At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war

At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war

7/4/2020 7:55:00 AM

At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war

President Trump accuses his opponents of wanting to 'end America' and vows to protect statues and monuments.

WASHINGTON — President Trump used an elaborate fireworks display and Air Force One flyover at Mt. Rushmore on Friday night to rally his base, ushering in Fourth of July celebrations a day early with accusations that a “new far-left fascism” is part of “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history.”

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The combative address in South Dakota, using one of the more dramatic and historical backdrops of his presidency, came as Trump trails badly behind Joe Biden inamid a rapidly spreading pandemic, high unemployment and a national reexamination of the role of racism in American history, policing and culture.

Trump has indicated repeatedly —sometimes employing racist rhetoric or dog whistles— that he believes his best hope at victory lies in rallying his largely white voting base around the idea that demands for change amount to an attack on American values and culture. In Friday’s speech, he aimed exclusively at those voters, making few concessions to the usual July Fourth traditions of national unity.

“Make no mistake,” Trump told several thousand people, packed tightly into the amphitheater near the monument, mostly without masks, chanting “USA” as they cheered him on, “this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution.”

AdvertisementThe goal of the opposition, he said, “is not a better America. Their goal is to end America.”“They,” he said, without ever specifying who he meant were infiltrating American institutions, including schools, indoctrinating school children to hate their country. Although he made a point of lauding the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other Black figures, he focused on the nation’s founders, calling the American Revolution “the culmination of thousands of years of Western civilization,” emphasizing the country’s links to European culture.

“They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive,” Trump said of his unnamed critics. “But no, the American people are strong and proud, and they will never allow our history and culture to be taken from them.”Trump repeatedly promised to defend historical monuments and statues, but avoided any mention of the statues that have been the focus of the most debate — those of Confederate leaders, which he has called for preserving, even as cities and states take steps to remove them.

AdvertisementWhether Trump’s denunciations of “cancel culture” and his vows to protect American statues and monuments will connect with a wider group of voters is questionable. He largely avoided talking about topics that voters say are at the top of their concerns, such as the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

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But as Trump spoke, his campaign confirmed that Kimberly Guilfoyle, a top campaign surrogate and Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, had tested positive for the virus. The campaign said Donald Jr. had tested negative. Neither of them were in attendance after cancelling public events.

Trump’s speech was consistent with his response to Black Lives Matter protests around the country. He has emphasized a “law and order” message that casts demonstrators as violent and lawless.The speech at Mt. Rushmore was heavy on all of those themes, promising to crack down on protesters and echoing many of his campaign addresses with an affirmation of gun rights, a call against abortions and appeals to God and the flag.

AdvertisementTrump’s focus on the culture wars has baffled even some strategists in his own party. Not only are the pandemic and its economic effects upending American life, but polls also show that an increasing number of Americans of all races are eager to confront racism, a reality reflected in the number of large corporations that have embraced at least some of the Black Lives Matter message.

A notable example came Friday just a few miles from the White House as the Washington Redskins announced that after decades of criticism, the team wouldreview its nameafter new pressure from Fedex, which holds the naming rights to its stadium, and Nike, which stopped selling team apparel on Thursday.

Trump has voiced his opposition to a name change for years and has been eager in recent weeks to fight those he calls “politically correct,” a motivating force in his 2016 victory. He has spoken repeatedly against removing Confederate monuments andthreatened Tuesday

to veto a $740-billion defense bill if it included a provision to remove the names of Confederate leaders from 10 military bases.In leveling the veto threat over Twitter, he used one of his favorite slurs, “Pocahontas,” to refer to the provision’s Democratic sponsor, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

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AdvertisementThe location of Trump’s speech added to his defiant message. Federal officials stopped holding Fourth of July fireworks at Mt. Rushmore 11 years ago out of concern for the fragile environment and the risk of wildfires in the Black Hills.In addition to those environmental concerns, public health officials in his own administration have cautioned against mass gatherings like this one, which came roughly two weeks after Trump held a rally in Tulsa, Okla., that raised similar concerns, despite attendance numbers that failed to live up to his campaign’s expectations. The announced crowd of 7,500 at Mt. Rushmore came from around the country, Republican Gov. Kristi Noem said as she introduced Trump.

Trump seemed most eager to confront the budding movement on the left to reconsider the Mt. Rushmore monument itself, which memorializes presidents Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Lincoln. Historians have pointed not only to Washington’s and Jefferson’s status as slaveholders, but also to the racist and anti-Semitic past of the monument’s creator, Gutzon Borglum. Several tribal leaders and members also protested Trump’s visit to the monument, which sits on land that they view as sacred and stolen.

Even among critics of the monument and its creator, there’s little support for the idea of removing the iconic sculpture. But the attention from some scholars and activists gave Trump an opening to cast his opponents as enemies of the country’s most respected presidents.

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Looks like he is posing for the space on the right side. :-) 'Stoke a culture war?' YOU are the problem. What a divisive headline. fakenews Who started the culture war? He wants to END the culture war started by Democrats such as AOC and her group of anti-America culture misfits. American culture is something many around the world would love to experience. No CHANGE required.

More lies. You know, I can understand being proud that he worked hard to achieve what most people only dream about, but ... whether he thought it funny, thought he was hoping that the world would see him that way, or it was an side's idea, it is a little too much. I don't think we watched the same speech.

I guess this will be the new Trump Anthem 2020-Please RT!! Who is it who's doing the stoking? It's not Trump, it's YOU, & NYT &washingtonpost & CNN & most other mainstream media. You do not fool us patriots. We know what you're doing & we intend to stop it. Stoke? That's hysterical! He made a stand. Someone has to or we are going to be a lawless anarchy run by bully's and thugs!

Lol ! These people are deranged. The Marxist Democrats and outside influences are trying to destroy America. Hillary was to seal the deal. Trump is trying to save our country from Globalism. Our freedoms are being attacked by the left. BLM being used by anarchist +Marxist False and biased The only people stocking the “culture war” are you Marxists in the media. You hate this country and we all see what you are doing and won’t allow your plans to succeed!

Trump said Americans “embrace tolerance, not prejudice” and that “we believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed. Every child of every color — born and unborn — is made in the holy image of God.” Should read, Los Angeles Time uses Trump celebrations to stoke a culture war!

Only one of the Enemedia of the DNC Pravda would write this... What culture war? Oh! You mean when someone disagrees with you... Learn. To. Code. Faster please Look in the mirror marxist. YOU are stoking a culture war. Los Angeles Times.... Truly Enemy of the People. Mt Touchmore You are unbelievable in how you portray what is happening to our country. You will lie and twist everything. You can’t even see what a great message was being stated because you are anti-American.

Just watch the criminals ruin cities and hurt people. It’s not Trump . It’s a well planned attack on America . It’s war . One of his greatest speeches ever! He loves this country and all law abiding citizens in it. GodBlessAmerica and GodBlessTrump Trump2020Landslide The left are the ones who are actively at war against our country. Not the President.

Trump statue will be on MT Rushmore for sure La times is a rag this tweet proves what liars you are. You’re very very sick if you think building up our country is building a culture war. By the s people in the landscape of LA who said FU to no celebrations last night, it doesn’t appear you’re convincing anyone but your little mean girl clique echo chamber. U R DemCommunists

is corrupt and fake! As worthless as nytimes Good bye Los Angeles Activists. Heah why don't the far left blow up those statues? Scewhballs!!! Boycott LA times Is this a joke? One of the best speeches I’ve heard in a long time. How about instead of trying to divide, you liberal puppets try and unite this country? Lots of us democrats are walkaway nea use of this liberal bs

So, if you don’t just roll over, it’s “stoking”? YOU THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA are DIVIDING our country. So basically what your paper does every day? The Anti-American MSMs are DECIEVING Americans n Trump is exposing them. While thier reach is about 1% Trumps is about 60% n hes giving speeches making them 2 react exposing thier true motives. He chose Mt Rushmore expecting a certain reaction the facist MSMs fell 4 it.

Ew. Thanks for making an image for all the morons to share When you hate American culture, celebrating it is indeed stoking a culture War. Thanks for saying the quiet part out loud. Is that how your spinning this? You are part of problem!! Classic projection. The left goes to the rampsrts of the culture war 24/7/365. But blames Trump for stoking it.

I have never read such idiocy in my entire life. True journalism is long dead and buried. You people are a bunch of lunatics. Wow, this isn’t biaesed at allll! 🤢🤮 Watch the video of your soon to be future You sure know how to spread hate. Los Angeles times is a joke, their going down quicker than quick! Their losing money like crazy, I drive by their downtown location and it looks like a dump, empty because they don’t have need for employees 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

la times tries to stoke a culture war, i.e. thieves vs honest. a slow news day means la times, will create make believe breaking news. The LA Times users a grand occasion like a celebration of our freedom as a country and our forefathers of mount Rushmore to create a culture war and blame it on the president. The times and it’s mirror the New York Times both are communist propaganda outlets. Shameful.

