Greenville Shooting: At Least 2 Killed İn Shooting At Club, Police Say - Cnn

Greenville Shooting: At Least 2 Killed İn Shooting At Club, Police Say - Cnn

At least 2 killed in a shooting at a Greenville, South Carolina, club, police say

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7/5/2020 3:33:00 PM

At least two people were killed and eight others injured in an early Sunday shooting at a Greenville, South Carolina, nightclub, police say

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Killing of innocent people must be stopped The Government must take collect measures to deal with criminals. Isn't there enough death WTH are they doing at a Club? CNN LOVES ANTIFA Bang!!!!😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 So sorry to hear this. Prayers out to all involved. Notice how after everthing is opening there are way more shootings sad

America: Come for the coronavirus, stay for the gun violence. Interesting, as soon as the social spots reopen, the mass shootings start again. 🤔 The US economy must’ve rebounded back to “normal”... this is a clear sign we’re “back to business as usual” 💪🏼👌🏼 THE NIGHT CLUBS ARE OPEN! When are you people gonna learn? There is a PANDEMIC out there? 🤦🏼‍♀️

who did the shooting? Wasn’t a white shooter or there would be waaaay more news coverage Where's BLM? Good thing we have police officer are more would have been killes Yea its trumps fault 💥Here we go as 'crime' is on the rise !!💥 Don't worry, its all good Listed as a covid-19 death Some idiot rapper was performing. Enough said.

Another day in US...BAU 2 dead ,8 others injured in shooting in Lavish Lounge in Greenville County. First of allq🤔🤔🤔🙄 Why are people at a club in the middle of a pandemic black on black crime... black lives don't matter when other black people take them By the way...while few have been looking...there have been some extraordinarily bad shootings in America lately. We all need to put down our weapons and put on our masks. We are not going to shoot our way out of this or will we be able to just wait it out without a lot of pain.

Why were they there in the first place with this pandemic that's ok, it wasn't a cop killing a person of color. we'll let this shooting escape all the news I love how racist CNN is. If it was a White person doing the shooting the Headline would be. Racist White Man yells racial slurs as he murders Innocent African Americans during a lawful gathering celebrating Black Lives Matter.

Why is cnn not reporting the fact that Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime has been arrested and charged and is about to bring the whole ring down? You broadcast trumps tweets but not this who are you protecting? The clintons maybe? Why you going to a nightclub in Greenville Though battle, what kills more, Covid-19 or America guns’ law?

Government needs to take gun away and stop people dying because of these stupid shooting by mentally sick individuals Why are you at the club during a pandemic? whitepplshit Why is a night club allowed to be open right now? Is SC just totally ignoring Covid I guess. Hope this place gets shut down. Biden supporters 4TH of july Concert goes horribly wrong............

The shooter probably isn't white. Umm why is a nightclub open? It’s a Black night club. Different rules. Wow another shooting in an area patrolled by police. And here I thought it only happened in Seattle's autonomous zone! Lol I’m sure social workers were called to the scene... Why is the WuFlu even mentioned in this article?

Call the social workers USA IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN AFGHANISTAN On and on and on and on GUN violence and killings go on, all in the name of guns -when will we ever learn; we are gunning down little children in school, worshipers in church, youth at concerts, on and on and on-no sane gun control ; all in the name of the NRA -

I haven’t read this yet but the fact that the word “white” is not anywhere in the headline I’m assuming the night club’s patrons were predominantly black? People saying why is the place open lol How can we tell when it is truth ? Your news is 2 faced ! cnnfakenews is responsible for encouraging violence.

Please be a white on white crime....based on the headlines, this screams white on white crime. One time media, make it true. SayNoToViolence Lord help us. Meanwhile we are only focused on illegally tearing down statues to 500 year old explorers. Why is this club open during a pandemic? Fake news CNN who needs police right ?

Wtf are they doing open? Should have worn their masks... 😷 BLM And....what’s the death toll in Chicago? Why the night club even open 😂😂😂 Who would you vote for today? America is returning to normal. We are the virus 🦠 Hmmmm. 1) that’s terrible; 2) why the FUCK is a nightclub open in the first place? COVID19 covidiots

😥😥🙏🙏 cscott2770 4th of July.. 😎 Very sad 🤭😂😂🇺🇲🔥 this is a normal day in Chicago. Of course CNN has Chicago on its ignore list. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP! This country is not racist! BLACK ON BLACK CRIME IS YOUR PROBLEM! Another tale of Responsible Gun Ownership. i just joined tweeter i hope this isn't fake news?

