr will be sure to inform those asking him questions that he can say what he wants because he has the protection of the White House “Godfather” aka crime lord in chief, and they or there family members could be investigated at his orders, so make your questions easy!!

That's like asking the cat if he ate the canary with feathers sticking in his teeth. Make it sooner. He wants the 6 weeks for trump and his minions to muddy the waters. Anyone think that he will be honest? Next month? Time to make up another lie Yeah like he's going to tell the truth. Barr should tell the democrats to shove it up their asses

Release Kamala ... KamalaHarris Tell them go to hell. BS sentence. They give less to a rapist. Oh that’s right he’s not a Democrat. Next month - so not immediately- KamalaHarris

You really think he’ll be compelled to tell the truth? Right.... Who gives a crap. Done and over with. We shall see.. Alot is going to happen in a month. And the American people will hear the truth from Barr, NOT! Next month....Lmaof Why would we believe one single word out of his mouth? He is on Trumps pocket so why? Another waste of time Makes Dems look like sour grapes.

Barr:'He doesn't influence any of my choices' Congress:'Well... that's that.' Why now? Oh boy. Here it comes again. Him just playing with words and what they mean for 2 hours straight

Lol. This is definitely a case of ' Becareful what you wish for.' Oh, this should be interesting. Did he get tRumps ok? Time to get his lies together. why 50 days away?😼 Hmm I bet he’s going to find some stupid idiotic way of saying that all this is perfectly normal and that he is not in fact Trump’s lapdog doing his dirty work for him

Lol...you snowflakes won't give up. What a joke. The more we talk about real issues, the more that Obsma’s treasonous coup will be exposed. Takes time... Just gonna be a waste of time. And, as usual, AG Barr will embarrass the hell out of the preening Democrats. AG Barr has a spotless record until he doesn’t fit your BRING DOWN TRUMP AGENDA. The Liberal Socialist MSM corruption is coming out, better find another conspiracy to jump on. EnemyOfThePeople

AG Barr will eat their lunch.. again! 😊 Excellent! He will exposed Obama minions again! Great, more time wasted with partisan issues no real person gives a thought about. LapdogLindsey and MoscowMitch are key enablers in the GOP party grab and will be remembered as modern day Benedict Arnolds. Lot of good that’s going to do, he’s a Liar Just like Trump

This is going to be fun😬 Until trump orders him not to, which he will comply with being the good little bootlicker he is There may not be a Congress next month Really is he going to answer the questions this time if not do not waste my tax dollars to go and not say anything. I’m sure that will be productive

And present him the distinguished 'Kiss the emperor's butt award' so this is what living in a dictatorship is like.... This is going to beautiful, as usual Barr will destroy the ignorant Democrats Don't waste your time Why even bother ,so he can lie some more and lie some more and then go back and Continue to work the strings behind the scenes to corrupt the justice system.

Anyone giving odds he doesn’t show or claims executive privilege on all subjects ask? Predicting his response to questions: 'I don't care.' Ya tell daddy trump tells him not to. ImpeachBarr These people must really love waste time lol Next month 👀. What the hell? Congress needs to act now!!!!!

Love it!!! Barr will be ready!!! Next month ? That makes me suspicious. Will it be another farce? Will Barr even show up or send in the lawyers? Disgusted_InTN Next month? Why not now? WSBT President is the head of the executive branch including the justice department. Read the constitution. Under oath? Which branch?

Another abuse of Congress...... Shit is getting old b, looking at you DNC It’s not the improper influence of Trump you fool!! Report true news NOT FAKE NEWS! What another great waste of time

How come you agree, accept to have a crooked mind and please Trump, legally, to accomodate Stone ? Another disgrace for the USA. Where is your integrity ? When Barr start evading questions. Move to Impeach on the spot! It will take them a month to get all their stories straight. Well we all know that will be a waste of time, every time he is asked a question involving Trump he will say it is privileged all his conversations with Trump are privileged he did that before, he is as corrupt as his Boss.

Which means he'll appear after the final decision... So it will be a few hours of Barr citing executive privilege. Start putting them in jail. What a waste of time and taxpayer dollars

When it's over, will he be able to say I'm Still Standing... ~ they can talk and lie and gaslight and weasel their way out of anything… it appears. I don't really see the point. The House has spent all its political capital. With the impeachment discredited, what do they hope to accomplish? Sure, false allegations from deranged democrat door knobs in congress....

He’s the White Hat. 👍🏽 The DOJ is part of the Executive Branch. Why do you think there's any 'improper influence?' We'll see if realDonaldTrump exerts Executive Privilege. If so, I doubt the house will go to court, just as they did during the impeachment sham. Yall wanted him impeached before he even was inaugurated... enough said.

In the meantime, talk to the former prosecutors... Hes going to say the decision was made before that tweet. Pure coincidence. Then stick his head right back up trumps ass.

He'll slither around the questions as he did in previous Congressional testimony. 🐍 ImpeachBarr ImpeachTrumpAgain Won't even happen He'll back out due to a tweet from trump closer to the date. Fucking cry babies as if no other president in history used their position of power as influence? Yeah right!

There’s a new “justice” in town! NEXT MONTH Baby Sinclair is WilliamBarr lol, he won't go. jeffsessions Aren't you glad you aren't AG anymore, tell us how you would've handled things differently!

He needs to be dis-barred No way he shows up. Now that is definitely a huge waste of time. They will make him look bad, but he will still go back to the playground called the White House. LOL the Dems can't take it. WINNING Next month Oh, it doesn’t matter. He’ll lie. Again. Until he decides he’s not. Taking power from the people, one day at a time democracy dies.

He'll be the King of Denial! HEY CONGRESS!! GET READY FOR AN ASS WHIPPING!!! 'Well....that depends on what you mean by 'influence.''

Can’t wait to hear his excuses. What a smear to the legal profession. Our Country NEEDS legitimate prosecution to assure our people of across the board treatment regardless of who you are. What a hit to legal confidence issues. By Mar 31 he’ll have had the time to make public statements that he can just repeat to the House, along with some sanctimonious crap about presidential power.

Don’t hold your breath 🙄 ImpeachBarrNow ImpeachTrumpAgain You guys won't have country left by that time. To what end. It’s not like he is going to admit to being a consigliere. It won't matter , stone will be pardon ed by then blah blah blah *witch hunt* blah blah blah *hoax* blah blah blah *politically targeted* no crystal ball needed

Suddenly, 'Can't touch this' by MCHammer is going through my head as I imagine Barr doing the 'Hammer time' dance. Nothingwillhappen to them its just lawless Scandal by the 45th president of the USA POTUS and his men

Then ask that The Four (the prosecutors that quit) appear the same day- if they get grief from DOJ (some BS about executive privilege) subpoena them. And let's see if Barr's obfuscation bears up under close scrutiny. Agreed? Does that mean he thinks he has a choice? Have GOP Trump cult followers rendered Congress completely toothless? Whatever happened to contempt of Congress?

Ok sure... Yeah right, and they think they will get the truth?🤣 If you want to be honest, ask yourself if 9 years for lying to Congress is a legit sentence? It's absolutely ridiculous and politically charged. There are violent criminals getting lighter sentences. This is another MSM sham. Barr is going to own the liberal Hacks..

Nothing there.....move on!!! More jobs, high stock prices, all I need for my future.

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