No....the LA Times is stoking the fire of hatred! In other news: The LA Times editorial board can’t tie their own shoes. The actual speech and transcript is available to watch or read online. Are you banking on your main audience just believing you and not looking for themselves? Why?.... I understand that orange man is bad but why destroy what little faith there is left in the MSM?

I love the picture you chose. Half of America would love his face in the exact spot you have it ❤️ 🇺🇸 LOVES a culture war Starting a culture wat by celebrating freedom? Hahaha you are pathetic! Your paper really does suck’ Trump 2020 - Thanks again The LA times uses trump speech tolaunch culture war Garbage take from a garbage rag

VP = 🤡👹👺💩☠️ He stoke a culture war?🤣 Some hints on the starters / stokers of race war; SpeakerPelosi BLM Antifa shaunking Democrats Kaepernick7 FYI; Still waiting on Kap for his action plan/physical presence to stop the Black on Black genocide in Chicago looks in the mirror and calls itself Trump. The culture war and divisiveness was started by and continues to be perpetuated by the media. Drink a beer and eat a hot dog. Happy Independence Day to the greatest country in the world.

Totally unmitigated BS stop pushing lies and nonsense!!!!!! LA times is the enemy of the people When will American journalism return? Neo Marxist NOW rule CBS ABC NBC NPR WP NYT and LA times. American colleges indoctrinate our children. What are we going to do about it America ? Greatest speech since Gettysburg address!

Dems started the culture war on Obama’s first day and identity politics! La times and other media sources need to be held responsible for their irresponsible “reporting” La times is stoking a culture war. Spoken like the true anti-American Marxists you are. Wise up LA Times. It’s over! All of your fake stories just roll off our back. TRUMP 2020

LOLOLOL! TRUMP stoked a culture war? Wow... y’all are about as self aware as Biden. VoteGold2020 Ha! lol It was a beautiful speech. The media is the one stoking a culture war. The media is despicable. I didn't listen to the speech, but based on your reaction it must have been pretty damn effective. He said America was great country. That's a culture war to you?

130 thousand Americans dead from the virus from this clown’s incompetent leadership. The US is now the model of ‘not to do’ on this pandemic crisis. This 🤡 is a total disaster for the American people and the whole world. STFU Mt. Trumpmore will be the centerpiece of America's Garden of Heroes. guys are hilarious! Did you even watch his speech? “We will show that the story of America unites us, inspires us, includes us ALL, and makes EVERYONE free.” Y’all are cancelling yourselves. 😂

You people are legitimately insane. No rational human being could watch that speech and come away with that impression. How many times did he reference Martin Luther King, Jr.? That's stoking a culture war?!? GTFOH Interesting unbiased opinion Why do you LIE & thus become the ‘One’ who is ACTUALLY Stoking “a culture war’? GOD BLESS OUR USA & .realDonaldTrump , Our President BY, OF & FOR WTP of the Great Sovereign Republic of the United States of America🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

fuckdonaldtrump Tearing down statues and asking for a separate national anthem is a culture war. No that culture was stoked by the media (go look in the mirror). Same as panic about Covid, and Antifa not being a bunch if pucknuggets. Journalism is a dead art. Poor little triggered Noahbierman The only ones 'stoked ' are the Bolsheviks hiding in our country. Thanks for raising your hand!

Democrats react to patriotic pro-American displays as vampires react to crosses. LA Times, we know what you are. As opposed to what the left has been doing for years now? Here's to that journalistic integrity I've heard so much about but have yet to see. Trump was right. The media is the enemy The media created the culture war and continues to stoke, and revel in, their creation.

Trump2020Landslide Fake news MAGA2020! Thanks for inspiring more of us to vote for him in 2020 with your communist propaganda! Media, Sorros, BLM, Antifa stoked it. Trump is finally acknowledging it. Finally. The instigators, including LA Times are the 'why are you punching yourself' bullies. You'll never learn. EnemyOfThePeople But thanks for helping wake people up to just how disgusting our media has become. Trump2020Landslide

BLM is a terrorist organization. This is an American: is following in nytimes footsteps with FakeNews I will let u in on a lil secret- YOU ARE THE ONES DIVIDING AMERICA!! The Radical Left is AntiCulture No, the ppl tearing down statues and getting people fired from their jobs for statements they made years ago are doing that.

Guess he’d like to get up there! I’m here for the ratio kyoshino DrPatSoonShiong Like NY TIMES - LA TIMES is a goof a mistake for main street usa LA Times = F•A•K•E••N•E•W•S Someone in Washington DC needs to stand up for American, the yellow back Republican wont Yeah, the culture wasn't already busting storefronts and looting NYC, setting up autonomous zones, defunding police, pulling down and burning statues, or spraying painting everything in sight UNTIL his speech last night. You must have been off in LaLa Land.

You people are assholes for writing this, and you deserve the ratio for it: Cc: WatchRatio Trump isn't the one stoking culture wars. Noahbierman pls stop writing articles through the lens of your white guilt. Most journalists are white progressives & privileged. Article are Dear Diary to us non-white folks. Go interview some actual immigrants who are proud to be Americans. They actually understood the speech.

Oh Please - so sick of your narratives - it is all about hate. Thanks so much for being a traitor to our country. Just say it: Liberals HATE America At the LA Times a bunch of activists pretend they are journalists. Nice ratio btw, hacks. That was started by you long before he was a presidential consideration. But, for the record, I don’t like any of you.

Correct, a war against people like you destroying our culture and country. realDonaldTrump You don’t care all about others all you care about is yourself. Ahhh yes... the la times. Are y’all rated just above, or just below fake news cnn ? The comments here and the reactions to the speech show that the USA is fundamentally split, and that the two sides are living in different universes. No common ground. 1860 2.0. Soon it’ll be tribe against tribe. The left should consider which tribe is the largest and best armed.

About time we start taking this country back from the communists and their propagandists at the El Segundo Times! Headlines and articles like are exactly why LAT and NYT have absolutely no credibility. The culture war began a long time ago. Now there are two sides fighting. How? You fake garbage of a news paper

What the hell do you think the blm activists are doing? Whether you agree with them or not, the movement IS a culture war on America. Esp the antifa who hijack these events. Stole a culture war? We’re in one. Time to fight back 🥊 Start ? Where have you been at the beach Such bs and hate There should be a culture war when the, protesters....are equating Lincoln, Washington, Grant and Father Serra with confederate generals. Extremists have taken over the democrat party and are not being challenged by JoeBiden, SpeakerPelosi, etc. LawAndOrder

A propagandist media that advocates a particular ideology is an enemy of the people. So full of 💩. Declared my independence from bullshit on this day* by canceling my subscrpition. *way too late. Bird died months ago. BreakingNews. Newsom wants to build a new monument at MtRushmore with 'Donald' face 'shining' KanyeWest 😎

Trump is stoking a culture war? 🙄 Actually it appears that Biden supporters are doing just that. Thank you democrats for making Trump's re-election easier! Trump2020 FourMoreYears liberalismisamentaldisorder = Far left propaganda tool. And enemy of the people. This used to be called “patriotism”. Only a Leftist would see it differently.

More like a truth war My Rushmore, another monument to racism. Built and designed by a high ranking member of the KKK What a joke to put this POS up next to these other POTUS. TAKE DOWN THIS PIC!!! What speech to did you hear? Oh come on LAT. Your side started this culture war. It's up to patriotic Americans to finish it.

why do you lie about Trump. Which event did u watch? Your bias reporting is sickening. STOP PUBLISHING THIS PHOTO! You are stroking his ego Because he only looks at the pictures. There is a war coming if the media doesn't stop stoking it by lying to the American people who just want the news & not propaganda that servers their purpose of click bait. Most people don't have the time to research things themselves and you count on this so the lies become fact

President Trump is calling the nation to remember the reality that the founding fathers started a nation that has become one of the greatest on earth. The media and the left want you to believe that it is a terrible broken place. You are the ones trying to stoke a culture war Some of us would say he is simply stating the obvious truths the left finds intolerable and wishes to annihilate.

No the culture war was started by Democrats, Far Left Activist groups, and the media (aka Propaganda arm of the Democrat party). We are just going to Trump it CA sucks. Liberals/progressives suck. Coincidence? This post is a flat out lie. We Americans see you the media causing the divide. You and all media out lets are the enemy of the people

Criticizing rioters and criminals is “stoking a culture war” Lol Guess you don’t remember Hilary referring to working class Americans as “deplorables” Yes It’s Trump stoking the war not the commies terrorizing America. This is Portland last night. Chazi sympathizers totally hate it when their culture war involves an opposing side.

Intellectual and historical perversion. Hey how about posting the link to the speech so your readers can view it for themselves? The fact you have grossly misrepresented the speech and not posted the link suggests you don’t want readers to think for themselves He lifted Americans up and put the anti-Americans among us down. Perfect.

