Nationals Park Shooting: At Least 4 Shot Outside Stadium During Baseball Game Saturday Night, Police Say - Cnn

Nationals Park Shooting: At Least 4 Shot Outside Stadium During Baseball Game Saturday Night, Police Say - Cnn

At least 4 people were wounded in a shooting outside Nationals Park that sent players and fans scrambling, police say

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7/18/2021 5:28:00 AM

At least four people were shot outside a Washington Nationals baseball game, sending fans and players scrambling

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U.S. CDC chief says there will be no federal mandate on COVID-19 vaccine

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said on Friday there will be no nationwide mandate for Americans to get a COVID-19 vaccine, clarifying comments she made earlier during a televised interview.

Blacks at play😡 I have both admiration and respect for the Values that built this nation, America. Except for 'Gun without Control'. You got to face it. America looks from outside as descending to the Wild West as in Hollywood movies. Control now before it's too late. You can blame the Democratic Party for this. No denying it!

Re-imagine *NEW video of exposing the corruption of Nina Turner, Shontel Brown and AOC. They're all owned by the corporate democratic establishment. Less of 2 evils yet again! Please watch and share with others!. Thanks!* It was a lot safer to go to baseball games last year. At least you couldn't get shot at by the cardboard cutout fans.

America: increasingly easy to get guns. increasingly more difficult to vote. Our priorities are effed up. Imagine everybody carries a gun in this stadium. These Mayor’s still want to Defund the Police! This Mayor was one of the first to shout out those remarks but numerous times so the people injured should be able to sue DC,the city & the Mayor for lack of protection! That's their job Citizens should be safe attending a ballgame!

Handgun night at the ole ball game? Police apprehended perps outside. why scare fans to go outside for?

Two people shot outside Washington Nationals baseball stadiumTwo people were shot outside of Nationals Park, a professional baseball stadium in the District of Columbia, on Saturday night, the police department said in a statement shared on Twitter. Crazy by KKK trump Tom_Fowdy That’s America!

Strictest gun control in the country not working. Why doesn't Biden curtail the sale of weapons in the USA, not a very good president is he? Yo, they’ve shot politicians playing baseball.... Democratic policies at work. Biden's America Jesus offers eternal life cnn might forget to mention this shootings good ratings

usa professors / dr micheal savage says satan is not real .... Any description of the shooter(s)? White guy(s)? Oh … sorry … that’s not P.C. If the public overcomes the “snitches get stitches” B.S. and turns in these perps, people will stop painting communities with such a broad brush. I will bet the shooter(s) are not white. Sorry.

Just another day in the U.S.

Only in America. Ah back to the American norm. 🤡 Good thing they defunded the police in that neighborhood

KCSportsTalkIE Scary shit 😳 Why isn't this news anymore. AA gun violence no doubt! 'Isolated incident'. Does he realize how insane that sounds to the rest of the world? Covid and shootings, what a FUN summer😔 Don’t worry American, guns are. Or a problem. Just wear flack jackets to baseball games. CommonSenseGunLaws

Biden and his socialist defund the police policy is responsible for the breakdown we are seeking in major cities. Elections indeed have consequences Masjid Aqsa Jerusalem is the red line of Muslims.StopTheRaid America's pastime getting in the way of America's other pastime.

Fans, players flee Nationals Park after reported gunshots ring out during game — Fox NewsA Washington Nationals baseball game erupted into chaos on Saturday night after suspected gunshots reportedly rang out near the stadium causing players and fans to flee. The second amendment works great, don’t you think? It’s a liberal ran city. That wants to defund the cops.

Just thonk if it was Texas and GovAbbott was making laws. That number would be 400 shot with open carry law he was so anxious to sign. Who’s leg lmfao why is that lady flying!😭 feminism is a sexist hate crime like nazism is a racist hate crime-feminist have 40 yrs of documented history of demeaning, abusing, subjugating & discriminating against men & boys-CALL FOR criminalization of feminism for discrimination & abuse of so many boys-vp CNNPolitics

StandardOfEntry 죄가 유일하게 인간을 하나님으로부터 분리시킵니다. GunsUSA Shootings have become so common in America that Americans have become numb to gun violence, so there is no need for passing gun laws & GOPQ feel comfortable in turning blind eye to bloody deeds for their right to carry guns & right to kill Peace context_referrer=search_gigs&source=top-bar&ref_ctx_id= 863d5b36206e08f723f57635a89c70a0&pckg_id=1&pos=1&context_type=auto&funnel= fa7d7a50efae293116f49160d2d030e8&seller_online=true I will be your therapeutic art life coach

Whom brought a gun to a game? That is what boggles my mind! WTF 😬 are you safe ? Yeah merica!