COVID19 should have stayed home like you were asked! JSmithpolitics1 That’s because they didn’t have a mask on. Lol We have got to get these white people and their clubbing under control! ! ! ! ! Here we go again!! We’re they discussing Obamagate Why are bars even open right now? Covidiotsincharge Maybe the night club should be closed in a spiking state .

of course criminal left radical Terrorists, drugdealer and criminal Gangs want defund the police as their enemy. They also need a Fredo Cuomo, dement Biden, Obama and Pelosi and all democRATs as their usefull Idiots. Why are they allowing nightclubs to be open during this time! The state is partly responsible for these people loosing their lives...

Widespread guns and lots of alcohol. What could possibly go wrong? 🔥🇺🇲😂😂😂😂 What did the shooter look like? Why tf were people at a nightclub? Really a club? Open in the middle of the pandemic with all these shenanigans going on? An open nightclub?! Wait. Why is there a club open during Covid in the first place

A club? America really back on its bullshit Why are clubs even open? Everyone scream for America to get back to 'normal' and looks like it's happening. This, sadly, is 'normal'. There was a mall shoot two days ago, where an 8 year old died. Club But what about the Corona.... optical illusion 2 I mean, it is on White Horse Rd. No shocker there. That area is awful.

more shootings... America has so many problems, none of which are being addressed by any of our current, disastrous leadership optical illusion 1 CALL THE SOCIAL WORKERS Sending love and light to their loved ones Along with increases in covid-19 cases, there's a increase in violence and stupidity! I think I will shelter in place forever!✌️

Why is the club open? 🤔 Clubs are open during a time like this? Wow Wow, I thought tearing down all the statues was going to fix all of this? Peaceful shooting Covid? Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

America is opening up all right. As if a shitty president, pandemic, and the racial issues weren’t enough 😞 LMFAO. Hilarious This place not have bouncers, how do you get a gun into a nightclub Find the shooter pump him with 12 bullets cnn没有中文网吗? know when to report something American homegrown terrorists GreenvilleShooting

Guarantee this is black on black violence. Anybody want to take this bet Most likely gang related, meaning it was B on B with an illegally held handgun. But yes let's make guns illegal? Donald Trump is Right CNN is a racist station so SAD. Guns don't kill people People kill people😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😰😰😰😰😠😠😠😠😠🤧

😢😢Report's now 2 Dead 8 Injured. Prayer's for everyone and their loved ones.🙏♥️💔😢 Expect more of this as we defund police. Perpetrators have no worries now. Police officers are retiring and people are not going to risk going into that job. Good Morning USA ! Thoughts and prayers and viva 2nd amendment. -DJT

I only care about actual people getting shot. 😢😔🙏♥️Hope everyone will be okay.🙏 🙏 Man I wish they all stayed home where it's safe from all this madness.😞🙏♥️ I am wondering if there is a correlation between behavior such as this and our spiking COVID numbers? clubsaresupposedtobeclosed Baby world news The Czech Republic's complacent attitude toward easing the blockade of the Coronavirus is feared to be a second fandom. It's still too early. Champagne should be done later.

Baby world news Trump sent a warning message to those who wanted to destroy the head of the big American nation. But there is also an opinion on Wall Street that this is also for re-election. That’s tragic. But another example of what does NOT need to be open You keep forgetting the constant weekend shooting in Chicago.

Americans doing what they do best. Kudos. Violent society, whereas guns, firearms is the norm. History shows that it has been like that since Independence. It is not going away, It is now part of life for America. How sad. Now you a President that blesses this action. The hole is getting near Hell. Letting everyone getting a gun have consequence....

That’s unfortunate. I hope no police show up. You know, to show their solidarity against all the hatred toward them. Trump is right CNN is one of the part of the angry angry mob! Thanks Trump & the GOP, in SO many ways. Quick call the police. Damn that’s right we defunded them.... The club shouldn't be open in the first place. Idiots.

It never ends JUPITERMOVESME The civilian company I work now for is based in SC. They said when borders reopen they want me to come to head office in SC. I refuse to enter the USA ever again even if it costs me my job & avoid USA products. This kind shit reinforces I’m making the right descision. Climate change,greenhouse gas emission

This is news ? Very common happening in America, it’s just not a school this time... Shooting issues and Covid issues. Looks neither of those are taken seriously by US government 🙁 What color were they? Baby world news Trump does not wear a mask on American Independence Day, which is seen as a disadvantage to the presidential election by encouraging risk factors from Americans' coronavirus.

Holy crap I've never seen so many bots in one thread lmao Masked gunman? Orange Apocalypse Baby world news German Chancellor Merkel urged the loosened Germans to wear masks as an initiative. Bars and clubs are working out so well for humans. Lets do more!! Yeah we like stupid. Baby World News WHO said today that the world's largest number of coronavirus confirmed cases since Pandemics. In particular, the United States and Brazil paid more than 60% of the price, and social distance and mask must be worn.

