Atlanta-area teen stole nearly $1M from Kroger store over 2 weeks, police say

The teen spent two weeks creating over 40 fake returns in order to obtain over $980,000, police say.

1/22/2021 5:30:00 AM

A 19-year-old Atlanta-area teen has been arrested by Gwinnett Co. police and has been accused of stealing nearly $1,000,000 from a Kroger grocery store over a two week period.

The teen spent two weeks creating over 40 fake returns in order to obtain over $980,000, police say.

ByLeslie IgnacioA 19-year-old Atlanta-area teen was arrested Thursday by Gwinnett County police and has been accused of stealing nearly $1 million from a Kroger grocery store.Police said Tre Brown spent two weeks creating over 40 fake returns to obtain over $980,000 while he was employed at the Steve Reynold Blvd. Kroger between December and January,

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according to a statement.The returns ranged from $75 to over $87,000 for non-existent items and were placed on several credit cards, detectives said. Corporate employees noticed the transactions and contacted police.Further investigation showed Brown appears to have used the money to buy clothes, guns, shoes and two cars, police said. Prior to his arrest, police said Brown totaled one of the cars.

A large sum of money was returned after Brown's arrest, but the amount is unknown, according to police. Brown has been charged with theft.No attorney was immediately listed for Brown. Read more: NBC News »

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He'll be fine. The Republican party will pardon him and elect him. Most of us are coming here to find out how on earth she managed it. Kid has a place in the GOP in his future. They always do the crime on more time If this story is true, Kroger should hire him as a counter-criminal expert to help divert future scams like he was successful in completing. This 19-year-old kid is OBVIOUSLY brilliant! He just lacks positive male-role-modeling direction.

That should prove to all of us that youth can still be motivated to do things. And it proves that maybe we should begin showing them more appropriate things to focus their energy upon. It could only benefit the world entire to do so. He was not guilty, just wanted his next 75 Biden stimulus payments all at once.

Sure, serve your time but security folks should reach out for some lessons... Not theft, just a redistribution of wealth. $87,000 transaction AT A KROGER Rookie what a legend Perfect candidate to work for Trump ..and was he black? Was he released to his mothers custody or is he in jail? curious.

Not saying this was right but if he had spaced out the fake returns and not do so much, he probably would have gotten away with it for longer. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Criminal Mastermind Groceries at Kroger are expensive. You have to wonder who didn't flag this when it hit 10k, 50k, 100k, and on and on. That it got up to almost 1mil is astounding. Time to revise those refund rules, Kroger! (And are they still giving $ to those GOPers who voted against the electoral college results?) Just asking.

Damn Makes no sense , how the shit do you return $87,000 of grocery’s at one time Must have been meat to cost that much. Got greedy, like any good American. Shoulda stopped at 500K. 😳 They should investigate thoroughly Kid was raised by Freddy Kroger I'm guessing. Wow Isn’t a 19 year old an adult? Is this a typo - two days $1M what does this supermarket chain sell that is $87K 😳🥴let me know when someone finds out

I would reward him for so creatively testing the loopholes of the system. So he took a few packs of razors? Wow--that's actually pretty impressive. Wrong. Very wrong. But impressive. Leave him alone! He was just practicing to become a political elite. Cmon man! Kroger represented We The People to him. POTUS should give him a badge of honor! (After he gets permission from Xi Jinping, of course.)

Reminds me of Richard Pryor's scam in Superman 3. They'll always catch you in the end So now NBC cares about looting? What are these high priced returns? Is Kroger selling Bitcoin? 😳 that’s impressive! If this is true - question is what the heck happened to loss prevention - where this teen kept coming back for over two weeks/ past 18 your a man not a teen- what demographic is this kid?

Who will bear the transportation expenses if they’re going to sell their crops in other states? If a farmer gets into dispute with a corporate,it’ll be difficult for him/her to fight against big company,it means they’ll eventually be driven towards suicide. StopChinaNotFarmers Kroger Security So what did the teen take? Two honey crisp apples

Absolute fucking legend Greed is what gets people caught everytime. That’s a lot of broccoli. $87000 what's was that item or items 🤔 They didn't notice the same person going in every day for two weeks? 😳 If he were white or latin you would post his photo How is that possible? What's the highest ticket item at Krogers ? How can groceries add up to $1 million?

$75 to $87,000 in two weeks and he really thought nobody would notice lol Damn What was returned for $87,000 and why wasn't an oversight policy in place for large returns? This kid will go far in the corporate world. He's got the ethics... Don't worry, if he is white he will get house arrest and enjoy some snacks and video games. SMH

WTF 😳😳 We have this problem and still have it where I live as well we don't have an electronic section any longer Free my boy he ain’t do nothing It took 2 weeks to detect this? You can tell he’s black because they won’t show a picture of him. Wtf. Like steaks n hair conditioner? If only he were friends with Trump he could’ve got a pardon.

The young man was This kid needs to be redirected to a Head of Security job for Kroger! Go big or go home! Crack internal security ya got going there kroger. “Um, yeah, I’d like to return $87,000 in steaks but they all went bad so I hadda throw em out. My refund please?” Sheesh. Lmao good for him People will chant his name in the streets by next week.

RepBoebert DivaLaci 👀👀 How tho haha the article doesn’t even make sense. I worked at Kroger and that whole store was probably barely worth $1 million 😂😂 Sounds to me like kroger needs to hire that kid to beef up their security, because whoever they are paying now isn't much good. Ah yes, the youth of this nation, stealing. Whats new?

After finding out how they treat their employees I have no hard feelings over this. RadioLunchbox Bonehead story $1 million?, Even in $100 bills is a lot of cash to smuggle out, If he was smart enough to move it, why wasn’t he smart enough to realize you can’t spend it in jail? I low key wish he got away with it 😒

I don’t even know how that is possible at a grocery store ?! What could possibly cost $75 at Kroger’s? Much less $87k? Please follow up on this store when more details become available. I’m so curious how it’s possible to steal that much money from a Kroger. “ A large sum of money was returned after Brown's arrest, but the amount is unknown, according to police.” Hell yeah

trump will hire this kid Hey, Leslie Jones Lesdoggg... Is this allowed on SupermarketSweep? Don’t arrest him. Hire him to teach y’all some security. That’s what white cyber security thief’s get. I told him not to get the Mach 3 blades... LOL, I admire his industriousness. I assume most 19 yr olds at Kroger are walking around playing on their phones unaware of the world around them. Kudos to this kid.

Good night! That silly boy should have used his powers for good ... Now he is going to the slammer. KodoAndSangha I'm gonna go out on a limb and say 19 year-olds aren't good at financial crimes. Definitely an inside job People need to read the story to get the details! 🤦‍♀️ 😳 How do you do a 87k return at Kroger's

Scapegoat? That’s nearly two dozen avocados! INVENTIVE 19 YEAR OLD, SHOULD HAVE SPREAD IT OUT OVER MORE STORES AND TIME, NO PATIENCE, TYPICAL YOUNG’N Tre Brown... They should have incited and insurrection. They would have gotton off light What in the hell? Who spends $87,000 at Kroger’s?