At least 160 San Diego police officers could face termination over vaccination mandate

At least 160 San Diego police officers could face termination over vaccination mandate


12/5/2021 7:33:00 AM

At least 160 San Diego police officers could face termination over vaccination mandate

Among 616 officers who reported that they were unvaccinated, 454 requested a medical or religious exemption.

SAN DIEGO — At least 160 San Diego police officers could face termination for not complying with the city’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate unless they abide by the rules within the next 30 days.City employees were required to show proof of vaccination or request a medical or religious exemption by Wednesday of this week. The City Council, in a pair of 8-1 votes Monday, moved forward with imposing the mandate despite an impasse with the police union.

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About 65% of officers were vaccinated as of Thursday, according to the city’s latest figures. The remainder included 616 officers who reported that they were unvaccinated and 64 who hadn’t provided their vaccination status.Some 454 officers requested an exemption, according to the city. That means that, as of this week, at least 160 officers were unvaccinated and did not request an exemption.

AdvertisementThey — and all other noncompliant city employees — will receive a notice that will give them until Jan. 3 to comply, take a leave of absence, retire or resign. If they don’t comply, the city will terminate their employment.The city on Thursday prepared about 1,200 notices to distribute to noncompliant employees in various departments, according to the mayor’s office. A breakdown of notices by employee groups was not available Friday.

Among all employees, the city has received about 1,000 medical and religious exemptions, including 250 since a day before the deadline. Most of the requests — 965 — were for religious exemptions, according to the city.The number of exemptions among officers reached almost 170 last week — meaning an additional 280 or so have requested an exemption in recent days. Most officers asked for religious exemptions.

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Jack Schaeffer, president of the San Diego Police Officers Assn., said he hopes as few officers as possible leave the department. He said it is possible some of the officers who did not comply are in the process of getting vaccinated.He said the union will monitor how the city handles the exemption requests.

“Are they going to reasonably accommodate [officers’ requests], or are they just trying to kick them out the door?” he asked.Mayor Todd Gloria’s office has said the city’s Human Resources Department will review requests on a case-by-case basis under state and federal law, as well as under city policies, and will communicate with employees throughout the process.

Of the city’s 963 firefighters, 80% were vaccinated by this week, according to the city. Almost 140 reported that they were unvaccinated, and nearly 50 had not provided their vaccination status. A total of 81 firefighters requested an exemption.Gloria has said the mandate is a necessary step to protect employees and the public with whom they interact and to ensure that the city efficiently provides services — some of which have been hindered by the pandemic.

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Fire them. These 160 police officers don’t care a damn about public safety. GetVaccinated This is stupid. The very people that held this country together are being targeted. Police. Nurses. Firefighters. Teacher. Essential workers. Military. Mandates are wrong. No leadership! Good. How many are in the entire San Diego Police force?

What a great device to vet all the Republican police officers? We have to stand our ground no matter what!!!!!!! God Bless Y'all I like seeing the blue lives take their corrupted selves out. They will move their dirt to the Trump war, I'd rather that than them turn on our real Blue 💙's while in the field.

Why are we mandating a vax that Doesnt stop getting infected NOR does it stop spreading it. Move the fuck on. The vax may help but isnt for everyone. STOP THE POLITICAL CORRUPTION AND MISINFORMATION. COVID IS ALL POLITICS. PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR LIVELIHOODS. WAKE UP PEOPLE Good LEAVE, they don’t deserve to “SERVE” the public, they barely protect us as it is. NEW recruits will work FOR us, not try to wipe us out.

Were any of them Vet's? I wonder? Did they quit (fail to do their job) when they were required to get vaccinations in active duty military service? Sounds like they're quitting rather than fulfilling their duties. Fire them.

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Good , we don’t need those type of people around the public armed and dangerous. Fire them!! I'm OK with this Ppl in uniform need to follow orders This can mean the difference btwn life & death in any emergency... This should automatically weed out a bunch of the bad cops, so sounds good to me. Say Goodbye to the crazies. No need for that mentality in the police force.

Good I can't wait for them to come running back. They can't get a job with their skill set w/o being vaccinated. Weeding out the Trumpanzees in badges. Let's begin...