What kind of lie is this your whole company should be charged with TREASON No, that’s what the leftwing/ media is doing, right here right now. Nahhh. We are just beginning to engage in the culture war you and your Leftist friends have waged for years. Did you just think we were going to just hand over to you the best country in history? Not a chance.

If it weren't for projection, the Left simply wouldn't have anything to say. That's a complete lie. I watched the event and listened to his speech. His message did not stoke any culture war but promoted unity and love of America for all its citizens. What are YOU trying to stoke with your fake news Welp...America’s with fighting for.

Finally “Patriotism” has been hijacked to hide what’s truly going on here, facism. Anyone who has studied history sees it happening. Right now. I believe you and similar new outlets are 99% responsible for stoking the flames of a culture war and it is pathetic! Thats right we are engaging the Enemies of our Country now!

Actually, you, the LA Times are stoking the cultural war. Everyone knows it, too. Pot. Meet Kettle. And you do it every time you publish. And the LA Times is propaganda rag for the Dem Party. And here I was thinking there was plenty of room for Trump on that mountain!! Yes, what we’ve witnessed for the last month is fine by you and should not be condemned by the President? Lol. Good take. 🤡🌎 By the way, your mayor says you can’t have parties and need to hide inside today. Have fun LA!!

Trump's !! It's too late for America Jonathan Cahn and God's word... Christ has opened the first seal, the virus called Crown , came over passover..the next seal is violence and then famine..hang on..God have Mercy on us !! Did the 1959 film North by Northwest start a culture war since it involved a chase scene on Mount Rushmore?

Good grief. The culture war has bee waged by the left and simply being patriotic has been deemed racist by the BLM. God bless America! The left sees a culture war because they hate America. Ha ha. To “stoke?” More accurate: “to fire back in the culture war started by the radical left.” Get em Trump! 'If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right?' Greater New York Black Lives Matter president Hawk Newsome That's your culture war.

Bullshit, The leftists in this country have been stoking a culture war for decades. The only difference now is that people are fighting back against it. Great photo 🤡🤡🤡 The radical left is waging a war that has major U.S. cities literally on fire, but a patriotic speech from a sitting president on July 4th weekend is “stoking a culture war.” Gotcha. 🤡🤡🤡

La Times. CNN. MSNBC. GO TO HELL COMMIES! Why do you publish crap and HATE no worries no one reads your stuff After four weeks of lawlessness and criminality, I don’t think you can say it’s Trump’s speech that is stoking a war. This is trumps fault too Lol🤡🤡🤡 Cancel the LA Times The enemy is writing for our newspapers.

You are the enemy of the people. So when Bernie Sanders visited it, the 4 presidents were heroes - now they're not? You clearly didn’t watch it 'He has emphasized a “law and order” message that casts demonstrators as violent and lawless.' That is an outright lie. Not demonstrators not protestors; rioters, looters, arsonists, those throwing bricks at police officers, those pounding elderly folks with 2X4's and ladders.

go have mommy change your diapers This is why the only ones who trust you exist only in your echo chamber. You are divisive, hateful, marxists. You will fail. Sounded like he stoked patriotism to me. God bless America The war is already on nimrods. Where have you been for the last few weeks? Absolute joke of a headline but at least not trying to hide your bias. Such journalisming

Uhhh, after the riots of May and June, you might be a bit late and wrong on who’s stoking the culture war. So typical of you. I think we have the first view of the future Mt. Rushmore! NICE!!! KAGA2024 😊 Did you even watch it? Fake news! It seems to me the LA Times, along with the WaPo and NYT times coordinated their headlines to stoke cultural tensions with the goal of dividing our great country. It isn’t going to happen.

I’m Latina and my family and friends are all for President Trump! You’re saying everyone is white is insulting Absolutely absurd, backwards, and gaslighting article. Exactly nobody believes this, not even on the left, where they openly admit they are engaging in a cultural revolution. EnemyOfThePeople

The culture war was declared by the radical left. American patriots will end it though. realDonaldTrump is the same color as Mt. Rushmore, but that's all he has in common with it. Trump didn’t burn cities, pull down statues, loot stores, and SHOOT PEOPLE. That was Democrats. Trump just gave an uplifting address about our great history. Thank God our President loves our country like we do.

Lol...pretty sure he’s not the one trying to stoke a culture war Davidlaz That’s terrible Where were you when Obama was in office creating all this division? Screaming “yes we can” we’ll y’all did. And this is the outcome. Trumps our only option to pick of the shattered pieces Obama left. This is what happens when you let twelve year olds write your articles.

GFY 🖕 Awww.. no he didn’t.. you are! The left has been stoking one for decades. Your paper isn’t worthy to wrap dead fish in. Here for the Ratio..... Said the people that started the culture war. Lol what reality are you living in? Commies gotta Commie ProudToBeAnAmerican Project much? EnemyOfThePeople Ummm,, no,,.that would be you assclowns..

Journamalism Nahhh Hey, thanks for making him the 5th head on Mt. Rushmore! Glad to see you’re leading the charge 🇺🇸 So is culture war the MSM, liberal, democratic phrase of the week.... This is a war of human stupidity rather than a culture war. Interesting however is that this “culture war” is a movement of social dirigism rather than a declared belief in racism.Floyd’s death was the perfect alibi mobilizing all these ignorants on the streets.

Sucks that you actually have an opponent, huh? In other words “We’ve been waging a culture war since his inauguration and every time you dolts don’t give in to our increasingly irrational demands and frenzied fits we accuse you of waging a culture war.” Yeah, we know. Right, it's Trump stoking a culture war.

Oh, as if it werent already being waged All the MSM does is stoke a culture war. Actually a war against Americanism. The MSM has become Marxist propaganda at best. This headline is BULLSHIT HAPPY 4TH! FREEDOM JUSTICE AND EQUALITY FOR ALL! FakeNews LA Crimes, as bad as that crap paper in NYC the New York Crimes.

I didn't think that what realDonaldTrump said had that much substance. He noted some symptoms of the subversion that has been going on in the USA for decades but proposed no radical countermeasure. Celebrating America as envisioned by our founding fathers isn’t stoking a culture war. Erasing history and our heritage is. Happy Independence Day! God bless America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Yes. It’s America versus communism/anarchy and it’s apparent you’ve chosen a side. He used this speech to end it! Greatest President ! Stoke a culture war? How about reaffirm the American culture! And before you get your panties in a wad, that’s all Americans regardless of ethnicity. You’re scared. Actually, it would be this misleading take on his speech that is stoking a culture war. thememowentout

Nope, already started and stoked by the left. An inspiring speech. Our mainstream media is an un-American abomination. They despise America and its history. people never reach the bottom do you? The TyrannicalDemocrats & the FakeNewsMedia CREATED & ENABLED the ISIS-like behavior of the DomesticTerrorists, BLM, Antifa & the MuslimBrotherhood. Who needs Russia & ChiNazi DESTROYING the USA when the Democrats are already doing it for them! TRAITORS EnemyOfThePeople

You are a disgrace for saying this It's President Trump to you DA, jokes on you, at the end of day, POTUS is still your President Your publication stokes more hatred that Trump. If you weren’t cowards you would denounce the violence. If Antifa wins they will eventually cone for you too. Good luck Bunch f freakin Marxists at the LATimes. You do realize that only anti-America commies would think that about a GREAT speech, don't you?

He gave me hope and was patreotic. Your paper sucks Rrriiiggghhttt that’s what Trump is doing. I'm sorry the orange man has hurt your feelings. Propagandists. Homework: watch the riots of the last month from the left and rewrite. Because the riots of insane children burning buildings and ripping down statues like Chinese Marxists are not stoking anything? Are you kidding me?

LA Times is dispicable...He spoke of unity and prosperity for all, regardless of race or gender...meanwhile you let your inner city be overtaken and destroyed by lawless thugs..IT is headlines such as these that should drive every citizen to the voting booth and vote for Trump Same news paper catering to GavinNewsom & his tyranny. GFY

The left has been waging a culture war against America for 40 years. Conservatives have only recently begun to fight back. Link to his speech? Surely you want me to hear this for myself? Those of you who hate America have no voice amongst the true Patriots of this glorious land. I have no interest in what you have to say.

War? I'm ready He’s responding to the culture war and shit-fit that the left has been having for 3 1/2 years. The only way you could have missed it is if you had your head up your a**. BAH Hahaha I read the transcript of his speech. Surely he was not inciting a culture war but reminding the US of its culture, its history and its achievements. It was a speech about empowerment and patriotism. Which parts were inciting a culture war?

He can do it on the 4th of July and leave the other 364 days to the LA Times Defend is stoking The L.A. Times apparently hates AMERICAN culture! His speech was WONDERFUL and patriotic! As a veteran, it made me proud. Leftist liberal media, Democrats, BLM, corporations & universities are the ones stoking a culture war. Patriots are not!

