George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide: Live Updates

George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide: Live Updates

Atlanta mayor: 'This is not a protest ... this is chaos.'

'If you care about this city then go home.' Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was visibly angry at a news conference during the Atlanta protests on Friday

5/30/2020 4:47:00 AM

'If you care about this city then go home.' Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was visibly angry at a news conference during the Atlanta protests on Friday

Protests following the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded that he couldn't breathe while he was held down with a knee by a Minneapolis police officer, have spread nationwide. Follow here for the latest updates.

Atlanta mayor: "This is not a protest ... this is chaos."A police car burns after protesters marched to the Georgia State Capitol and returned to the area around the Centennial Olympic Park and CNN center in Atlanta, Gerpon Friday, May 29. Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/AP

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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was visibly angry at a news conference during the Atlanta protests Friday, telling protesters to"go home" after they became violent and a police officer was hurt."What I see happening on the streets of Atlanta is not Atlanta. This is not a protest, This is not in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. This is chaos. A protest has purpose. When Dr. King was assassinated, we didn't do this to our city," she said."If you want change in Amerca, go and register to vote ... that is the change we need in this country."

She added:"If you care about this city then go home." Read more: CNN »

Go home and let the real protest work. This is exactly what the democrat party wants. They want chaos to blame on Trump. That's why they do not openly condemn the violence. We should be asking ourselves why the dems think this damage is a price they are willing to let us pay for them to get back into the white house😠

No according to you at CNN. This is a peaceful and merry protest. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: Not Beautiful Atlanta!!!!!!😭😭😭 dammmit!!! Stop this shit!!!! AntifaTerrorists thisaintaboutGeorgeFloyd GeorgeSorosRiots

MSM begs to differ... Let’s see if this people show up at the polls She was and had every right to be angry IT'S ANTIFA! Your network is garbage and should be shut down. Anyone that works for CNN this network should be classified as a terrorist. TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos TrumpIsChaos

Oh really I thought there all innocent protesters? Now it has affected u hypocrite fake news media CNN Anybody wondering why CNN isn’t reporting “protesters” protested inside CNN Headquarters last night? The “protesters” decided to get break stuff, dance with weapons and tried to start a fire to roast marshmallows! However, no marshmallows could be found or reached for comment.

Those are the fruits of senatemajldr refusing to give the states financial aid or support PoC. He creates thugs by forcing people to be thugs. Which makes him a thug by proxy. Don't wanna be a thug? Then FundtheStates. I must laugh, karma's a bitch officer And if people go home, will you leaders and lawyers get up and go to work to end police brutality and seek justice for the murdered people of color? If you care, get up and do something to help these Americans from being killed! If YOU care!!

MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople FakeNewsMedia is complicit with the rioters. Their rhetoric and false narratives have pushed this. Don’t let them manipulate you anymore. Thanks, we already knew that... So when is the Military going to be called up to stop this ? Democrats destroying democrat cities! You can’t make this up! But again what’s new!

YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING but fuel the fire for fear and HATE. KARMA is a bitch! They don’t care about Atlanta. They’re not from Atlanta. They’re being paid and coached to ruin your city. Hey CNN, This is your circus. These are your people burning your network. Still embracing Antifa? Karma. Epic!!! No....... Keep Protesting! It's good!

It’s bigger than one city. It’s nationally organized. wake up America. Making our protests violent is done by organized people that want the point to be hushed. Wake up America. you fuel this ip, happy now? That you Democrats, you trained these rioters well. CNN said it was not a riot. 🤪 What a dumb statement, does she really thinking anyone is hearing her. Time for people to be put in JAIL and charged for crimes they are doing.

Trash News they do not care stole everything they could!!Did white people loot,or burn city care about this city?who cares about the people?people’s lives! Of course it is because you people lack attitude Hey how about quit calling arson, stealing, looting, and putting public safety personnel in danger protesting.

Comparing to Hongkong, this is not chaos! realDonaldTrump A slap on the wrist Steve Bannon is sitting somewhere giggling and twidling his mustache. His strategy worked perfectly “Please!I Can’t Breath!” Chaos promoted by CNN You are being intolerant CNN. This is what you wanted cnn. For so long. You got your wish now you’re scared

Well the left will lose voters as their own terroristic left have become felons. The more rioters arrested the less voters liberals have. Lock-em up!!! And slap the with a felony charge. Tell George Soros to stop funding public dissonance. Why were 2 of the police officers also in the Boston Marathon incident? Where is the murdering police officer now? Why are many protesters being transported around to different cities?

I don't get why CNN is upset about ANY of this. They've been egging this on for years. Careful what you wish for. JasonStatham vs New McLaren 720S2 usa USArmy USAF usaprimeshot usairforce usamade Usana USAPL usaw usagi usaha usatrip usahawan usaweightlifting usaroadtrip usanalifestyle usacars usatravel usafashion

America will burn over the false perception of injusticefrom people who have tonight reaffirmed every single horrible stereotype about them. Idiots like all the times before making it more about destruction and so the message will get lost..Two wrongs do not make a right. They’ve gone to far huh Stand Up! Fight Back!

This is a war!!! kaitlancollins It's too late babe Chaos. Satans laughing at the golf course The chickens have come home to roost, eh? Who’s paying these so called protesters? Follow the money! Tneir actions are only validating the stereotype! Idiots! How much stress has been cumulated in the US to have su much anger?

Hey just for shits and giggles, try doing a story on why this always seems to happen in Democrat run districts and pretend you're doing investigative journalism for once. You know... just for shits and giggles of course. Oh! So cute... Now, She Angry? When you pump the beast/monster and unleash it; it never came with the promise of control. IngrahamAngle

Well that will do allot of good. When are these idiots gonna realize unlawful citizens don't abide by rules? She can thank cnn & msnbc for encouraging the riots & distruction. How dare Lance reprimand the protestors She should be marching with them We should all be marching And who gives a shit if a few buildings are broken, they can be rebuilt, the people that have been murdered can not be replaced

m_keenum Idk CNN just yesterday called it peaceful protest soooooo FakeNews CNN and their democrat bosses love this lawlessness. Anything to destroy the country. But they are peaceful Please...They are not social distancing. This is rioting without appropriate space!! ARREST THEM ALL A good guy was killed by a police,'LEGALLY KILLED BY A POLICE'.now,you told me,if you care about this city. who care about the black.

Well then let’s release the hounds and let’s get these a-holes off the streets. Well, I hope Atlanta's mayor takes some swift action, or people with their own agenda using George Floyd's death as an excuse, will burn the city down and leave it in ruin like Minneapolis. Then rioters will go home and let the people of Atlanta pick up the pieces - for years.

Bring the national guard to take those thugs down Burn it all.

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CNN Headquarters In Atlanta Defaced By Crowd Protesting George Floyd’s DeathProtesters in Atlanta on Friday marched on the headquarters of CNN, gathering by the hundreds in front of the building, defacing the giant-sized network logo out front and destroying police cars wh… ✊🏾 JusticeForGeorgeFloyd ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Protests over George Floyd's death spread across the nationActivists spray-painted a large CNN logo outside the company's headquarters in Atlanta, breaking a window and tagging doors while protesting the death of George Floyd. “RIOTS” fixed it ....... Atlanta is making the country proud! Buy gold.