Column: To anti-vax firefighters, bye-bye. Now let's build back better at the LAFDL.A. City officials haven’t spelled out consequences for firefighters and other city employees who don’t comply with the vaccination mandate by Dec. 18. LAT, not a good way to act; these are public servants & your immaturity shows nothing more than the behavior of a teenager in a street fight, taunting other kids over the color of a gang’s jackets. Your politics and racism cards should be calming, not calcifying. Bye bye from me. Great column, LATstevelopez ! An opportunity indeed. Amen

By logic, the anti vax are vastly MAGA and they kill poc for no reason so this is fantastic news. Let the consequences of their actions play out. If they're weren't willing to get vaccinated I'm sure there's plenty of other policies and procedures they were shirking as well. Good riddance! The only good thing to come out of Covid is the chance to get rid of these people. No city needs extremists in responsible positions.

If they are too stupid to get vax'd, They are too stupid to be trusted to with a gun. whinylittlebitches or whinylittlenazis your choice Ok. let them come to Florida we will take em their duty to serve and protect goes well beyond uniform, badge and gun. Unless they've got a viable medical reason issued by a licensed medical physician refusing to vaccinate against a virus which has killed millions at this point is wildly irresponsible and self centered.

Europe Sees Boost in Uptake of Covid-19 Shots but Vaccine Mandates Are Still on the TableRelentless pressure to raise vaccination rates in Europe is beginning to bear fruit, but pockets of resistance to the shots mean some countries are leaning toward general vaccine mandates. 'Relentless pressure' Wonder what that looks like?

Headline should read “At least 160 San Diego police officers might quit over vaccine mandate.” Try harder next time there goes the neighborhood........ What’s crazy is they’re giving up (or putting at risk) their pensions which pay most of their salary for life. Job openings. BuildBackBetter mario84281697 Good.

Good Oh no! Crime will go up! Good Ok, San Diego, you have the opportunity to trade up. Make sure you hire diplomats, peacemakers, and public servants as replacement officers instead of hiring more warriors.

San Diego County sheriff orders lockdown in all jails amid surge in coronavirus casesSome 125 inmates have tested positive in the last week, and two deaths in that time are thought to be connected, sources say. a turkey is a turkey

Bye! Good, let the trash take it’s self out. Its an intelligence test. FIRE. THEM. NOW. 🤷🏻‍♀️ BuhBye 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊 try drugs could, they should already be gone Where’s the “they should’ve complied” crowd now? 160 of how many ? San Diego PD hit a miraculous 92% the remaining 8% are not fit to serve the community. Great job and leadership SDPD. We hank you 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥💥💥💥💥

This should read “ Great government benefit jobs openings soon due to ignorance of people that probably shouldn’t be owning a gun”.

Mural depicting Ahmaud Arbery is defaced in San DiegoThe artist who painted the mural says he plans to restore the artwork on University Avenue in the North Park neighborhood. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ San Francisco has become very anti-black. And yes I will say it. The majority of the dislike comes from the Asian community. But no one ever reports on this. Why is that? Of all the graffiti in San Diego, this is the one that makes a headline? How about an in-depth story about the people that are defacing our cities.

We need our police officers, especially here in CA...They help keep us safe and are there without questions about vaccinations or anything else when you call them in an emergency--same with our firemen GavinNewsom To “Serve and Infect “ 😳 Good! Good Riddance!! Their mandate is to serve and protect; by refusing a safe and free medicine proven to save lives, those 160 are doing neither

It is now part of the job to protect the public from deadly diseases. Think of the Virus as a BAD GUY and the Vaccine your weapon to stop it or get a job flipping hamburgers wait they also want you to vaccinate too and no UE for you when you refuse to follow the rules. HNTurtledove Good Great standing up for their rights

Guess they would also quit if they had to get the Polo vaccine too? No? They are partisans not Americans. More room for people who want and need those jobs. It's just Natural Selection at work. Bye!

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Goid cleanhouse of the cops that dont want to PROTECT and serve Oh look police doing reform on our behalf. Just obviously crazy. They have the right to choose. Let ‘em go, hire new ones racist trumpfucktard Stop resisting!!! This is terrible no one should lose their job over a mandate. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. COVIDIOTS

They're not being terminated - they're effectively resigning. They're not the victims here. Over here in the Bay Area, I still know people who are refusing to get vaccinated but carry around fake vaccine cards so they can eat inside restaurants because it’s too cold outside!!!! How is this ok?!?! That’s good news!.