Your articles are nonsense, but that is one bad ass picture LA Times, doing whatever it takes to destroy America. The culture war started when the protests got out of hand and businesses were destroyed. Monuments destroyed. All that should have stopped on day 2 in Minneapolis but you have to have Mayors with a set of balls to do so...

Nah You are the ministers of hatred Not a culture war! A war between The Founders and The Marxist! Any paper that can’t see that isn’t fit to print. This isn’t about Race; it is completely about socialism; putting the government in charge of our lives. Of course the times would see it that way? I guess domestic terrorism is not the problem, the ones who defend and protect us are...

No one is buying what you’re selling An interpretation that only makes sense if you hate the USA or POTUS , and most likely both. Happy4thofJuly 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 What speech were you watching? Oh good, y’all got the media talking points. We were so afraid you wouldn’t. fakenewsbullshit Stoke? More like put out the fire. realDonaldTrump

This tweet is divisive. Horrible take. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You race baiters will say anything. As usual the alt-left LA Times sides with looters and other assorted criminals. The speech was patriotic. Only dark if you are one of the criminals The culture war is being stoked by the radical left. LA TIMES! YOU'RE BS!!

Trump is intellectually and emotionally challenged Only offensive if your are an ANTIFA He’s responding to a conflict that he didn’t start. Up until now, only one side has been fighting. Sorry if the LA Times thought this Marxist revolution would go unopposed. The VAST silent majority has been summoned. Let’s see what happens now that both sides are involved.

No, it was to rightly point out the war that is being waged on Americans by Soros et al. They will not succeed. Finally someone in a position of power who loves this country enough to stand up and engage in “the culture war”. Count me in. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Take a look in the mirror LA Times. Only ones stoking anything is you & the media cesspool

The left started this war, now we will no longer be quiet! We will fight back. Tear down a statue, we will build five more! Trump acts like the Fourth of July belongs only to those who think like he and forgets the majority that don't. A proud American POTUS with a patriotic response to the lawlessness and destruction allowed by Dem cities/states , isn’t “stoking a culture war”. Dem elites have been doing that for years. He was measured, strong, appropriate & timely. Stark contrast to the garbage spewed by Dems

latimes fakenews Asinine headline. rag Right. Rioting, looting, cancel culture, destruction of public property by street thugs are, in contrast, promoting culture peace? L.A. Slimes lies. What speech were you listening to....not the Trump Mt Rushmore inspiring speech ! has lost it's way. The speech was amazing. 🌺

Independence Day. Can't you even get that right? The Fake news is the one tearing down and dividing our country!!! He's fighting back against those that have already started a 'culture war'. LA Times this is a bullsh*t headline and you know it.... you’re garbage Democrats Marxists use ISIS like tactics To Destruction Of Historically Statues, buen Cities, Censorship Free Speech, Attack Citizens Praying, Killing Police Officers and what next? Chopping Heads Off? Patriots vs Marxists

He praised America and its greatness only a treasonous fool would see that as stoking a culture war. Wait.. this isn’t even an opinion piece? Lolwut The left fired the first shots in this culture war and are actively fanning the flames of division through violence and vandalism. Or is the editorial staff comprised of blind mice?

We didn’t start the fire. If by culture war you mean those who want to preserve it vs. anarchists that don't, then yes. No, you Marxist filth started this. You've divided our country for years with articles just like this one. You're a seditious organization, and you should tread very carefully. The American people are sick of your treason, and we're coming for you. Keep it up and you'll see.

You mean shit the gig is up Are there any reputable papers left? The war was already declared by the left - he’s just acknowledging it and calling Americans to stand and fight back for our history, our heros and our culture. You started the culture war, and you can include the racist war! sorry but trump isnt the one stoking the culture war. but nice spin.

LA TIMES is a communist paper. I love America and our founding fathers! Happy Fourth of July & God Bless the USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump is defending America from the radical lefts culture war. The media accusing someone else of stoking a culture war?! Dems and their activist “journalists” think Patriotism is dark and divisive. They couldn’t make it any clearer that they hate America.

Sounds like the LA Times is stoking a culture war to me but that’s what the media and politicians do Why do anything good for the people? God bless President Trump !!!! EnemyOfThePeople Both nytimes and claim Trump tried to stoke a culture war. Seems like a coordinated response to his speech. The only people trying to stoke a culture war is the left and their friends in the media. I was at the speech, it was a unifying and uplifting speech.

Why do you and so much of the msm hate America so much? “To stoke a culture war.” The culture war that has been promulgated by the main stream media that they refuse to report with any sense of honesty. This guy has got to go or we will have a civil war. What’s new. To those there. Have a Happy Covid Day

Good grief. No wonder our youth is so lost Bc they have to listen and read total nonsense. They are so pathetic. Semper Fi and God bless El Segundo times dying for clicks You lot are clueless. Yes, we're ALL SURE that's what the president did...stoke a culture war, instead of just givng a speech. Uh huh...

😂 He said he wanted to make new monuments to black American heroes to celebrate the greatness of America. People reporting here are doing it. It was a patriotic speech. Here’s a more accurate headline. You are Fake News! 👇👇👇 A culture war? Wtf? LATimes is Chicom Trash! No I think it’s the media that’s the problem

It isn't conservatives that looted, set businesses ablaze. Killed people during a media called peaceful protest. It isn't conservatives writing kill the cops, kill white people on buildings. that would be your side, so who is stoking a culture war ? The only ones stoking the culture war is the liberal left media like youself. You are goung to pay for your hateful actions.

The media is drowning for straws has either no clue what they’re talking about OR they want to bring down everything sacred that President Trump stood for and spoke for last night. You are the enemy! You are fake. You will be brought down. Con’t the FIGHT AGAINST THE INSANE SOCIALIST LEFT BLMTerrorists trying to destroy our country. They r loud n destructive. We r silent but deadly n will be at the polls in Nov if u stand up against the bullies! gop SenateGOP senatemajldr realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr

The ONLY ppl creating DIVISIVENESS & racewar is The TyrannicalLeft - such as this piece- ⬇️THIS IS WHAT HE SAID- DIVISIVE? We obviously didn’t hear the same speech. What a joke you are. President Trump did not start the culture war leftist idiots, like you, did. President Trump's words and actions are in tune with what most Americans believe. He will be reelected. maga2020

IN case you forgot , this country is AMERICA. And stop with the histrionics as you throw a whole lot of gas on the fire yourselves. Look at the beam in your own eye and clean up your own house first. Your trash paper stokes a culture war everyday... pTOUS only has one chapter in his Politics Playbook: Divide To Rule. That is all.

fakenews ccp Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Pretty sure it’s not Trump burning cities, toppling and defacing statues of Washington and Lincoln and demanding we take a wrecking ball to Mt. Rushmore. So stop acting surprised when normal Americans react negatively The left is insane, including the media The culture war has already been stoked. You lose!

Total BS! He sure is and it’s called EQUALITY FOR ALL AllLivesMatter cnn nytimes HouseDemocrats SenateDems SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer Democrats ARE FUELING THE blm DIVISION n culture war. Stand up n fight for our true freedom gop senatemajldr HouseGOP SenateGOP TuckerCarlson Thanks, Pravda!! Luv ya, The Politburo

It would be more accurate to say the LA Times and other liberal media are constantly stoking a culture war. Haha so laughable, media is what’s causing the cultural war. No, he is used it to celebrate how far we have come. No? When was the last time we burned someone at the stake? How about draw and quartering? Public executions? glad we have changed. You wouldn’t exist without it.

You part of the escalation problem too. You lost sight of being for the people to now winning word wars at any cost. Shame Very, very foolish. To celebrate America is considered a culture war? Takes at least two sides to make a war. That’s division. His speech called us all together, the best part of the experiment that is America.

ScottAdamsSays would love the visual of this image Your paper is not fit for a litter box Great, it's about time (see: not the LA). You're Lot's about to get the comeuppence you deserve. The silent majority isn't buying nor taking your mauling mendacious musings anymore. No longer silent no longer waiting no longer patient ...aka you lose🇺🇸.

“We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and create every child of every color born and unborn is made in the Holy image of God.”-President Trump at Mt. Rushmore 07/03/20 TheGreatAwakening Every story LA times writes should be labeled “editorial”. They don’t even report actual facts anymore. This type of journalism contributes to the fact that Californians are fleeing the state in droves.

Did you watch the same speech I did? Wow! Unbelievable Liars. EnemyOfThePeople I'm glad I stopped paying for my LA times subscription. The violent mayhem in the streets and cities - run by Lib-Dems - is the predicable reuslt of yrs of extreme indoctrination and bias in education, journalism, &other cultural institutions. Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught to hate their own country'

We will teach our children that they live in a land of legends...they will know that in America they can ... be anything, and together we can achieve anything. --Trump No problem, LA has that well in hand No idea what speech you listened to. The President spoke about the greatness of the country and its citizens.

