William Barr Ordered Authorities To Clear Protesters Near White House - Cnnpolitics

William Barr Ordered Authorities To Clear Protesters Near White House - Cnnpolitics

Attorney General Barr ordered authorities to clear protesters near White House, DOJ official says

JUST IN: Attorney General William Barr gave the order on Monday to forcibly clear out protesters ahead of President Trump's photo-op near the White House, a Justice Department official says

6/2/2020 11:53:00 PM

JUST IN: Attorney General William Barr gave the order on Monday to forcibly clear out protesters ahead of President Trump's photo-op near the White House, a Justice Department official says

Attorney General William Barr on Monday evening ordered authorities to clear a crowd of protesters that had gathered near the White House, according to a Justice Department official, minutes ahead of President Donald Trump's televised address from the Rose Garden.

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Himler hello🌱🦜🦩 PattyArquette Trump/Barr had a fence built around the entire perimeter of the WH, like extinct lonely zoo animals. 738foxhollow He's never had a half order... that's right I'm fat shaming Gave an order to whom? DoJ lawyers Good Disgusting! What we see on TV is the America of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer & the rest of the state & local Democratic Party corrupt ideology at work. The cop that killed Floyd worked for a city/state run top to bottom by Democrats. Democrats can't run from any of this, they own ALL of it.

FAKE NEWS: Barr just committed a crime against the people. Of course he is a bad cop Trump and AG Barr will suffer consequences for a stunt that could have injured young, civil protestors. Why not set up the park to a commodate demonstrators, or gradually push them back. Tear gas & rubber bullets so Trump could get a photo op-deplorable This is froth with abuse.

Interesting, but it does not change trump disguising wors or actions. We all know it was a political campaign stunt, and powèr grab by this WH Better make more room for that gut too. What gives the Attorney General the authority to park police or military an order to do anything? They don't work for him.

Good This is the way you manufacture dictators. This was your peaceful protestors Monday at the White House. Still calling them 'protesters' I see... CNN is the virus Well we all know it came from the top Report this... Your news agency needs to be taken off the air waves Barr ain't like the good hearty Democrats...who would have ask the protesters nicely to back up or better yet, pay them to back up with your tax money. LOL

Yes nothing says you’re a man of the people more than shooing them off your lawn with a tank so you can take a selfie....smart BILL BARR NEEDS TO GO!!! What Fakenews CNN doesn’t show He is acting like a vicious bulldog. Shame on him. The U.S. govt is now prescribing the U.S. citizens what they prescribed & setup in many countries around the world, A DICTATORSHIP. Imperialism from within. If U don't suffer it, then how will you know?

Unconstitutional. BlackOutTuesday BlackLivesMattter except when it comes to blacks killing blacks which is an epidemic! Tear gassed a priest. Angry white dude looked like a dork standing there after examining the prop to be sure it was upright and said “Bible”. Not a good day for team trump. Tear gassed a priest! Can’t make this sht up.

Shame on him! Barr needs to be forcibly cleared out of the WH and his job. Another piece if shit smiling as he walks with his leader Lucifer. DISGUSTING!! What protesters? Of course he did, he is lint on tRump’s a$$ Shocking. Is this a real tweet? Please, he's no longer the people's Attorney General, he's now 'Trump's new fixer.' Until he's no longer needed or loyal, which ever comes first. At which time Trump will discard him like garbage, and say he doesn't know him.

Lock him up! No protester should prohibit u from going where u want to go. What exactly needs to be done, Don Lemon? Details, please. Don’t speak in general terms. Lay out your plan for us. And funny how you now love George W after 8 years of hate. CNN is beyond effed up. Make up your minds. No surprise there. This a g is the most corrupt.

Looks like he’s cleared out a few all you can eat buffets as well. Abuse of power! If they break the law, then they're NotProtesters They Are CRIMINALS.. They set fire to the church, graffitied all over the capital of the country and defaced some of the country’s monuments! If they are so peaceful then why all the destruction? I have heard the words righteously angry!!! What gives anyone the right to destroy? Is it righteous NO!!!

