Athletes offer support after Simone Biles withdraws from Olympics team final

'She’s human, and I think sometimes people forget that. And Simone, just like everyone else, is doing the best that she can,” Aly Raisman said.

7/27/2021 8:54:00 PM

'She’s human, and I think sometimes people forget that. And Simone, just like everyone else, is doing the best that she can,” Aly Raisman said.

Former Olympians Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez and Adam Rippon expressed their support after Biles withdrew from the women's gymnastic team final.

on Tuesday.After the four-time Olympic gold medalist competed in Team USA's first rotation on vault, Biles huddled with a trainer and exited the floor with the team doctor. Biles was expected to compete on the uneven bars, but Jordan Chiles was subbed in, later taking home silver with Team USA members Sunisa Lee and Grace McCallum.

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USA Gymnastics said Biles withdrew from the team final because of a medical issue. Her coach clarified that “physically she is fine. But she is done for the night."July 27, 202103:44Many athletes, including former Olympians, came out in support of Biles' decision to withdraw from the day's event, citing overwhelming pressure.

Aly Raisman, a former Team USA gymnast who won three Olympic gold medals,said on the"TODAY" showthat she felt"sick to her stomach" about Biles' exit.“I think that Simone is the biggest story going into the Olympics, so this is just, it’s really, really devastating,” she said. “But I think it’s also just really important to think about how much pressure has been on her, and there’s only so much that someone can take."

"She’s human, and I think sometimes people forget that. And Simone, just like everyone else, is doing the best that she can,” Raisman said.Former colleague Laurie Hernandez echoed Raisman, saying the worldwide spotlight was stressful."There is so much pressure on this woman to go out and to dominate and win the U.S. all these medals," she said of Biles."At the end of the day, she is a human being. I'm really proud of her."

Hernandez added they wanted to give Biles space while providing her with their unwavering support.The gymnasts weren't the only Olympians to come out in support of Biles.Former Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon offered a few words: “I can’t imagine the pressure Simone has been feeling. Sending her SO much love. It easy to forget she’s still human. WE LOVE YOU.”

I can't imagine the pressure Simone has been feeling. Sending her SO much love. It easy to forget she's still human. WE LOVE YOU. Read more: NBC News »

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Some of her TEAM members may not be making a great effort because they are heavily relying on Simone to 'carry' the TEAM. yes that is too much pressure. Now is the time to focus on the individual competition, yourself! Nail it girl, you can do it! How does the person who would have been happy to compete feel being sidelined by a coward?

This is what you say when you want to tell the truth, but you know it's suicide in the court of public opinion. Anybody who has struggles/d with mental illness feels for her. It robs you the ability to do the things you love and the harder you try, the harder it gets. I can't imagine going through this with everyone watching.

Stop it. Then stay home and not take someone else spot Human? I can't remember an athlete giving up in the middle of action because the pressure was too heavy. She doesn’t owe anyone anything, performing in the wrong mental state can lead to bad performance and in gymnastics a possible injury. She did the right thing by prioritizing her mental health

That’s a shame. Taking a spot from someone who would have tried harder. Zzzzz Why is everyone ignoring the mental health of Simones teammates? They all are under pressure and I’m sure the teams mental space was not good when she pulled out. Her stress literally got passed to her teammates. MAYBE NBC AND EVERYONE ELSE SHOULDN'T HAVE PUT SO MUCH PRESSURE ON HER, CALLING HER GOAT AND PERFECT.

Aly Raisman talks about Simone Biles being out of gymnastics team finalsJoining TODAY live in Tokyo, three-time gold medalist Aly Raisman comments on the startling news that Simone Biles is out of the women’s gymnastics finals, apparently due to a medical issue. “I feel sick to my stomach; it’s horrible,” Raisman says. “I’m obviously praying that she’ll be able to compete in the all-around final.” She speculates that Biles may have become “lost in the air” during a maneuver. Hoda Kotb reports that Biles will be assessed daily before her next scheduled competition. Aly_Raisman Excellent perspective. Needs said over & over again- (from a retired sim coach) Aly_Raisman Lost in the air ? You can’t be serious. She shouldn’t rep the USA ever again. Better yet when she gets back pack yo bags and leave Thanks Aly for speaking on behalf of the athletes. There was way too much pressure put on these athletes to win, win, win! Congratulations ladies for winning silver and please know we are all proud of you for representing the US! 💕👏🏽🥈

The world needs to learn from athletes. They lift each other up.

Aly Raisman Says She's 'Worried' About Simone Biles: It's 'Devastating'Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez and more athletes and celebrities are speaking out after Simone Biles withdrew from the gymnastics final at the Tokyo Olympics — read more

How to watch Simone Biles and Team USA in women's gymnastics team finalBiles could equal the all-time record for gold medals by a female Olympian if she wins five golds in Tokyo.

Simone Biles Falters On Vault, Pulls Out Of Gymnastics Team Final With Apparent InjuryThe champion gymnast faltered on the American team’s first rotation on vault and walked off the floor at the Tokyo Olympics. WHOA SHE DIDN'T WALK OFF THE FLOOR SHE DIDN'T FINISH HER LANDING AND NEARLY ENDED UP IN SOUTH KOREA... WALKING OFF THE FLOOR SUGGESTS SHE WAS PISSED..THIS WAS A MISSED LANDING. good You REALLY need to rethink the way you write your headlines. Your headline makes it sound like she is a petulant child. She is the GOAT. After the previous round you all wrote about her as though she had failed while she was actually FIRST in standings. You are the problem!

Simone Biles Exits Women's Gymnastics Final After Apparent InjuryThe 24-year-old gymnast left the floor with her medical trainer after her first routine in the finals. Not injured What a shame, she has worked so hard.

Simone Biles out of team gymnastics final 'due to medical issue,' officials say'She will be assessed daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions,' USA Gymnastics said in a statement. does this mean she’s not competing in the rest of the olympics Dang, well at least Jade Carey will get the spot she deserves Oh no!! 😳