Since you wanna make it a war Abusers always hate it when their victims fight back. But eventually they will give up when you stand and keep standing against their lies. America will stand against the evil ideology of the leftist Marxists and the supporters of it like I mean this in the most polite way possible: FU*K YOU

Hate the break it to you and your followers. His speech was AMAZING and talked about bringing ALL Americans together. Race, Creed, Culture ect. Shame on you latimes YOU are part of this countries problem. potus taketheoath pedowoodisreal pizzagate MtRushmore ProudAmerican Great idea LA Times now we should carve this right away.

The leftist media at it again doing what they accuse others of, stoking the flames and deliberately trying to divide the people with their bias one sided reporting... The war was already started by your side. Trump has just answered the bell and We are with him. I like it! We should carved this right away.

Deceptive hypocritical propaganda. President Trump is defending from a culture war foisted upon America by the radical Left! With the aid of fake news like the LA Times! Who rioted? Who looted? Who is introducing totalitarianism to foment revolution? THE LEFT! Trump2020 ! Noahbierman unbelievable BS FakeNewsMedia

The culture war has raged for years. In 2017 it evolved into daily battles from the Dems. When the cancel culture wasn't doing the trick for the left, they decided looting, rioting, erasing history & attempting to force their Marxist agenda was necessary. The media is complicit. In other words, someone is finally fighting back in the war on our culture that organizations like yours have been stoking for decades!

Bite me you liberal rag GFY No he didn't. 🤡 Best president ever!!! He should be on Mt Rushmore 🇺🇸 EnemyOfThePeople To respond to a culture war against ignorant leftists. Dance China propaganda puppet, dance. EnemyOfThePeople learntocode You guys just really suck. You’ll lose in the end and WTP will not accept your lame apologies.

If that celebration offended you then you’re welcome to get the fuck out of our country. No,the side tearing down history & ignoring the so called fly over states views,beliefs, & opinions are.The so called culture war started when they did not accept the election results.The choice was killary or the orangeman,so he won.Political outsider will always win termlimits

Actually, he was finally showing leadership in the war against those intent on destroying this country. The media has been “stoking” it for years. Go to hell Oh FFS. Get a grip you bunch of weenies🙄 Yeah Trump totally is the one stoking a culture war 🙄 That was POTUS best speech ever! USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Just haters! Absolutely fabulous speech! Your anti-Americanism is disgusting. The speech celebrated America and great Americans (of ALL races). LA Times is a leftist propaganda rag. The country is literally being torn apart by mobs of leftist thugs , and you attack trump for defending America ? So vile

Or, as rational people would say, to honor America, and have a little fun. Love the guy! A detestable spin on a day of celebration. Look how the this ass wipe of wannabe journalism is trying to divide us further suddenly an all American event is stroking a culture which has been in play long before Trump took office its due the the media steering us into one they are despicable and a disgrace

How original. Actually, unlike the print and broadcast media, he was telling the truth..What an inspirational sight. Eat shit I wouldn’t line my cat’s litterbox with LATimes trash. And Noahbierman cried all night long that realDonaldTrump spoke truth about American history because Noah is a FakeNewsMedia clown. You will never amount to a real journalist, so it’s best to stay at a piece of shit company like . HAPPY 4th! America Trump2020

Wait. TRUMP is stoking the culture war, not the Red Guard tearing down businesses, assaulting those who disagree, rewriting history, and pushing Marxism? Wow. His powers are amazing. Did you and the nytimes get your same talking points from the DNC? It is the left and media like you that have stoked a culture war for decades!! You just don't like it that the President is fighting back.

This crap take exemplifies all that’s wrong with the media. Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 You will fail at tearing us apart. Not a “Culture war” at all, the resuming of the RULE OF LAW and that anti-American leftists in ed are brainwashing kids into hating their own country! Just what our enemies, China and Russia want them to do because if you’re taught to hate your country why would you defend it?!

It wasn’t a celebration, it was a Trump rally Oh I get it. Defending yourself, your history and your country is culture war. Tearing down and defacing statues isn't. Cool thanks for the heads up Awesome Speech 🇺🇸 AWESOME PRESIDENT 🇺🇸 Fake News is the enemy. He wishs his face was there but it never will be! Ahhh hahahaha losers!

OMG it's is good......😋🤡 We should trust the media because they’ve been starting culture wars for century’s As usual liberal times twists trumps optimism and parrots democrats hate speech? 😡😡😡 TrumpResignNow, PenceToo, BarrThree....if not ImpeachTrump3Nov2020, VoteBidenToSaveAmerica Opinions Differ! Trump sople the Truth

JFC Patriotism doesn’t seem to be a part of the LAT culture. Incorrect. The woke corrupt media has been doibg that for weeks. Does the left wing mob implies to the white supremacy domestic terroris group that is a pandemic right now? Liberty and justice for all or just lies? Now the whole world is watching

Bullshit sailor ' uses Trump's 4th of July celebration at Mount Rushmore to Stoke a culture War.' There I fixed it for you. GFY. Thank God! “Stoke a Culture War...” LOL! Are you not paying attention to the massive protests, riots, statutes being destroyed and taken down, firebombings of police stations and courthouses, neighborhood takeovers.... That fire is already burning hot. It doesn’t need to be stoked.

Not a 'culture war' -- lies and divisive hate. That’s ludicrous. It’s the left that is promoting Mob Violence and destruction of our cities. As opposed to “newspapers” like you using every day to stoke division and hatred. Trump: *literally any combination of words* Leftist media: that's funny. God Bless President Trump!!

Hey Los Angeles Times the homeless need toilet paper and a place for their dogs to squat maybe they can use your paper full of lies and propaganda Wanna bet that in a month or so, realdonaldtrump comes out for the return of Slavery, a complete rollback of all rights for women, and mass extermination of Native Americans? i'd say another month, anyone?

Honoring Americans is not culture war. Sorry, the dipshits that stood on Lloyd's corpse in order to push leftist shit that had nothing to do with his death started a culture war, and they should be ashamed. Patriots are stoking a culture war? No, the left embraced cultural Marxism. We aren’t following.

WRONG - America is just fine, Trumps speech was brilliant, you are the culture war! The liberal Mob can riot and destroy but they can never erase the history of our country or the ability to live the American Dream. F:ck the LA times the US is already engaged in a culture war, has been for a few years now, surely you mean civil war?

Journalism is dead. Hahaha. “Stoke” 😂😂😂 Anything with Times in their moniker is more Dem hate speech Libs have been fanning the flames of division for years. Nice deflection though. You are more divisive than Trump could ever be FakeNews The culture war was started long before President Trump gave that speech. What he did was give voice to the history of America. It was a history lesson. God Bless America!

The LA Times is 6000/6000 on the TDS meter If that culture war is between being American or communist maybe. Lies. If only the unwashed masses were as stupid as you seem to believe, then all that crap your journo professors told you would actually bear out in real life. What is that clown’s face doing there?

Proving that fakenewslatimes is a propagandist organ of the SOCIALIST demoRAT party and also proving that YOU are the EnemyOfThePeople I’m pretty sure y’all can do that on your own you I’ve been doing a great job at it ! It’s America vs Global tyrants that want to destroy her.....and America always wins!

President Trump celebrates the Fourth of July at the majestic Mt. Rushmore to alert the people pushing this culture war on America and her citizens. There, I fixed it for you free of charge. Only to those who continue to twist and pervert his words like the propagandists you are. The speech was about America being a great country not beholden to foreign terrorists.

Fake news, if you don’t like America may I suggest a short ride south. After a month tell us how you like it. That speech was America and amazing. FakeNews What a pathetic rag you’ve become. Not even worthy of lining my cat’s litter box. Yes I’m pretty sure the people that are destroying and burning shit are doing the stoking

HappyIndependenceDay NICE SHOW MR. PRESIDENT! Or in an alternate world known as earth “He was celebrating the USA”. Something the left knows very little about. You’re garbage FakeNews You are stoking the war, LAT. so you really likedhis speec? wonderful! It’s what he does How about defend our heritage from thugs and fake news...LA is the armpit of Marxism

Think you have enough problems in LA and your state to be promoting your bias opinion. Clean your dirty laundry first. There’s lots of it. No ppl, that's your side! A war that is badly needed! Are there any credible news anymore? He is right. Sorry we are leaving the plantation! FakeNews Try harder You mean tell people to stand up for themselves against a mob hellbent on destroying the country?

Beautiful picture❤️❤️❤️ ! It's the Left who created the Culture War. 1619 twists history using 'Interpretive History' The Left suddenly decides what can and can't be said: PC = Against Free Speech Identity Politics =Segregation *If you don't agree with Leftist ideology you're punished. Fake news! Yawn Aprntly LA times represent Beijing More than it does the AMERICAN CITY OF LA

As opposed to your paper for the last 4 months right? It’s called Patriotism Something we need more of in this country FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS President realDonaldTrump isn't starting s culture war, he's joining it. He's leading the resistance to the culture war that the left has been waging for years: The anti-American culture war.

