AT&T delays launching 5G near some airports after airlines ask Biden to intervene

AT&T says it will delay activating 5G near some airports after airlines ask Biden to intervene

Tech, At&T Delays Launching 5G Near Some Airports After Airlines Ask Biden To İntervene - Cnn

1/18/2022 9:06:00 PM

AT&T says it will delay activating 5G near some airports after airlines ask Biden to intervene

AT&T announced Tuesday that it would delay activating 5G on some towers around certain airports. The wireless technology's rollout near major airports had been scheduled for Wednesday, but airlines warned of dire consequences for transportation and the economy.

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'A devastating impact': Airlines ask Biden administration for 'immediate intervention' on 5GExecutives from the nation's largest airlines asked the Biden administration for 'immediate intervention' in the rollout of 5G tech near airports.

'A devastating impact': Airlines ask Biden administration for 'immediate intervention' on 5GThe aviation world is concerned 5G signals will interfere with aviation technology including the radar altimeter onboard planes.

The Biden administration says it's in talks to prevent flight disruptions over 5G rollout

US airlines warn of ‘catastrophic disruption’ on Wednesday due to 5G activation‘Immediate intervention is needed to avoid significant operational disruption.’ Y2K all over again Huge They along with the other airlines and FAA had 6 years to figure it out.

Airline CEOs warn 5G could leave thousands of travelers stranded and cause other havocThe FAA recently determined that 5G could interfere with vital safety instruments on airplanes, prompting airline CEOs to write a letter urging government officials not to implement 5G near certain airports. USA Deaths-------Cases 874,321------67,631,191 from the Trump Virus CA--78,178----6,896,026 TX--77,596----5,630,976 FL--63,090----5,089,226 NY--62,465----4,665,446 PA--38,619----2,474,466 IL---32,532----2,589,640 GA--31,997----2,148,464 OH--30,922---2,403,645 Perhaps the Trump administration’s FCC should have consulted with the FAA before allowing the auctioning the spectrum to AT&T and Verizon back in 2019.

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Washington (CNN Business) The wireless company made the announcement as it works with the aviation industry and the US Federal Aviation Administration for further information, according to a statement from AT&T spokesperson Megan Ketterer."We are frustrated by the FAA's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done, which is to safely deploy 5G technology without disrupting aviation services, and we urge it do so in a timely manner," the spokeswoman said. AT&T (T), which owns CNN's parent company, will continue to launch advanced 5G services everywhere else as planned. Negotiators scramble for a compromiseRead MoreThe Biden administration said earlier Wednesday it was"actively engaged" in finding a solution to Wednesday's planned 5G rollout that airlines say cause safety problems that will lead to major flight delays. A White House official tells CNN that the administration is talking with the FAA, Federal Communications Commission, wireless carriers, airlines and aircraft equipment manufacturers to find a solution that still allows the rollout without sacrificing the safety of flights.Airlines ask Biden administration for 'immediate intervention' on 5GIn a Tuesday letter, CEOs from 10 airlines told the Biden administration to push back the already-delayed rollout. Airlines estimate 1,000 flight disruptions per day because of possible interference with radar altimeters that pilots use to land in low visibility conditions. The telecom industry has not commented on the letter, but has said fears are unfounded since there have not been problems in other countries where 5G is already deployed.A source familiar with the discussions tells CNN that right now talks are centering on establishing a buffer at key airports, allowing roughly 90% of 5G towers to be deployed. If agreed to, officials predict the cancellations could be avoided and impacts to the traveling public -- while not eliminated -- would be reduced.