Atlanta mayor on voter suppression: Georgia Sec. of State refuses to accept reality

Mayor Bottoms of Atlanta: “The reality is we have a Secretary of State who refuses to accept that voter suppression is real, and that it comes in different forms.”

7/1/2020 11:39:00 AM

Atlanta Mayor Bottoms on voter suppression: “The reality is we have a Secretary of State who refuses to accept that voter suppression is real, and that it comes in different forms.”

Mayor Bottoms of Atlanta: “The reality is we have a Secretary of State who refuses to accept that voter suppression is real, and that it comes in different forms.”

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You gonna be voted out. Radical leftists mole. This interview, campaign ad, look good in front of nation, get the VP, Biden/Bottom, she can’t even handle her city, it’s a disaster her choices, defund the police etc...destroyed Atlanta & she’s a choice for VP, what a fucking joke! Keep citizens safe❗️LMFAO

They know it’s real. Like in the form of polls that are intended to be self-fulfilling prophecies. It’s neva real when their doing it. There is def voter suppression in Atlanta, how else do we explain that Democrats have controlled the office of the mayor in Atlanta since 1879, do we really think that if there were no voter suppression, Democrats would have ran the city for this long this poorly?

And that it’s the only way Republicans can get elected. It's Wednesday July 1, 2020 and JoeBiden tried to frame GenFlynn for a crime he never committed but JoeBiden failed miserably at it and the MSM are in denial about it. Georgia needs to start over again. Get rid of the racists a rhat have dominated their politics for hundreds of years.

Oh he accepts it as real, it works in his party’s favor. They’e doing this on purpose. It's easy for the GA SecState to find out that voter suppression is real. Just ask the last SecState, the GA Governor. He knows that's how he won his election. ImperialPresidency AuthoritarianismRising GOPComplicity

Oh, he knows it's real. It's the only way the GOP can win these days. Turns out that old, white racists die, and there's not enough stock to replace them. Somebody tell this incompetent her city is burning.... AntifaTerrorists FLIP THE COUNTRY 2020! Return to the rule of law and full voting rights for all Americans.

Atlanta Hawks to transform State Farm Arena into massive voting station for 2020 electionsOn Tuesday, the Hawks and Fulton County announced that State Farm Arena will become a polling place to create Georgia's largest-ever voting precinct. I’m so grateful to lara_binary_TRD if it wasn’t for you, I would still be in debt. Earn over $16,000 on her trading platform In person voting can be done safely in the time of COVID. 'The largest ever voting precinct' doesn't sound like a good idea in 2020. Can't we wait for 2022 to try this? Yes!

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Suspected 'Golden State Killer' due in court in front of socially distanced victims, familiesJoseph DeAngelo, now 74 years old, is accused of committing 13 murders as well as multiple rapes and burglaries in the 1970s and 80s, terrorizing communities from Northern to Southern California. Ex-cop. He was a cop for 3 years too. Why doesn’t the media report on that fact?

Russian state exit polls show 76% so far back reforms that could extend Putin ruleRussian state opinion pollster VTsIOM said on Monday that its exit polls showed that 76% of Russians had so far voted to support reforms that could allow President Vladimir Putin to extend his rule until 2036. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷S*E*L*A*M*..SENDE..TAVŞANA KAÇ..TAZIYA..TUT..DEMEKTEN..VAZGEÇECEKSİN...PUTİN...S*E*L*A*M* I’m sure those numbers are legit 🤣 Was poll outcome released before or after polling?

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Suspected 'Golden State Killer' to plead guilty to 13 murdersJUST IN: Joseph DeAngelo, the man suspected of being the notorious Golden State Killer, has agreed to plead guilty to 13 counts of first-degree murder at his court appearance, prosecutors say.