World, Coronavirus Pandemic: Updates From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Pandemic: Updates From Around The World

Atlanta mayor plans to roll back city's reopening to phase 1

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

7/11/2020 1:17:00 AM

The Atlanta mayor plans to roll back the city's reopening, but the Georgia governor says that's unenforceable, as his executive order applies statewide and doesn't allow for more restrictive local rules

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

CDC report details groups that suffer Covid-19 deaths disproportionatelyFrom CNN’s Jen ChristensenPeople who were 65 or older, men and people of color who were younger than 65 make up disproportionate shares of Covid-19 deaths in the United States, according to a report released Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Among the 52,166 Covid-19 deaths reported to CDC from February 12 to May 18, more than 55% were men, nearly 80% were older than age 65. The median age of the people who had died was 78 years old.Information reported to CDC was missing data about underlying health conditions for about 59% of people who died, so the agency collected supplemental data for about 10,000 deaths.

Among those, 60.6% were male and nearly 75% were 65 years or older. Thirty-five percent were White, 24.9% were Black, 24.4% were Hispanic, 6.3% were Asian, 2.9% were multiracial or another race and .1% were American Indian or Alaskan natives. The median age of death was 71 among Hispanic people, 72 among nonwhite and non-Hispanic people, and 81 among White people.

Among people younger than 65 who died from Covid-19, the percent who were Hispanic and nonwhite – 34.9% and 29.5%, respectively – were more than twice that of White people, 13.2%. The CDC called this difference “notable.” The CDC said more research is needed to understand why there is a difference, but one potential factor may be that more Hispanic and nonwhite people are in the service industry and other essential industries that make it difficult to be physically distant from others.

Among the 10,647 cases with supplementary data, more than 76% had at least one underlying medical condition. For people younger than 65 years old, underlying health conditions seemed to play an even greater role; more than 83% had an underlying medical condition.

The most common underlying health conditions reported among those who died was cardiovascular disease. More than 60% of those who died had some form of heart problems, nearly 40% had diabetes, more than 20% had chronic kidney disease, and just over 19% had chronic lung disease. Diabetes was the most common underlying condition among people younger than 65 – nearly half in that age group had diabetes.

Most people died in hospitals, rather than at home. The median time from the start of the illness to death was 10 days.Among people younger than 65 years, 7.8% died in an emergency department or at home.“These out-of-hospital deaths might reflect lack of health care access, delays in seeking care, or diagnostic delays,” the report said. “Health communications campaigns could encourage patients, particularly those with underlying medical conditions, to seek medical care earlier in their illnesses. Additionally, health care providers should be encouraged to consider the possibility of severe disease among younger persons who are Hispanic, nonwhite, or have underlying medical conditions.”

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100 arrested, 13 officers injured after Chicago crowds clash with police

Hundreds smashed windows, stole from stores and clashed with police in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping district and other parts of downtown.

Why I don't see an uproar about dismantling the DMC? Jefferson Davis=Democrat, Andrew Jackson=Democrat, George Wallace=Democrat. The list goes on and on. farmerkemp GovKemp clearly cares more about how Trump feels about him than preventing Georgians from dying. Re-Open! The Cure is here All Lives Matter? Pro-Life? Only when its convenient for them. Only when it keeps them from getting their shitty bleach jobs and Budweiser bars.

7 States account for 60% US Covid deaths. 6 are run by Democrat Governors. States run health. Cases Deaths NY 400299 24968 NJ 174628 15479 MA 111110 8296 IL 152899 7345 PA 93876 6880 CA 304297 6851 MI 75685 6285 Sub 41% 60% That’s usually not how the law works. Counties, cities and town can have rules and laws more restrictive. They may not have a law or rule less restrictive than state law. If the governor has made an order stripping cities of their authority to make rules that’s out of the norm.

The US cannot figure there sh!t out..... Praying for all you guys! How is she going to rollback everything to phase 1? Who is she going to get to enforce it? She already doesn't support the police. No one listened to her when they were having their 'peaceful protest', so why does she think they going to listen now. She just needs to resign.

When liberals realize that the excesses of tolerance can turn sideways for them. When you praise one race by lowering another, you make it worse. TBSS. These demagogues care nothing about the lives of Americans. Thank you for being the sane one in your state. The deaths are not necessary if people would follow guidelines but since the idiot in the WH cares nothing about our dying and will do nothing we are f’’’’’ georgia

COVID19: In which Republicans all over America discover how much they really do love a strong central government after all. Eff the governor Hmmmmm... The United States is under international lockdown. No one wants Americans in their countries! The States lead the world by far with over 3.2 million COVID-19 cases and over 136,000 Covid deaths. That’s 1/4 of the total COVID 19 deaths in the world! Winning!! All on you, tRump!

CCP has no any right in east sea, and it's yourselves have no right hold military excercises in east sea. the America army has the right to do that due to check the expansion and invasion of CCP in east sea. all the whole world know what CCP had did there realDonaldTrump is now captainoblivious Brace yourself Georgia, unfortunately the COVID-19 train will be rolling through your state next. Remember it was your greedy governor that made the choice 😷


Atlanta mayor defies governor, require masks in cityMayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she will sign an executive order mandating masks in Georgia's largest city, defying Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to strongly encourage but not require face coverings. Who is KeishaBottoms planning to have enforcing her mask mandate? The police? Great job KeishaBottoms! Please ignore the trum-pets! They are evil and dumber than realDonaldTrump which is saying a lot. Glad we have someone that is actually for the people instead of against. Keep up the great work! it will be funny when infection rates wont change because most arent infected in public places.

The Pandemic Is Putting Parents in an Impossible SituationNew York City unveiled a preliminary plan to bring students back and provide some much-needed relief for parents. But it isn’t nearly enough. realaxelfoley and lisaxmiller discuss realaxelfoley lisaxmiller Relief for parents? They said the quiet thing out loud. Teachers aren’t babysitters.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, A Possible Biden VP Pick, Sees Profile Rise Amid CrisesAtlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is said to be under consideration to be Joe Biden's running mate. Recently, her handling of protests has put her in the spotlight — as well as speaking out against Georgia's Republican-led response to the pandemic. Ewww I'm sure she is. Along with 100's of other women being bandied about in a weak attempt to build Biden hype. Not every black woman is qualified.

New York City Parents Grill Schools Chief on Reopening PlanNew York City parent leaders grilled Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza about his plans to reopen schools in the fall, with some expressing deep frustration that they didn’t have more say. period, put them in the hot seat! Life is a complicated relationship, think long term. Such an impracticable plan. Either open ( w precautionary measures) or stay closed. Do they realize how unfair it is to ask poor people who can hardly make ends meet to hire someone to babysit their kids on off-school days?

Trump's Reckless Push To Reopen Schools Is An Admission Of FailureThe White House has totally given up on its original reopening plan. You're not privy to that information so you're grasping for a headline. You do not have a headline. It's a deflection so we don't convict SaudiTrump VOTE VoteTrumpOut2020