You people are deranged... Hahahahaha sucks to suck completely dishonest headline Typical liberal MO, accuse others of doing exactly what you yourself are doing! Hey LA Times, FO! He did a great job Thanking all of America for our Freedom! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🙄🤣🙄🙄🙄 Soon to be cancelled LA Times, Pedowood supporter don’t pay no more

🖕🏼Your side’s been stoking this “war” for decades. I’m thinking this tweet didn’t turn out like you hoped 😂😂😆😆😂 At LA Times, commies use Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war Good, I’m ready for war. Time to rape pillage and rob every Democrat voter I see! Comrade OneTerm is doing badly

How many business did he set a fire. This culture war has been going on long before Trump was elected president! Your fake news... I watched the entire program. It was a speech about America , our people and culture and if you see it any different it's sad for you ChrisMegerian Good luck with yesteryears political strategy. To date we have 127k Americans dead from Covid-19, 40 million unemployed, racial strife, Russian bounties placed on US soldiers. The President Trump DOES NOT CARE OR TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Culture wars will not work this time.

Media equals terror ist. ChrisMegerian ...oh, he did...big time...Is it November 3rd yet? I believe it's your side that's trying to erase amd revise history. This is projection by a media that ignores police killing whites in order to use dead thugs to stoke a race war The LA Times appears to have gotten the memo.

It's a beautiful thing! These articles have to quote him, and his quotes are PERFECT! If NYT and LA times think opposing violent mob rule and tyranny are bad, what else do you need to know? Culture war? America vs what? Stoked a culture war? Are you kidding? There is a full-blown culture war going on already and it need not be stoked anymore than tou can imagine...

all part of the KKK clan time to bring it down Exterminate Marxism/Communism/Fascism/Socialism/Progressivism/Leftism/Statism/Degrowthism/Climate-Alarmism & all offshoot ideologies + all associated entities (UN, Democratic Party, KKK, Antifa, SDS, BLM, ...) Fuck -PC -Woke -Media -Hollywood -NBA -NFL Nope. That’s not at all what happened. Hacks. FakeNews

Who’s stoking the culture war exactly? What? The war was started a long time ago. Trump just doesn’t roll over and play dead. One candidate campaigns on a message of hate and division, another one campaigns on a message of hope and reconciliation Is that a fact or do we just run anything now? Nah, left started the culture war. The right is finally waking up to it.

One thing very noticeable is every comment thread on any msm article or post about the speech is loaded with trollbots &paid shills galore. They are really ramping things up as election draws near. Research a large number of these “fake news you’re the enemy” commenters. Amazing. Where you been? The 'culture war' had already started. He just jumped into it....

It's not a culture war, it's good people against bad people, culture has nothing to do with it. Funny how the left never thinks of itself as waging any kind of culture war. What an egotistical thug this guy is. Way beyond embarrassing. Despicable writing. Butt-hurt much? Your article is the poster article for what Trump was talking about. The narrative is so blatantly portrayed its scary. I really don’t understand how anybody presently would actually not see what most media outlets are doing. If you do not see, you need to stop and pause a second

I actually knew the Great Culture War of China. It’s good thing that the President is fighting back such a destructive war exerted on America by your leftists. America will WIN! No. You’re not paying attention. You skipped history class. It’s you who is looking for a culture war. You’ll lose me as a long time subscriber with misleading garbage like this.

You are just mad cause trump just called out all the corruption within our education system. I’ve been saying this since I was in college when teachers were telling me socialism is America’s future, and I would tell them fuck off. They hated me :) especially since I’m Latino fuck sides, my WWWWF anaolgy was perfect. america is bob saget's AFV every week. gotta vote trump on this factor alone. it's just too damn entertaining... dogshit20s

awesome. False. Try as they might, the Leftist Media pumps out outlandish lies hoping to sway voters. It’s working. With every headline and photo they print, more and more people register Republican. Thank you . This is so disgraceful and disrespectful! Mount Rushmore is built on the sacred land of the Sioux People. A public symbol of yet another broken promise (treaty) by the government! Yeah a perfect place for a 4th of July celebration. Trump is a f***en idiot! 🤦🏻‍♀️

qanon kag IndependanceDay Complete BS What a dildo. He’ll never be on Mt. Rushmore. 😂 Trump could give a speech about rainbows and unicorns and the FakeNewsMedia would report it as 'dark and devisive' and say it 'stoked a culture war' You fake news 'journalists' are really something else man. He didn’t start this war. You leftists have been waging a cultural Cold War since the 60s. It’s just heating up. When it comes for you (& it will) you’ll be the first to cry for law & order to save your pathetic Marxist hides.

The Left started the culture war years ago. Battle joined. In fact, it was quite unifying and patriotic. Noahbierman Mount juice! Culture War was on the second he won 2016. What hole did you just come out of. is laugh out loud funny with this story. Thatz odd...Hildabeast and Barry stuff... and nary a peep from corrupt Media.

Racist trumpets hate when they are call racist because they don’t want no one to know who they really are. Trump is responsible for the the current racist in this country 100%. He scared his base by telling their guns will be taken away, calling to kill People so they do all liberate themselves, saying lias all the time

Hey FakeNews you are not fooling anyone. It's the left that started that war. They just couldn't do their thing and leave everyone else the f_ck alone. Mt. Rushmore is going to be AWESOME when it's finally finished. Trump was born for that last spot, & MtRushmore was waiting for the right American president to complete it.

On what planet do you live exactly? It's headlines continuously thrown around like this that divide. Destruction of public property? Remember Malheur? Remember Cliven Bundy? Didn't Trump PARDON that CRIME FAMILY You've completely lost your mind The face that doesn’t fit. The gatecrasher who was not invited to the Independence Day party.

Imagine blaming Trump for stoking a culture war when the LA times and NY times have both penned articles celebrating riots and removing monuments. You folks are Pathetic Los Angeles Times is the enemy of the people Anti-american communist. This paper is not even good enough for toilet paper. You are a UNITY and TOGETHER should be words familiar to you.

You certainly don't hide your poker very well..... Or he just gave a patriotic speech and a great landmark. The media is pushing this culture war. There is nothing offensive or wrong with this FO , you people are pathetic. Aren't you waiting on an earthquake? Clearly you were not paying attention. Do better.

The left has been waging a culture war against the United States for 40 years now where the fuck have you been? Noahbierman La Times that sides with terrorist and talibans. ? rdmurphy takes worse photos than others, gets docked money by his boss, denigrates his boss, is deleted from Twitter search and hates US。the graycovidrdmurphy thug who tried to circumvent the serious, dark, practical, and malicious opposition to the realDonaldTrump .

Democrat librals now crying foul. Dipshits. EnemyOfThePeople The left has been engaged in a culture war for last 15 years. The left is so smart and tolerant but if you dare to question them, then you are racist bigot sexist xenophobe etc etc. Leftist have been name calling for years. LA Times: 'Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war' Accusing Trump of what you are doing yourselves... Basic level bs here.

Noahbierman Trump is trying to distract from the Real Problems mounting around him. He is desperate now. The Democratic Party is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party dillonliam FakeNews Your side is the one who stoked this in the first place. Keep smiling but your head won't be on Mount Rushmore But it will be on A Russian Mantol

You expected a Culture surrender. Sorry to disappoint. you brought it on; it’s a battle that you and your ilk started Don't start none, won't be none. There's a whole lot of people that don't like trump who got on his side tonight. Stoke it? It's already a raging fire that needs to be put out. LOL, because leftists would *never* start a culture war. Right.

PURE GARBAGE PROPAGANDA. It was a beautiful speech for ALL Americans. Nah that was Antifa Lol.. getting ratio’d. You know because they won’t show the number of comments Noahbierman That's cause he was telling the truth. BLM are a Marxist organization supported by several terrorists groups It’s tweets like this that prove journalism is dead.

This is why I no longer receive the la times - garbage paper kuku27 It hasn't served the purpose He is a Very pathetic Evil person period. Ha 😂 the culure war started loooong before today, and was issued by the media 😂 LATimes, what did Biden and 0Bama promise your owner Patrick Soon-Shiong? They promise special FDA favors for his drugs in exchange for shamelessly serving as their west coast propaganda mouthpiece? We know how this works. Ghislaine Maxwell is just the beginning. Treason. Soon.

Nah, son, this Trump’s response to YOUR culture war. You deserve this ratio. Celebrating our founding is starting a culture war now? The riots from Marxist Lives Matter were the opening salvo in the culture war. Now America is fighting back. Which side are you on LAtimes? Dont worry, we already know. The Left lost the Culture War when they defaced the 54th Massachusetts Memorial

The only thing being stoked was patriotism. You lie like you breathe. I am sure ppl have bullshit reader for this bullshit artist He tried to build a bridge of unity. You on the other hand want to be remembered for helping destroy America. What a speech, what a president! 🙌🏽Eat your heart out Sleepy Joe! Trump2020

Literally none of you can think for yourself. How does the same headline end up on every single majir paper. People wake up!! This picture is pure propaganda. Shame on LA Times. When did you give up journalism in favor of propaganda? dangillmor No, your leftist politcal fear and hate mongering has caused a culture war. DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

Awww. Did the left lose its laugh? This is a delusional headline, incorrectly labeling patriotism for stoking a culture war. Would you know patriotism if you saw it? Try again LAT. The riots, anti-american, anti-capitalist, anti-white rhetoric parroted by outlets such as yourselves beat him to that by weeks.