Paris tonight bullshit! CNN gives the order to clear out hard working Americans to make room for the criminals Who were the idiots who took an order from someone without authority to give it? Do we no longer have the right to protest? I agree the looters and arsonists should be arrested, but what about those who are peacefully protesting? Do we no longer have the right to peacefully protest? How many other rights will they take away?

AND CNN ELECTED DEM EVERY HOST & PUNDIT on cnn msn etc LIED 2 YOU LETS see if retrack THEIR lies no tear gas was use 2 allow POTUS 2 go pay respects at church only at riots & no POTUS just goes 2 bunker ON his OWN ITS THE SECRET SERVICE WHO TELLS YOU SIR WE HAVE 2 PUT YOU THERE Just in case Americans want the truth, not unnamed sources... CNNLixo CNN FakeNews

Barr is part of the conspiracy to make this nation a Dictatorship. Of course it should be spelled Dicktatorship. Look at all Trump has done in three years and it's really spooky. The uniform is next. God Damn our Dictator And so? Bullshit. Thus is just Barr trying to move the damaging BLAME from his facilitating boss Trump as Barr is sharp enough to see that his day's are numbered if Trump is booted out, as he now will be. Trump is a dead man walking now as far as the reelection is concerned.

Whoever ordered it should drop their head in shame and do a public apology .. disgusting !! Whenever there is a lawful protests curfew are usually disregard..... Puppet of RUMP. Invoke the 25th to remove the madman in the WH When will impeachment proceedings begin against the Attorney General of the United States? SpeakerPelosi

Fat Fuck Guess we know one person that needs to end up in prison once Trump is out of office Serve and protect no one. The duty of America and its leaders is to protect the office of the President of the United States. Thank you for taking time to pray for the safety of the president of the United States Donald Trump.

marcasnyc19791 So what’s the problem with that? They are violent protesters they were throwing objects at the police.Would you like them to have stayed and started throwing bricks at the president? would that make you happy? I’m sure it would Those of you cheering now, I'd like you to remember this moment when at some future date a democratic administration unleashes force against non-violent republican protesters. The precedent for which you cheer is dangerous.

Oh PLEASE ...ONLY AFTER DEPLORABLE DictatorTrump TOLD HIM TO !!!! More lies. More fake news. 'No tear gas was used' He is personally liable to every peaceful protester for violation of civil rights. Mayb his civil rights section can look into that. caldev3 The cops should’ve knelt with the protesters.

So when is Barr in charge of the military? Where's RUDY? I pray you folks aren't about to get what you're begging for! follow our channel your following support us and it meens lot for us Time for peaceful protesters to bring out their weapons. This is why we march, and this is why we must VoteOutHate VoteOutTrump VoteOutGOP FascistGOP FascistTrump

The AG doesn’t have the authority to order police or military actions? Last I checked anyway. Abuse of Power. Remove him The order violates our first amendment rights.... Are we getting Marshall lawed? Start being part of the solution and stop being part of the problem! “Peaceful” protestors “need” to stay home and should be encouraged by the MSM to assist authorities to control the people responsible for the looting and rioting AllLivesMatter Riots

What I witnessed last night was something to make Putin and Kim very proud but not Americans Lol at CNN calling it a “photo op”. Not even trying to sound objective at this point. He's a lawyer, right? Why would he give the order to gas peaceful protesters? This is an action that Putin would do, now tell me Trump and Putin aren’t in this together.

Fascist pig who should move to Russia. Trump delegated to Barr. Beware of a Fri Pink Tweet, Bill. Trump suckered you. You are his fall guy on this one. Please do not stop reporting about covid19.....it is still a very real threat he's supposed to be working FOR the people not be a lap dog for a 24/7 psychopathic liar - But, silverlining is: with lap dog like this , who needs a knee replacement

Didn't realize Barr is also in charge of the uniformed Secret Service and the U.S. Park Police. Let’s see a copy...I don’t trust you. Impeach! First Amendment violation. I swear trump is the next hitler Wait, doesn't he work for us? He ordered it or is willing to say he did ? He should be prosecuted once Biden takes office.

