China, At Least 16 Killed From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning İn China Coal Mine Accident - Cnn

China, At Least 16 Killed From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning İn China Coal Mine Accident - Cnn

At least 16 killed from carbon monoxide poisoning in China coal mine accident

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9/28/2020 8:05:00 AM

At least 16 workers in southwest China were killed after they became trapped underground in a coal mine and exposed to unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, Chinese state media reported.

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China is the number one Contributor of CO 2 and pollution at 30%. Maybe this will help them look at alternative fuels and cutting their CO2 deadly emissions in the air we need to hold them accountable. 😥 May God bless their souls. We are now loosing almost more than 1000.000 human beings per day on earth while only few babies are born. what will our world looks like in 2030? TzipiHotovely

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事故发生后,重庆市、綦江区两级立即启动应急预案,成立抢险救援、医学救援、善后工作、调查评估等工作组,应急、医疗、公安、消防等部门在现场开展救援处置工作。目前善后工作有序进行,事故原因正在进一步调查中。 I demand and ask all progressive people to support the Armenian people, who today defend their own land and family at the cost of their lives. The Azeri aggressors must be punished once and for all, forcing them to finally renounce any demand towards the Artsakh Republic.

So needlessly sad and tragic Class action lawsuit against the company for skirting health and and safety. Just the cost of duing business for the coal industry in China. Humans are a cheap, replaceable commodity in a nation that has millions and millions of poor citizens in it. Photo of future Americans under Marxism. Abused, unhappy lot like pro socialists.

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😞 God bless their families Condolences to the families for such a tragic lose 200,000,000 death thanks china. Our Father Which Art In Heaven Have Mercy On Your Soul In Jesus Christ Name Amen so sad. rip There's plenty of oil and gas Hopefully as China wants to be a leader on the world stage. This too will lead to better lives behind the scenes away from the cameras in Communist china

Oh dear may God grant their souls enternal rest and comfort the bereaved families While terrible for their families, how is this international news? Why not report on their expansionism? Why not talk about their social credit tyranny? Are you cowards or supporting these and many other egregious acts? its up the people itself

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💔 Thats horrible. And the communist regime doesn't care. So sad! Condolences to their loved ones!🙏🏽 I actually don't know if Chinese are people 😒 Thanks Lebron KingJames for getting paid by slave labor Sad incident :( So sad for their families. Should’ve worn a fucking mask This doesn’t concern anything with America. Sad yes but I don’t care.

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Because we all know how safe the working conditions are in China. Those poor people. Smh. How sad! It must be horrible to have to work underground as it is. But to die that way. My heart breaks for their family's. Pray for their family! Brave men! Prayers and blessing to there family’s An actual toxic workplace.

😭 RIP CONDOLENCES TO THEIR FAMILIES Chinese safety standards are low or ignored to save cost. It's a shame to endanger workers lives like that WhereIsTheMoneyCatherine cdnpoli Barkie LiberalCorruption Ccp Trump2020 Defundcbc Scamdemic2020 TrudeauWorstPM CrimeMinister FireTrudeau

Carbon monoxide kills 16 in coal mine in southwest ChinaSixteen people died in a coal mine in southwestern China because of excessively high levels of carbon monoxide. COAL, COAL, do the Chinese Communist not believe in 'global warming'? Time to switch to natural gas and fuel oil. Hi nj Carbon monoxide carpet c l camera 🎥 defense done extortion fan identity thief

Carbon monoxide kills 16 in coal mine in southwest ChinaBEIJING (AP) — Sixteen people died Sunday in a coal mine in southwestern China because of excessively high levels of carbon monoxide, authorities and state media said. A total of 17 people... thanks 🙏🙏🙏 They have coal mines. Do we own any? A piece of any? An Aussietown perhaps? What about a military interest - like theirs in Darwin?

Carbon monoxide kills 16 in coal mine in southwest ChinaSixteen people died Sunday in a coal mine in southwestern China because of excessively high levels of carbon monoxide, officials said horrible Considering what they are doing to Africans and others of color in their nation. As well a several spies being caught here. I dont think I care. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

At least 16 dead in clashes between Armenia and AzerbaijanAt least 16 military and several civilians were killed on Sunday in the heaviest clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan since 2016, reigniting concern about stability in the South Caucasus, a corridor for pipelines carrying oil and gas to world markets. Armenian invade and killed childrens womens olds living in Hocali Karabağ at 1990 . Karabağ which is Azerbaycan s land . One night we appears without any sign!!! Turkey! Armania is in illegality and in violation of international rights by attacking Azarbeycan .. it has massacred more than 600 civilians (children and old / old included), it continues to occupy the Azerbaijani territories despite the condemned by the UN

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