The Chandler family must be ashamed that the once prestigious LA Times has turned into garbage YOUR Democrat's Own Rules; Cancel the Democrat Party For? Conducting Civil War!, Creating the KKK!, Creating Segregation! Just Cancel The Democrat Party! Why Is the Democrat Party OF SLAVERY Not Cancelled?FakeNews Racist Democrat Media TDS Supporting Racist Democrat Party

The left declared the war. The Prez delivered the Right response. Wrong. Noahbierman You have to admit, it was catchy. Noahbierman He’s not wrong. Oh yeah. You’re not stoking it. HE is. Of course. Nah. Antifa stoked it. Trump just encouraged us to fight back. Enjoy the next 52 months. Not really. But the LA Times already sure has that angle covered 👍

Noahbierman trump is 'stoking a culture war'? so rioting, looting, vandalizing & ripping down statues, claiming parts of large US cities as 'autonomous zones' and pissing all over police for sport is designed to do what exactly, LA Times? god you people are sanctimonious. Never been more patriotic than in these times.

This is why nobody likes the media. More activism than journalism. Lame! Whoever wrote this should be fired The only people creating a third world looking war zone are the liberal media pushing protestors and rioters to do so .. Nah, that is your doing. TRUMP IS STOKING A CULTURE WAR? GOOD GOD HOW CAN YOU WRITE THIS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE

The media is what is dividing the country. I'm so fed up with opinions reported as fact. A celebration of America is what happened. There's nothing wrong with that unless you are the media trying to stoke division. Is that your goal? Noahbierman TRUE TRUE and also TRUE Noahbierman He’s right. Fix your trashcan of a city before you ask others to follow you to hell.

If there was no war then there is no US like today, no Black lives matter has no chance living in US they live in poor Africa countries By celebrating accomplishments by Americans of ALL it What the...? It isn’t Trump that’s rioting and destroying our cities and historical monuments. It isn’t Trump that’s suddenly cancelling everything from syrup to a cartoon with puppies.

uses Trump speech to stoke a culture war... GTH LATimes! Good Whoa, L.A. Times! Great suggestion for image 5! 🤢 You almost got it. 🖕🏾 STFU Media is enemy of the people. You leftists started this culture war long ago. Democrats =Destruction Do you even listen to yourselves? Omg perfect spot for realDonaldTrump

Horrible lies. But now we know who tells you what to write. You will face your reckoning. All will be right again. Are you attempting to outdo The NY Times? The left started the cultural war. Remember when he tried to withdraw troops a few days ago L.A Times have been using it's toilet paper of a publication to stoke culture wars for years now. Now what?

And the people running around rioting and tearing down statues aren't? GTFOH I thought he kicked a** The lies from the corporate media are just sad at this point. no. The culture war was launched the day he was elected. Trump hasn't rioted in the streets. He hasn't torn down moments. You TRULY ARE THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

Ha!!! Your activism is showing. Leftists already started the culture war. LA times must be related to cnn A culture war that the spineless woke media started. Don't complain because we're starting to fight back. You call it a culture war when it's not. It's an ideological war and we are rejecting your ideology.

Jealous? President Trump's speech was AWESOME!!~!! Say the FakeNews media who’ve been busy stoking race & culture wars for years now! Bloody hypocrites. he did not. Your headline attempts to stoke the “culture war”; thankfully, people are able to watch the speech for themselves and make up their own minds without relying on partisan writers who will contort the truth in order to satisfy their personal agenda

Liberal idiots at work again. LA Times is a propaganda DNC/Soros shill. Is it any wonder why they are The Enemy of the People? You and your fellow haters of America started the culture war. President Trump and his Patriotic Warriors will finish the war. Get ready to cry little boys and girls, November 3 just days away. Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

Re: At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war Noahbierman It’s not accusation. He is right. If you don’t think so you are part of the problem those barbaric vandals tearing down statues and pushing cancel culture on a pancake syrup weren't? typical commie. What world do you all live in? Lol

Are you America hating clowns trying to embarrass yourselves more than the NYT Is “stoke” the best word to use after Minneapolis was literally on fire? Bit insensitive to those folks whose businesses were burnt down by protesters ... This is incredible! The nyt, ABC, and washingtonpost are framing Trump’s speech the same as ! Is this collusion? Or do they just all think *exactly* the same?

Trump’s stoking a culture war by... celebrating America La times have never been so wrong . He is saving America enemyofthepeople People who ACTUALLY stoked a culture war are guilty of Sedition and should be punished to the full extent of the law WeAreTheNewsNow Dear America We jilted kilted Canucks stand ready 🇨🇦🇺🇸

Culture war started under Obama and only gets stoked by weak donothingdems and the pandering partisan media hacks like you. Oooh his face looks good there, I think you’re on to something. You are utterly disgusting. President Trump gave a beautiful speech. Actually, it was epic. Your consistant propaganda lies, sowing discord to divide us is loosing influence. Your subscriptions prove it. We L♥️VE America 🇺🇸 and POTUS - btw, so awesome Nat’l Garden of American Heroes Statues coming 🥰

You Faking Doped Fake Phony Liespaper you! Do you mean this speech? This headline seems to be a mismatch to reality You folks are crazy. Give it a break. You paper is creating the culture war with fake stories. What’s propping you up? Can you just go out of business already? Nope, just you saying that is trying to start a war. DumbDemocrats

Ha! That picture! This is why MSM is dying. 'Stoke' a culture war? WTF do you call burning cities to the ground, staking out arbitrary territory, looting and pulling statues down? He was responding to the culture war, not starting it. You tweet about stoking a culture war to stoke a culture war. Now we have to listen to MSM parrot the same damn phrase for the next 48 hours like robots. 🙄

What are you assholes doing? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Do you people ever get tired of being losers? And just what in the fuck do you think this junior high school journalism you're printing is doing? Asking for a friend... This picture must be the whole reason for the trip. Trump didn’t start the culture war No, the war is already on. Trump made it clear he intends to fight back.

Sammy_Roth Noahbierman Conspiracy theorist in the White House. Jesus, and people lost their shit when President Obama saluted with coffee. This bullshit don’t work no more A very American speech from a very American Pres. It was not intended to feel good to the Marxist crowd. The only one creating a war is this propaganda (MSM). If you can’t see through the bullshit at this point, you’re lost.

You know this is not news, right? His venturing into South Dakota is more of a story. Those are dangerous words and they are not the truth LA Times!❤️🇺🇸💙❤️🇺🇸💙❤️🇺🇸💙❤️🇺🇸 LA Times is FakeNews You started this war. We’re going to finish it. fakenews Yes trump burnt down all those statues and businesses and cities.

Wholly crap. Vulgar. That is Lakota Sioux land and we are in violation of the treaty Ratioed 😂😂 Lol. You are a joke LA Times. Oh girl and we LOVED it It's the only move he has left. He doesn't have any other methods to divert attention away from how horrendously he handled this pandemic, he never wanted to govern. He's running this nation into the ground like his failed 5 businesses EveryonesLaughingAtYouDonald

Wow, what utter anti-American garbage! YOU ARE FAKE NEWS LIARS! WeAreTheNewsNow QAnon These fake news are being grappled by the evils! I would hide my face too if he was up here .... The man is a total fool. Noahbierman It’s true unless your blind to all the destruction of statues🤨 Latimes is doing a culture war cant even celebrate a holiday without this shit

Bullshit LATimes... Always Fake ... God Bless America my home sweet home! Hispanics for Trump🇺🇸🙏🏻♥️ hooray 🥳🥰 🤦🏽‍♀️ By culture war I'm sure you meant he will enforce the law to those who who are hell bent on breaking it 💩 Noahbierman He’s right That’s your take away from the whole speech? Wow! You do hate America.

He didn't start the war. People like you did. So of course you'll cry when he fights back. Noahbierman He did not rally the base. He informed the world what is going on; can't count on you since you are part of it. What is it with you? NYT and LAT - if you have a T in your name, are you just stupid? Stoke Oh it’s already been “stoked” MAGA

Dear FakeNews - This is why you are called the EnemyOfThePeople and nobody trusts Media anymore. I will take what is Psychological Projection? for 2000 Alex! You started it. This event was planned back in May 2019. President Trump said he would like to attend in January 2020 prior to ALL the pandemic and protest drama... why are you posting BS?

