At least three people wounded in shooting at Durham, North Carolina, shopping mall

At least one person has been shot at a mall in Durham, North Carolina, a city official says. Authorities are on the scene.

Durham, Nc: At Least Three People Shot At Southpoint Mall

11/27/2021 1:17:00 AM

At least one person has been shot at a mall in Durham , North Carolina, a city official says. Authorities are on the scene.

Three people were shot and three more injured during a shooting Friday at a packed shopping mall, police in Durham , North Carolina, said.

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shitshowjoe It's the Season for Thugs. Criminals have gun problems. Not law abiding citizens. Shot a 10 yr old … must’ve been self defense ambelies Just down the road from me, actually. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s someone from a neighboring state protecting the mall from looters..🙄🙄 Tots and pears. 😁 what the what the people. I dont know gun carry laws r more gun owners who carry in public places havin them for when they get home if ther intruder? Is it rare that a legti.gun owner is allowd public attemptd shooting take down of public assailant?

Just another day ending in Y. No problems. Move along nothing to see here folks. Didn’t think you guys covered black civilian on black civilian crimes. In the next photo make sure to include that the victim was a 10 year old girl

Shooting at mall in Durham, North Carolina, injures at least oneAt least one person was shot at The Streets at Southpoint Mall in Durham , North Carolina, on Friday. USAMINDJOB But hey, let’s have more guns. GUNS!! Only 1? Did they even close the mall?

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North Carolina mall evacuated after Black Friday shooting; 1 person shot, police sayBut…. Guns are harmless in the South Mostly peaceful...

Another one and nobody flinches! There should be free ammo at the entrances.

North Carolina mall evacuated after Black Friday shooting; 3 people shot, police sayMeanwhile 1000s of pain patients are tortured & die from being denied medications taken as directed for years without adverse effects bcz the country has lost its collective mind over opioidhysteria & DEA doctor threats Media fails to cover negative effect on legitimate patients They really blamed Trump for these shootings. 🤦‍♀️

Supreme Court Will Hear Dispute Over North Carolina Voter ID LawThe law in question was passed in 2018 and requires that everyone in North Carolina have a photo ID to vote. The state’s chapter of the NAACP immediately challenged it, saying such a stipulation disproportionately impacts Black and Latinx voters. Did you misspell Latin? Or did you mean Malcom X? NAACP? What you mean they speak for all blacks? Where's the WAACP group at? Why aren't they representing white folks? They should be in the know too, Yoohoo... Whites are a high pop, and they need to weigh in!

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