Protests erupt in Lebanon as France announces aid conferenceAngry protests break out in Lebanon as premier-designate Saad Hariri fails to form new government and France prepares to host donor conference for the crisis-hit Arab country

Every human deserves to live like a human being, no matter what their differences are, no one deserves to be persecuted StopTheRaid kitchen5203 More guns, we need more guns, right, SenateGOP HouseGOP NRA ? MORE GUNS! Too many guns, too little controls Don’t be silent say your words stand with the humanity stay with the right! Rise the voice of Palestine. StopTheRaid

Black democrats and their guns… National pastime?🤦🏿‍♂️ Seems like ppl forgot Nationals Stadium was built in the middle of the hood in SE DC. That area isn’t safe just because a baseball field is there. The gun violence has to stop!!! Anyone else tired of the 2nd Amendment? Ex military so don’t cry to me, guns are a fucking problem & we need less of them & yes I own some. We need a fucking solution. So tired of this shit.

Syrian regime shelling in Idlib kills several civilians, including childrenAt least six people were killed and as many others wounded by Syrian regime shelling in Sarajah village southeast of Idlib. Turkey & it's militias are still occupying parts of NW Syria...right ? ompulsory repatriation is the epitome of fascisim and communisim. To make them choose between concentration camps or unlawful compulsory repatriation is as base as it gets in fascism. Either release these children and women or try them under Geneva Convention International law

Only in America. Այսօր իսրայելական օկուպացիոն ուժերը կրկին կհարձակվեն էլ Աքսուի վրա, որը գտնվում է Երուսաղեմի Արևելքում, որը միջազգայնորեն ճանաչված օկուպացված Պաղեստինյան տարածք է ։ Մենք պետք է Այդ մասին տեղեկացնենք համաշխարհային մամուլին ։ StopTheRaid There is no shock reaction to these situations anymore. Its so sad to see how angry and frustrated America has become that no life has any value any longer. Its a sad world we have created.

Overreaction. CNN biden's america Unreal but according to the GOP se do not have a gun problem in the country You make guns the problem, because you can't say the truth. The truth is democratic run cities with criminal behavior. nothing to do with guns. Maybe has to do with criminals and woke liberal behavior.

The NRA gun shagging responses on this post are all too predictable. Nothing will ever change sadly, this is America. Israel is persecuting StopTheRaid Israel is attacking land that has no rights. StopTheRaid

Rite Aid worker killed after confronting shoplifters at Glassell Park store, police sayA Rite Aid employee was killed Thursday night when he confronted two people suspected of shoplifting at the Glassell Park store, police said. disgusting So horrible! Definitely not a white suspect killed a black employee, otherwise all media outlets will flood social media with all kinds of “news reports”

GOP: Just a tourist exercising its 2nd Amendment right…. When you have Republican Senators that don’t respect the oath of office they took how can we trust them to protect our Country? One lie after another, let’s remember this when we vote the next election! It’s we the people not Republican Senators!

Have you ever heard that people are being murdered just because they want to live in their own land as free StopTheRaid Let's not remain silent about the oppression in Palestine StopTheRaid CNN Who was leading? with bad news again. It’s only 3 people. Stop reporting fake news. Sad, I’d avoid large crowds

Uh oh, better build a fortress around the stadium in typical Washington fashion Le monde veut voir une Palestine libre StopTheRaid The world wants to see a free Palestine StopTheRaid

العالم يريد أن يرى فلسطين حرة StopTheRaid העולם רוצה לראות פלסטין חופשית StopTheRaid Everyone has the freedom to practice their religion. StopTheRaid Israel sets limits on all freedoms with the occupation. Please don't stay silent. StopTheRaid Typical something happens that should never happen and a bunch of Americans get on here to defend what happened.