LA Times idiocy Stfu Losers. Noahbierman Trump is completely wrong in saying this is a new far left fascism its actually just the left not new not far just basic run of the mill fascism that the liberals have been pushing for years Little slow on the uptake. There's been a Culture War being waged since November 9, 2016. You all have been whiny-ass babies.

Um, you do know that people with working brains were able to see and hear the president's speech, right? Let me remind everyone that the “great patriot” dodged the draft. The leftists started the culture war. Conservatives need to & will stand up & end it. 'Stoke'? Trump didn't start this. That's like saying FDR's 'Day of Infamy' speech 'stoked' war with Japan.

Thank you LA Times for your accurate headline. Real Americans appreciate the honesty. Noahbierman Far left fascism isn’t a thing. Noahbierman Looking around, those aren't 'accusations,' they're facts. Are you blind? ChloeBa80180636 Orwellian double speak. Noahbierman You’re a disgrace to journalism I am not American, so irrespective of who the 'candidate' is, I find it reprehensible that the Los Angeles Times will actually cheer for the side of the Taliban-mentality driven anarchists who wants to break everything down and in so doing destroy the US tourist industry.

Did you just crib the NYT piece? Wtf is wrong with you? It’s a war against anti-Americanism. Which side are you on ffs? Take a good look at that stage: looks a lot like something out of 1933 Germany. Same symbolism, same visual message. Does anyone still subscribe to this rag? Noahbierman Oh you mean he was talking about exactly what is happening right now around the country?

Noahbierman This means more than ever we need an Anti-Fascist movement. Antifa realDonaldTrump sounds more and more like Adenoid Hynkel… Bierman, the reporter, despises Trump and every article he writes is a mini editorial attacking Trump. It’s beyond absurd. The LAT has completely lost its way. Patriotism = cultural war, and looting/rioting/unlawful destruction of property = 'mostly peaceful' Got it.

FakeNews no he didn’t...He simply said we are all Americans and we should understand our proud history and look forward to our endless opportunities for the further of the greatness nation in the world! Get on board...okay at least just try to report the truth for once! You are literally part of the problem. A very large part.

Donald Trump didnt stoke anything. Race hustlers and the fascist left did. Go eff yourselves Wrong. You’re just as bad as NYT anymore. Noahbierman It’s facism. Call it facism. And the people chanting “no justice, no peace”...what are they stoking... Not sure what you were watching. But I was watching greatness this evening! The President's best speech yet. Very uniting. This is why people don't trust the media. You're not journalists. You're political hacks. Shameful.

No. Just to respond to one. Haha Trump stoking a culture war?!? Are you kidding me!?! Noahbierman Getting ready for civil war I see. Noahbierman He wasn’t rallying his base... he was talking to the country as a whole. Noahbierman First Fascist Dictator in the US and a Dangerous Crazy for the Planet...

Noahbierman Stoke a culture war? There are militant mobs destroying monuments, assaulting police stations and citizens, lighting fires, threatening to burn the country down, what kind of stuff do you believe in? Or just following orders. Traitor. Such typical LA Times BS! It was a patriotic celebration of America’s great history. Period.

He told it like it is. There are those that want to take down America and there is the constitution and bill of rights. You choose. No. YOU started the culture war. You mean besides the culture war that’s been raging in our streets for the last month or so? ElSegundoTimes It’s good vs evil and the LA Times is on the evil side!!

You perfidious Marxists just don't give up, do you? All he did was speak proudly of the United States of America. That constitutes a 'culture war' only to those who despise our country. Noahbierman On Native American sacred land Thats rich I guess the memo went out. We hate you far more than you could ever imagine.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh no! Trump pissed off the Democrats at the LA Times! 😂🤣 Noahbierman Reinforcing historical disregard for a senate-ratified treaty, flouting public health expert advice, ignoring warnings of conducting a major fireworks display, hijacking the military for a political rally & continuing to be an intolerable prick, embarrassing us all.

Noahbierman Media takes sides and supports Anti-American cultural war. Their propaganda message is America is bad and white people are racist. Meanwhile foreign countries send their kids here to get educated, foreigners will do anything to live here, America has opportunity if u work for it. OK tangerine. Lighten up.

Who started a culture war? If you are looking for JUNK.. than go to the Junkyard. Gotta be one screwed up individual with a very unhealthy amount of hate to make such a bogus ridiculous headline I’ll be right here. You mean 'win'. You're just cross because your side lost. Noahbierman That photo just screams dictator wannabe..

Noahbierman Negative Nelly Boy are you folks sick or what? Democrats started the culture war & been attacking our culture. Trump is responding. You folks here couldn't be honest even if your life depended on it. You all need to quit doing drugs over there at the El Segundo Times. Showing the Strength of America.

Really? After all the rioting and looting in Los Angeles, it's realDonaldTrump doing the stoking... 😂 The President is a bully and a fraud. TrumpResignNow All the soy-soaked leftists are the filled their diapers again hahahaha It's not a culture war, it's a war against you elites. He didn’t start the fire.

lol Ok, this would be good time to stop taking LSD. Scariest speech ever by a POTUS 25thAmendmentNow SophiaLipschul1 realdonald trump always strikes a WAR where ever he goes, He is at War with himslef in his BRAIN such a Stupido Aarse Noahbierman And he is absolutely right It’s time to come together! Another whiny babblefest for BunkerBoy 🙄 🥱

FakeNews He also used it to butcher and slur half his speech. It ain't gonna work.. Most sane people caught up with his BS.. Noahbierman Oh, look. The yellow rag speaks. Update: The hostage situation at MtRushmore is now over. The monuments are in critical but stable condition. realDonaldTrump Horseshit. That headline is a lie.

American fascist. Noahbierman Last few gasps of of dying presidency. What an embarrassment Noahbierman True story. LA Times = FakeNews Noahbierman Old far-right fascism is the only good fascism. Noahbierman Re-election campaign, Nazi style! Noahbierman Thank you, President Obvious Noahbierman Wow...delusional's called progress and accepting people for who they are, not what you think they should be. There is no conspiracy, people are just straight up done with your BS Trump. Nothing more. Nothing less. We are just done with your crap. ChrisCuomo

Noahbierman Great show! Beautiful night to watch. Noahbierman The guy is a pillar of BS Noahbierman Must be so sad to despise your country - to not ever feel proud. Must be such a heavy burden to carry around so much hate and deceit all the time. Noahbierman Sadly although active online the only people who agree with him are the people who already agreed with him. No Dem no swing voters, no undecided was energised by this. He’s incapable of any unifying positive inspiration. People want ordinary America back, not his nightmare vision

Noahbierman Noahbierman “Far-left Fascism?” Noahbierman What a weirdo Noahbierman Update: The hostage situation at MtRushmore is now over. The monuments are in critical but stable condition. realDonaldTrump

Trump holding large-scale July 4th event at Mount Rushmore despite coronavirus risksThe president’s plan to address a crowd of thousands at Mount Rushmore, where the state’s Republican governor says social distancing will not be enforced, comes against as the U.S. hit a new single-day record of 50,000 new cases. Of course he does . Smh COVIDFest19 North And yet there will be many who wonder why bars and restaurants aren't open on New Year's Eve.

Of course Donald Trump wants fireworks over Mount RushmoreThe holiday that celebrates US independence from Britain is being used to bolster President Trump's false narrative that the country is doing just fine. | Analysis by StCollinson StCollinson Trump trash StCollinson Is CNN the Donald with this language? StCollinson Hi

With Mount Rushmore Visit, Trump to Emphasize History, and Court ControversyPresident Trump’s trip to Mt. Rushmore ahead of Independence Day is designed to offer a blast of patriotic pageantry. But the firework festivities are shadowed by questions about social distancing and wildfire risks, as well as tensions with Native American leaders. KNOW THIS: Light-workers all over the planet have been busy alchemizing any & all dark energy, by the power of Almighty God: ‘Twas DARK is NOW LIGHT. And it is done. ✝️🔮❤️☮️🇺🇸🌎 P.S. We also decode comms.😉 He needs a photo.

Trump Visits Mount Rushmore Amid Controversy, Coronavirus ConcernsThe site has not had fireworks since 2009 because of environmental concerns. Leftist Bull💩! Cunt 130,000 plus dead americans, troops getting killed for money, lying to the people, being a racist president and he doesn’t care one bit. Instead of being a leader he’s out golfing right now. Your disgusting Mr. Trump. Over 50,000 cases yesterday, but golf is more important.

At Rushmore, Trump says protesters seek to 'defame' heroesPresident Donald Trump tells a largely maskless crowd at Mount Rushmore that protesters have waged “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history” amid demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality. DIVIDE & CONQUER. He still using this for his clueless supporters. Let me fix that for you: Largely Brainless! Anyone can buy a mask. Brains? When you feel that realDonaldTrump is your pick for 2020, they are clearly an optional accessory realDonaldTrump is at Mt Rushmore looking like a Walmart rotisserie chicken. He hates brown people but he sure wants to look like them!