Seems the security was enforcing handwashing and ensuring everyone put on a mask.... Baby World News South Korea said it has been infected with the coronavirus at a faster rate than Daegu due to the regional infection of 50-60 people every day. “But it isn’t the guns” 🤬🤬 And we’re back! Can't party anymore.

And the solution is more guns in the street - 'worlds greatest nation' my ass The NRA's response will be..... Close the bars! ShutDownTheBarsNow🛑 See that’s what happens when you open the pubs in the UK 😆 Clubs and bars are not like they used to be. Too dangerous to go to anymore. Couldn’t have a good ol Independence Day, without a mass shooting!! 🙄

Can we get the race of the shooter already so people can stop with the speculations So that's started again... Keep going USA!....but its my right; what a joke Say their names! Say their names! blacklivesmatter . Oh wait, silly me, never mind. Picking up chicks at the club This 2nd amendment of yours is repulsive.

It only takes a few weeks of stuff being open again before we're back to the same old same old, mass shooting after mass shooting. We interrupt this COVID crisis to bring you a mass shooting sponsored by the NRA... Maybe our Country Leadership is destructive HouseDemocrats JoeBiden SpeakerPelosi RepJeffries KamalaHarris RepSwalwell RepScottPeters tedlieu CoryBooker AttorneyCrump Booker4KY ABC MSNBC donlemon DanaBashCNN JohnBerman AndrewYang DavidMuir

Damn another one. When are we going to set stricter gun laws? Vietnam war dodger crook, Crafty, cunning and yet a Clueless Covfefe Trump needs a miracle to win & miracles are hard to come by Shed red Go blue People are still going to night clubs in America? FFS America. Sort your shit out. Another day, another Right-wing white male shooting a bunch of people. When will we learn that lives are more important than some law written by a bunch of dead white slaveholders 200 years ago?

It's important to get the country back to normal; people aren't going the mass-shoot themselves. Sad and why’s a night club open during a major pandemic thats killed 130,000 Americans already. What’s wrong with the United States! This country is a joke. gunviolence 😞 I was starting to get used to there not being mass shootings.

Corona like i got a daily quota and im finna reach it America is fighting mass shoot!ng and covid-19, and they aren’t taking any seriously. What a country. Why is the club open? When Cov19 is worst day in USA🤷🤷🤷 🔴 What Is Islam? ⚠️ 🔴 Islam is not just another religion. 🔵 It is the same message preached by Moses, Jesus and Abraham. 🎬 To view the video fully 👇

Unfucking believable Just the culture being the culture. StereotypesExistForAReason 🙏 PrayersforeveryoneinSouthCarolina! Wtf! Why is a nightclub even open ?! That’s my first thought. Next, itisntnormal SayNoToViolence

At least 12 wounded in shooting at South Carolina nightclubDEVELOPING: A shooting at a South Carolina nightclub left 12 people in “various conditions” early Sunday, according to a sheriff's official. Guns to blame, follow Newzealand Former KGB defector, previously communist propaganda figure, explains the global threat of failed communist ideology Marx, Lennon (recorded in 1984) Let me guess, the shooter is mentally ill and banning guns isn’t the answer... how many times does these shootings have to happen before something is done.

2 dead, 8 hurt in South Carolina nightclub shootingA shooting at a nightclub near Greenville, South Carolina, overnight left two people dead and eight wounded, authorities say. They had Covid so that’s how they died Nightclubs are open there? Awful, but Why was it even open?!! “A crowd was seen running out the entrance”. 😳. During this critical stage of this Pandemic, the word “crowd” should be the last word that we would ever seen. Tragic on many fronts, sorry for the victims

At least 12 wounded in shooting at South Carolina nightclubGREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — A shooting at a South Carolina nightclub left at least 12 people in “various conditions” early Sunday, a sheriff's official said. A Greenville County sheriff's deputy... I’m sorry to see a shooting happened but I can’t help but ask WTH where these people in a nightclub when we are steal dealing with a global pandemic?! Did they confuse carona with the beer? Greatest country in the world all those old Hollywood gunslinger movies are coming home to roost...

Two Dead, Eight Wounded Following South Carolina Club ShootingThe shooting took place just before 2 a.m on Sunday. zero deaths People actually going clubs? I thought we were still in a pandemic. Well, a face mask and social distancing can’t stop a bullet. Wait, there is a pandemic, why are they at a club. Small brain thinking will always pit someone in harms way. I pray they recover and I hope they are doing contact tracing for all the COVID-19 party animals!

2 dead, 73 injured in blast at Turkish fireworks factoryTurkish officials say an explosion has occurred at a fireworks factory in northwestern Turkey, killing two people and injuring at least 73 others haha,happy new year Fuegos Artificiales, si como no. NO da tanto humo y de ese color.

1 killed, 3 wounded in shooting at Mississippi sports barAn official says a man was fatally shot and three others were wounded in a shooting at a nightclub in Mississippi Now do Chicago