It's time to support with our armies of prayer. Don't be silent about this cruelty. StopTheRaid Anyone shocked? How many shot in Chicago and Baltimore during the same time period? There’s no shooting in baseball! 🤯😡 Just another perfectly normal day in America. guns CNN …of course! Only in America! La única forma de preservar nuestras capacidades humanas es defender la justicia y el sentido común. Me temo que el mundo entero está perdiendo su humanidad al ignorar la invasión. No dejemos que Aqsa sea invadida. Hablemos y acabemos con este acoso. StopTheRaid

🎵Living in America🎵 Watching everyone run out in panic was even more scarier. A lot of us up top stayed put and hid. Nationals At least four peaple wera shot: Was it really necessary to shoot Peaple in aDevolopt Country? CNN Much Awaited Birthday trend announcement is here. The Mollywood heartthrob dulQuer Salmaan birthday countdown begins. Bday Trend starts from 27th july 7 PM onwards. Stay Tuned !! 🔥✨ DulquerBdayTrendOn27thJuly DulquerSalmaan

gtconway3d Meh If this happened in Texas where anyone can carry a gun, would everyone feel safer? 400 + comments and not one i have read so far shows any compassion for the people actually shot no immediately it is right versus left again guys wake up and be human screw the politics

Stonekettle Well regulated... guns guns guns America GOD CNN The Young Turks Cenk Uyger Can't Help Himself and Launches Another Weak Attack On Kyle Kulinsky How terrifying that must have been! Defund the police Asap What else is new The NRA wanks off to events like this... It probably thrills them Wonder why everyone was running away.. didn't anyone have a gun on them to shoot back? I mean.. MURICA!

The GOP will run from the cameras on this one…AGAIN!

Unfollowed for this ridiculously misleading chart The gop and the nra are killing as many people as covid. kabosu is the mother of all dogs ,moreover staking and farming is coming, it's unbelievable👍 shiba dogecoin dogearmy Must have been Biden's 'white supremists' man. Biden’s america absolute value. This is possible. Thank you, I like American Amy.

and I am convinced that for that purpose we should create a 'flow' to review the laws of the times. This 'flow' is not the fluidity of the law, but rather the flexibility of legal interpretation. On top of that, we strive to 'universally maintain' these constitutions with As I mentioned earlier, I believe that law is absolute in this human society. I think that is nothing but the foundation of an unwavering human society. On top of that, I strongly feel the need to arrange the current Constitution with the times,

SpicyJenn_36 NRA: How could more guns have helped this situation? Khaled's former lawyer:During that trial, my phone, tablet and computer broke down, and when my wife came to visit me, her computer and her phone broke down. I do not believe in coincidences, and as I said, I do not believe in conspiracy theories justiceForkhaled

CNN The world is laughing Khaled's former lawyer: During that trial, my phone, tablet and computer (Apple) broke down, and when my wife came to visit me, her computer and her phone broke down. I do not believe in coincidences, and as I said, I do not believe in conspiracy theories justiceForkhaled Don’t need to worry about gun laws… no issues with guns in the USA… as long as the out dated and precious amendment isn’t touched you can do what you want… utterly pathetic

The former defense attorney for the Khalid case (Dan Cogdale) says: I know that these prosecutors lied, cheated, and used this case to their advantage to gain reputation and promotions. JusticeForKhaled Khaleb_is_not_guilty justiceForkhaled سلبوا_خالد_مستقبله The former defense attorney for the Khalid case (Dan Cogdale) says: I know that these prosecutors lied, cheated, and used this case to their advantage to gain reputation and promotions. justiceForkhaled Khaleb_is_not_guilty سلبوا_خالد_مستقبله JusticeForKhaled

I see America is opening back up. Maybe we should go into lockdown because of gun violence if not for covid CNN 🥲 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Three people is being reported by the police. We have totally lost control of the Great cities of America. Sad to see 😢

Anyone wanna do an over/under on it being gang related? its always crazy everyday we must pray for the heart and soul for every human gangsta nation,is the music industry happy now Gun violence everywhere. Why can't something ever be done. Probably a qanon White supremacists who escaped custody after being arrested for insurrection on 1/6.

CNN Just keep adding more guns to the streets gtconway3d Official message from the GOP and the NRA: Just that America you created with your defund the police nonsense Have the social workers been sent in yet? Why does this only happen in Democrat ran Cities?

America having another normal one then? Imagine that. A shooting in a place where guns aren't allowed.