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Tokyoolympics, 2020 Tokyo Olympics

At surreal Olympics, a careful dance to push Tokyo tourism

At the #TokyoOlympics, even promoting tourism is under tight control due to the pandemic. @clairegalofaro joined a nighttime tour of museums in Japan's capital.

7/24/2021 3:48:00 PM

At the TokyoOlympics, even promoting tourism is under tight control due to the pandemic. clairegalofaro joined a nighttime tour of museums in Japan's capital.

TOKYO (AP) — The tour bus arrived after nightfall at the closed museum’s back door. Its passengers climbed out with reflective yellow bands dangling from their media credentials so they could be easily identified as journalists in quarantine for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The first stop had been the 400-year-old Hama-rikyu Gardens on the edge of Tokyo Bay. About 600 people had visited that day. Then they closed the park, the locals went out and they let the outsiders in.The sun was setting and the tour guide pointed out a perfect place for pictures of the quintessential Japanese scene: gleaming skyscrapers jutting up behind the garden’s pine trees carefully trained to bend as bonsais.

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Then the guide ushered the group back to the bus. The gardener stood at the massive stone gate waving goodbye, as Japanese custom is to wish guests farewell until they turn out of sight.The bus steamed onto the expressway, where tolls had been raised to discourage local drivers in order to accommodate Olympians. It wound into a residential neighborhood where the sidewalks were mostly empty as Tokyo’s residents, suffering another surge of the virus, are restricted to slow its spread.

It arrived at the museum in the dark. There, the journalists wandered the empty hall alone. Many trained their cameras on an exhibit about the 1964 Olympics, held less than two decades after World War II. At that opening ceremony, 8,000 white pigeons were released as a symbol of peace.

Now the games are here again, though less celebratory: In the world around them, a virus has killed more than 4 million.The tour left through the back door, and the bus returned them safely back to the Olympic bubble.___More AP Olympics: and

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clairegalofaro Japan has received no tourism dollars to help offset the cost of hosting the Olympics due to a virus which started in China. The IOC should offer to Japan to host the next Olympics again, instead of China, which commits human rights abuses and released the pandemic on the world. clairegalofaro Buy some Japanese health food supplements while watching the Tokyo Olympics

clairegalofaro Sorry 😞 didn't have a good time

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