Good to hear it. All 616 should lose their job and pension. 😳💉 So get killed by the virus or the massive crime wave we have with less protection. Buh-bye! Bye They made that choice!

Ciao! I love how they’re helping us reform the police force. Bye bye. So SD spends a million dollars training these folks and will just throw it all away. Plenty of other agencies will love to have these officers. Cool. Fuck’em. Get vaccinated Good, get em out of here Just listen to what the authorities have to say and no one will get hurt. Oh wait. It doesn’t apply in the reverse this time? Hypocrites.

It's a plandemic they know what's in the injection. charleslieber ZaosongZheng medical researcher won’t serve more time behind bars after pleading guilty to lying to a federal official about 21 vials of lab material inside his luggage as he prepared to fly to his native China CopCrime All it takes is that child that went to school to come home & you breathe it in your damn nostrils! We knew we were F*** when we went back to school! So get your vaccines. Stay healthy, wash hands, distance, masks, wipe surfaces stay hydrated & sleep get health insurance &doctor

CopCrime Listen get your vaccine. It will at least give you reinforcements! Please! We need you! Covid19 will kick your ass like nothing else. That shit can affect any damn organ & body system it wants then will have a field day with u. This thing will have you looking like the exorcist.

GOOD. THEY. DESERVE IT FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY. EACH ONE WOULDA NEVER MADE MILITARY. GOOD POLICE MUST KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW DIRECTJONS ALSO Good! They're NOT PROTECTING anyone. Including themselves. A religious exemption from public health measures Yes please. Weeding out the problem areas. Police reform Why? Does the vaccine prevent you from getting covid now? Does it prevent you from spreading it? No and no.

'To protect and serve' my ass... 😒 Real smart.. they'll have smash and grab robberies by the hour.. Stop worrying about their vaxx status.. If you are vaccinated YOU'RE.. YOU..YOURSELF..YALL..YOU ARE GOOD This should be a win/win to the crazy segment of progressives who want to both punish unvaccinated and defund the police.

Good! Wtf! Get the damn vaccine

Terminate your intelligence. Great way to weed out the QAnons! Fire their asses yesterday. They’re are just demonstrating that they are not qualified to be police officers. Their first duty is to protect the citizens of San Diego. When they’re called on the people want help . Instead they have a reckless police force that’s going to expose them to a deadly virus 🦠. Fire them , hire officers who are vaccinated . Show them the door .

Good Stupidly at its finest! Thank God I don’t live or work anywhere in LA! Let the bad apples go Good. If they cannot bother to do a simple thing for the public's safety then that means they care nothing about the public. What long-term studies support the claim(s) that these injectables are safe?

Get rid of all of the pigs debbie858 If only…I really wish they’d stop teasing us like this when we know it’s not gonna happen Yes! The cops that don’t want vaccines are absolutely the same ones that need purging from the system. Dumb Only Church of Christ, Scientist and Dutch Reformed Church and VERY few medical conditions prohibit vaccination. So, 400-something are liars, while 160 are openly anti-science and do not respect the oath they have taken. We need better cops.

Information like this shouldn’t be publicized. I have no doubt that criminals look to the media to inform them of things like this so they can plan their next moves. It’s like adding fuel to the fire. So ineligible for severance pay? Genius. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Good. If they won't do what is necessary to protect themselves and others how can they be expected to 'serve and protect'?

PoliceReform ... that's nice. Who could have known that the VaccineMandate would remove bad cops. Nice! Whhhhhyyyyyyyyy are they being like this? I’ve heard officers complain that they don’t trust mainstream news sources. This is a dangerous trend. Who are they following? Seriously WHO is the think group behind all this division/suspicion of a vaccination?

Bye, Felicia! It's super SIMPLE: WearAMask + GetVaccinated = LIVES (& livelihoods) SAVED . 👉👉You look like cranky toddlers melting down struggling to get out of a car seat.👈👈 energy drinks👍 vape👍 rando supplements👍 shots for kindergarten👍 COVID19 820K ☠🇺🇲s ❄FABRIC & A SHOT🚰 If y’all come to Texas, we ain’t changing nothing!!

Good riddance. Good If they are too lazy to get a vaccination I bet they are too lazy to file a report and let criminals go.