⚡️During the pandemic and unrest in the US, Assad stopped using chemical weapons, Maduro does not ruin democracy, pogromists are not oppressed in Hong Kong, Russia has less often invaded Ukraine. Maybe this never happened, CIA threw up fakes in US media or the media fantasized it You're damn right he did. Next time we bring out the dogs. MF'rs!

AG Barr is taking the blame AG Barr cannot lose HIS job unless Trump loses his job Barr would not do this unless Trump wanted it PERIOD Fudge that mama-fudger! Why are my freedom lovin americans silent? Whitehouse throwing Barr under the bus for Trump. No matter how loyal you are he won't hesitate to sacrifice you.

Without providing evidence.. ImpeachBarr See, the WH knows how to get things done. Duhhh. CNN has the dumbest people on staff. MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople a cnn que eu vejo em Portugal deveria ser mais pelo povo e dizer a verdade. são trump péssimos. He should be fired!!! or resign. Facist pig!! William Barr is just as evil as Donald Trump, just as corrupt, just as untrustworthy, just as shameful. Truth

Bet he didn’t. Bet it was trump but he is too cowardly to admit it. Anti-Trump news 24/7 😂😂😂😂😂 Biden will still lose miserably! It’s been days since the US Attorney General named AntifaTerrorists as being behind much of this rioting. I can’t seem to find any stories from you focusing on Antifa. What’s up with that?

Why he was called 'Bill Barr' ? Barr & realDonaldTrump are Both Bunker Bitches Finally, A real Attorney General Honey Badger is bad ass!!! Good.

AG Barr ordered protesters to be cleared from park before Trump visit: OfficialsBREAKING: Attorney General Barr personally ordered the expansion of the security perimeter around Lafayette Park Monday just before Trump's visit to St. John's Episcopal Church, a senior DOJ official and senior White House official confirm to ABC News. The Attorney General has the authority to order Active Duty Military to attack PEACEFUL UNARMED AMERICAN CIVILIANS This is not how you treat peaceful protests, I don't care who you are, you are to blame for much pain! For a fucking picture! Attorney General Barr 'personally ordered law enforcement officials on the ground to clear the streets around Lafayette Square,' before realdonaldtrump walked to the church for the photo op. The US DOJ at work for citizens like you. Love it. RepealTrump

Peaceful protest outside White House broken up by policeMounted police used flashbangs to clear the protest from Lafayette Park near the White House that MSNBC’s Garrett Haake said had been “100 percent peaceful” up to that point. Yes great huh. Taking contro it's called

Live Protest Updates: Barr Ordered Clearing of Protesters, Official SaysU.S. Attorney General William Barr personally ordered federal law enforcement to clear a park near the White House of peaceful protesters on Monday in time for President Trump to walk to a church for a photo op, a Justice Department official said Curfew was 7pm. They shouldn’t have been there. Figures. Slap a pair of glasses on that pig too, and he would look like William Barr.

Tear gas, threats for protesters before Trump visits churchPresident Trump demanded governors deploy troops to 'dominate the streets.' Then he walked through a park cleared of protesters by tear gas to pose in front of a church. Throughout Washington, D.C., and the United States, protests continued to rage. Im sure that Bible burned his hand... “when facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross” Den_Fabrizi Nixon's 1968-72 campaign strategy updated for the new century

Tear gas, threats for protesters before Trump visits churchPresident Trump demanded governors deploy troops to 'dominate the streets.' Then he walked through a park cleared of protesters by tear gas to pose in front of a church. Throughout Washington, D.C., and the United States, protests continued to rage. Trump is God! God is Trump! Only twelve more days! Maga! Kaga! As he held a bible upside down and backwards. Fire Him

Reporter hit with projectile as police crack down on protesting after curfew in D.C.As protesters and police fire off firecrackers and flashbangs in Washington D.C., MSNBC's Garret Haake says he was hit in the side. NBCNews GarrettHaake NBCNews GarrettHaake how much has msnbc flamed the fires of race baiting for ratings? NBCNews GarrettHaake Been watching journalists on TV for years on the frontlines of conflicts around the world. Might have remove the the UNITED and just be “America Stares”.